Jormungand Perfect Order – 07

So a dead man, an explosives expert and a woman I’ve never seen before walk into a bar…

Sorry for the later than normal posts this week (or they feel later than usual to me, I don’t know about you). I had to work the entire weekend and while that’s not really new, I had to deal with a abnormally large wave of people shopping because the places I work at decided to celebrate Black Friday this year. …In Canada. …And the sales weren’t even that great, but apparently everyone was thinking “5% off?! I NEED TO BUY THINGS!!!” OTL At least Jormungand makes me feel better about people wasting their money.

Overall, this episode played out well with the use of flashbacks and storytelling. Again, it came off of the usual route of season one where they’d just show us a bunch of things with no real explanation, and went into explanations. …Or you could argue that they still do throw us a bunch of plot points, have a gun fight and then move on to the next episode, but now the things we’re missing aren’t that important to the enjoyment of the episode anymore. Now we have things like character background to take away from the fact that we don’t know why team A is against team B in the first place. With that said though, every team member of Koko’s has had a pretty solid backstory thus far. Maybe the author put more effort into those character’s stories because they actually matter to the overall plot…? Well in any case, it’s pretty effective. Even from season one, Koko’s team is way less of a group of characters with guns and more of a collection of individuals with unique skills.

Wow, so while Wilee hasn’t exactly been the most prominent team member thus far, I’m surprised at the fact that he’s classified to be as dangerous as Koko. Really, with his character as dangerous as it is/with his knowledge of ambushes and etc, I can’t really remember him ever using these skills before, which is a shame really. I can see why he could be considered dangerous, due to his knowledge of explosives shown this episode, if not his knowledge of screwing people over when they least expect it. Hell, he might even be classified as a sadist due to that one story about the guy checking the bombs he had set, only to have them explode on him and then later in the episode where he blasted the entire Excalibur team away with their own president. Or at least he’s a bit of a sadist when it comes to his bombs. Ahaha despite being terrifying with his work, you have to admit that there’s something adorable in Wilee fearing that Jonah would avoid his classes. …Or at least as adorable as you can get from a grown man who blows people up for a living.

As for his name, I assume that it comes from this since Lehm called him Wilee the Coyote in the flashback. …Though I’d say that this Wilee is a thousand times more competent.

Speaking of Koko, she was more badass than usual this episode

For once, we have a character who didn’t join exclusively for Koko. I don’t really see how Wilee’s supposed admiration for Lehm played into him joining Koko, since I didn’t see admiration for Lehm from him in particular (mostly I saw it towards the team in general), but whatever. Its good for Koko that it worked out that way though since her team today seemed to start there. Or at least a good portion of it. We actually saw Echo’s face for the first time as well, and they were all in the army together, so I assume that’s how they all joined Koko. …Somehow. Though I’m sure we’ll go somewhere into that with Lehm’s story (especially since Chiquita was there in that one shot of Koko’s team).

In any case, this episode was just yet another example of how well put together Koko’s team is compared to everyone else out there. Excalibur didn’t really ever stand an chance tactic-wise and they were even further upstaged by the fact that they shot (and missed) waaay more bullets to Koko’s team’s one hit kills. Throw in something about Koko’s team being more well mannered than a lot of the people involved in the business as well, since between these guys and the Dragon back from Mao’s mini character exploration arc, everyone else seems to act like self-entitled morons. …Though this is to get us to sympathies with Koko’s team more since what they’re doing is still technically illegal. They’re the good bad guys.


Between this and going back to R’s episodes, I noticed that Jormungand does a pretty good job at dealing with a wide range of emotions. There’s action and badassery all around, but Jormungand normally throws some humour in there in places. Or in R’s case (or even back in Jonah’s flashback episode), they throw something really tragic at the viewer. We’re not just watching characters doing their jobs, but we’re seeing a part of their lives. I don’t think I really quite understood that before. Anyways, despite liking Wilee’s character a lot from this episode and liking the episode overall, I can’t help but find his prowess a bit… too convenient for the circumstances. …Or maybe that isn’t the right way of putting it. For a character that is so great at ambushes, explosives and who’s even considered to be as dangerous as Koko to some people, why have we never heard of him before? If not for this episode, Wilee would have been just another face out of Koko’s many employees. Surely blowing people up would have been really handy in some of the previous arcs. Though to be fair, I do vaguely remember one part of an episode where Wilee had the chance to blow someone up. …Maybe it’s just because Koko has never really faced an ambush before that Wilee hasn’t had a chance to show his skills. I can’t really remember the team ever really facing explosives either. Oh well, hopefully we see more of his work in the future since he seems to be a pretty awesome character.

The next episode looks like it might go into Koko’s plan for the world since it seems to deal with the butterfly-obsessed woman who’s name I can’t remember at the moment.


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2 Responses to “Jormungand Perfect Order – 07”

  1. Reaper says:

    Heh, nice way to show off Wilee’s back story, with all the explosions! Loved it how Jonah knows he can’t skip out on his language lessons now, whilst Wilee’s taking it the opposite way.

    Oh well, looks like Dr Miami and her handler Karen’s coming back. Hopefully sparks fly between Valmet and Karen again, whilst the story picks up for Koko. 🙂

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Koko was way more intense than usual. If looks could kill, there would be a lot of dead bodies around simply by looking at her. There’s just something badass in the way she does things and effortlessly charms people into doing what she wants. What is she?

    Jormungand continues to show Koko’s team is full of beasts. For someone who is very quiet, Wilee is dangerous and it now makes sense why he’d be on the FBI’s most wanted list. Though I’m still in awe over the irony that he’s a bomb expert that came from a family of architects, both sides of his family, no less which gives reason for a face palm. He’s even more frightening given the fact he mostly uses the enemies bombs more than his own. If the nickname “Wile E. Coyote” doesn’t fit him, I don’t know what does. It was hilarious when Jonah was terrified of him.

    The biography segments are very nice. Now I wonder who is left that hasn’t had their story told.

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