Jormungand Perfect Order – 06

…Give it a few years.

I just realized that the scenes in the OP are making more and more sense as the series continues on. Like Jonah in the car watching the 3 figures go by. I assume those are the children he saved. Also, that scene with the boat in a storm makes more sense too after this episode. Yes, OPs are generally full of spoilers, but I rather like how vague this one is being.

As if to answer my comments from last week, this week focused more on Tojo as a character. …Kind of. My list of adjectives to describe him hasn’t gotten any larger, but at least we know how and why he left the SR and joined Kasper. Funny how Kasper found Tojo in less than 20 minutes, but he couldn’t figure out a phantom company without Tojo. …Or since Tojo said that it was like the whole thing was set up, maybe Hinoki had a hand in that discreetly. I wouldn’t doubt it seeing how well Hinoki handles information. Anyways, back to Tojo, he never exactly stated why he wouldn’t leave Koko. However, since his main problem with the SR was how they abandoned their allies, I assume he wouldn’t leave because Koko abandons no one from her team.

Speaking of Koko, she was definitely worried when Jonah reported that Tojo had been shot. I don’t blame her, after what happened with R. On the bright side though, Tojo was for the most part miraculously unwounded and the team numbers remain the same. I just thought it was a nice shout out that Koko hadn’t completely forgotten about R.


In the end, it looks like Hinoki kind of just left the SR to run off to their deaths in order to escape his own phantom company. It’s not quite betrayal since this is what they wanted, but from the ending conversation, it sounds like he knew that he was sending them off to their deaths. …Which is just as well since they didn’t seem to give Kasper a hard time at all, and Koko only had a lengthy car chase scene. To be fair, I doubt many people could withstand a surprise attack from a helicopter of gunmen, but it was kind of pathetic watching them all get taken out so easily. I’m looking at you, girl with the :3 face.

Anyways, killing them was probably the only way Hinoki could truely escape. He was the foundation of the company, and it had morphed over the years into something he couldn’t control anymore (and control over things seems like it would be vital in his business). Sure, Hinoki probably could have walked out and let it go where it willed afterwards (after being together so long, I don’t think it would have dissolved peacefully if he left), but it probably gave him more peace of mind to just end the thing entirely. At least now, he can go live with his wife and child with no fear of it coming back to haunt him. As for his subordinate’s deaths, it doesn’t seem like that would haunt him either.

To sum up the arc and bring it back to the title, I guess you could say that Hinoki decided to abandon his well built castle of lies. While against the Hekmatyar family, the SR didn’t seem… that… skilled (to put it nicely), Hinoki seemed to be a master at controlling information. I’m sure that if he actually had intentions of beating Kasper and Koko, they would have had a harder time against the SR. If Tojo didn’t know what part of Hinoki’s life was a lie and how much was true, I imagine most of the SR didn’t either. You’d think that him abandoning the Cubans in order to fulfil a mission would have tipped at least some of the SR off that Hinoki was a man who didn’t really care about who he left to die. Oh well.

Look. It’s practically point blank.

…I can’t believe that a guy was killed right in front of a crowd and the Japanese were so calm about it. I get that the country is peaceful, but hell, normally someone pulling out a gun and open firing would be cause for alarm, no matter where people are. They noted that he was bleeding in the same tone Chiquita noted to Kasper that they had assassins (only she could actually figure out what was going on). There was no panic in there whatsoever. I also can’t believe that Tojo was shot at with that gun from such a short distance and only had two bullet wounds, but that’s a different story. I don’t know the accuracy for that gun in real life, but from the anime, I’m just going to assume that it’s really bad since it also completely missed Jonah. …Either that or the SR person just absolutely sucked at aiming.


This was one of the less coherent episodes of Perfect Order thus far. Though that’s probably acceptable since the arc was dealing with a rather vague character. I can’t say that I really understand why the SR hated Tojo for leaving so much, even after they seemed to make it pretty clear that they didn’t like him in the first place (was it because he left and then immediately went to work for a different company? Why?), but that ending conversation with Hinoki brought things to a close rather nicely. They weren’t really direct with explaining things this episode, (like why Tojo would stay with Koko,) but the reasons behind things were easy enough to figure out with a bit of thought. The action made for a nice change of pace as well. …When it made sense. Maybe it wasn’t on par with the ass kicking Chiquita did last episode, but car chases are always interesting to watch. …In the end I’m just grateful that we didn’t have to go through another one of Tojo’s explanations.

It looks like Wiley is up next for character background stories. …If I remember correctly, he’s the one that likes explosives.


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4 Responses to “Jormungand Perfect Order – 06”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Time and time again, we get more reasons to like Koko and why her crew is so protective about her. I mean, look at R’s instance, he was a goddamn spy but he still preferred the new boss than his old because he came to like Koko. However heartless she does seem to be, it’s funny to see how much she’s loved.

    I’m liking this season better than one because we are getting to know about all the support cast we have just been seeing hanging around. I would really want to know more about what happened between Lehm and Chiquita, plus the blondie who always gets shot on the ass. xD

    • Karakuri says:

      Koko seems to be the best boss lady ever. …Er, fictional boss lady. xD I agree though, for someone everyone calls a monster, Koko has a pretty solid team and has a lot of trust from them, not just as employees, but as individuals.

      Yes, last season was fun, but this one seems to be getting at the heart of things. Ahahaha I don’t know if Lutz is ever going to get a detailed character story since I think that arc with Chinatsu kind of went into his work history. As for Lehm, I REALLY WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HIM AND CHIQUITA. I think I remember reading about how they both originally worked for Koko’s father, so I’m sure that will be towards the end of Perfect Order.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    The OP for Perfect Order has just as much spoilers as the ones for Sword Art Online. The difference here is they try to lessen the numbers as much as possible.

    They were right to name this arc “Castle of Lies”. Tojo’s former boss eats, sleeps and breathes lies. So much that it’s hard to believe they had him in such high regard. They were so caught up in their bloodlust they didn’t stop to think of the consequences and it got them killed in the end by various people. Like the girl putting Tojo down getting killed by Chiquita. In retrospect, Hinoki used everyone to accomplish his own ends and they were conveniently placed.

    Perfect Order is a lot more appealing compared to season one with all the character backgrounds while at the same time continuing the story and it’s nice to see that Koko cares about her team as they do her. With her job moving her all over the place, they’re the only people she’d consider family since she seems to have a problem with her father and she rarely sees her brother Kasper.

    • Karakuri says:

      I think the way they presented the OP here was really impressive. You can tell that someone thought this thing out instead of just attaching scenes together.

      Even with that many lies though, he still managed to escape. Without adding too much to his list of lies too, which is impressive. He could have set both sides up even more to fit his goals, but he subtly set it up and let things run their course. Again, I admire his skills.

      Yeah, other than those last few episodes covering Mao, Ugo, Valmet and Jonah, I don’t think the first season of Jormungand ever went too far into describing Koko’s team. Lehm might as well be family since he’s been with Koko for so long, but it is rather nice to think of her team as family over employer and employees. I guess that’s what makes her different than most of her opponents though.

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