Code:Breaker – 06

Try as he might, Rei’s addiction to lighting things on fire was hard to quit.

Whoa, the season is halfway over already. Time flies when you’re burning people to death. This week’s episode of Code:Breaker wasn’t as action filled as last week, but it didn’t have me laughing over the misery of children, so that’s something.

Well, Rei’s origins and how he joined the Code:Breakers might still be a mystery, but we now know what Toki is doing there, seeing how his father is THE man running the country and is directly involved with the organization. It’s rather convenient that Fujiwara’s son is a power-user, but even the manga hasn’t mentioned anything about experimentation with Toki, so I guess we’re supposed to assume that it was just a great coincidence. …Even after seeing how Fujiwara is directly involved with experimentation facilities.  Anyways, he and Toki have issues due to Nenene, but I’m not sure if the anime will ever get to that. If anything, this was just confirmation that Toki is a Code:Breaker so his father doesn’t touch Nenene. Who knows, since the anime is taking so many liberties with the plot already, maybe we’re supposed to assume that Toki did get his powers artificially and that’s why he doesn’t want Nenene involved. …Even though they included the line about something happening with Nenene in the past.

Long story short, Fujiwara seems concerned about his family… on the outside. From that smile he gave the TV watching himself lie to cover Rei’s latest job, I’m sure you would have picked up on the fact that he’s a manipulative bastard. There’s a good reason why Toki is hostile.

Sakura is still keeping her mentality that no one needs to be killed, but it kind of looks like she’s backing off just a tiny bit on that this episode. Though that might have been just due to circumstances since they were already dead. Plus it was her class in danger. That being said though, the fact that Sakura was more concerned about her class than a few attackers is saying something, since she’s putting the safety of the people she’s closer to over others. Would she still have been okay with Rei burning them if they were still alive since it was her friends in danger? Maybe Rei is affecting her the same way she’s affecting him. I was convinced that Sakura would keep her mentality of leaving no one to die, since 100+ chapters in the manga have passed and she’s pretty much the same as she was chapter 1. If the anime is going as off the manga as I think it is, then really, they can change Sakura’s character however much they want.

The same goes for Rei. I think this would apply even more towards him since he’s becoming more people orientated really quickly compared to the manga’s pacing. Sakura’s efforts seem to be paying off nicely in regards to Rei’s attitude. Maybe it’s not entirely effecting his job yet, but he’s at least bothering acknowledging his classmates now. Also, it might have just been timing or him not having a chance to do anything, but he did take his sweet time figuring out if his classmates were on to him or not. Either this is him trusting people just a tiny bit more (or at least trusting them after finding out that they weren’t on to him), or he just figured that it would be better to kill them altogether. I don’t think killing them would have been much of a problem considering that Kanda-sensei is part of the organization. Anyways, between this and the Code:Breakers all showing up with concern for him, I guess you could say that one of the points of this episode was about Rei being less alone than he thinks he is. If he would bother opening up, there are a ton of people who would be happy to help him. …Or at least some more happy than others since he and Toki hate each other’s guts still at the moment.

They’ve really been playing up the Lost part of being a Code:Breaker these past few episodes. …I’ve been ignoring it for the most part, since it wasn’t that big of a deal in the manga, but they’re making it pretty important here. …Or I guess it was still a big deal, but it wasn’t made into such a big mystery. It just kind of happened. I imagine all of this focus on the matter is probably to emphasize the Code:End that happens at the end of this arc.

Okay, I can see them ending this rather nicely after 13 episodes. I’d love for this to go on way past that number, but the way they’ve been changing around content, they’re taking away most of the things that would lead into something after this arc. That, and it seems like they’re trying to shove in a bunch of ideas that were introduced slower all into the plot at once. It’s a shame if this only lasts the first arc, since I really like the stuff that comes after this. However, the ‘evil for evil’ part is kind of… forgotten after the Hitomi arc as everyone swaps sides, trains, and the story becomes less about Code:Breakers vs. evil and more about Code:Breakers vs. other power users for one reason or another. If they were trying to prove a point about the morality of mankind, this would be the most consistent arc to do so.


Best part of the episode? They brought Heike’s porn novels back! Awwwyeah! But yeah, it was kind of a slow episode since it was slice of life for the most part. Though that being said, it was probably necessary for what’s coming up. There’s going to be quite a bit of action and running around once Hitomi shows up, and we won’t be seeing Rei make friends anytime soon. If this is only a few episodes longer as well, this episode could be considered even more necessary to show that Rei is capable of being human in a normal fashion. Or at least normal opposed to strangling people or killing their parents. I made quite a few assumptions on Rei and Sakura’s characters above, but really, the anime could change whatever it wanted to at this point, since the main idea for the series is out there. Like how Yukio from Ao no Exorcist randomly turned evil at the end of the anime.

Next episode, Hitomi shows up and things get interesting …and probably much less heartwarming.



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4 Responses to “Code:Breaker – 06”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    A halfway filler episode coming along after such an action fueled streak is unusual and Rei being in a party atmosphere is awkward. It doesn’t suit his character but was a nice attempt to humanize him and seems to have an actual effect.

    The prime minister being overly cheerful around Toki was annoying. I don’t buy his sorrowful father bit at all. If he really isn’t that type of person, he should’ve just dropped the act and go straight to business. It would have been so much better. Finding out they’re father and son only made it even more bitter.

    It was a dead giveaway that Heikewas a Code: Breaker but it was surprising that Kanda is working with them. Since she called Rei “master”, I guess that was probably her on the phone every time he gets a call concerning missions. And Heike is someone either brave or stupid to read porn novels out loud in a school hallway. Maybe there’s something in the tea that’s responsible.

    • Karakuri says:

      Less evil for evil here and more… nothing. Yes, Rei at the party was kind of awkward, but at least he tried. As far as I can tell, it’s going to be badassery from here on though.

      Saying that though, Toki and his father kind of act alike. Toki is the type to joke around, like he did with Sakura when he really wanted to see Nenene. They both seem to avoid saying the truth, though his father’s intentions are obviously worse.

      To tell you the truth, in the manga Kanda is in the first arc, and then she kind of… disappears since none of the Code:Breakers seem to attend school unless it’s part of the plot. AHAHA. So she’s not that big of a character. Yeah, that was her on the phone for missions. If I remember right, she’s kind of just like backup for the Code:Breakers and I think theres a bunch of people like her who help cover things up from the public eye. …Though if I’m wrong, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. She’s just one of many in the organization.

      Heike is… unique. And fabulous. So fabulous that he doesn’t care about reading porn in public. It’s hard to really tell what he cares about, even with the current chapters.

  2. belatkuro says:

    Yeah, they’re kind of taking liberties in this that my mind can’t recall if the events here were suppose to happen later or in this part of the story. I definitely remember the welcome party for Rei but the zombie guys, doesn’t ring a bell. Too lazy to check the manga though.

    I agree that they’re making a big deal about the Lost part and given what it really is, I don’t think it’s important enough to warrant the mystery. But it already happened and the episode has to have some sort of suspense given that half of it was the welcoming party.

    The best parts would be the fabulous Heike and his porn novels. Glorious. Seeing him and his light power makes me think if he looks better as a blonde. I always imagined him blonde due to his fabulousness.
    The other best part would be Rui. So cool and handsome. Hard to talk about Rui without going in spoiler territory so I’ll leave it at that.
    A decent episode I guess.

    • Karakuri says:

      Hitomi definitely didn’t show up during the welcome party. …I think he just straight out car bombed and kidnapped the prime minister in a completely different chapter. Also, the Lost part came into play in the story where the yakuza and Haru were targeting Sakura, before Hitomi or even Yuuki showed up. …Yeah, I don’t really remember the zombies either.

      I guess it’s inconvenient timing with the Lost as well, which makes it a bigger deal. Though like I said, I think they’re going to really put emphasis on the Code:End and then throw in some kind of message that they’re doing this for humanity, thus making Rei look like even more of a good guy.

      I always thought Rui was blonde, until I saw the anime promo. Yeah, I like Rui’s seiyuu here so far. I wonder if we’ll ever go into the confusion the character causes, or if they’ll just leave the focus on Hitomi.

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