Sword Art Online – 16

 Alfheim Online: the game that gives you wings

I think we only have like ten more episodes to go? It feels like we just started our weekly MMORPG adventures with Kirito and Asuna and this week our heroes are starting up a brand new online game, but will it be as exciting as the original world of Sword Art Online? What about you OC? Are you ready for a strange trip into the land of fairies with HUGE ears?
I’m not sure if I’d use ONLY for a double digit number when we’re just getting started with this new arc but yes! I am ready! I have no idea why they chose something as dainty as fairies when there are a plethora of badass races out there. I guess I should be greatful everyone isn’t a dwarf. I don’t think the world is ready for a dwarven Kirito just yet.

Flying Through the Virtual Skies

Foshizzel // Welcome to the newest MMORPG called Alfheim or as I call it Sparkle Art Online! So what sets this game apart from Sword Art Online? Agil explains this new game doesn’t rely on levels because it focuses on player skill and players can use magic as well as a new in-game flight ability…oh and I almost forgot PKing other players is totally acceptable in this new game. The only MMOROG that comes to my mind that does not rely on levels would be The Secret World and maybe Guild Wars 2 because every zone scales you to the creatures around you! Basically if you are max level of 80 and enter an area with level 20’s your character becomes level 20, but you still have access to your high spells only the damage is downgraded to lower ranks. Now to the topic of flying, which in my history with online games is not really as difficult as the controls in Alfheim that share a lot in common with an older MMORPG called Aion. That game allowed you to fly with your own set of wings, but you have a time limit on how long you can stay in flight mode which is all based on character levels. Or you could simply play World of Warcraft and buy a super cool flying mount at max level and travel the world on the back of a dragon!

Flight mode in the world of Alfheim definitely looks tough; however I don’t think Kirito will have to struggle long to master that skill because we all know he is obviously the king of online games right? Also I kind of love the whole idea of magical air combat mixed in with some melee! I know that really isn’t anything brand new because it happened near the end of Accel World. So did anyone else feel like Kirito was about to get royally screwed when he was falling through the sky when everything suddenly bugged out on him? I was like OH MY GOD! You better not mess this game up! Thankfully it was just a random error…or was it? Dun dun duuunnn I think someone else might be watching Kirito again and this time it is not the adorable Yui-chan.


Too Cool For Level 1

Overcooled // Kirito is so good at games he started off Alfheim Online with all his skills and abilities at the same level as his SAO character. Since there is no level system in this game, that means he’s basically started off with a huge advantage. Once he learns how to use these skills in conjunction with flying, he’s going to be just as insanely powerful as he was in SAO. I’m actually not so pleased about this. The exciting thing about starting a new game is creating a weak little punk and then slowly training them until they become a force to be reckoned with. It’s no fun when you don’t have to work to be a better player. Even though this is his first time playing, that doesn’t seem to be much of a handicap for Kirito. He still OHKOs a formidable-looking player without even breaking a sweat. Would it have killed someone to make Kirito show a weak side for more than 2 minutes?

I have yet to see how his data transfer from SAO truly affects his skill in the game, but so far it seems severely unbalanced. The only way I can see him being beaten is in aerial combat or if he faces someone who is used to fighting without an SAO-like skill system. Thankfully, Kirito doesn’t have some magical ability like dual-wielding right now but I wouldn’t be surprised if later on he just picks up a sword and starts smoking fairies like nobody’s business. Goddammit Kirito, stop being so pro at everything you do! At this rate you’ll rescue Asuna before the series is over!

On a side note, since there is no death penalty and PvP is encouraged, I imagine there will be a lot of players like those PKers running around and bullying people. Thankfully, there’s less stress associated with getting PKed since the penalty is probably just being warped to the closest town and maybe losing some money (I’d say EXP, but there are no levels here). Much more attractive than kicking the bucket, right? Anyways, things may be a bit more…chaotic…because of this. PKing guilds like the Laughing Coffin only got a little taste of limelight, so maybe now we’ll see more of these assassins in the main plot. Instead of bosses, Kirito’s biggest obstacle may be other players.


New Sparkling Characters

Foshizzel // Since we are dealing with a brand new arc it means there are new characters for Kirito to interact with! Like the blond fairy named Lyfa? Who appears to be a strong melee type of player and her slow sidekick Recon who got owned by some random red dudes that showed up, but I think some of the readers were probably excited to see Yui-chan once again and in tiny pixie form; however I think her sudden appearance is a bit strange! Well I guess she does serve a purpose this time as Kirito’s guide to the world of Alfheim? Random question here what is up with Kirito and poking faces ALL THE TIME? I am starting to think that he has a face poking fetish or something? So what do you think about Lyfa? I already have a good idea as to who she really is in the real world, but I will have to keep that to myself! Then again we will have to wait for another episode until we get a good idea about her character and personality.


Going Back For Round 2

Overcooled // To be honest, this feels like a really feeble attempt to extend the story. The stakes seem a lot lower this time since the only end goal is Asuna, and I’m not exactly captivated by their majestic love story in the first place. That’s not to say I’m immune to the cheap thrills of a brand-spanking new MMO. As much as I think fairies are a dorky choice, I like that there’s a brand new world to explore. Alfheim Online looks huge, interesting, and full of new possibilities. Since appearances are randomized, it’s hard to tell what kind of person the player is like in the real world. There are also new or altered gameplay mechanics such as flying and the removal of levels. Humans are naturally more interested by novel stimuli, and in that sense, Alfheim Online has me interested. I’m sure there’s a whole new set of politics here, and maybe we can go back to learning about things like that instead of watching Kirito eat sandwiches in a cottage with his wife.

However, I can’t get one thing out of my head. Kirito’s willingness to go back into an MMO immediately after risking his life for 2 years and nearly dying. I know, I know…True love and all that bull, right? He loves Asuna so much that he’s willing to trudge back in and try to save her. You think he’d be at least a little hesitant putting on the exact same NerveGear that imprisoned him though. The game is not known to trap players and actually kill them like SAO, but shouldn’t he be a little more afraid? Nervous even? He started SAO under the assumption it was just another game and that’s how he got stuck, after all. It’s not like Alfheim Online is being run by a particularly safe company, since it’s affiliated with the creep trying to marry Asuna. I’m not so much questioning why he went back, but how it was so damn easy for him to do so. I don’t care how much you love someone, you will still be afraid as you bite the bullet for them – even if it’s an automatic response.


Final Thoughts

It’s exciting to see Kirito in a new game, all revved up to kick ass and take names. He’s off on an epic adventure with flying, crazy fights and a brand new environment where your worst enemy may be another player instead of a boss. It’s all very nice, except for the whole fairy thing…which makes up everything. I’m sure not everyone has the same aversion to fairies, but I just see them as dainty little things who play tricks like switching your sugar for salt and dumb things like that. They make everything seem rather silly, which isn’t a problem now, but will become an issue if they want to have a serious scene. Err, I hope I just get used to it. Anyways, I think adding another arc isn’t really needed (they could have just made Asuna wake up in the first place) but whatever, I’ll roll with it. There may be some exciting happenings along the way…although I care not about the end goal of freeing Asuna. I’m more interested in the new girl!

Well that certainly was a decent start to another new arc or was it? I know I really was not looking forward to it because of the character design choices, but eventually they will grow on me sooner or later! I don’t have anything against fairies or elf-ish designs I just wasn’t really impressed and Kirito’s new hairstyle? WHAT THE HELL! DO NOT WANT! At least the world of Alfheim looked quite amazing oh and the whole character creation portion was great, I think that was the first time we ever saw Kirito build his new avatar so I will give the animation team a high five! There was only one problem I thought he would have picked a different in game name, I mean isn’t he trying to avoid being noticed? I would think that the GMs of that game would pick up on another character named Kirito? Either way I guess he has his reasons or probably thinks who would actually remember me from that game? Oh I almost forgot the scene when he had to put the headset on again…wow…talk about intense I thought he was going to scream or possibly throw the helmet across the room. Then again he has an important mission to GET BACK HIS WOMAN! So what did you like or hate about this episode or maybe you loved every moment?

Can she survive alone while he bro is gaming? We’ll see next week~


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63 Responses to “Sword Art Online – 16”

  1. AllenAndArth says:

    awwwww yui is sooo moe

    • BlackBriar says:

      Then we have a contender for Saimoe next year!!

      • AllenAndArth says:

        man can you imagine
        yui X Rikka(from Chuunibyou a.k.a itachi’s long lost kid)
        the new opening was kinda lame in the fly part… but it seems that it’s gonna be great

    • Sirmon says:

      yes she is so cute but i prefer her as a little kid with her daddy and mommy than the little pixie navigator

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I’m glad we went for Asuna rescue instead of more Bro-con loli stuff. I don’t mind the concept of Alfheim. Long ears look cool; my favorite is space elves, though (Ahb for victory!)

    I agree with OC that the beginning of a new RPG is really fun. I like having nothing and trying to make the most of every scrap of leather or rusty dagger I pick up. I guess they wanted to move fast on the story here so Kirito can rescue Asuna before the wedding.

    • Foshizzel says:


      I agree I was getting tired of the whole cousin x cousin stuff, but I suppose they wanted to push for some more “story” or something? I don’t really mind SOME elf ears on a few characters, but the ones in SAO are crazy…maybe just the guys? The girls are alright because there are bigger elf eared girls in anime xD

      Yep! Starting any new RPG or MMO is a lot of fun because everything is new and YES! Save every scrap to sell to vendors for gold ahahaha

      Ohhhh no worries Kirito will make it in time like he ALWAYS does just like Ichigo and Naruto lmao xD

  3. Highway says:

    I’ll make the same argument I made at the beginning of SAO. A new MMO *is* really fun – for the players. For spectators? Not so much. Not at all, in fact. So if Kirito came into ALO as a noob, basically we’d be back at the same decision point as we were in Episode 2: do we watch the boring getting stronger part, or do we get a montage (cue the Team America Montage song) that cuts that off. Neither is that great in terms of storytelling. Instead, we get a Deus ex Machina, but I think it has a plausible explanation, especially since he used the name Kirito. I can easily see that Sugou used his influence to preprogram an exception in the game for Kirito (and if this is what actually happens, note that I haven’t read any of the LN’s, I’m just hypothesizing, so don’t confirm this if you know it’s true). That explains the stats and the glitch on joining the game.

    Otherwise, I think the story’s fine. When Kirito first walked into Agil’s bar, I was anticipating a Blue’s Brothers “We’re getting the band back together” thing, but it didn’t turn out that way. I have no problem with Yui being back, so let’s just see what happens. 🙂

    • ckuri says:

      It was said in the episode that ALO uses the same underlying system as SAO (it is more or less a copy) with only slight modifications. That’s why most data is fully compatible and can be carried over. It’s not because there is an exception for Kirito.

      • Highway says:

        I’m pretty sure that even tho they are the same basic system, Kirito is an exception in that his stats DID carry over. As he mentions, he’s now a ‘cheater’, not a ‘beater’. That the system is the same *enables* this transfer is true, but I’m still going with the hypothesis that a special case has been made for Kirito, or even just a special bug.

        If such a transfer was intended for everyone, why would he have an inventory of items that didn’t have recognized names, and feel a need to delete all those items? And why would Yui say that she thought his stats would be ok, unless he runs into a curious human GM?

        • AllenAndArth says:

          maybe it’s because of yui’s moe gm/A.I. power
          Show ▼

        • belatkuro says:

          ^Ignore that, it’s incorrect.

          Yui said that the levels of the skills that both SAO and ALO shared overwrote each other. That means that the One-hand Sword, Battle Healing, Weapon Guard, etc are present in both SAO and ALO and he got to keep his stats because of it.
          Take note that there’s a ?????? spot for the Dual Blades skill because it doesn’t exist in ALO.
          His stats would be okay unless checked by a GM because even though it’s unfair for a new account to have maxed stats, it’s not causing any errors in the system. Hence, the ‘cheater’ comment.

          For the items, it’s the simple reason that his items in SAO don’t exist in ALO so the system just labels them as ???????. It’s an error in the system and may be detected later so that’s why Yui asked him to delete it now.

          The only special thing here is that Kirito used his old Nerve Gear instead of using the new AmuSphere and that ALO is a copy of the SAO server. It’s not because he’s an exception.

          • Highway says:

            I dunno, I can’t believe that the coders for ALO are such idiots that they’d think “Hey, we’re reusing this old code from SAO, so let’s just let everyone who played SAO come into our game *with all their stats from SAO*.” If a GM thought that was unfair, then wouldn’t that also have been programmed into the game that ALO specifically *doesn’t* read those stats and import them? I’m sure that they can also figure out what kind of gear you’re using to connect to their system, and NervGear was used for lots of other stuff besides SAO.

            Really, our choice about this is that all the coders for a game that’s been around for a while and has a big installed playerbase are idiots and left a huge bug in the game, or that some special exception has been made for Kirito, when we know that there’s a guy high up in the inside of ALO who knows who he was, who knows what he wants, who HAS what he wants, and is holding it in a taunting manner deep inside the game, after intentionally antagonizing Kirito.

            • Highway says:

              Basically, to me it looks like one of the pathways is an interesting plot point that funnels our hero into his antagonist while the other pathway is “Hey, look at that, we left this massive bug in our game, our bad. Never mind that.” And even if Kawahara did leave that in the stories, if I were the director of the anime I’d have retconned that.

            • Foshizzel says:

              Not a bad ideas about the GMs and code, but I still think its basically Shounen powers for the sake of making Kirito more of a bad ass? This happens to Ichigo as well during the fullbring arc, but I wont spoil that basically X character looses all their power and suddenly gains them back by “magical” means or through something cheesy?

              I am waiting for them to spin it where Kirito’s desire or will to SAVE Asuna = BAMF IN GAME POWAAAAAA or something like that? I mean of course he is our main hero and I just assuming he gains an edge just by being around while the others characters stand back and watch him…

            • D-LaN says:

              IIRC, all Nerv Gears are being confiscated but Kirito managed to bargained a deal to kept it. So the programmers might not saw Kirito use Nerv Gear.

              Abt tht reused codes and GM… It will come into play later IIRC since I haven’t read the LNs in awhile.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    So basically Alfheim Online is Sword Art Online 2.0 but with fairies as the main attraction instead of knights and guilds and you retain some of your old skills if you’ve played SAO before. Being a copy of the original server could mean there is corruption from the programming because of data, new and old, that aren’t compatible.

    @OC: Please, no dwarfs. That will kill atmosphere of badassery. Fairies are an odd choice but it’s working. The setting works as a better comparison to Golden Sun and Final Fantasy.

    Unlike the two years of being trapped in SAO, Kirito has a deadline of six days to get Asuna out and save her from that bastard but as he said he’s keeping her alive, I can bet he put her there after the original Sword Art Online was cleared and using her condition as leverage.

    Compared to his figure in the first game, Kirito looks kind of awkward in his fairy form having an even more childish face, pointy ears and black Saiyan-like hair (I knew I wasn’t the only who noticed his hair). His clothes, however, look awesome. Only a few minutes in and he’s still overpowered. Having all his former EXP was a fluke, a lucky one. Hopefully, he’ll meet his match for a good fight.

    • skylion says:

      WOT! NO DWARFS! ::tosses empty flagon of ale at BB::


      • BlackBriar says:

        Hahaha, missed!!! To be honest, I hardly see dwarfs as a serious threat when it comes to the fantasy genre.

        I’d sooner believe it with Trolls, Dragons, Hydras, Leviathans, Banshees, Succubus/Incubis, Satyrs, Minotaurs, Gremlins, Demi-Gods, Centaurs and Were-people (wolves, tigers, bears) etc.

    • Highway says:

      You just handle the awesomeness of dwarfs, BB.

      (I play a Dwarf in WoW, so nyah)

      • skylion says:

        The only class, besides gnomes, worth playing.

        • D-LaN says:

          In ALO, Gnomes are the largest fairy race and users of the earth. Does this means they do earth bending? 😛

          • skylion says:

            Gnomes are robust, and earth-bending would make them very Toph. 😛

            • Highway says:

              My WoW Priest was a Dwarf before Gnomes could be priests, and I wanted to switch to a Gnome, but my wife protested. And she plays a Gnome.

        • Foshizzel says:

          HELL YA GNOME POWAAAA! I think they can be monks in World of warcraft…maybe or maybe not I forget >.>

          • Highway says:

            I want to make a gnome monk named either Aisakataiga or Tenoritaiga…

            • skylion says:

              I would go for Saru.

            • Foshizzel says:

              I had a random alt named Kamina from TTGL and my brother used to have a horde blood elf paladin named Sakurano! While every main I have owned was named Foshizzel! Currently I had to go with Foshizzell xD

              @Highway what is your character name!? I can add you to my friends list~

            • Highway says:

              Riprapp on Aggramar is the character I’m usually playing.

            • Foshizzel says:

              Thanks! Be on the look out for anyone named Fosh xD

      • Joojoobees says:

        I think dwarves will have their time to shine as soon as the Hobbit hits theaters.

      • Foshizzel says:

        EWWWWW SMELLY SMELLY DWARF! Please tell me you were at least a male dwarf? The females are terrible ahahah

        When I play alliance I go for the oddball races like in WoW they have worgen which are basically humans that transform int werewolves and currently I changed my horde Goblin into an alliance Pandarian xDD

        • skylion says:

          You should read the Discworld books, where even the lady dwarfs have beards. The mating ritual is long and involved and it’s mostly making sure the “proper equipment” is under all the chainmail and leather. Dwarfs can be easily embarrassed.

        • Highway says:

          I don’t have a panda yet, but I do have male and female dwarves, a female gnome, and pretty much everything else (no Worgen males with their WAAAAVY HANDS!)

          • Foshizzel says:

            @Skylion– LOLOLOL yeah bearded women are not my thing >.< and lulz @ "proper equipment" @Highway-- Yeah I did a paid faction change from horde to Alli and it gave me the option to turn into a panda! LOL yeah the worgen have fancy jazz hands when they cast don't they? I have a worgen mage and that makes me laugh every time <3

  5. skylion says:

    Killer Muffins? The muffins on the plate or the muffin on the porch? Cause DAT PORCH MUFFIN! LOL>

    I’m with the OC here, it seems like an extension of the story they just finished up. It would be interesting to see him struggle in the real world to win Asuna back; he’s got allies if necessary. I mean, how many lives did he save again? One would be a fool to discount that much influence. I kinda got the same feel that Highway got in Agil’s digs; cue Cab Calloway. (that’s a reference for me and Highway, the rest can Youtube it).

    But for an extension, it breathes fair and easy. I guess it helps when you have a kawaii Yui-chan as your guidebook/digital daughter.

    As for the rest of Alfheim, I would have liked a bit more up front about the races and homelands. Any Tauren? FOR THE HORDE! (no, prolly not).

    But DAT PORCH MUFFIN! Oh, uh, Sugo-chan. I feel tons of sympathy for that imouto. She looks up too her brother, and can watch out for him, she’s got obvious feels, but he will always remain out of reach.

    Good Tag, guys. Keep ’em comin’.

    • AllenAndArth says:

      i bet it was a plan made by the cat on the house…
      we all know the plan on dominating the earth

    • Foshizzel says:

      Attack of the killer muffins the Animation! COMING SOON TO YOUR COMPUTER SCREENS <3 dem muffins every day.

      Yeah...I wanted more IRL stuff with Kirito being just a normal under-powered teen boy! Sadly we got only two and a half episodes of him suffering in the real world, but whatever I know the original for SAO is the vidya game world.

      Yui-chan is forever immortal! Maybe she can fight for Kirito? Just kidding...this time I think she is just going to be normal guide-chan for now.

      FK YA! We need Goblins, Blood elves, Tauren, orcs and Undead I would love that, but them people would QQ about them making it to "warcraft" like which I have no problem with at all.

      Sad life for the "Imouto" T_______T

      Thanks Skylion! Always fun reading your thoughts xDD

  6. Gecko says:

    I wasn’t super happy with this start of the arc. Fairies? Really? This is what they got for us? Like OC mentioned, starting Kirito off with a ton of power is lame. Just like Kirito’s hair. What the heck is that hair. Seriously. But he has 6 days, so I guess we’ll just have to deal with it.
    I wish we had a better idea of this world like skylion mentioned, with something about the races and homeland areas, or a general map that wasn’t just that doodle on the case’s back cover.
    Hopefully, Asuna will learn to LOG OUT and then Kirito can log out and the two can meet up and avoid the creepy villian. I mean, come on, what did they do? Remove her menu access? She should have some skills left over to do something about that weird cage. Or maybe she’s not even in the cage in the first place… Although this plot is rather straightforward, so I can’t see that happening any time soon.

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t know why they though “Fairies! this is gonna be so hot!” and just went with that in the end. So many lame decisions…Ah well, maybe we’ll see more of this world next week. And the different races too!

      Hmm, maybe it’s just Asuna’s data being kept frozen, so she can’t move? I really don’t know how they could keep her still if she was able to move around and such. Or maybe that’s just a really special cage? *shrugs unhelpfully*

    • D-LaN says:

      This is exactly what the mastermind did IIRC.

      Log out in ALO works a bit different though. But let’s see whether will the anime explain it 1st.


  7. belatkuro says:

    SAO was also imbalanced with the existence of Dual Blades that Kirito has, plus the existence of 10 other Extra Skills(Klein’s Katana is one). So in a sense ALO is still acceptable with it being a copy of the SAO server. Having better reflexes gives you an advantage and that is offset a bit by magic. Kirito’s carried over stats might be unfair but I think the reasoning given is sufficient. The save files are on the player end rather than on server side so that’s why he kept his stats. Plus he has a time limit so grinding to improve the skills is out of the question. So yeah.

    And about Kirito willingly using the Nerve Gear again, besides the obvious deal about saving his OTP, it comes back again to episode 13 and 14. Even if they were stuck in a death game, the memories and experience they went through in there is precious to him and Asuna that in the final moments of the SAO game, they didn’t bear a grudge against Kayaba. So him using the headgear again is acceptable for me.

    And about Lyfa, let’s have the next episode provide the info about her. Though I doubt everyone can’t already guess her deal and importance in the story.
    And Yui’s back. Love it.

    That’s it I guess. Still enjoying this a lot despite all the hate it’s getting. So yeah.

    • Overcooled says:

      That makes ALO just a giant patch that fixes SAO and…adds races. It still sounds pretty cheap.

      I guess his reaction to diving in again is consistent with his attitude towards Akihiko. But…I still think he should have been angry at him -_- I would have gona nuts if I met the guy who trapped me in SAO.

      I want to know more about Lyfa, she seems pretty cool. And Kirito already has Asuna so that’s less romance to worry about! I hope!

  8. elior1 says:

    next episoe title is the capitive queen which mean i guess will be shogou and asuna in the cage i hope he wont start his ugly doing to her in this episode. here the preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FKjv9AWR0I i wonder how many times kirito will fail to fly until he will learn.looks like they not showing us the importend stuff in the preview to not spoil too much

  9. elior1 says:

    also how kirito hit his head on the ground what he was fall was funny in this episode

  10. D-LaN says:

    I don’t get the hate on fairies and Kirito hair…. Personally I think fairies is cool…. And I’ve seen weirder hairstyle than Kirito one. (Shiki anime!!) Also tht Saiyan’d Kirito instead reminds me of Cloud lol.

    Aside from sentimentals, I’m pretty sure the other reason Kirito using NG is tht he have limited $$$ XD

    @Overcooled: Try reading the Devil Survivor manga. You will see fairies in a different light XD

    Dealth Penalty in ALO courtesy of MasterDragonKnight in RC:

    When a player dies, they lose 30% of their non-equipped inventory (chosen at random) to the player who defeated them.
    But more importantly, when they die, whatever skills they were raising gets reset back to 0. This harsh death penalty is why many players would rather surrender and hand over all their items than risk dying in battle.

    Btw some info on the ALO fairies classes courtesy of Saturo frm RC:

    Cait Sith (ケットシー?): In general beast tamers and has improved eyesight. They are recognizable through their cat ears and tails.

    Gnome (ノーム?): Largest fairy race and users of the earth.

    Imp (インプ?): Masters of night, great night vision.

    Leprechaun (レプラコーン?): Blacksmith race.

    Puca (プーカ?): Users of music which is used to confuse, attack or support.

    Salamander (サラマンダー?): Considered the strongest race in terms of attack, they have superior fire spells, and are styled in red.

    Spriggan (スプリガン?): masters of illusion and treasure seeking. They are styled in black.

    Sylph (シルフ?): considered the fastest race and users of wind, they are denoted by the color green regularly.

    Undine (ウンディーネ?): Healers and masters of water. They are styled in blue.

    • D-LaN says:

      Also, Lyfa is in SAO PSP game.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Pfft… hahaha!!! Good defense on Kirito’s hair. But it’s true. In Shiki, Sunako and the rest of the cast do have odd hairstyles (Particularly on Maeda’s swirling blue hair, Akira’s Digimon look and Tatsumi’s ends that stick out like dog ears). They also had upgraded fashion sense when they died and came back but Kirito can definitely hold his own here. He almost looks similar to Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII members.

    • Overcooled says:

      I think the hair is weird because we saw him with normal hair so so long and now all of a sudden it looks like he submerged his entire head in hair gel.

      Is the manga different from the game routes? I’ve played Devil Survivor Overclocked.

      Thanks for the death penalty explanation. I wonder if they’d have explained it later in the anime. Skills getting reset is a really harsh penalty :/

      I’d probably be a Sylph if I could actually play this since I always go for the fastest class. I want to play this game for real =A= *paws at the PSP game impatiently*

      • D-LaN says:

        OIC, you played it huh. The manga shows Yuzu being mercilessly Zio’d by Pixie D: And well…. I noticed the manga speeded up some things and some changes here and there like wht P4Animation did.

  11. akagami says:

    Love the new ED! Overfly by Luna Haruna. The covers are pretty nice too, like this one.

  12. elior1 says:

    @Foshizzel i suggest you will prepare for episode 17 becouse you will be more angry about the bad guy again for what he going to do to asuna then the last episode in real life

  13. Kurosana says:

    this episode made me angry! nobody can tell me that a kid who in the last two years had to basically fight a war, and watch hundreds of people die can just go back and say “so can i kill them?”
    i mean even if it’s not really deadly now, a game just like this one stole two years of his life and let’s be honest a normal person should have an angry case of PTSD right about now
    especially when seeing others “shatter” which meant literal death just two months ago

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