Robotics;Notes – 03

Aki-“I NEED TO BUY EVERYTHING! NOW!”                            Kai-“Good luck with that.”

Woooooo! Time for more Robotic;Notes on Metanorn and a hilarious one on one conversation with Jrow with our mini talk about this episode, but I have to ask did this episode keep you interested or did it push you to finally drop it? Hopefully you continue to find something fun to enjoy about the series though!

Robotic super powers 

Mr. Nagakukada-“I don’t need money…”            Aki-“EHHHHHHHHHH!”             Kai-“Worst teacher ever.”

Aki-“Rip off his arms! Break his legs! AHHHH!!”                    Kai-“Whoa…calm down!”

High school characters and over the top super powers are found in just about every other anime series and usually their unique abilities kick in at the right moments to save the day! During this episode we got to see something unusual happen to Kai during one of his robotic matches, but could we really say that his attack is some type of power? I mean time did slow for Kai during the match against Mister Pleiades which allowed his robot to dodge. I really think Kai’s attack is like the opposite of Aki’s illness because time speeds around her while Kai’s slows it down? All of that makes me believe Misa has special plans for both of them later on, why else would the company allow them to use the Kill Ballad source code provided by Frau? I still think they are obviously using the Robotics club as free beta testers for some future giant robot project. Just imagine if the development team behind Kill Ballad created the game as a way to recruit future mecha pilots based around the best players? That does sound a lot like Btoom minus the whole being kidnapped and sent off to a random remote for a crazy island killing game.

Robotic friendships or hardcore rivals

Kick some metal ass Tanegashi!

Kai-“U MAD?”                             Subaru-“HELL YA I AM MAD! LETS FIGHT!”

Subaru-“It’s not like I love cosplaying for you or anything! BAKA!” 

Frau-“Fufufu I shall add you to my harem soon boy.”  

This week finally pushed Subaru err I mean Mister Pleiades into the robotics club through *cough* blackmail *cough* who knew Kai had such a sneaky side to him? Damn Subaru seems really easy to trick like when Kai showed off that lame cardboard mask that caused him to grab it and turn back into Mister Pleiades instantly. So what about the newest character Frau Koujiro? I think it is obvious that she works for Misa because of the whole Kill Ballad game and maybe she was told to keep an eye on Aki, Kai and the progression of the robotics club? Either way all the main club members have finally made their appearances at last! We just have to wait for them to eventually join the robotics club.

Extra robots parts 

Aki discovered what REALLY happens after roboONE fights

Aki-“Use the Tanegashi rocket punch of justice!!!”            Kai-“Uh we don’t have a rocket punch.”

Kai-“I didn’t know we had to dress up for this.”          Subaru-“TRICK OR TREAT! Err I mean PREPARE TO DIE!”

Aki-“NOW USE THE DRILL TO PIERCE THE HEAVENS!”           Kai-“Maybe you should lay off the coffee.”

End thoughts

What a fantastic episode this week even though it felt like they jumped right into robo ONE and skipped like a huge chunk of story somewhere, but I don’t mind that because it keeps things from dragging on. I just could not stop laughing at the whole Mister Pleiades thing! Who knew Subaru was THAT into robotics that he actually created another persona or maybe this a case of chuunibyou? Besides that hilarious event we got to see a whole new side to Kai this week because he was trash talking and basically taunting the other robot fighters, but also what was up with the time slowing thing? I thought he was having some type of heart attack because the camera suddenly zoomed right to his chest. I wonder if he has a serious heart condition that could explain why he doesn’t push himself as much as Aki and how lazy he can appear to most of us? I just want to know what Misa meant her quote toward Kai as she watched him because that clearly means something sneaky is going on. So readers! What did you enjoy about this episode? Was it the characters? Robot fights or the mystery? I just want to know what the special connection is between Kai, Aki and that large ship from the opening and the flashback.


Aki-“We are now the robotics space club!”          Kai-“OH HELL NO!”         Subaru-“For once I agree with Kai.”



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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20 Responses to “Robotics;Notes – 03”

  1. Teabie says:

    It’s interesting how Aki has a condition that speeds things up, and Kai has one that slows things down. Very intriguing. I’m not one for mechas, but I’m sticking to this bcos I BELIEVE IN IT! *ahem* Decided to give brownie points to Kai after he trash-talked the first opponent after his dirty comment to the kids. Gee whiz, quit giving us adults a bad name.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah! Their illnesses are quite interesting, but I want to see how they really come into play later on or how they got that way in the first place? I have a feeling that boat/ship is involved.

      Kai was totally AWESOME this week especially with the trash talk? I swear we are seeing a new side to Kai every week!

  2. Highway says:

    Ok, now they make me wrong from last week (when I said the cruise ship wasn’t the *cause* of Aki’s affliction). But if they’re going to make their afflictions be nefarious testing on unwitting subjects, then the rules go out the window. I’m starting to wonder if Misaki’s reason for not talking to Aki is partially guilt because she’s involved in this company that makes Aki’s (and Kai’s, and maybe other people on that ship) body not work right.

    I really like the detail this show goes into, and the way they’re telling the story. A lot like SAO, I think they’re skipping likely boring stuff, like Kai learning to use the robot, or the multiple battles going through the tournament, in favor of showing more depth for the parts that they do show.

    The part I have to do a little suspension of disbelief on is the use of the KillBallad system for controlling the robot, and the apparent speed that it has. What about control lag? And the fact that the robot just can’t react that fast? But ok.

    Good show.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wuahahahah yes! That cruise ship is EVIL isn’t it? I think that ship has got to be tied into some dark plot to be revealed later on and the whole test subject thing is quite interesting if they come out and say such things, but beta testers sounds less “dark” I think? Yeah I think at this point we might be placing Misa in the “villain” role soon.

      Right! Skipping all the random bits of training and the dull stuff that we don’t really care about or maybe the technical based info? I was happy they did not drag out every robot battle into a long arc! Thankfully we sped through all of that.

      I was thinking the same thing Highway…the response time can’t be THAT fast, but yeah it works because anime science > everything else.


  3. AllenAndArth says:

    the robot fight was kinda awesome
    I sense a plot coming soon! my spider senses activated

  4. D-LaN says:
    Here ya go. The place where I spoiled myself for the opening part/VN Demo. From here on its blind area for me except for some spoilers I come across.
    There also some interesting notes there lk using a tablet to control a robot is possible and stuff they altered in the anime (its pretty minor though IMO) The biggest one (IMO) is they cut out the reason they lost is due to Aki not installing a brake.

    And well…. I was reading the chinese ver of R;N manga and again assuming the manga is accurate, the anime is REALLLYY fast. But I think the manga is a bit boring with a lot of talking so eh.

    BEST EPISODE YET!! With all those attack yelling and awesome robot action 😀 Though I was curious whether Kaito slow-motion ability is harmfull or not.. And wht does Misa and the company she belong to have to do with Kai and co…

    Did she said JAXA?? Looks like its cameo time!! 😛 I do wonder will JAXA be the Company Evil this time like C/SERN…

    Some tidbit:

    The Committee mentioned in the episode is the one behind SERN. Now we just wait for the PLOT BOMB….

    Those slow-motion scene in the VN = Slow Time Event where a minute (IIRC) is given for you to press the button.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Awwwww I hope you didn’t spoil everything! I probably wont be clicking that link but thanks for sharing for the ones that might be curious about it.

      Ahhh a manga?! AWesssomeee to bad I can’t read Chinese or id jump on that, but I guess that is a good thing if the story is faster for the anime? Maybe it allows them to explore new things that the VN never did? Either way I am happy with the progess so far.

      YES! BEST EPISODE! AHHHHH! I loved those robot battles because of how excited and into Aki got…wow she always brightens my day <3

      Yeah she did say JAXA and me and Jrow both were like is she going to meet the main cast of Space brothers?! HELL YA!

      Ooooh good info on the Committee I was thinking they were shady anyway because of how they mentioned them haha

      • D-LaN says:

        No spoilers. Its just up to the end of demo which the anime ady cover. And the one I found out is big but not clear enough to ruin my watching experience. Keep away frm wikipedia yo!

        Well… the 1st chapter of manga is out in english.

        Yes, yes indeed Sp4ce Br0s. /JK
        Btw if you really want to know, go look up the VN trailers. Since the trailer promoted it so its not a spoiler?

        • Foshizzel says:

          Oooooh yeah definitely stay away from Wikipedia and avoid Mal character spoiler buttons >.< Really? Hmmm guess I need to look that up then lol Good point! I will do that then xD

          • Highway says:

            Yeah, I already made the Wikipedia mistake. So many spoilers in single sentences for characters… 😐

            • Foshizzel says:

              NooooooOoooo! The life of a blogger is full of those events huh? I did the same for some episodes of Sword Art Online! I went to find character names and BAMMM spoilers on a few T___T So I feel your pain!

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Robotics;Notes is improving every episode. I’d fire that teacher for incompetence and being a deadbeat. If you’re arranging an overnight trip, you’ve got to plan ahead. Meaning money, a place to stay etc… especially if you’re responsible for two underage students.

    The robot tournament was over the top but nicely done. I felt like I was watching those mainstream animes like Beyblade or Yu-Gi-Oh! again. But it was more reminiscent of that old show Medabots.

    Subaru’s secret identity as Mister Pleiades was painfully obvious. Easy to see as the Subaru in Mayo Chiki! being a girl. Kai’s blackmailing of Subaru could be seen as an act of revenge for not winning the match or insurance to save the robotics club given that knowing his identity beforehand sufficed to be sweet leverage. In the end, Kai was true winner. I’m guessing Subaru didn’t want to join because it would mean that sooner or later someone would know his secret so he’s making the witness list as small as possible so he’d keep all the glory behind his mask and Kai spreading the news would ruin everything completely. After all, the previous episodes always showed him going solo.

    One would say Kai’s ability to slow down everything around him is the opposite of Aki’s disease. She accelerates it, he slows it. Whatever it is must have something to do with trauma because as the scenery was darkening, there were flashbacks going through his head and he admitted that he wasn’t getting enough sleep. At first, I was really pissed with his uncaring personality but it continues to show that he does care but in his own way which made it a little easier to bear. He’s pretty much anti-social and doesn’t want to make it look like once he cares about one thing that it will be same for everything else.

    • Highway says:

      Well, I’d also think that Subaru not wanting to join the Robotics Club is because he was already successful on his own, with a secret identity, and that was taking his time. If he was in the club, he’d have to either give up working on M45 or do double work. And how much of the good development on M45 would he have to allow to transfer into the club? For him, there really was no benefit in joining the club, since it would be a step back for him.

    • D-LaN says:

      For some reason I thought of Real Steel 1st.

      Umm… aside frm trauma I think cruise ship of horrors / aurora nipponlis have a hand too. And it seems lk it pretty taxing to Kai health… Well I saw a theory tht Kai act so lazy could be due to this but who knows XD

      • Foshizzel says:

        @Highway- Yeah Subaru was probably fine solo than joining a team much like Kirito at the start of Sword Art Online, but we all saw how long that worked out for him! Poor Subaru though now he can’t be Mister Pleiades anymore or can he?!

        Yeah that is true he doesn’t really gain a whole lot by joining them other than gaining new friends?

        @D-LaN- Pocket sized Reel Steel the ANIMATION~

        Yeah I figured that having a heart condition could relate to appearing “lazy” to some, but he probably can’t get excited like Aki because it spells DANGER for Kai…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! Every episode is getting so good, but I was surprised how they jumped from last week to suddenly entering roboONE with the new control set up? Good stuff!

      I was thinking the same thing it does feel a lot like Yu-Gi-Oh! in terms of stages and wacky character introductions like Subaru? Ahahahaha so freaking good <3

      Mister Pleiades was hilarious and gotta love that Star Driver pose of course, but I think it is a combo of Char from Gundam and Takuto from Star Driver which works for me and hell ya! Kai was awesome when he tricked Subaru into joining the robotics club.

      I can't wait until they reveal HOW and WHY Kai and Aki have similar "illnesses" that deal with slowing or speeding up of time, but I have a feeling it is all part of some massive plan to find recruits for giant robot pilots! That and the killBALLAD game....

      Kai has really changed a lot from last week I mean he was cracking jokes and trash talking and trolling Subaru? Damn he is starting to become quite the fun character.

  6. HannoX says:

    Kai being more energetic in this episode and actually caring about something besides Kill Ballad saved this anime for me. If his character hadn’t changed I was probably going to drop it after this episode. Now I’ll stick with it for at least a few more episodes. His character does need to be laid back to offset Aki’s hyper one, but he didn’t need to seem apathetic about everything apart from Kill Ballad.

    Now that all the members of the Robot Club have been introduced, I expect things to pick up. Sure, it may take another episode or two to get them all in the club, but then there should be some fun times seeing them build their giant robot and trying to convince Aki that it doesn’t need nuclear tipped missiles or a functioning Death Ray. Hopefully she’ll settle for just a rocket punch.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah that really helped me to enjoy Kai’s character this week instead of being a downer he jumped into AWESOME mode this week, but I suppose we should ask how long will he remain that way? Hopefully with Subaru around and possibly Frau he might change for the better and play less Kill Ballad? We shall see.

      YES! I was like ohhhhh man HURRY AND JOIN THE CLUB LIKE NOW, but the road to the final club might be fun? Yeah the robot needs a ultimate move or some fancy transformation! I would be totally fine with just a rocket punch <3

  7. MikADo says:

    hahahahahaha i laughed the shit out at Subaru
    i loved star driver and this really reminded me of him XD

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