Sword Art Online – 10

Hey baby, how about I explore YOUR dungeon~?

Wooot! Time for the epic adventures of Kirito and Asuna to continue, but I am extra excited because of the big duel that pops up in this episode! Are you excited to finally see him go all out in a fight against another player? What about you Overcooled excited to see the big duel? In other news I am still leveling up my Guild Wars2 character who just hit 40 a few days ago which means 40 more levels to go…anyway it is time for your weekly Sword Art Online post from Metanorn
 I think we were all looking forward to the big duel this week because 1) a lot is riding on the outcome and 2) SEXY ACTION SCENES. The duel is only a fragment of what happens in episode 10 though, as most of it is about our dear Kirito and his lady friend Asuna. It’s quite a surprising episode for many reasons, and I can’t stand being vague in this introduction any longer. On with the show!

Revenge Tastes Like Chicken

Foshizzel // AHHHHHHH! My predictions came true in the form of Kuradeel planning out some cleaver revenge plot after Kirito was forced to join the Knights of Blood Oath and can I just say white and red does not look good on him! I prefer the dark knight outfit a lot more. So not only did Kuradeel plot out to take out his new arch rival he had to also plan out a way to get rid of another guy named Godfrey who looks just like Rider from Fate/Zero! I KNEW THAT DUDE LOVED VIDEO GAMES! Sadly that guy had to suffer a slow and painful death after getting stabbed over and over again…wow…Kuradeel you are such a bastard and to make matters worse he almost got to kill off Kirito? WHOA NOT EVEN COOL BRO! Thankfully Asuna was just around the corner to kick his ass; however she almost got herself killed in the process. Did anyone else freak out when Kirito lost his hand? I thought for sure it would not grow back…I guess you could say *puts glasses on* he got “OH-MA-SHUED” yes I know! FOSH YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD and trust me I would give my right hand to be as badass like Kirito.

Overcooled // I’m sure that wasn’t the sort of comeback Kuradeel was hoping for, but it certainly paved his way to infamy. Too bad he’s rather dead at the moment and can’t revel in his evil deeds. After being utterly humiliated by Kirito in a duel (if you can even call the pathetic, one-sided scuffle a duel), he had to step down from being Asuna’s escort. Perhaps he would have been content to loom around Asuna and control her if things had continued, but that loss really triggered something big inside of him. His instability before and the big push from his loss made him seek revenge by double-dipping with the Knights of Blood Oath and the Laughing Coffin.

Now, I really like villains like this: the lowly, pathetic scum who can only get the upper-hand on others using the dirtiest tricks in the book. Some villains have a threatening presence, but Kuradeel just reeks of desperation. He’s hungry for power and control (hence his over-vigilant watch over Asuna), but can’t quite seem to get it. The only way for him to beat anyone and satisfy his megalomania is to paralyze people and then slowly torture them, or to lie in order to lower their guard. Anyone who has to go to these lengths to make themselves feel good is off their rocker, although I doubt you need me to tell you that.  Kuradeel’s stint as one of those outright lunatics who shoot right past the moral gray area into the pitch black zone was a nice little addition to the world of SAO. This show has been lacking true villains that Kirito can actually interact with, so hopefully more vicious killers like Kuradeel show themselves soon. I’m looking at you, Laughing Coffin!


Tank and spank dueling


Foshizzel // Just about everyone that has played any type of MMORPG out there probably knows what the phrase tanking means right? If you do not know basically it is a class that is pretty much built to take a beating while keeping a boss or monster focused on them while everyone else works on their dps. So why am I talking about tanking anyway? Well most of the tanks that I knew usually carry around a massive shield just like Heathcliff’s that he used during his epic duel against Kirito; however would you actually consider Heathcliff to be some kind of tank class? I would like to think so because his unique ability reminded me of similar warrior spell in WoW called a Shield wall or maybe it acts more like a defensive Stance? Then again I think it the actual skill in Sword Art Online is slightly different in a few ways of course. I just really want to know what he used at the very end of the duel that helped him win the duel! Does his shield have some type of mechanic built in that triggers a boost in reaction time or is that just natural talent from being a high leveled guild leader? Either way I can’t wait to see more from that character, but I have a feeling we probably will not see him for a long time.


Murder Served With A Smile

No, this does not mean Kirito is an electric type Pokemon.

Overcooled // The Laughing Coffin is definitely a Guild to be feared, and I’m sure they have tons more who are just as merciless. The paralysis technique seems to be like their calling card (we saw it before with that murder mystery mini arc), as it lasts a ludicrously long time and seems to affect all players equally, regardless of level. Limb severing isn’t exactly what Laughing Coffin members (or any PKer) aims for, but it’s an interesting status effect we get to see for the first time. I was terrified that Kirito would spend the rest of the game with one arm until I saw the neat little symbol by his HP bar saying that it was a temporary status ailment. It’s kinda like how you can get a broken bone or a crushed arm in Dragon Age as a status ailment and it just sort of goes away after a while. How convenient! Whatever Laughing Coffin does, they’re damn good at finding ways to kill players as smoothly and easily as possible. The fact that Kuradeel managed to parlay with PKers and not be noticed speaks volumes of the problems facing Knights of Blood Oath increase in inductees. If Laughing Coffin members can slip in there, they could infiltrate just about anywhere. There might even be more hidden among the ranks…


Kirito and Asuna are Team Awesome

Foshizzel // So were you like me when we finally got to see Asuna and Kirito kissed? I was like ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME YO! Yeah I might have screamed at my monitor, but usually I do not care for all that mushy related stuff in my anime; however it worked for these two because I think everyone wanted them to kiss and get it over with! Now can the producers lay off the harem building and focus on these two only? Then again I know a little bit about the next character to appear and I am predicting something random as in Kirito x Asuna = spawning of a child through various “heroic instances” or if you want some fun I recommend you stop over at Draggle’s Anime Blog for one hilarious blog in the form of fan fiction it is slightly NSWF so careful! YOU WILL DIE LAUGHING! I know I did. So what else? Ah yes after spending the night together Kirito asked Asuna to marry him…clearly it is just for the extra bank space right? I mean we always need extra room to store our crap in MMORPGS…unlike the bank system in Guild Wars2 which has a very limited amount of room to store your junk, maybe I just need to find a wife for my character! Then I can be super cool like these two.

Overcooled // Holy mackerel, things certainly moved quickly between Asuna and Kirito! Wow! It technically makes sense for things to escalate quickly since there’s a lot of time going by not shown on screen and because life-or-death situations cause people to quickly latch onto others for comfort. However, the anime makes it seem like they went from amiable bickering straight to getting married. I would have been okay if they left it at the kiss, but the way things snowballed into an (almost) sex scene and then marriage was just bizarre. I can rationalize why they’d get hitched immediately after, but it still doesn’t feel right. That whole part where Kirito stayed at Asuna’s house was just weird, and felt like it was part of an entirely different show. Keep in mind I’m not a big fan of romance in my anime (unless it’s yaoi, hurhurrhurrr) so I’m easily jarred by these sorts of developments.

Otherwise, Kirito and Asuna getting together is a good thing. It means Kirito can finally start moving past his Guild-related trauma and move on. The last time Kirito woke up with one 1HP from Gleam Eyes, he saw Sachi first because that’s who he was thinking of. This week he sees Asuna immediately when he regains consciousness. His mind has shifted from worrying about his past failures to thinking about his future with Asuna – which is apparent by his drive to live in order to stay with her. She’s what he lives for. As for Asuna, this is the second time she has requested a break from the Frontlines to stay with Kirito, which makes me think she’s wanted to just sit back and cook yummy food for quite a while. She only fought out of duty, but she’s not a fan of it.

Their love will be highly therapeutic on both ends, which should mean big things for their character growth. The only thing is…they seem to be perfectly happy now, and that’s boring when we’re only halfway. The only real trouble I can see still plaguing them is that they killed another player in self-defense – but they never mentioned it again afterwards. Will this happiness be shattered in the episodes to come? As Metanorn’s number one sadist, I always have to ask this question whenever things seem too good to be true.


Final Thoughts

I actually really enjoyed this episode up until Asuna started her striptease. The duel was exciting and makes Kirito seem a little less overpowered since there’s someone else with a unique ability just as good as his. The Guild outing was also also great, because Kuradeel being outrageously evil and sneaky was pure fun. I knew he was going to betray Kirito somehow when they announced he was on the mission, but I thought it would be during a fight. Asuna appearing to save the day was also expected, but it was still a glorious entrance. Seeing the two get together is great, but if things get too sappy then expect a lot more angry comments. Really though…MARRIAGE!! *sighs* At least girls will stop hitting on Kirito as much.

DAAAAYUMMM this really was one exciting episode! I mean first off we had that duel between Kirito and Heathcliff in the arena and how about that animation? THAT ANIMATION WAS SO AWESOME! I think whenever there is any new fight scene in Sword Art Online because they continue to impress me, but I kind of wanted to see that duel last a bit longer! Ah well I guess we will have to wait for more fighting later on? I think the next set of episodes follow the final girl in the opening which tells me things might be calm for the next few episodes? I could be wrong of course! Who knows maybe another giant boss monster will show up to cause Kirito and Asuna to kick some ass and then a make out session afterwards as his reward? Anyway I am happy with the progression so far and I didn’t really find much to be disappointed with so GOOD JOB SWORD ART you deserve a high five this week.

I think we should leave these two alone…at least until next week…seeya!


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67 Responses to “Sword Art Online – 10”

  1. MikADo says:

    as i said in the last review, that Show ▼

    did anyone catch it in this episode?

    • belatkuro says:

      Uh, that reveal is suppose to have been for later. Good job ruining the surprise. Novel readers really can’t hold back their tongue.

      • Overcooled says:

        I have no idea how much of a spoiler it is at this point, but I put part of Mikado’s comment under spoiler tags now juuuust in case for other readers.

      • MikADo says:

        it was just a little trivia 😛 but i guess it counts as a spoiler than

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hmmm I always thought it was part of being a beater? Like only beaters have access to those special skills, but I could be off! If that is true it explains heathcliff’s defensive powers! Then again I have no idea who the other beaters were or if they will ever tell us.

      @belatkuro: I guess as a non novel reader I don’t really see the spoiler yet, but just take it as a slip of the tongue or slip of the keyboard lol…I know it happens and I guess I have learned to avoid certain sites like Twitter,tumbler and google+ on SAO days! Because yeah I want to avoid as many spoilers as I possibly can.

      • MikADo says:

        all i can say is that the skill was given not because of Kirito being a beater, but because of Kirito himself 😉

        hope this isn’t much of a spoiler

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I agree this was a great episode. I’m not too worried about things getting boring with the two of them nest building, since there are plenty of opportunities for people to come along and screw up their marital bliss.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I’m counting on Kirito’s other female acquaintances to stir up some fun tension.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah great episode filled with decent action, story and of course plot development between Asuna and Kirito…and I feel the same JooJoo! I get the feeling there is something dark in store for their happiness.

  3. skylion says:

    I’ve played tanks before, and Heathcliff ain’t no tank. But since we can’t really debate how the SAO system works in terms of the anime (I know the LN might spell it out more, but I deal in terms of the anime only), trying to figure out what he is doing is just comparison/contrast. He kicks ass, that’s a good skill to develop.

    Even if that means slipping a paralytic into your party’s water supply.

    I was looking forward to this episode since the close of last weeks. I kinda knew that Kirito would have his butt handed to him on a platter; a platter with red and white cross patterns. And I was actually happy to see that. It makes him a bit more complete as a character in my mind; he was veering toward Marty Stu territory.

    I think the romance developed at a good pace, and felt very plausible from start to where it is right now. These are young people, that are thinking very much with the heart. And since they are living in moments filled with all sorts of horrific events, it is natural for them to want to seek strength in marriage vows. Hell, if I was this situation I’d marry Asuna (and keep some mistresses…cause I want both endings!).

    But that kiss. Why must anime cheat us so much. I mean I’m not expecting Nyarlko-style slipping the tongue in surprise kiss, but at least a full moment of animation would suffice; that cut to the back of Asuna’s head did nothing for the moment…(I’m looking at you too Kokoro Connect ::shakes fist::)

    Overcooled caught my attention with reference to how our happy couple feels about killing another player. Thou I am sure they are concerned about the continued presence of the Laughing Coffin guild, as far as the death of the antagonist of this episode is concerned? They aren’t loosing any sleep over killing any other monster, they shouldn’t loose any over Kuradeel either.

    • Foshizzel says:

      The only tanking class I ever played was a druid that shifts into a bear that basically takes a beating! I know my dad and brother have played pallys which use swords and shields with magic! So in gamer terms I like to think of Heathcliff as a “tank” but I also think like you said we don’t really know how the class system works in Sword Art and honestly we probably wont ever know! I just hope they do not ditch the whole gamer thing because Asuna and Kirito got together.

      Yeah Kirito should NEVER EVER take food from anyone but Asuna! DAMN THE POISON WATER!

      I was actually glad that Kirito got owned by Heathcliff in every shounen series I get the biggest kick out of watching the tough main guy get owned! That happened to Ichigo in every bleach arc, but usually that forces our main lead to enter OMGERRR I GOTTA TRAIN TO RAISE MY POWER LEVELS! Only Kirito was like screw that I want to get married and stop fighting on the front line…WTF…

      Romance is fine and all for me but on the other hand I am like OC in terms of mushy stuff getting in the way of all the bamf moments! Sometimes it just doesn’t work for me, but I can understand why some found it annoying because its like “oh now I finally want to BE with YOU.”

      Ahahahaha yeah I guess -shrug- that whole kiss scene was like ABOUT TIME…now we can quit having our other shipping pairs and I am waiting for the haters of Asuna and Kirito getting together in the anime to be annoyed by it…yeah everyone has their OTP they want which is fine because I am guilty of that too fufufufu

      LOL Yeah why didn’t Kirito’s icon turn red? That does count as technically killing another player >.>

  4. Liza says:

    I also felt like Kirito and Asuna’s sudden marriage felt a bit…random. I mean, I know there was a lot we didn’t see but at the same time I didn’t feel like they had enough development together. A kiss? Yes. I can see that. Marriage? Eh, not so much.

    Also loved the fight scenes. They’re just so pretty. *_*

    Although I am wondering, since Kirito did kill someone, wouldn’t he have the…red?(was it red? >_>) marking above his head saying he did? That should affect his relationships with people and such.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Very random indeed and I feel just like everyone else its like waitttttt what is going on? Did he just ask to marry her?! WHAAAAT!? And I hope we get to see some flashbacks of their random adventures together that built up to this pairing.

      BEST EVER! I wasn’t sure if the animation team could pull it off with those Working!! Designs, but they have done an excellent job.

      Agreed why didn’t his player icon turn red?! Was it because he was attacked first which made everything fine for Kirito’s status? I don’t think we will ever know lolol

  5. BlackBriar says:

    It was refreshing that Kirito actually lost for a change. Proving that there are others a lot stronger out there.

    I knew there was a reason I never liked Kuradeel. He looked like a snake from the get-go and I was right so it’s not surprising he’d try a stunt like that. And it was painfully obvious he was the cowardly murdering type. His execution by Kirito was deserved but it would have been better done slowly. Right at that black hole of a heart. Karma is a bitch, huh, Kuradeel?

    If Laughing Coffin members can slip in there, they could infiltrate just about anywhere. There might even be more hidden among the ranks…

    I think it was too easy to turn someone as weak willed as Kuradeel. He’s the kind of trash you could find anywhere so he’s disposable. It would be a serious problem if they got to the more noble members and we know there is a large number. And it’s that prospect that would make people look over their shoulder.

    The romance is progressing nicely so the kissing was expected but the whole marriage thing went over my head. Well, it could work since they’ve known each other for two years and promised to stay with each other. Too bad for Asuna, however, as she was planning to go straight for the benefits. Who else felt sorry for her when she thought she was going to get a roll in the hay with Kirito but got denied because of a misunderstanding?

    • Foshizzel says:

      FK YA! Hooray to main characters that get knocked down a peg, but we all know Kirito will have a rematch with Heathcliff or maybe he wont? I can only hope he uses that loss as a learning experience.

      Kuradeel such a lame side boss…seriously I think everyone saw his revenge coming a mile away right? Thankfully he is out of the picture, but you have to think will Heathcliff buy the whole “I was defending myself” story from Kirito? I suppose with Asuna there she can back him up.

      Yeah there have to be more Kuradeel players out there because I bet most of them will get so freaking jealous over Kirito and Asuna’s romance together…haters man! THEY JUST GOTTA HATE!

      Lolz marriage like that is going to ever stop those side characters from making their move on Kirito! If anything it makes him a target for them…Asuna is now starting her “I just want to be your wife and give up on fighting.” She was mentioning that kind of lifestyle two episodes ago when she cooked that special rabbit and yeah it wasn’t exactly like how I quoted but close enough.

  6. Gecko says:

    I was thinking of Shu when Kirito lost his hand too… but thank goodness it “grew” back. Although that was weird. One second it was gone, next thing you know it, it’s back! At least we didn’t have to deal with the grief Shu handed to us on a platter.
    I was thinking the duel was a little short as well, but then again, they had other things to cover… Like Kirito finally wearing something else! I was kind of happy to see him wearing something a bit brighter. I know he likes to have that “hidden ninja” element, but seriously, it’s boring!
    Although really, it was a bit quick. It’s been “two years” but we’ve barely seen these two interact. If their interactions had been more spread out throughout the earlier episodes (like between the one-episode arcs or something) I would feel happier about these developments. They’ve barely interacted on the screen, and now… we have Asuna lying around in a bed and Kirito saying that they should get married. I don’t need to know the exact details, but gosh, it was kind of random.
    I’m still waiting for the bad stuff to pop up, though. This can’t be too happy. They’ve still got to deal with those two deaths, taking time off (which wasn’t allowed, so will it ever be allowed?), and working around that shared inventory… Good thing that arc came up before this part started, so we would know about it when Kirito “proposed.” (That was not a real proposal to me. That was a fail. He needs to redo that, with a better setting. Asuna in bed with seemingly nothing on was not good timing, seriously…)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh ma Shu! I FREAKING MISS the missing hand version of you! Anyway yeah it was great and I thought welp there goes his duel wielding skills down the drain and then it was back in the next shot? I guess SAO is not that advanced in terms of realistic game play? LOL his white outfit! Yeah that is a terrible color on him.

      Sadly we probably won’t ever see what happened in those two years or will we? I think they will have to have some flashbacks, but ah well we can just assume they partied and killed monsters together for two years.

      Clearly Kirito wants extra bank space…..yeah…”bank space” and I agree I really wonder what Heathcliff thinks about the loss of two guildies and the Asuna/Kirito suddenly want a vacation? RIIIGGHTTTT I am sure he will let them do whatever they want.

      • Gecko says:

        I definitely do not miss Shu. No way.
        SAO probably wants to be better than life, which means you always have your body parts. Losing one is not option.

      • skylion says:

        I got this bank space, storing all my feels….

      • Elucidator says:

        I really wonder what Heathcliff thinks about the loss of two guildies and the Asuna/Kirito suddenly want a vacation? RIIIGGHTTTT I am sure he will let them do whatever they want.

        They just got married. Surely they get a leave for that. Also, Heathcliff can’t really complain since Kuradeel almost killed the two.

        • Foshizzel says:

          hahah yeah but he lost two guild members in one day? I really wonder what Heathcliff is thinking about with that whole situation? Course he might be a stand up guy who lets things slide? I guess it works xD

  7. elior1 says:

    i cant wait for yui arc this sturday and it seems somthing very sad or bad will happen after this yui side story becouse the episode titles after that are:
    episode 13: The Depths of Hell
    episode 14:The End of the World
    Show ▼

    • belatkuro says:

      Why do you feel the need to spoil things? Stupid really. Yes we know you’ve read the novels(and so did I) but it doesn’t give you the right to spoil stuff.

      • elior1 says:

        the names of the episodes are not spoilers and i was said i think somthing sad will happen by the titles

        • D-LaN says:

          Your last sentence….

          • Foshizzel says:

            I kind of already know that already because I have talked about it on a recent podcast with Sushi and Jrow! That and there is some artwork already out there T___T

            • Overcooled says:

              Ahhhh that’s a major spoiler!! elior1, please be careful, okay? Focus on what’s happening in the current episode to avoid ruining the surprise for everyone. Not all of us have had the pleasure of reading the LN, so think before you post. I put it under spoiler tags in the hopes that no more people will accidentally read it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hmmm not sure about the titles I never ever pay attention to them but sometimes I agree they can be a bit spoilerish and at the same time just try your best to keep the spoilers on the down low!

      Trust me I know it can be quite hard to keep a lid on certain things especially if you already have access to all the content before the anime catches up because it happens to me when I read One piece, Fairy Tail, and the Index LN’s…anyway I don’t want to tell you how to comment after all that is why we blog so we can start a conversation with the readers.

  8. belatkuro says:

    That shield hit was a clean hit, Kirito was suppose to lose back there!!
    But that would be a bit lame so yeah.
    He didn’t get hit in the novels though, and that shield attack was suppose to light up like a sword skill. Kirito commented that it’s similar to Dual Blades that both weapons can use sword skills. As for the conclusion of the duel, I’ll keep my mouth shut unless other people would spoil it for you.
    Oh and there was suppose to be one more person in their party with Godfrey that Kuradeel also killed but he was left out.
    And some more minor hiccups that I could write but it’s doesn’t really change much things. The episode was still enjoyable and great so yeah.
    Great post.

    P.S. Kirito looks hideous in white.
    Also, I think my comment doesn’t show up in the latest MetaFap but I can post fine in here. Is there a problem?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah poor Kirito! Getting owned by some old dude with a overpowered shield! Yeah I think there is something special that Heathcliff is not telling Kirito, but I assume he reveal it eventually? Thanks for not telling us though xD

      Ooooh? Yeah I guess they had to cut that extra out to save time on the episode or something! Maybe they were just lazy? Thanks for reading it <3

      Agreed...I hate the white outfit...so horrible...and no worries I saved your comment.

      • skylion says:

        Owning upstart punks is what we old dudes do…

        • Foshizzel says:

          Hey someone has to teach the young ones to fight ;D

          • skylion says:

            Indeed, we teach honor and discipline, in addition to fisticuffs. Then we cheap shot you in the nuts, cause we are old, tire easy and want to go out for a beer.

  9. Tofu says:

    Since now we can totally say that Kirito and Asuma are doing it all wrong being bots and all with all the sparks, lets totally start that tag team manga Fosh~! XD

  10. D-LaN says:

    Godfrey should be a female, then Kirito will grieve for him/her lol…

    Srsly, Kuradeel is defin crazy…. How do you explain to your teammate abt tht orange marker on your head??

    Also, kinda strange to see one ppl sayin good thing abt Kuradeel while another says Kuradeel is cliche villain type (=__=>Noumi yes, you.)… But each ppl has their own opinion anyway.

    PS I still think Kirito looks oky w/h the white uniform but black looks better.
    PS2 Dat End Card. Asuna in wedding gown :3

    @Fosh So did you notice the circle on the pillar in this ep ED increased compare to EP2 ED??

    • Foshizzel says:

      A female with the same facial features as Godfrey…just…imagine that! SO HORRIBLE! AHHHHHHH!!

      Kuradeel is a crazy dude and I guess he can be like “Dude you would not believe the day I just had! Seriously some stuff went down.”


      Hmmm I did not notice anything…I think our brains are playing tricks on us or did something really happen? I guess I will look into youtube later.

    • Overcooled says:

      Kuradeel does fall under a very set villain stereotype, but it’s one that I really like. Weak, snivelly villains are awesome! Just look at them struggle to be evil when they can barely get anyone to listen to them speak!

      Oh man, I didn’t see the end card or I would have put it at the end of the post OTL. Next time I’ll check after the ED song each time.

  11. elior1 says:

    i cant wait for yui arc this sturday and it seems somthing very sad or bad will happen after this yui side story becouse the episode titles after that are:
    episode 13: The Depths of Hell
    episode 14:The End of the World

  12. elior1 says:

    @D-LaN you also have a feeling somthing sad or bad will happen by this episode titles?

    • D-LaN says:

      I read the LN…… up to LN5. And for the sake of non-LN reader plz don spoil them. TQ.

  13. JPNIgor says:

    Fosh, I laughed really hard reading the comment about the “OH-MA-SHUED” XDD I just thought of it now.

    I don’t think there will be any problems about killing Kuradeel. After all, remember the episode of Silica? If you attack an orange player, you will not become one and if I’m right, the same counts for killing one .-.

    Anyway, seeing Kuradeel’s face was just too scary =.= His face was as disgusting as Mirai Nikki/Higurashi faces, and I hate those faces i.i’ They are too scary to me.

    Ah, another thing about Kuradeel, is that I’m not so sure, but I think he already was at Laughing Coffin by the time he was scorting Asuna. Remember that Laughing Coffin that appeared after the duel between Kirito and Kuradeel? It’s true that he could be there just to call Kuradeel to the Laughing Coffin…

    Now, own, own *-* OWN *-* THEY KISSED!!!!! And the kiss was so cute *-* Oh, this couple is so cute \o/ And, LOL, obviously their happiness won’t last long. There always is something to make the happy become unhappy, just wait and see.

    Kawahara Reki, the author of the LN series, released a web version of the first volume of the LN, where it had an extra chapter, the 16.5 and guess what? On it Kirito narrates he and Asuna doing… it… that… And I assume that since Asuna woke nude on the next morning, they did it too… Things is fast between those two, they just kissed and they are already planning on marriage o.o’

    • Foshizzel says:

      You are welcome <3

      Right! I think the icon changing comes down to who started it so technically Kirito and Asuna can stick to their story of defending themselves against Kuradeel for now.

      Ohhhh no way! I love when characters go all crazy Nikki/Higurashi face, but yeah I can see where it can freak you out xD Yeah if anything they probably made him join the laughing coffin after they made that special poison for him? Either way we will never know because he is sooooo dead.

      FINALLY THEY KISSED! Now we can move on to other things and of course I am waiting for something bad to happen, but I highly doubt the anime producers will kill any of the main characters aka Kirito and Asuna! If anything maybe more KoB members die?

      LOLOLOL Yep! The famous sex scene of Sword Art Online...you can find several parodies out there with people reading it and recording their voices...anyway yeah the marriage thing is fine; however I hope it doesn't mean the fighting is over and the series shifts into some romance ALL THE TIME story! GIVE ME SOME MORE FIGHTING YO!

  14. elior1 says:

    here the link for the next episode preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eew1eoqTKsw&feature=player_embedded

    • Overcooled says:

      ….I feel like I will not like this episode ._.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Trololollolol yeah it doesn’t look very entertaining also I think those kids are getting kidnapped >.>

      • elior1 says:

        you will love this once you will found out what the role of this girl in all that she is very special and will keep to apear in the main plot but i wont spoil just lets say she not what she looks like

    • MikADo says:

      oh i remember her *smirk*

    • D-LaN says:

      Ohh, is the new loli the result of 16.5?? Trololol XD

      • elior1 says:

        you half right about her you will discover what so special about her and why she importend to the plot later in the side story

  15. JPNIgor says:

    Yeah, I guess it won’t happen. Without Asuna and Kirito, it wouldn’t be SAO anymore TT.TT But still, aside from any of those two dying, I guess anything is possible. I’m just a little sad that they probably won’t show the Laughing Coffins again. We haven’t even saw the Laughing Coffins fighting TT.TT I’m pretty sure they would be awesome… Dawg.

    I didn’t saw those parodies o.o’ Actually I saw it when I was seeing the Wiki about Sword Art Online and I saw a mention about the 16.5 scene… And I was like super-curious because I didn’t know what NSFW means (I’m brazilian) and I didn’t remember to have read it on the LN. Fortunately or not, there wasn’t any images XD

    Ah, there’s no need to be concerned. There will be more fighting… But you will have to wait some two or three episodes D=

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreeeed! We can’t have Sword Art Online without the main characters running around doing stuff together, but I want to see more from the Laughing Coffins guild! I can imagine a guild war breaking out which seems perfect for a few episodes.

      ahahahah yeah 16.5 is such a famous chapter even for non fans of SAO! Ohhhh yeah NSFW stuff is well dangerous if you are not alone and yep! LN are safer thanks to the lack of pictures xD


  16. Yippy says:

    Kirito, stop showing of your sword.

    Metanorn’s captions will never fail to amuse me. XD

    Anyway, this episode was quite memorable for me for one thing and one thing only-Kirito is finally vulnerable. The guy practically gains a harem wherever he goes, gains rare skills, brushes off boss fights and is practically bullet-proof by this episode (bar the Heathcliff fight). This episode, however, we get to see him at the mercy of a deranged lunatic out for revenge. It’s oddly refreshing, for some reason.

    Sorry for the creepy and sadistic outlook, I just can’t accept the fact that anyone can be that perfect. XD

    • BlackBriar says:

      No need to apologize. There are a lot people happy to see that Kirito is actually vulnerable instead of always parading around as if he’s untouchable. He has weaknesses, everything and everybody does. It’s only natural so contrary to that fact would just be unrealistic and unentertaining. Even Goku gets his ass handed to him whenever there is a fight.

      • Overcooled says:

        Yes, it’s good to see that Kirito actually has a weak spot. Nothing like seeing a near-perfect guy take a beating. Then again, I’m all for watching ANYONE taking a beating.

        ….Yeah, BB is right…no need to apologize for saying anything even remotely sadistic around here XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks! I always have way to much fun with those meme images <3

      Just being Kirito is awesome! I wouldn't complain if I were him because DAAAMNNN all the girls want to be his partner, but also on the other hand it is quite unfortunate for the side girls to fall for him! We all know they get the crap deal T____T and I agree it was sort of refreshing to see the guy in danger about to die and suddenly the girl saves him! Whoa...whoa...nice work.

      I liked that comment! I always enjoy seeing the struggles the main character has to go through, but it also depends on them because when GC was around I hatteeeddd on Shu every week and now I do that with Haru from Accel world...anyway no problem Yippy.

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