Rinne no Lagrange – 24 [END]

I know that feeling too well, Madoka! 

Ohhhhh man we have finally reached the last episode of Rinne no Lagrange so what will I do with my life now that it is over? I am sure I will find something else to grow attached to eventually! I know I will miss this little gem of a series because it really has been a fun ride from start to finish, but most of all I will miss tagging with Kara every week as we breakdown the adventures of Madoka, Lan and Muginami! So yeah I guess that is enough talking we should check out how things wrap up for this exciting final right Kara?
…And so Lagrange comes to an end. Don’t worry Fosh! I’m sure there will be some new girls saving the world with mecha show coming out soon enough! There’s one practically every season or so, so you probably won’t have to wait long. Back to Lagrange, it’s been a lot of fun these past two seasons. This anime had a pretty good first season back in winter and it somehow got even better after the season-long break in between. So after that great episode last week, how will Lagrange come to a conclusion? Any direction it goes, it’s sure to be fabulous.

It’s the end of the world!?


Souta-“I never got to kiss Youko…”             Youko-“And you never will!”                 Asteria-“Hahaha wicked burn.”

Fosh // Last week we watched Madoka, Lan and Muginami team up to take down Dizlemine for good with their triple German Surplex maneuver and was he truly defeated after that? I mean the end results of his loss to the girls took a while to effect the real world, but my real question was more about Yurikano! Why was she still alive? I thought she was dead! Just kidding I know she basically became one with the Rinne and was trapped inside that shadow world; however she never really thought of it as a trap or prison because she felt it was a way for her to repent for her sins for causing so much destruction back in the day. So what did our main heroine decide to do next? Well she wanted to save everyone of course and escape that alternate world which meant yes she had to save Dilzemine’s life, but I don’t think Madoka could ever leave Lan’s brother there to die. Oh and the world was ultimately saved by the always amazing Jersey club theme song! I always start to grin whenever I hear that song on the first OST it always brings a giant smile to my face.

Kara // Don’t even get me started on how cheesy the girls saving the world was. I mean, they came back singing their club theme song (…that I had forgotten they even had) and practically holding hands. I wasn’t particularly worried about the state of the world in the first place, though it did feel weird that they were all explaining how bleak the situation was AFTER we knew that the power of the German Suplex had won over the power of being manipulated. Isn’t it standard practice to say those things before the good guys win? Well, whatever. I don’t understand what exactly that whole shadow world is. Is it the power of Rin-ne in tangible form? I don’t know. What I do know (and appreciate) is the fact that they went full out on the special effects this episode. From the flowers randomly floating midair to the girls flying with the Vox at the end, there were a lot of special effects thron in and thrown in right. There were no DEEN quality dragons around. Everything fit in with the animation perfectly and really added that extra bit to the finale. …Like what special effects are supposed to do.

Dilzemine and Asteria are forever 14

Lan-“Now I have a little brother? What the hell”        Asteria-“Can I keep him please? We look good together.”

Fosh // After successfully preventing the destruction of earth a funny thing happened to Dilzemine! I guess the effects of the Rinne somehow changed him into a younger version of himself…yeah…I know that part of the episode was really strange for me, but Yurikano basically explained that the Rinne granted him a second chance at life because he wished to live! Now that was truly mind blowing and hey it finally explained why Asteria looks like a little kid compared to old self, so good job Rinne no Lagrange you solved one of my burning questions! So does this make Dilzemine the little brother to Lan? Just kidding I know he is the older brother. I died laughing when Muginami wanted Villajulio to change as well? Maybe she has a thing for younger guys or boy? At least everyone got a somewhat happy ending right? Well not everyone was happy! I mean Moid had the jersey song stuck in his head and he eventually exploded into bright pink dust; however before he died I was too busy laughing my ass off because of his crazy reaction towards the song and I guess it was a killer tune after all?

Kara // Within the last stages of production of the second season, the Lagrange writers suddenly realized that they had not done anything to appeal to the shotacons that were possibly watching this show. They had thought they had covered all of the bases by including yuri, lolis, traps, ossans, and pretty much everything else. However, in their excitement over making everything fabulous and color coordinating robots, they had grievously forgotten about the all important shota faction. But how could they include one last minute without letting the fans know they had completely forgotten? Suddenly, an employee was struck with a brilliant idea. …Thus, shota Dizelmine was created and thrown in the last possible episode. The fans would never catch on and the shotacons would be pleased. The plan was perfect. One might even call it ‘maru’…I do appreciate the answers as to why Asteria is a loli/ why she didn’t remember anything. …Though is Dizemine forever a shota now? I still don’t know why Asteria’s one Vox split into three either.

Final Moments of the Great Space Troll

Moid really has a unique choice of ice cream…


Kara // The one thing that bugged me the most this episode though was Moid just randomly… disappearing. Sure, he had it coming, but where exactly did it come from? I mean, Madoka and the other girls didn’t even know that he was THE guy doing this. …I’m just going to assume that he disappeared due to all of the failed Memoria on his body. …Somehow. Either that or it’s to reset to balance because Yurikano was brought back. …Somehow. …But really, if it is due to the Rin-ne almost destroying the world and all of that, they’re expecting us to assume a lot. I know that he disappeared so that he couldn’t just orchestrate this whole thing all over again and so that Madoka and the Vox brought true peace, but I want an explanation. They explained why Asteria was forever a loli. They can explain why a guy suddenly turned into purple space dust.

Official Jersey Club in SPACEEEEEE!

Yurikano-“Awwww where is my super cool Jersey?”            Izo-“I make this look damn sexy!”

Madoka-“Today was a maru victory for all yuri kind!”                Muginami-“AYE!!”               Lan-“WOOOOOOF!”

Fosh // So how did things officially wrap up for Rinne no Lagrange? There was so much stuff going on! First of all Lan and Muginami were true to their word about returning to their home planets and Madoka got to go on a long vacation with them before returning to earth which I assume is part of that OVA? After that it was soon revealed that KISS group started by Vilajulio turned into the space jersey club and apparently everyone in the series wears the iconic jersey outfit even Dilzemine! Damn that was such a fantastic reveal and it means Madoka, Lan and Muginami get to travel around the universe helping people with their problems which seems to be the perfect job for those girls. That aside it seems that Asteria is going to investigate more stuff on earth about the Rinne like the Bermuda Triangle? That discovery made me cross my fingers for another season and of course we have the option to follow Madoka on her space adventures. I think that pretty much leaves the doors open for a possible third season or maybe we will get a movie? So did you like the ending of this anime series or did you want something different? I am fine with whatever they decide to do next.

Kara // I’m satisfied with Madoka’s choice to expand the Jersey Club universe wide. It seems like something she’d do. I’m also glad that it still connects her with Lan and Muginami. On the other hand though, it’s how she’s doing it that seems unnatural. …Maybe it’s because Madoka is still based in Kamogawa and the town doesn’t seem to have changed one bit. Or maybe it’s because she’s only been working exclusively in the Kamogawa area before and suddenly working universe-wide isn’t a problem. The scale just seems to have jumped from 1 to 10000000000000 in little to no time or effort at all and absolutely nothing has changed with her. Not that I doubt that Madoka could run the entire world if she really wanted to, since her character has proven to be super capable before, but something about the transition seems off to me. Lan and Muginami’s scenes at the end on the other hand, felt more natural. Probably because Lan was a princess to begin with and neither of them were talking with a UN leader on the phone, telling them that a shopping district gathering (or whatever it was) was more important than them. Maybe this is just me. I like the concept, but the execution…

Extra Maru adventures

When the world is about to end cooking seems like the best idea.

Youko-“Are we being invaded by space jelly fish?”                Asteria-“I could go for some kracken jelly fish! De geso!!”

Madoka-“Why do you have those kinds of pictures of me!?”            Lan-“I wanted to make some money.”

Rinne no Lagrange season three!? All about the dudes…

 End thoughts

I don’t think there is anything to dislike about this episode because it was filled with everything I could ever want, like the girls saving the earth with the awesome power of music and friendship? I really enjoyed how everything wrapped up in the end, but part of me just wants more episodes to get released; however, I can always look forward to watching the OVA right? And I will continue to have my fingers crossed for any special Rinne no Lagrange announcements! Because who knows they might do something later on? So what did you like most about this episode? Did you like the young Dilzemine, Yurikano’s return, Moid’s death, Jersey space club or maybe something else that I forgot to mention?

Overall Rinne no Lagrange has plenty of ups and downs in terms of story and plot development and this series is probably better if you can marathon several episodes at once, but I think Rinne no Lagrange shines in the character department especially with Madoka! I remember Mouretsu Pirates was running at the same time during season one and Marika got somewhat compared to Madoka in a few ways because their personalities are sort of similar aka hyper, cheerful, and their never giving up attitudes. In many ways I can see myself as Madoka and of course I can’t forget Lan and Muginami who went through a lot together and hardly ever saw eye to eye at the start; however when you put all of them together you will have hours and hours of fun watching them interact on screen.

So maybe you decided to skip out on this series because it looked to yuri-ish or because you dislike giant robot anime? Honestly I think you should at least give it a shot and watch the first few episodes! After you get past the random fan-service stuff at the start things do get enjoyable.

…This post seems like a lot was me complaining about small details, but I DID like Rinne no Lagrange as a whole. Sure, it wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was pretty good for your generic girls in robots saving the world anime. It had its moments. I personally really liked the character interaction that happened. Not just the three girls, and more so the last season, but seeing the space bishies interact was great. Sure not all of the characters had the same amount of depth that Madoka did (or even that range of emotions), but it was always fun to see what they would do. I never really had a favorite character, so I can’t really talk about that, but all of the characters were rather endearing.

As for the animation, it had it’s QUALITY moments. Like I mentioned above though, the animation was REALLY nice when it wanted to be. The ending was open ended enough as well, so really this could continue on if it wanted to. I would love to see a 2 years later version of Lagrange (mostly because I like watching characters grow up and seeing how they age) and I wish they had shown us that far, but overall the ending was decent. It falls comfortably in the middle between great and mediocre for me. As for watching this weekly or marathoning, I’d actually say that both would work just as well. The storyline had great flow to it even with the week’s break in between episodes.

So overall, Lagrange was good. Not amazing, but just good. In the end though, I think that’s fine (…and it’s better than terrible). Thanks again to Fosh for letting me blog this with him and let’s hope any further continuations of Lagrange are just as MARU~

Final stuffs

See you later space Jersey club~

Thanks for reading and sticking with us through the whole ride it really has been a real blast reviewing this series!


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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11 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 24 [END]”

  1. Highway says:

    First I want to say thanks to Fosh for really pushing this series at the end of the Spring season. I don’t know if I’d ever have tried it, because I’m generally not a mecha / giant robot kind of viewer (also remembering, as usual, I wasn’t watching current anime or reading aniblogs when the first season aired) but it was really a great show to watch. I really enjoyed a show that was always upbeat and positive, that always solved problems with the power of friendship and talking (although it wasn’t above the judicious use of a punch or a roundhouse kicks when that didn’t work), that has a main character that’s truly willing to help anyone anytime she can, and brings other people around to her point of view.

    I also liked that it was ostensibly a giant robot series but without all the moony angst and turmoil that seems to go with them. The Vox are beautiful robots – clean, fluid, color-coordinated, intelligent and even sentient – and they played great supporting roles for the show, even if they did only have one line of dialog (via a text message).

    My only true quibble with the show was Moid. If I was writing it, I wouldn’t have made Moid be anywhere close to a bad guy like they did (world’s most half-assed bad guy, too). I would have had him running the experiments on Dizelmine at Dizelmine’s insistence, and then they go wrong and Dizelmine flips out, and Moid just doesn’t know what to do, and then everything goes on from there. I thought making him a weaksauce version of Soran from ST:Generations was unnecessary, and didn’t fit at all in a show that had studiously avoided making anyone be explicitly bad.

    Overall a great series, tons of fun, 3 awesome songs, and some great posts and discussions. Thanks!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Awwwwww thank you Highway! I couldn’t have done it without Kara though, but halfway there in the middle I think people got bored with the series…anyway for a mecha series they don’t focus 100% on the robots I mean SUUUREEE they are around in the series, but generally it was about the girls saving the universe and Madoka helping EVERYONE was fun <3

      I know right? For once there are pilots that are not terrified to use their giant robots! Usually they are like "I DONT WANNA DO THIS!"

      Yeah Rinne no Lagrange suffered from not having a general figure head of a villain to hate on instead they gave us the idea of Dilzemine as the main bad guy...sure it works but we wanted someone and we got lame Moid who was quickly marked as "evil" because he never opened his eyes! LOL

      Yaaaa! I had a blast <3

      • Highway says:

        I didn’t mind the lack of a villain. In fact, I thought it was a refreshing change, and cool that a show could work so well and provide tension and story without having to have an outright bad guy to focus on. I mean, there was all that stuff with the “Bad Guy of the Week” where they’d make it look like someone was showing their true evil colors, and then it would just be Never Mind – “Oh, hey, yeah, I had to do that for this reason, and I’m sorry, and I see it wasn’t the right thing to do.” I liked that there weren’t ‘Bad Guys’ and ‘Good Guys’, just ‘Guys’. That’s why I was a little disappointed that they made Moid into an outright bad guy, and such a lame ripoff one at that.

        • Foshizzel says:

          ^^^ I 100% agree with THIS ^^^

          Lack of a villain does make things interesting now that you mention it and it makes it a constant guessing game as to WHO is evil and who is good! Those moments always made me enjoy Rinne but at the same time ruined the fun of hating someone every week…then again Moid was always sort of marked as evil from day one! I remember Anaaga said that xD

  2. HannoX says:

    So I was wrong about the hugs being yuri ones. I was right about Yurikano being saved, but for such an upbeat show that wasn’t too hard a guess.

    Moid got off too easy. I’d have loved seeing Lan drop kick him into the Sun for what he did to her brother.

    Looks like Madoka wrote on her future plans sheet, “CEO of Jersey Club Interstellar (and Vox pilot).” Wish we could have seen her teacher’s face upon reading that.

    I’m not a mecha fan (if you can build a giant mecha you can make much more powerful weapons than fists and giant swords), but this was an entertaining one and one not meant to be taken seriously, so here the robot fist fights didn’t seem so ridiculous as in other mecha shows. And I did like the smooth designs and the pastel colors. I’ll probably buy the standard version when it comes out on DVD and I would like to see a movie or better yet, Season 3.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOL They could count as Yuri hugs? xD

      Agreed Moid got off super easy considering all the did to Dizelmine T_____T at least someone punched him!

      I want to see their adventures! SEASON THREE COME ON! <3

      hahah goood good! Maybe this will turn you into a mecha fan eventually? Just kidding! I know that genere of anime is dull to most normal anime fans, but for me I just can't get enough...sadly Fall season is lacking the mechs besides robotic;notes.

      • HannoX says:

        Yurikano hugs, anyway. I didn’t think of that.

      • Highway says:

        Hey, Muv-Luv is continuing into Fall. It’s been a bit better since the beach episode, although the mechs are still kinda iffy, and it really ticked me off this last episode. *Here is what Highway looked like watching it*

        “Get in the damn robot and fly away! You can do the boy-girl-“you-can-call-me-by-my-first-name” stuff AFTER you get away! What?!?!? Now you’re fighting them? YOU HAVE A FLYING ROBOT!!!!! FLY AWAY from the ground troops! Ah well, now you’re going to die, I hope you’re happy, you idiot! You brought this on yourself.”

        • Foshizzel says:

          Trololololl I haatteeee Muv Luv but I am STILL watching that crap ass series T______T

          Yes! I have the same reaction every week just me sitting there with my brother as we yell at the characters xDDD

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I’m going to miss this anime terribly. Why do the good ones always finish so quickly? Thank you Fosh and Kara for Tag Teaming this.

    The show’s strong points goes to the development of every character. Each of them were unique in their own way. Particularly Madoka, Lan and Muginami’s yuri type friendship. Another point would be the visuals the studio used. It even seemed like 3D at a point and the crystalization followed by disintergration of any objects caught in the Rinne was very much like Guilty Crown’s void influence.

    Regarding Yurikano. She was put into self imposed exile in the Rinne because she was afraid of herself and what she could cause as a Vox pilot. At least now she realizes that her self torture and imprisonment is no longer necessary. I still think she has feelings for Dizelmine so I’m curious to what she’ll do now that he’s a lot younger.

    Moid got exactly what he deserved. You don’t just go start something that could destroy an entire planet for personal gain. I had to laugh when he sat there with a straight face and suddenly lost it. While he exuded an untrustworthy aura, he didn’t really do much which kind of made it a wasted effort on his part. I had higher expectations but it somehow worked out.

    Finally, this was a good source of entertainment. Any indication of more Rinne no Lagrange would be greatly welcomed.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I am going to miss it as well T______T but thank you! I have had a blast with this series and thanks to Kara xD

      Agreed each character had their own story along with several issues and Madoka magically fixed everything because she is just so AWESOME like that…oh yeah I kept thinking about GC when those ships started to explode after turning all crystal? LOLOL good times

      Ahhhh thanks for that and I have no idea maybe Dilzemine has other interests? He can totally go for Madoka now! Just kidding…

      FK YA! I was happy Moid got punched and turned into pink fairy dust at the end of the episode? Ahahahh that was hilarious xD


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