Rinne no Lagrange – 22

Don’t you just love the awesome matching lunch boxes? So lovely…

Are you prepared for another week of excitement from Rinne no Lagrange?! I know I am always lady for it, but this week I think things are going to change from the slice of life stuff in favor of random mecha battles in SPACE! However, those slice of life moments can always pop up afterwards…so what about you Kara? Do you enjoy the action themes or the everyday normal stuff?
Pfft! Screw the everyday stuff, Fosh! I’d take giant robots trying to kill each other over Jersey Club activities any day! Rinne has gotten back to suffering, despair and the flowers of Rin-ne~ so overall this was a great episode! …Though it was also not so great for other reasons…

Time for some interplanetary war!

Vilajulio-“Good thing I love space junk food, but I have to watch my manly figure.”


Dilzemine-“VILLAAJULIOOOOOOO!!”                           Vilajuilo-“DIIILZZZEEMMINEEEEE!!!”

Space bishies are back! Just in time for Kara to write some fan fiction…right? I think OC can help!

Fosh // So, last week ended on classic cliffhanger, which left me feeling quite surprised with the whole De Metro space ship falling right into the ocean followed by a massive explosion. And of course Madoka had to see it happen right outside her school. I can’t really imagine what she was thinking during that moment, but it probably was something like EHHHHH! So thanks to that sudden development it has pushed Madoka, Lan and Muginami back into fighting once again; however I think the three of them were born to do greater things in space! Because can you really stop the power of friendship? The best moment during the omg-laser-spam Array and Kirius returned to help vilajulio? Just kidding they just wanted to defend Kamogawa from the alien invasion. Was anyone else thinking about Lan and Muginami fighting each other once again? I thought for sure they would have started punching and slapping because of the whole brother versus brother thing once again. Thankfully Madoka was around to keep the peace between them, but of course I think everything comes back to the power of friendship saving the universe…that and Muginami and Lan said they would have done the same for Madoka if she were in some kind of danger.

Kara // …Watching them interact this episode, I finally realized how much I missed the space bishie’s antics over the course of this season. Sure, they were there this whole time, but they didn’t play nearly as big of a role as they did last season. I can see why they were pushed to the background since their main thing was comedy and this season has had a lack of that amidst the DIZELMINEEEE VILLAGUILLIOOOOO angst. …Even if I don’t miss the easygoing slice of life episodes of Lagrange, I do miss the space bishies being ignorant bits of comic relief. At least they were present and actually useful this episode.

Super transforming mecha!

Dilzemine-“I swear my mecha was not designed by Micheal Bay! I SWEAR!”             Madoka-“Uh huh whatever you say dude.”

Fosh // Ahhh yes Rinne no Lagrange joins the long list of crazy anime with a transforming mecha! Usually these types of machines have two or three different forms used for traveling while one of the other forms is used for actual combat. You can go down the line of mecha themed anime like Macross, Aquarion and just about every Gundam series ever made, but this week Dilzemine is rocking a brand new sliver machine that has two transformations. So what did you think of his brand new toy? Did you like the new design or did it look absolutely horrible? Honestly I did not like it at first, but I remembered this series is not really known for having the best looking robots sadly; however seeing it in action against Vilajulio was AMAZING! I guess the design really works for the combat scenes and after all he did beat Lan, Madoka and Muginami without breaking a sweat. Now I think it is pretty much safe to say that Dilzemine’s new machine might be that final machine from the Vox legend or is it just something they built for this single mission? I mean the damn thing was glowing and it created that hole in the sky just like Madoka and what about Mr. Vilajulio is he really dead or possibly alive? For starters Rinne no Lagrange has a weak history with character deaths because most of those “dead” characters eventually return or are considered possible clones…I have a safe bet that he is alive but hey if they want to drama stuff up that is one way to do so.

Kara // Now as for the actual mecha fight. …Where did Dizelmine get that Vox core and why is his the only mecha that can transform? I give up trying to figure out where this is all coming from. It just feels weird whenever they bring robots into the plot since they already have so many other plot things going on that don’t really seem connected. I don’t see how Mdoka plans on winning this fight since Dizelmine kicked her friend’s collective asses without breaking a sweat, but we’ll see. The girls look serious now and the power for yuri and friendship has proven strong thus far.

Dizelmine’s PAAAAAAAIN

Vilajulio-“Noooooo! I wanted to make out with more earth women!”                  Dilzemine-“…….”

Either that or he is on some hardcore space cocaine right now…

Kara // YES MADOKA. ROUNDHOUSE KICK THE CRAP OUT OF DIZELMINE. In the end, Dizelmine turns out to be the bay guy we can’t hate because he’s had the crap manipulated out of him by Moid. …Or I suppose you could hate him since all of his character progression has gone down the drain and his character depth is as shallow as a wading pool. I can’t believe that after all of that development with Yurikano, peace talks and such, Dizelmine just decides to screw it all and attack La Garite anyways just because he feels PAAAAAAAAAAAAIN and TORMEEEEEEEENNNNNNT over something that happened years ago. Sure, you could attribute a lot of that to those shifty experiments Moid did, but still. It’s pretty sad that everything that happened just kind of went in one ear and immediately out the other for Dizelmine. Maybe he’ll regain his senses with some convenient flashbacks of stuff that we saw before? …Cheesier things have happened for Lagrange. Moid’s plan is actually pretty devious if you think about it. Since the girls are all in a relatively stable mental condition, he would need someone else to go insane and set off the Rin-ne. It’s even more effective since Dizelmine is close to the other Vox pilots, so by screwing one of them over, they’re all screwed over.

Extra rinne super fun time

Vilajulio-“Don’t worry baby! I still have feelings for you…sort of…”              Grania-“Uh are you alright boss?”

These girls need some epic entrance music! How about something like this?

Asteria-“Hmmm maybe I should plan a vacation right now?”        Youko-“Not without me you don’t!”

Madoka-“Being this sexy is hard work! Also did anyone get the number of that mecha that hit me?”

End thoughts

I think I covered just about everything that happened with this episode, but most of it took place in space and basically involved mecha on mecha fighting, which I don’t really mind because that is something I could watch every week! Of course most of us probably find those moments dull and Rinne no Lagrange has decent battles, but nothing that screams OH MY GOD! THAT WAS AWESOME! So the end of this addictive series is just around the corner and yes it makes me quite sad…then again I am just about to the point where I really want to see how things end and who knows maybe they will get some extra money together from some DVD sales and give us some kind of Rinne no Lagrange movie? Just kidding! I have no idea how successful this series is in Japan and besides I am still waiting to watch that OVA maybe that will fill the void left after this series ends? Thankfully it isn’t a kore wa zombie issue where they end on just ten episodes right?


5 internet dollars that Villaguillio isn’t dead. This is Lagrange. It’s 50% yuri, 30% Madoka kicking everyone’s ass at everything/slice of life and 20% plotVoxRin-nedestroyingtheworldorsomething. Even Yurikano, the dead character who screwed everyone over was never really dead (and still probably isn’t and is in some sentinent universe particle Rin-ne thing instead). I can agree with Fosh that this isn’t an anime where I’ve gone “Whoa!!!! Awesome!!!” once, but I can also agree that this is something I could probably watch for another season and not get bored of it. It sits comfortably between the anime I really look forward to and the anime I watch because I have nothing better to do. Next episode looks rather eventful with everyone freaking out over Villaguillio’s death, so maybe they’ll actually explain things next episode. I still have far too many questions and I’m worried that they won’t be answered within the next two or so episodes…


Muginami-“I didn’t get any special lines this week…maybe next time!”

Row Row fight da power with Madoka, Lan and Muginami!


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11 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 22”

  1. Highway says:

    Hah, your suggestion for entrance music made me go listen to Nightwish songs!

    I dunno, maybe Moid is a bad guy, but I’m not so sure. I think it’s still possible that Dizelmine just got himself broken by the same machine that he was going to break Lan with.

    I do want to see some Jersey Club-based ass kicking, tho. It just seems like the kind of show that’s going to save everyone and have a happy ending. If it doesn’t, I’ll start thinking we all got totally trolled!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh! Nightwish is good stuff! That and the Heartcatch Precure OSTs are amazing! I mean if you enjoy the stuff from Fairy tail if you watch that series or even watch it hahaha

      Moid is definitely a great candidate for the role of main villain and I think Dilzemine’s brain is a bit on the revenge side and like you said he is probably broken right now…ah poor dude T____T


      Yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you for a amazing ending I really really really hope we get something decent, but hey if they went for a classic ending based around there might be more in the future! I would loveeeee that <3

  2. HannoX says:

    While I certainly want a more-or-less happy ending for Madoka, Lan and Muginami, I feel differently about Dizelmine and Vilajulio and especially Moid. With the big space battle and mecha on mecha fighting, there really should be some deaths and tragedy.

    I’d actually like to see Vilajulio and Dizelmine killed so Lan and Muginami (even though she’s adopted) could become the new rulers of their worlds. Then we know peace would break out between them. And Madoka could become Earth’s ambassador to both. That way she’d finally be able to fill out her future plans form for her teacher.

    • Highway says:

      I dunno, I don’t see where Villajulio has done anything below the board since his initial smackdown of Muginami, and it could be argued that that was something necessary to break her away from him where she can be her own person, not someone who does things for what she thinks he wants. Since then he’s tried to stop fighting Dizelmine at every opportunity.

      • HannoX says:

        I haven’t said anything about Villajulio being a bad person. In fact, when he did treat Muginami shabbily I said that I thought it was something he did for her own good. But if any characters have to die, Villajulio and Drizelmine seem to be the best ones. That way their sisters can rule and then we know peace will reign between their planets and it’ll last. But it’d be quite a turn of events for Rin-ne to have characters killed this late.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah so far the 2nd half has been more about Dilzemine’s struggle for power or random reasons for revenge against Vilajulio! Half of the time the creators favor Vilajulio over Dilzemine right now which leads me to believe he is still alive xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed HannoX I want something fun for an ending where there they leave the possibility of something later on for Rinne no Lagrange! In a perfect world I would love to see Madoka, Lan and Muginami as adults solving space problems together as a team! I WANT THAT!

      Ahhh right let the new generation step in huh? Yeah I could see that happening somehow! That and I don’t think they would kill off Vilajulio so easily if anything Rinne no Lagrange teaches me not to accept death so fast…hell most anime series out there will teach you those lessons very fast.

      Madoka as Earth’s ambassador works

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Whoa! This episode had the same kind of feel as that last Eureka Seven AO episode: Dark and desperate. A bit late to start an all out fight but it’s better late than never. It was inevitable for the girls to return to their Vox robots. An awesome roundhouse kick from Madoka.

    For the cute face grabbing between the girls, we need a name for their group because of the yuri atmosphere.

    Damn that Moid!! He was certainly manipulating Dizelmine but through that experiment and whatever resentment he had for Villaguilio. Like planting a seed and letting it grow out of control. Dizelmine has also donned a Mirai Nikki face and the way he acted was on par with AO’s Truth.

    A character like Villaguilio won’t die that easily. If anything, he’s still alive with minor bruises even if by non anime logical means that his body should be completely crushed.

    • Foshizzel says:

      hahah nice yeah both of them can be so considered dark…whoa…yep! Better late than no epic fight later <3

      That was the best yuri moment of the episode a triangle of cheek pulling xD

      Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Moid! I shake my fist at him for being so damn evil and of course he is using Dizelmine as his personal puppet for space domination, but yeah Moid is a lot like Truth in many ways!

      True I don't think Vilajulio would die from some weak ass attack like getting stomped on because he is way toooooo awesome to be defeated like that <3

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