Rinne no Lagrange – 21

Happy early holidays from Rinne no Lagrange! 

Whooooooop! Time for more Rinne no Lagrange! So last week introduced a new side character for a few laughs, which is what this series was lacking, but it did end on a bang with the whole reveal of Moid bringing Dizlemine that “madoka-magica-soul-gem-thingy” and yet again we have no idea if or who is the main villain… Anyway what about you Kara what do you make of all this?
Well, I don’t think I missed out on much last week (unless you want to count Madoka moving on in her round of Saimoe). Just some side character I didn’t care about. The previous two episodes have been a bit of a combo breaker in terms of Lagrange’s dorama level this season, but this one has the show back on track to an epic finale.

Time for a freaking career!

Madoka-“EHHHHHH! But I want to save the freaking universe!”                 Teacher-“………”

Kirius-“I want to design clothes for mecha.”           Izo-“Dude…you need help.”            Array-“I LOVEEEEEE IT!”

Fosh // Ah yes the classic old theme of “What do you want to be when you get older?” this is practically in ever slice of life/school themed anime *cough* Are you going to university? *cough* Whenever that plot line appears it usually followed by your beloved main cast of main characters headed off to graduation and eventually progressing to their future careers. So what does this mean for Madoka, Lan and Muginami anyway? Sadly we all saw this coming right? Raise your hand if you knew Madoka would have no idea what she wants to do in her future life; however, Muginami and Lan have their minds pretty much made up for their future jobs. I would have thought Madoka would become a freaking lifeguard! COME ON YOU CAN DO THAT or maybe she could go with something in the field of teaching? I think she would be a great teacher if she could control her ADD ways, but I am still leaning towards lifeguard.

I don’t really know much about choosing a career while in high school and I can’t imagine such a thing like that being an easy task because you really have to put some time and effort into thinking about your own future or even going to college! I bet that is not a quick choice because you kind of need money or if you get lucky with your grades maybe you can get a scholarship to help you out. So what kind of job or career do you think is perfect for Madoka? Something where she can save lives or maybe teaching? I think we all want her to choose mecha pilot for her future.

Kara // Well, Lan and Muginami know what they’re doing with their lives. I’m a bit surprised at that since both of them have always seemed to have less self confidence than Madoka. …Though it probably helps that both have family with extremely high ranks who probably need all of the competent help they can get. That seems like the default in anime as well. The younger sibling normally wants to bend over backwards to help the older unless there’s an issue there or they have something else to dedicate their lives to (…or maybe that’s just the kind of anime I’ve been watching recently, Chihaya was like that at the beginning in Chihayafuru and the same goes for the main guy from Knight in the Area. …Though those are both sports-related.). …So I’m guessing Madoka either wants to continue being part of the Jersey club her entire life, or she wants ‘defender of the Earth’ or something similar as her permanent job. Or maybe volunteer work? Space traveller? If there’s one thing I’ve learned about over the course of Lagrange, it’s that Madoka helps people like a mofo and every single thing she does is over the top. At least she knows she wants to do something with her life, but it was interrupted by an extremely inconveniently timed space attack.

Saying goodbye sucks

Madoka-“Why am I crying?”              Muginami-“Your slaves are leaving!”           Lan-“Their tears taste so good!”

Fosh // While Madoka struggles with her own future plans, things are slowly headed into the dreaded good bye storyline with two of our space bishies leaving Kirius and Array, but Izo is staying behind on earth to train and become a better chef! Maybe he will get a spin off series or pop up in a cooking themed show like Bento? Did anyone else die laughing when Muginami, Lan and Madoka placed bets on which guy would cry first out of the space bishie trio? DAMN GIRLS guys can cry to you know, but I lost it when Madoka’s uncle walked out and everyone started to cry Trololol nice work. Speaking of leaving who else is going to leave us next? Sadly Muginami and Lan have their own plans to return to space and work for their planets or in Lan’s case she just wants to help her ONII-SAAAMAAAA! Unfortunately they have not told Madoka this news yet, but she will probably cry like a big baby which will cause me to have a tragic case of manly tears syndrome or maybe she will deal with it like last time and become a complete wreck err I mean either way you should expect a few high levels of drama in the form of delicious yuri filled tears.

Happy birthday, Asteria

Madoka-“I challenge you to a drinking contest.”            Asteria-“OH SNAP, IT IS SO ON GIRLFRIEND!”


Asteria-“Oh god…my…head…is…killing…me…”              Madoka-“HA HA HA I WIN…Time to puke…”

Fosh // So long Array and Kirius! See you in some random spin off one day… So this episode finally pieced together the whole mystery surrounding Asteria because she revealed that she is over two hundred thousand years old! HOLY CRAP IS SHE A VAMPIRE? Nope and I think she mentioned last time she had her soul ripped apart while she was a “Queen” and yes I have to ask the question for good old Skylion! Since she is so old does that mean she is technically legal? Fufufu! Did anyone else laugh at the other characters reaction to her news? I was expecting all of them to go HA HA! YEAH RIGHT YOU ARE LYING; however thankfully they took it well. Then again I would probably believe anything if I worked with aliens just about every day! Speaking of aliens most of the episode followed everyone trying to locate Moid because of what he did to the massive stone tablet…just what the hell is going on? I know Dilzemine has taken it upon himself to “attempt to master the new power” and hell I think Moid is having the time of his life watching his master suffer for the sake of his planet! MUHAHAHAH he is so freaking evil…or is he just acting like a giant troll to lead everyone along for his own amusement?

Kara // Well, I didn’t think that there would be any huge problems, but Earth’s team took Asteria’s confession pretty well. So Moid’s glowing purple space tattoos were actually a memoria? But where’s his fabulous robot? Also, his memoria isn’t even in an embarrassing place like everyone else’s. …Not to mention the fact that he’s not female. They’ve never specifically said that the Vox pilots need to be female, but it’s kind of sexist if the only male Vox pilot is also the main bad guy who is trying to unleash some huge vague power. Or maybe it’s because he tried to mess with the Vox that the pilots are now all female.…I’m assuming he was the one who almost destroyed the world all those years ago since he seems to be THE villain here and it might explain why Asteria has holes in her memory. …Though I still don’t understand what the purpose of Moid’s soul gem is …or why Dizelmine is trying to become a puella magi.

Being king is suffering

Villaguillio-“Best ride of all time!”          Dilzemine-“Stop the ride…I want to get off…help…”

Moid-“Turn up the base I love this song!”           Soldier-“OH GOD WHY DID YOU GO WITH THAT SONG?! IT HURTS MY EARS!”

Kara // …I don’t know how to tell you this, Villaguillio, but Dizelmine already thinks that you’ve betrayed him or that you have every intention to. I don’t know how or why, but he does. Your covering for him is doing nothing but stalling the final battle for an episode or two. Just when I thought things were going to be sunshine and rainbows, Dizelmine has some sort of paranoid breakdown and now he’s planning on fighting… someone… for some reason. This seems like it came out of nowhere, but I guess going through whatever experiments those were didn’t exactly help his mental condition. Nor does the fact that he has THE single most suspicious character as his right hand man. Yurikano needs to come back and slap some sense into that guy. Or Madoka. Either or. My guess in all of this is that he’s being heavily manipulated (or he’s just an idiot) since Villaguillio has some pretty deep faith in the guy. Even Lan doesn’t think that he’s bad and she’s suffered because of him.

Extra Rinne no Lagrange

All that kid wants for Christmas is DAT ASS Muginami…

Madoka-“I present my slaves err best friends.”            Muginami-“Remind me to kick Madoka later.”          Lan-“Roger that.”

BROMANCE! Followed by manly tears.jpeg

Madoka-“Does this mean I can turn my work in later?”                  Teacher-“HELL NO! TURN IT IN NOW!”

End thoughts

SO MANY QUESTIONS. Can Lagrange answer all of them in one episode? …Is there only one episode left? I don’t know. All fingers seem to be pointing to Moid in terms of who the true bad guy is (or at least he’s a pretty big manipulator), but hell if I could explain his motives to you. I’m prepared for the waterworks to start when Mugi and Lan explain to Madoka that they’re leaving, but I’m not sure if I’m prepared for any character deaths. I vaguely remember seeing a tweet about what would people do if Madoka died. While I really doubt they would do that since this is a yuri mecha comedy series, I think it would be interesting to see. …Though I’m pretty sure that the end will be a happy one filled with Langrange’s usual upbeat fun

Great episode this week because they are pushing things along at a nice pace for story and they are ramping up towards the eventual end of Rinne no Lagrange! I know saying that MAKES ME SO SAD, but of course I am fully prepared to see this thing through till the end. At least we kind of know what to expect thanks to Muginami and Lan dropping the bomb about leaving Madoka’s life; however I have a sneaky feeling that Madoka will find a job as the official ambassador of earth which will require her to travel into space once again! I mean can you just imagine older versions of the current main cast in some the spin off series? Who knows I suppose it could happen, but it all depends on how things end and hopefully the creators do not resort to killing off all the cool characters at the end…


Dilzemine-“I upgraded my chair to the platinum edition.” 

Madoka, Lan and Muginami become moe moe mecha pilots once again! 


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4 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 21”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    The episode was ahead of season but it was good. If Madoka is so indecisive about her future, she should have career working in Pharos alongside Yoko as an officer or diplomat (She used her fists to persuade two kings to make peace). That way, she can stay in touch with Lan and Muginami when eventually leave and pilot the Vox whenever trouble shows up. It certainly does show up, after all. Besides, there’s still the prophecy floating around and they’ll need her.

    Array is back in his maid outfit. The natural order has been restored to its former glory. I wonder if he’ll still be wearing the same outfit when he becomes an instructor at the Royal Academy or they’ll have a special issued one for him.

    Even though it’s a 50/50 chance, I think Moid is a villain. He shows it more and more (Fumito vibes, I’m telling you!!!) and he obviously manipulated Dizelmine. I mean, come on. Peace had recently been declared and suddenly there’s a need for a fight?

    So this episode finally pieced together the whole mystery surrounding Asteria because she revealed that she is over two hundred thousand years old! HOLY CRAP IS SHE A VAMPIRE?

    Fosh, you know better than to tempt my addiction!! I’m going through withdrawl here!! LOL. I have radar that picks up so much as a hint of things like that. Kara can vouch for me on that one.

    If the first civilization was advanced enough to extend a humans’ life to that extent, how come this generation can’t pick up on it? But it doesn’t explain how Asteria/Maycun went from full grown hottie to moe loli. That’s a mystery.

    • Foshizzel says:

      she should have career working in Pharos alongside Yoko as an officer or diplomat — Yep! I was thinking the same thing and something like that seems maru for Madoka and yeah she can keep in contact with Lan and possibly Muginami if she choose to do that.

      Yeah all signs are pointing towards Moid as the possible bad guy right now and it appears as if he is using Dizlemine! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.

      Ahahahhaha there is a lack of blonde-loli-vampires this season huh? And the next season as well…hopefully you can get your fix soonish! Yeah there are still some unanswered questions related to Asteria/Maycun and hopefully we get the answers next time.

  2. HannoX says:

    I think on her future plans sheet Madoka should put down “Vox pilot and Interstellar peace-maker.” That should blow her teacher’s mind. And we all know the girls are going to get back into their Voxes in another episode or two.

    I think Moid must be the big villian. He’s playing Dizelmine like a fiddle. I think it’ll turn out he’s behind what happened 20,000 years ago and for Asteria’s loss of memory, either directly or indirectly.

    A second series set a few years in the future showing what the girls are up to (provided they survive the upcoming big battle) would be so cool. I could see Madoka as Earth’s ambassador to the Polyhedron.

    • Foshizzel says:

      “Vox pilot and Interstellar peace-maker.” — YESSSSS I would love to see the teachers expression after reading that for Madoka’s career choice <3

      Yeah I think you are correct about those thoughts on Moid using Dilzemine! Id laugh if he was responsible for the events from 200,000 years ago just like you said I wouldn't be to surprised if it was 100% true.

      I would enjoy it so much <3

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