Rinne no Lagrange – 20

Lan-“Ku ku ku I am taking over as the lead character!”               Madoka-“EHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO!!”

So what is going to happen this week? Judging from the preview I think we are going back to the comedy theme of this series, but who knows maybe we will get some mecha action!? I did see a few shots of a brand new character so that might make things interesting!

Madoka’s fake club!?

Shoko-“The jersey club is fake…”             Muginami-“Say that one more time I DARE YOU!”

Reiko-“OH MY GOD MARRY ME NOW!”               Lan-“Awesome a new slave err I mean friend.” 

I think I forgot the fact about Madoka’s Jersey club being a fake club the whole time because I always thought it was a real club, but this week her precious club is in danger of falling apart. So besides the club falling apart Madoka is lacking the very important fourth member! Which means Madoka, Lan and Muginami have to recruit some new members and naturally no one is really looking to jump into that odd club. At this point you would expect another alien to magically show up right? I was really waiting for the creators of Rinne no Lagrange to add in another alien girl! Instead of another alien character they played it safe and gave us a normal human named Reiko Miki! Now this new girl isn’t technically “new” because she did appear in episode four according to ANN, but I think she was stuck as a background character at the time. So what does she bring to the trio of girls we have now? Well she a bit of comedy to the episode in the form of a super clumsy girl and yes I know we already had Lan to fill that role right, but I suppose the creators wanted two girls like that. So what do you think of Reiko Miki was she an alright fourth club member even though she left at the end? I died laughing after she revealed her reason for joining the jersey club just to pilot a giant robot! She really needs a high five for that comment because I would totally join a club just to pilot a mecha.

Festival time in Kamogawa City!

Madoka-“WHAT IS THIS CRAP!?”         Muginami-“budget cuts I think…”       Lan-“Orca! YOU GOT FAT!”

Madoka-“Whoa! THIS IS AWESOME!!”         Lan-“I wish she wore a skirt…”          Muginami-“Agreed…”

Madoka-“Oh my god I really don’t feel very maru right now.”

Anime usually teaches us all kinds of things from the power of friendship or row row fight the power! This week Madoka tries her best to teach Reiko the whole “you have to follow your dreams.” message which is nice, but unfortunately I think it completely flew over Reiko’s head or did it? I mean after she heard Madoka’s message it did inspire Reiko to create her own club for robots. Now I wonder who will become the official fourth member of the jersey club anyway are we really getting an alien character or will we be stuck with one of Madoka’s random friends? Part of me wishes the girls went to a coed school because I bet Array, Izo and Kirius would join! Then again I think they are way too old to be attending high school. So back to the festival for a moment those three giant vox balloons where cool and I kind of figured that was what the space bishies set up, but yeah…it was in the episode title…so spoilers! This episode has crazy ass balloons that love to kidnap girls like Madoka! I wonder how she managed to get down without falling to her death I guess through the magic of plot she survived.

Moid glows in the dark

Moid-“Bitches love soul gems and contracts right?”

Dilzemine-“Must…look…away…eyes..slowly…burning….”      Moid-“Don’t you love my new tattoos?”

Now for some plot and science stuff for you to chew on! So Asteria brought up some interesting questions about the whole vox legend and the recent discovery with the new stone tablet. First off why does the legend tell of three machines when the new tablet reveals it was possibly done by a single machine? And how did earth survive? All I know is Asteria has no memory of why or what happened, but at this point I can only assume all this info basically means Madoka, Lan and Muginami have to save the world by fighting the last Vox. I am starting to think the maybe same thing happened two years ago resulting in some giant mecha battle for the sake of earth and the universe! So we have a case of history repeating itself thrown into the story now. Now we should mention Moid because his recent arrival set alarms off in my head! So what the hell did he do to the stone tablet? I mean all he did was touch it and it magically transformed into a portable madoka magica soul gem thing and he personally delivered it to Dilzemine? DUN DUN DUNN!! I guess there is still the option for Lan’s brother to be the true bad guy after all. What about those strange runes all over Moid’s body? Does that mean he has been selected as the fourth pilot of the final vox mech? I can’t wait to see him get owned by Madoka, lan and Muginami because damn do I hate Moid.

Extra lagrange fun

Madoka-“I think I am being watched! Better go back to showering slowly.”

Full shot of Muginami!

Don’t worry Hisako Kanemoto! Use the power of Ika Musume, Yui, Yayoi,Yuki, Kanata and Grunhilde!

Moid-“What? Can’t a dude wear stylish anime hats without being judged?”

Woooooooo! Interesting episode this week I mean we got to meet another new character and of course I had a feeling that she was joining the club for the wrong reasons, but honestly I thought she had some crush on one of the jersey club girls like Lan or Madoka? Ah well at least she was entertaining and made me laugh with her new robot club! Wait a minute is her club a tie in for Robotic;notes coming next season!? I hope we see a cameo appearance by Madoka! Just kidding! While new characters are always cool in my book I think we all want to chat about that sneaky ass Moid…damn…I always had my ideas about that guy being evil and boy did they answer that question. So what does this reveal about Dilzemine is he really the bad guy here or is he being used by a higher power? I could see that happening near the end, but I am having so much fun with this series!


Christmas time and hot sweaty yuri action.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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8 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 20”

  1. Karakuri says:

    Array took off the maid outfit. THE APOCALYPSE IS NEAR.

  2. Highway says:

    Fosh, Fosh, Fosh…

    Are you really going to fall for the old “Let’s make a guy look really bad right at the end of the episode and then everyone will think he’s the bad guy!” trick again? Hasn’t this show pulled this like 8 times already? According to that, the bad guys are Kirius, Villagiulio, Dizelmine, Asteria, Villagiulio again, Yurikano, Muginami, the statue with the padlocks, Moid, the Orca balloon, Militia Zodia, and Villagiulio’s bitchin’ coat that he beat Hiroshi for.

    まったく 😉

    Really, I don’t think Moid or Dizelmine will turn out to be a bad guy, any more than those other guys did. I would find it really weird if the show resisted having anyone be a bad guy for 20 episodes, then decided “Yeah, we’ll have him be a bad guy now!” There’ll be a perfectly fine explanation for it, and it will help get us to the solution of what Asteria is.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know I know! I just can’t help it! This series NEEEEDS a main bad guy, but yes I agree with you Rinne no Lagrange continues to pull us along with “bad guy of the week” formula only to say trolololol just kidding you thought it was X character? NOPPEEEEE! TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME.

      Not sure about that I mean Moid did show he has potential to be a bad guy do you remember the first half? Near the end when the flowers started to rain down he showed off some evil grins…and now he has the markings on his body to be a vox pilot? If he isn’t a bad guy then why go is he going through the paces as one? Clearly he is up to something.

      True after 20 episodes if he is the true villain I will just laugh! Similar things happened in Kore wa zombie, Sacred Seven and Guilty Crown where you had a side chara suddenly turn evil…

      • BlackBriar says:

        There’s just something about Moid’s aura that is telling you not to trust him. There’s no reading him and he’s always smiling. People like that usually have something to hide. Like Jormungand’s Koko. She always smiling but you can’t begin to assume what’s on her mind.

        Yeah, villains have done things like popping up at the end a lot. The Sawagi twins were plausible villains at the time in Ben-To after they massacred everyone and executed the Ice Witch with their basket fatality.

        Not to mention there’s Blood-C’s Fumito Nanahara. He was all polite, composed and well mannered even as all the deaths were piling up. And like Moid, the suspiscions were pointing to him. Moreover with all the poisoned food he was giving Saya. Then BAM, we find out he was behind everything and had everyone in the town killed to cover his tracks.

    • HannoX says:

      Moid is still the best bet for an evil character. Part of what would make him an effective one is that he’s hidden it for so long, just waiting for his chance. I can totally see him piloting the 4th Vox, the one that nearly destroyed the Earth 20,000 years ago. That would force Madoka, Lan and Muginami to get back in their Voxes for a slam bang battle against him to give this series an exciting end.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Hold it! First Hyouka’s Houtarou gets curious about a mystery and now Array has shed his maid clothes. What is going on here?!

    I love Madoka’s dedication once her mind’s made up, especially trying to save the Sweats Club from extinction. While Reiko was good in the humor department for being inexplicably clumsy, I would have prefered another alien girl from a different planet. But it probably wouldn’t work because she’d need time for development and there aren’t enough episodes left.

    The power of friendship. Anime sure gets into deep dramatic stuff like that and and following dreams and it’s so entertaining to watch. Too bad Madoka’s speech didn’t reach Reiko. She was just too into her robot ambition to understand anything about it. But where would she ever get her hands on one if she doesn’t become a military pilot?

    Moid is still as untrustworthy as ever. After peace has been declared, I have a feeling he’ll start double crossing everyone. Those multiple Memoria tattoos on him are setting off warning bells.

    • D-LaN says:

      It means something BIG is happening!! (Not to us, I hope)

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