MetaFap – 11

Hagure reaches its climax while the other MF series get very close

Campione! — 12

Are you prepared for some baby making this week? Wait what?

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Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai — 11

the plot requires glasses this week~

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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica — 12 [END]

Dragon Phil is the worst singer.jpeg

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Who Is Imouto? — 11

Ass so big you need a HD TV to enjoy a full view…

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30 Responses to “MetaFap – 11”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Who Is Imouto? — 11: The story is seriously derailing. Where is it going? I mean, it’s not that I don’t Miyabi having episode to herself, it could have done in the earlier weeks but the plot for this episode should have had more focus on the coup against Shougo becoming the president of his father’s company and concrete evidence on whether or not Yuzurina is involved (and I’m 90% sure she is since she trying place distrust between Shougo and the girls).

    Even though Miyabi is trying to win Shougo over, I don’t think it will go past the “just friends” stage. He doesn’t look at her the same way he does with Konoe. And forcing a date on him doesn’t exactly help her cause. Every one of her tactics so far has been driven out of force and slight blackmail (If he doesn’t kiss her, she won’t go to school the next day) whereas Konoe does hers out of kindness and patience. Konoe has the upper hand because their history is deeper, especially since Shougo risked his life to save her.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Hagure Yuusha no Estetica — 12 [END]: I had fun watching this series. At first, Akatsuki seemed to be all brawn and no brain but he turned out to be a role model example of a male lead. Even the sexual harassment, as Highway usually refers to, was highly acceptable.

    The finale was very open ended. Practically screaming that another season could be well on its way. Even though Izumi and Kuzuha supposedly had suspicions on Miu, they were a bit too calm with her confession. If another season does come, I hope to see more of Miu finally embracing her demon powers. I had expectations because she’s the “Demon King’s daughter” but she was just like Ao no Exorcist’s Shiemi. And besides, Akatsuki has yet to deal with that Student Council president that he has an axe to grind with.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeaaah that final episode was decent and the ending was better than I thought, but I am still 50/50 on watching season two! I guess it depends on what happens with everyone? Of course there will always be another series just like this EVERY season.

      Finale opens the doors for several things especially with the reveal of those shadow people? They are up to something sneaky and Miu is thrown into the mix as always for her demonic powers…

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Campione! — 12: This was the most explicit episode I’ve ever seen in this anime. It started out bland but got better as it progressed thankfully with an interesting setup for the finale.

    Godou has stepped up whether it’s facing down intimadating strangers to basically kissing the life out of Erica. The guy stuck his tongue in her mouth. Making Hagure’s Akatsuki, DxD’s Issei and Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai’s Ryousuke look like jokes right now. For a moment there and with all of Erica’s intense moaning and sudden body movements, I thought they were having sex. After all, that whole sequence was erotic rather than ever being close to romantic. Not to mention the questionable camera angles.

    Seishuuin sure is nonchalant in the most dire of situations. It makes me think she cares nothing of her life. What needs to happen to make her care about her life?

    • lvlln says:

      Heh, if you enjoyed that little kiss scene, might I recommend giving Yosuga no Sora a shot? Actually a pretty decent show, at least, the arcs that I watched. Or, if you’re feeling daring, try Aki Sora by the same studio, one based on a legit good manga. If you’re feeling masochistic, give you can turn to Sora no Woto.

      • Highway says:

        I’m actually watching Yosuga no Sora now, and it’s far far less embarrassing than that kissing scene, even the sex scenes. That was… just… what… I don’t even… And then the ‘oh Godou, you’ve made me so pregnant now’ allusions were just the icing on the cake.

        Personally, I really like Sora no Woto, but don’t know what it has to do with over the top eroticism. 🙂

        • lvlln says:

          Just thought I’d mention another show that has sky “sora” in its title, and the worst of the 3, IMHO :p.

          • Highway says:

            Ah, my impression of Sora no Woto might be colored by it being a very early show I watched, but I really enjoyed it.

            If you’re going for ecchi shows with Sora in the title, how’d you miss Sora no Otoshimono?

    • skylion says:

      To the point, he kisses continued life back into her. At least that is what I took away from how she explained how the Intermediate world was being hostile to her.

      • BlackBriar says:

        LOL. Best non-sex sex ever. I didn’t even think it was possible. It’s like porn without the sex. With all that sexual innuendo, they might as well have gotten a room and start banging. I mean, it’s like she’s basically telling him to be gentle with her like it’s her first time, her bleeding at the mouth somehow signifying that she just lost her virginity and at the end, she rests her hand on her stomach as if she’s just gotten pregnant saying she can feel him inside her. Come on, impregnated by kissing? Man, that’s inventive.

        • Highway says:

          Well, they did get us talking about the show, unfortunately it’s not cause the show was much better. I was just waiting for them to translate that not as “Divine Protection” but “Divine Spark” or even “Divine Seed” (ewwwwww). And I liked (not really liked, but was amused by) the Power of Pregnancy bringing back her amazing fighting energy.

          • Highway says:

            BTW, just to clarify, I still don’t have a problem with the act, it was just so out of place here. Plus, I like a little more tenderness, ya know.

            • AllenAndArth says:

              campione:it’s artificial baby making, sperm is obsolet(says GODOU)
              OMG moe’s multiplicate!(Athena) 0o0
              I think we’re close to the plot, we’ll find what it really is one day! o/

              Hagure Yuusha: Lame fight…i’m pretty sure i’ve seen those moves in about more than 90% animes with swords…
              Haruka = tsundere stalker?
              now to the second season where akatsuki will probably find that princess and blah blah echi, panties and bras blah blah

            • Highway says:

              Oh hey, now I need to see HYnoSH to see Vice-Prez Haruka turn back into Tsukiumi! And she’d been slightly moving away from that recently.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Yeah, the kissing act is alright in my book now. In fact, I shouldn’t even be surprised to have seen something that explicit. If you’ve seen episode 10 of C³: Cube x Cursed x Curious with the little S&M display from the student body president, Kirika and her Kurokawa Karen suit, you’ll see my point. The fact that I’m able to remember the episode number is to show how much it’s been engraved into my mind.

              Agreed. Since I knew Erica would eventually be Godou’s number one girl, I was expecting a little tenderness in their “bonding”. This kind of bonding went over my head and made my jaw drop.

            • BlackBriar says:

              @Highway: This clip should convince you on why no one should be surprised by how far anime can go with these elements.

            • Highway says:

              Oh, I didn’t think there was a question about *how* far it could go. I think it’s just interesting to discuss where is that fuzzy grey line between ecchi and hentai, and how cool or uncool is it to cross that line when your audience is expecting one thing and gets the other.

              Hmm, here’s an interesting point. I haven’t yet seen Boku H episode 11 because I don’t bother with S–D— and the CR version is known to have prominent black bars all across the screen. Yeah, there’s a lot of toplessness in Boku H, but the actual ‘titillation’ value (sorry, but I just had to) ranges from pretty average for bare boobs to almost none for that whole episode of Galderbroug’s fight. Yeah, Lisara was almost naked and bare breasted, but there wasn’t really anything ‘sexy’ about it. But apparently that was censor city.

              But then I watched that episode of Campione! on CR as well, and there was nothing censored (as you’d expect from the visuals). But that was one of the lewdest scenes I’ve ever seen anywhere, including late night Cinemax / Showtime. Do I want it censored? No, but I just use it to point out (again) the stupidity of attitudes about nudity.

              And C3 is in my backlog of stuff.

  4. Highway says:

    Campione!: Obviously Godou was blinking around with Erica not to find Susano wo’s place, but to find the most romantic place to not believe her when she says she loves him. How thick do you need to be, dude. And then I was literally cringing at that kisssing+ scene. I don’t mind watching hentai (although I usually prefer to be expecting it), but that was just so out of place. And could Godou be any more of a meathead? I think it’d be tough.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Agreed! Whenever I’m watching hentai, I know what to expect obviously. This is supposed to be mainstream stuff so I didn’t. It was like a shot to the head. That whole “kissing” scene was the closest thing to rape and I’m getting the assured feeling Erica enjoyed every moment of it. But it was still amazingly erotic. We don’t even get that kind of kiss in hentai. The first time I saw that, especially when he threw her leg over his shoulder, I was thinking “Whoa, whoa, whao!! What the hell am I watching right now?” They win the award for most hardcore french kiss. It gives the Nisemonogatari toothbrush scene a very serious run for its money.

      Now I wonder, will he do the same with Liliana, Yuri and Ena? Maybe it’s a strong possibility since they’re his mistresses.

      • belatkuro says:

        Oh he’ll use the Youth/Adolescent incarnation again…in the later volumes. And this is nothing compared to later on. So yeah.

      • lvlln says:

        It almost does seem like the producers were inspired by the toothbrush scene, but took away all the wrong lessons. The suggestive poses and erotic moaning were not enough to make such a scene great, and Campione! misfired.

  5. Highway says:

    Who is Imouto?:Shougo is generally brighter than Godou in Campione! but the fact that they know there is a plot against him, yet he doesn’t seem to suspect Yuzurina at all is really lowering my estimation of him. And man, does Miyabi have to try hard to get anywhere with Shougo. Maybe she’ll figure out some guys don’t like all that tsun posing, but I think she’s dug her own hole.

    There hasn’t been a plot to this show for 10 episodes. It’s just continual spinning out, and the show does it on purpose. I hereby reiterate my suggestion for Shougo: Just go with Konoe, and be done with it.

    • Karakuri says:

      …I dunno. They both seem the same level of stupid to me. I realize now that we should have held a betting pool or something as to who the imouto is. So many people are convinced it’s Miyabi. Maybe the author made Shougo’s lesser attraction to Miyabi on purpose if they’re actually related.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai — 11: While the episode tried to bring in drama and a love confession before Ryousuke’s time to die, I knew from the get-go the date between him and Mina would prove pointless in the end because every viewer most likely knew he’d want to be with Lisara even though he and Mina are childhood friends.

    And honestly, other than the fact Mina’s the “Special Specimen” which is why she’s still a bit relevant, I don’t see much appeal in her. She’s kind of plain. Almost like cardboard. You can say she has a nice bust and all but Lisara is the opposite and she’s a lot more exotic. Even her being tsundere adds attraction to her. What I want to know is when are those markings on her skin going to vanish.

    The crying scene at the end was just absurd, the show has completely forgot that there is also a world that needs saving

    From what I saw from the scenery during the date, it doesn’t look like there’s a point to do anything anymore. It’s like they have the whole world to themselves and the rest of the population has just disappeared.

    The only one who annoyed me was that girl who is supposed to reap Ryousuke’s soul. After her cold, insensitive, over-the-top, bitchy performance last week, I cringe every time I see her on screen. I’ll be happy if she tries it again and one of the other girls loses it and bitch slaps her as her reward.

    • Highway says:

      I’m still waiting to see this show, sounds pretty bleak.

      Some thoughts on Mina without seeing it, tho: She’s almost the same character as Manami in OreImo: the plain childhood friend who dotes on the MC. And in both cases, they’re almost sister replacements – Ryousuke not having a sister, Kyousuke having a sister who (historically) hates him. And KoiChoco notwithstanding, generally it’s very difficult to be in romantic love with someone you’ve grown up that close to.

    • Jrow says:

      Darunia needs something to her character, cause right now I agree with you. She’s just a bitch who it feels like she randomly jumped into the story to set the “dreary” tone.

    • Highway says:

      Finally watched this, and I thought it wasn’t a bad episode. Certainly not a funny episode, or a one where a lot of stuff happened, but I liked the way it went about it. I agree completely with BB, there was no way he was going to lie to Mina. I think maybe if Lisara hadn’t shown up in his life, maybe he and Mina could have gotten together, but he fell for Lisara. And Lisara knows that she fell for him too. But she had to keep telling herself that she didn’t, because she needed him to love Mina.

      I thought the date was nice, and enjoyed that they were doing all those cliche high school anime date things even though the whole world was deserted, even down to having date peepers.

      As for saving the world, I agree with BB there, too: There really doesn’t seem to be anything they can do. I don’t think everyone’s dead, I just think people are staying home (although in modern times, that is really unsustainable for even a couple days). But they can’t separate Grimwald and Earth without reconstructing the gate, and while I’d bet there are people in Grimwald working on it, that’s not something anyone in this cast could help with.

      So I’m waiting to see the finale now (even though it’s already been aired 🙂 ). It could work really well, it could be a mess. We’ll just have to see. But I’ve enjoyed the last half of this series so far, and I’m interested to see how they wrap it up.

      • Jrow says:

        The series started repetitive in the first 5 or 6 episode and somehow got worse after that. I honestly think you give the show credit it doesn’t deserve, but if you like it, you like it. I don’t.

        • Highway says:

          I definitely agree with you that the starting 4 or 5 episodes were pretty repetitive, with new harem character introductions and the same fights. But I think after they got through that and picked up the actual story, and the reciprocal feelings between Lisara and Ryousuke, that it got a lot better.

          I would guess I invested in the storyline, and the conflict it manufactured with Galderbroug, and I’m interested in seeing it come through. To me it’s a more interesting story than most ecchi animes have. But then again, my opinion is definitely colored by it including the type of romance that I like, rather than a more traditional harem deal.

          The one thing about the show I really don’t like, tho, is that atmospheric art style. I’m really tired of the edges to half the screen taken up by that smoggy yellow-green crap.

          Also, can anyone tell me why there’s a small stepladder in the middle of Lisara’s room? It’s a constant feature, and I don’t get it.

  7. Jrow says:

    Just saw the highlights of Imoutou’s first BD. Lots of improvements.

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