Meta Mash – 39

Latest updates from Fairy Tail, Kuroko no Basuke and One Piece.


Fairy Tail – 147 


…It’s nice to know that even with the exact same goal, Byron still refuses to work WITH Fairy Tail. Sure, they have the nicely set up one on one matches with Oracion, but aren’t they overlooking something huge? They’ve made a point several times that Bryon’s claim to power is the fact that he can negate any magic. …Couldn’t he just walk up to the clock, beat every single member of Oracion along the way and then stop the clock without killing Lucy? Why is the killing necessary? Why couldn’t Neville just destroyed the clock after he learned how powerful it was? If there was a reason behind this, I don’t remember. The whole thing becomes even more ridiculous if you take the fact that this isn’t even happening for any real reason into account. Some guy just wanted to plunge the world into chaos because he thought it sounded cool. Sigh. This arc has had its hits and misses, but the logic here just doesn’t make sense to me here. Well, at least Michelle’s newfound yandere tendencies are fun to watch.


Kuroko no Basuke – 23 

Kuroko no Soccer coming to you soon!

The Aomine vs Kise match has been pretty much exactly what I wanted so far. It’s a lovely blend of flashbacks, the two aces going all out against each other, and the other team members still getting their time to shine. I always saw Kise as being laid-back and without any real problems (aside from being teased) but he definitely has his fair share of emotional baggage. There’s a special sort of loneliness felt from being too good at something and not being challenged. Life becomes dull and stagnation occurs. Aomine is essentially the spark that re-ignited Kise’s life and gave him the challenge he needed. On one hand, he’s excited by the challenge of facing such an amazing player and doesn’t want to ever grow bored of Aomine. On the other hand, he dislikes losing all the time and wants to beat Aomine to prove his worth. A win or a loss is a bittersweet feeling for him because of his conflicted feelings, which is what makes the match so interesting. I want Kise to win, but I don’t want him to be bored again. Aomine is already at that bored stage, and look at what it’s done to him. He skips games, practice, and rarely uses his 100% in games he actually attends. I think Aomine realizes that a plateau may await Kise, so he’s trying his best to make sure basketball is always fun and exciting for him by always being just a little bit stronger than him. I think Aomine is the only one who personally understands what Kise feels when he masters something so effortlessly, which is why he says that Kise is the only one he can crush as brutally as he wants to. Once Kise uses Aomine’s skills against him (the natural solution to “the only one who can beat me is me” is to…be Aomine..XD) the match will probably come to a conclusion. A copycat can’t stay as just a copycat, so my guess is that he’ll lose until he manages to make Aomine’s crazy play style into his own unique way of playing basketball. Unless that happens as soon as next week….


One Piece – 563

Nico “The Archaeologist” Robin with a sleeper hold and figure 4 leglock

I’d like to talk about Robin, since her small segment was surely the best thing to come out of 563. Dem Shades and Dat Double Clutch!

Way back in Skypiea, I considered her to be the 3rd-overall strongest Strawhat pirate behind Luffy & Zoro. It’s always been pitched as Luffy/Zoro/Sanji being the heavy hitters, but back then for a little while I felt Robin’s Hana Hana Fruit was so broken in terms of what she’s allowed to do with her powers that it gave her a real advantage, even making me think twice about Sanji. That was even before seeing what she could do with forming much larger body parts now for attacks (see also: Movie 4). That was then, this is now, and clearly she’s been surpassed in overall strength by Sanji and others. I understand fighting is such a secondary aspect to her character, but sometime in the coming arcs, I’d like to see a good 1-on-1 battle for Robin to get a better gauge of where she’s at when it comes to strength.

Onto the rest of 563… Hody is an empty enemy, essentially a nutjob who believes he is to hand down judgment to humans. Racism was the key focal point of the Fishmen Island arc with Otohime & Fisher Tiger, and Hody has blinded himself to any reason with the intent to kill humans at any cost. When you think purely about his character, the idea of his ways of evil is boring, but I think when you put it under the context of racism, it makes sense that that’s his motivation. It’s kind of like a blind racism approach and that he is beyond saving or reasoning with. A lot of bad guys get the intricate backstory where you can develop pity or sympathy for them, but it’s alright to have bad guys that are just plain hateful and unlikable.


Sket Dance – 75 

ninjas love to scream!

Ah, a break from comedy and into another angsty backstory for Sket Dance. You know, I can’t really see Katou getting bullied in middle school since he could probably beat the crap out of anyone who ever opposed him, but I guess the extra bullying was necessary to make him a character with inner torment. …Also, he suddenly decided to dye his hair white. That was never really addressed. Not sure why the teacher would pick on Hime for her blonde hair, but not Katou for his, but whatever. Katou’s rage felt kind of rushed this episode and I could have sworn that the teacher was a bigger asshat to Hime in the manga, but his little speech at the end more than made up for it.

You know, I’ve always thought that Hime and Katou would be awesome friends since their character backstories are both about betrayal and they have the mutual ability to kick anyone’s ass. I don’t know if it’s just the gaps I take while keeping up with the manga, but it doesn’t seem like they interact that often. It’s a shame. …Actually, now that I think about it, the Sket and Student council haven’t really been interacting with the other characters either unless it’s in a group. Anyways, Bossun had his moment of awesome this episode and Katou is going to be way more cooperative now, so on to… Er, I forget what’s next in the story. Regardless, it should be good though.



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2 Responses to “Meta Mash – 39”

  1. Namika says:

    OOOOOOOHHHH, I can’t WAIT to see how Kise-kun will fight against Daiki! It is pretty obvious what he will do, but what will he do, just copy, or really take the style onto another leve? can’t waaaaaait~ >3<

    I can't get enough of that BGM, btw. So cool and badass~!! *~* perfect for working out and feeling awesome :3

    • Overcooled says:

      In the preview he specifically mentions that he’ll copy Aomine, but I’m hoping he either improves Aomine’s style or makes it his own somehow. I’m excited to see how he handles things too!

      Kuroko no Basuke has a surprisingly good OST…It really suits the show and gets you pumped for the intense matches.

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