Meta Mash – 38

We are back with the recent updates for Polar Bears, Sket Dance, Moyashimon Returns and Accel World.


Shirokum Cafe – 23 

Panda-“I NEED YOUR NUTS BRO!”               Squirrel-“I don’t think we can be friends anymore.”

~First off, I’m going to say I’m very hung up on the food this episode, especially seeing the all-you-can-eat cake buffet Panda Mama and the others went to. I can only imagine what would happen to my weight if there was one near me…Anyway, this is probably the first Shirokuma episode I’ve found completely enjoyable in a looooong time. Both stories were charming and full of so much more life than usual. In the first half, where Handa’s crush on Sasako was put on the spotlight again, showed some different sides to our usual characters. Handa ACTUALLY got up the courage to at least ask Polar Bear about Sasako. Panda, who’s usually so carefree, was extremely angry at Handa for once! It was weird to see him so angry, especially over the fact that Handa hadn’t made a move on Sasako yet. Panda really does seem to want him to hook up with her. As for Polar Bear, he has shown his sincere side before amongst his playful nature, but it’s been a while. In fact, both Panda and Polar Bear have caused a lot of trouble for Handa in the past, but in the end they do care for him and wish him the best.

The second half showed us some valuable advice on buffet etiquette and how to properly take advantage of all-you-can-fill deals, which was brought to us Mama Red Squirrel and Ms. King Penguin along with their student, Panda Mama. These women were funny! I loved their extreme concern for getting the best bargain and their techniques for getting things cheap since it reminded me of my mother, my aunts, and some of their friends. On a random note, I expected Panda Mama to be a bit more..fierce because of her strictness with Panda. Compared to Mama Red Squirrel and Ms. King Penguin though, she seemed so much gentler. I think with Panda Mama she can get tough when she needs to be. Just a random thought.~


Sket Dance – 74 

What are you doing this week Sket Dance.jpeg

Time for more Sket Dance on Metanorn! This week we have two different stories to deal with, but both of them are quite hilarious because things start off with Bossun playing with some toy car that he won out of a box of candy sort of like a crackerjack box? Anyway while playing with this toy Sasuke shows up and accidently breaks off one of the wheels and causes Bossun to freak out because the toy car was apparently quite rare. This is where Mimori suddenly appears and says her father collects those cars and maybe he can give one out to Bossun, but that whole event was kind of weird for me…I mean Mimori’s boobs where bouncing all over the place? I guess the creators of Sket Dance are pushing for more guys to watch? Anyway the best part of this episode had to be every ones reaction to Mimori’s house because it looked like Nerv HQ from Evangelion aka a city underground complete with a mall. The second story was about a girl named “captain” voiced by Satomi Satou aka Eru Chitanda and Wendy from Fairy tail who I forgot about, but her story is just about a random eating contest which was funny and also very boring at the same time also what the hell was going on with Himeko this week? She was practically screaming the entire time! So yeah it was quite funny this week.


Moyashimon Returns – 10 


Fufufu time for more science fun with Moyashimon or lately I call it Paris science adventures! So what is going on this week? For starters things start off with Marie making dinner for everyone which is basically a chance for her to show off her cooking skills; however I got the feeling there was an overall theme of confronting your problems by talking things out aka Haruka talking to Ruuyta about her true feelings towards him and Marie finally talking to her father about the future of his wine business! Those moments were not really all that dramatic as I originally thought, but for some reason the episode felt really short for me. Side note to mention I had no idea that Marie’s father could not drink wine! Instead he made his own juice and Haruka explained a lot of sake brewers have the same issue with not being able to drink their own stuff they produce! Hooray for learning new things from anime!


Accel World – 22 

Haru-“This next shot is for all my dead homies…”

This week offered a little bit of everything. At the start there was a bit of action between Silver Crow, Blood Leopard and Rust Jigsaw. It was surprising to see Blood Leopard actually transform into a cat like she was ripped straight from Beast Wars… There should be more transforming Burst Linkers because that would be awesome. There was also a nice serving of drama and a little fan service thrown in for good measure.

ll these elements made for a pretty blase episode. Nothing really stood out from all the sequences. The fight scene didn’t get enough time to really develop. It ended up making Rust Jigsaw look very weak and the entire organization behind him seem not as ominous. I know there isn’t much time in the series left to let small fights like this run any longer considering Haru has bigger fish to fry but seeing him taken down so easily was a buzz kill.

The dramatic bits give me a feeling a deja vu. Seeing Haru cry has become a weekly occurrence that doesn’t move me as a viewer. It’s become a bit overused at this point. Taku goes back to being bland which isn’t surprising. I knew he wouldn’t be able to maintain displaying any sorts of personality for two weeks in a row. Chiyu,by far, had the strongest performance, but even then it feels a bit lack luster. After three weeks I’d love to know what her motivations are rather than be treated to a bra shot of her.



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8 Responses to “Meta Mash – 38”

  1. Highway says:

    Accel World was fine for the first 2/3, then it turned into “Haru and Noumi talk in the woods” and I started skipping through it. I just find their conversations boring and insipid. Plus, Haru’s always going to blow it whenever he’s in a conversation, by falling into some verbal trap or other.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Haru and Noumi talk in the woods- LOLOLOL Yeah I was like dude Haru nobody freaking cares about what you think at this point you just go on and on and on about your problems and maybe Chiyu has a thing for the bad boy? Obviously she can’t ever get with Haru >.> but she thinks oh if I show off my body maybe I can win him over? LOL

      Haru gets trolled so easily.

  2. Liza says:

    Honestly, I’m getting a bit tired of Accel World. I really do feel like this arc is dragging its heels in the ground. I really have no sympathy for Chiyu at the moment. Sure, she might have a good reason for why she is doing this but by the way she’s acting I really don’t care and I wish that Haru or Taku had gotten mad at her and yelled at her or something. It feels like they put way too much trust in her. Although maybe that’s just me and my distaste of Chiyu talking.

    • Foshizzel says:

      YES!!! I feel the same for AW and honestly I would have been happy with just 12 episodes instead of 20+ because damn things are so dull lately and I hate listening to Haru bitch and scream every week…I GET IT YOU HAVE RAGE ISSUES and I just don’t care, but yet I am this far into the series I can’t drop it xDDD

      You are not alone I dislike Chiyu 100%

  3. D-LaN says:

    ATM SAO>AW lol. Man I agree w/h @Liza….

    When will we reach the day where the cast get to put a bullet in Noumi brain kick Smug@$$ @ss??

    • Foshizzel says:

      SAO > AW and that reference to Sword Art though the helmet? Now that was awesome for me <3 <3

      I WANT THAT GUY GONE...SERIOUSLY Someone needs to knock him down because wow he is trolling everyone so hard with his dumb ass powers.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: The fight between Rust Jigsaw and Blood Leopard was good but terribly short lived. I wish it could have last longer. What was impressive was her draining Haruyuki’s energy for herself by biting his neck to change shape and rip Rust Jigsaw apart.

    Since there was the mention of the Nerve Gear in this anime, which was baffling, I demand an Accel World/Sword Art Online crossover.

    It was about time Nomi got a psychological bitch slap for being such a bastard. Haruyuki finally got to him by figuring out his game. That face was priceless.

    While I don’t want to admit it because he’s such a prick, Nomi’s plan was pretty ingenious as well, using a retro version of the Neuro-Linker to ensure no one could ever find him on the Matching List. With so much advanced technology, who’d imagine a kid using the older versions to get around?

    • Foshizzel says:

      I think they should do some crossover OVA thing after AW and SAO ends or something! They just need a random plot device to push the characters of AW into SAO or the other way around? Something like

      Haru uses his device and suddenly a thunderstorm sends him back to the past! I would die laughing because it is such a random idea.

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