Meta Mash – 37

Recent updates on Joshiraku, Gundam Age and Hakuouki prequel.


Joshiraku – 07 

I wonder what they use for cold air? Polar bears or Cure Beauty’s ice powers!?

Although the latest (“latest” as in two weeks late) episode of Joshiraku was a bit on the more culturally comedic side, there were enough of the ridiculously exaggerated gags to keep things lively for those of us who aren’t exactly knowledgeable of kanji, or the more culturally inspired jokes. In fact, the first two segments altogether felt a little less understandable, for me at least, and I understand that everyone will take away something different. As I said, I enjoy the way Joshiraku has consistently provided situational and visual humor that someone like me can enjoy, even if the dialogue isn’t as easily … comprehended. That aforementioned humor is more on the juvenile side in most cases (eg the often used exaggeration, but somehow it all just works.

I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around the final segment, which I also found the funniest. I don’t believe it was because of a cultural divide this time (though I’m sure it played a role to some degree), but more so that I couldn’t grasp the political undertones that may, or may not, have been implied … as much as I wanted to understand, I ended up simply blanking out and watching for the hilarity of it all. My guess is, and here lies my lack of confidence, that they were trying to paint a picture of ignorance, or rather disregard, of activist fixation and tunnel-vision. Anyway, Kukuru’s reactions made up for any misunderstanding!


Gundam Age – 46


Last week Zeheart stole the show with his awesome fake Vegan Gundam piloting which was freaking AMAZING and he really should be thanking Asem who assisted him in the take down of SID, but I don’t think he would ever do such a thing right? Even though it was a short scene it was still wonderful to watch the two of them team up just like the old days right Zeheart?! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BROMANCE?! Just kidding I blame his kick ass mask of POWAAAAA. Now for the actual episode which was basically Flint raging hard about killing all the Vegans and Kio/Asem being all NOOOOOOOO!! We want to live in harmony! Which is fine and all, but Kio’s message of hope is starting to get on my last nerves I mean it had absolutely no effect what so ever on them because Zeheart’s team still fired that giant laser cannon that practically nuked half of the federation forces in one swift blast. I think I will side with Flint with this episode because it just makes me want to grab Kio and scream DUDE WAKE THE HELL UP! YOU CAN’T WIN THAT WAY or maybe he can? After all that style of fighting worked pretty well for Kira in Gundam SEED, but that series is bad and honestly really I do not want another freaking Jesus-yamato on my hands or in my Gundam.

Other than that…we have some interesting stuff happening on the Vegan side namely DEATH FLAGS all over the place with Fram? She is falling in loveeeeees with Zeheart, but there is also some backstabbing going on with Zanald who is jelly over Zeheart! I think everyone is falling for him even the guys want to get with him; however Kio did get a new upgrade called the FX Burst mode aka the Trans AM thing from Gundam 00 I wonder?


Hakuouki Reimeiroku – 00 

“Shinsengumi’s Royal Butler Cafe is now open!”

I’m somehow conflicted with this episode (again) because there are some things I like and don’t like in this episode. First, I’m sick with Serizawa’s actions. He’s a real ass and he deserves to die. But one thing I hate the most in this episode is how everything feels like deja vu to me. Why? Because the whole assy Serizawa-Rasetsu shit happened gazillion times already. I AM SICK OF THIS. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if Chizuru appears because I WANT SOMETHING NEW DAMN IT. Thankfully, Ibuki was such a sweetheart in this episode. It’ funny how I’m loving him so much right now when I hated him before. What can I do? His matureness is just awesome. Thanks to Ibuki, I was cheered at the later half of this episode. It seems that I won’t be bored next week though, because Serizawa is starting to get sick. YES, about time he DIES.



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