Meta Mash – 34

Latest updates from Gundam Age, Uta Koi and Hakuouki. Damn, a kid is really in the middle of trouble this time.


Gundam Age – 45

Zeheart-“Someone drop a beat so I can kick SID’s ass.”

Sooooo I think we are going to be out of Gundam AGE soon because I think fifty two episodes is plenty to keep this series going, but who knows maybe they will shoot for sixty? Either way I will continue to watch! So what is going on in this series? All I can say is DAMN EVERYTHING GOT CRAZY and when I say crazy I really mean amazing because every scene with vegan Gundam fighting that strange mecha codenamed “SID” which sort of looks like Metal Gear Ray from the MGS series. Oh and it was great to see Asem joining in to help Zeheart take down SID even though I think that is just the creators of the series pushing those two characters together, but I don’t mind to much because I am ready for the series to finally end! Sooooo it appears at the end SID survived and managed to get with the EX-DIB capsule thingy? Just what the hell is inside of that tube? I mean it could be a new machine for someone to pilot or something else? I have no idea and I can’t wait to find out.


Uta Koi – 09 

Will Yukinari’s move succeed?

This episode takes an interesting angle, stepping away from waka. A few poems are exchanged but they don’t compose the crux of the storytelling. A much more natural approach is taken to both the dialogues and monologues that fits surprisingly well in the context of the series which is usually twined in flowery verse.. It’s a testament to the versatility of Shonagon’s personality as a lead character who doesn’t need lean on her poetry to display it.

I know I’m heaping praise onto the lady of the hour, but that doesn’t mean newcomer Yukinari is any slouch. I am glad the series avoided recycling any old character forms. Yukinari isn’t a particularly social person but finds himself ensnared in Shonagon’s wit. Whether intentionally or not she begins to brush away his solemn atitude to reveal a compassionate and honest individual.

While it’s sad to see his romantic advances deflected, the series takes some time to explore friendships yet again. Yukinari’s and Shonagon’s relationship reflects that of Yasuhide and Komachi. In both instances, a budding love story had been nipped due to the histories of the parties involved. It’s hard to behold, considering the rejected men are some of the most endearing characters the series has to offer.


Hakuouki Reimeiroku – 08 

Just a couple of dudes hanging out.jpeg

Whoa, Ibuki is actually going through character development. Amazing. I thought that he doesn’t like samurais in the game, but I don’t think they’re using that fact in the anime. Anyhow. I’m glad that Ibuki is actually well-mannered in this episode. He shouts less, and his behavior is not as childish as before. I was really impressed when I saw Ibuki doing the sword practice with Hajime. The Shinsengumi’s influence on him is finally showing. Keep it up, Ibuki! A late character development is better than nothing. And to add my good mood, Hajime’s backstory is finally revealed. I guess people were being prejudices on him just for his left-hand style. It’s so sweet knowing how little things such as that actually matters in an anime.

Shinpachi’s (is that his name? I forgot his name) view on Serizawa is partially right; Serizawa is not that bad. He’s doing things he needs to do for Roshigumi’s sake. But now it’s proven that his way won’t work; too much bad reputation is not good at all. Sooner or later, Serizawa has to change his way and Roshigumi. If this keeps up, he has to step down from the Head position. It’s interesting how Serizawa is being portrayed as a deuterogamist. He managed to do both the good things and the bad things at the same time and showing the effect of both things. If he isn’t such an ass, I would’ve liked him already. But I guess Serizawa not being an ass is impossible. Just look what he did with the blond woman. Ugh. Control your libido, man.



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