Fosh and Jrow’s Answers to Aniblogger Interrogation Tagging

Got some questions? We got the answers.

OH NOES! WE HAVE BEEN TAGGED BY KYOKAI! I guess it is time to answer these random questions huh? Who can say no to the bosslady anyways? I know I was tagged by a few others on different blogs, but I was kind of swamped at the time so I have to apologize to those who originally tagged me…*cough* sorry Tofu *cough* Anyway, sit back and have fun with my answers!
Thanks to Kyo for including Fosh & I in this aniblogging game, or so I said before I realized this was an interrogation… oh, Cole Phelps won’t be asking the questions? Whew… thought I was gonna confess to k… err, so yeah, how bout them questions?

1) Being an aniblogger/anime watcher, what in your life has changed, something that might have not been there if you didn’t pick up this hobby?

Interesting question! I suppose I look at everything differently as in watching live action TV shows or video games? Like The Walking Dead, True Blood or Falling Skies? All of those shows have some type of supernatural tone to them right? So where does anime come into play? Well while I watch them my mind shifts into “DUDE what would this series be like as an Anime and who would do the animation along with the voice acting?” Other than that if I wasn’t an anime blogger id probably just stick to being a crazy fan of the animation and character designs! I REALLY LOVE draw in a way that mimics the original artwork, but I always try to add my own twist on things and I should mention I have gained a lot of new internet friends through this experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

2) How were you in your highschool days? What’s the difference in your personality now?

Wow thinking back to high school eh? That sure takes me back to a time when I freaking HATED waking up at six AM! Then again I had lots of fond memories…as for personality wise I would say I sort of stayed the same? I usually got in trouble for my wisecracks or jokes! I remember watching a movie in my TV production class and there was a sappy moment in the movie where one character was talking to his daughter about when she was born right? He said something like “when you were born, the only thing I could say was.” And I chimed in “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?!” and I swear the whole entire class busted out laughing! So in many ways I was doing captions on the fly back in high school, but I could also blame my love of a certain crazy TV series called Mystery Science 3000 because I often follow their style of parodies back then. So have I changed since then? I suppose in high school I was a bit shy and I had to learn to keep my jokes to myself because yeah…it often landed me in trouble, but I was still a somewhat hyper-ish person and I was excited about everything and anything. As for friendships I pretty much got along with just about everyone I don’t recall ever having any real enemies or found anyone that hated my company, but yeah I could blend into any crowd of people and find someone to talk to.

3) The worst anime(s) ever.

Worst animes huh? That is a tough one for me because my list is probably so damn short! I have to agree with Kyokai that School Days was really horrible, but who could forget THAT ending? It is still freaking epic! I suppose I could throw in Sacred Seven, Yumekui Merry, BloodC, ChaosHEAd, Canaan, Devil May Cry, Freezing, Inuyasha, Vandred and Zetman, but the funny thing is I have seen just about every episode on my list of worst anime isn’t that scary?

4) A series that you thought would be shit but was brilliant.

Best question ever! For me I judge everything off character designs and animation for the most part because I love to draw; however they always say you can’t judge a book by its cover right? Last anime season introduced a little series called The Idolmaster err I mean HUGE series! So why did I think it was crap at the start? Well I was going into that series thinking “oh sweet Jesus is this going to become another K-on anime? That and I had no idea who these idols where, but after watching like the first half I was addicted thanks to a certain character named Haruka who acted a lot like myself! What else…oh right there are other shows like Heartcatch Precure, Smile Precure, Ika Musume, Yuru Yuri, Nichijou, Tiger and Bunny, Phi brain, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Star Driver, Moyashimon and Working!! So yeah that is just a quick list of things that I loved but thought was going to be crap.

5) Your hardest aniblogging assignment till now? (Change of questions for commentors: Your hardest anime watch ever?)*

Hmmm my hardest assignment ever as an anime blogger I would say maybe one of my first ever editorial posts? Oh and there is that post floating around when I got to talk about Katawa Shoujo because there are certain aspects of the game I can relate towards which meant I had to open up and reveal a few things about myself, but the response to both of those projects was worth it in the end and who doesn’t love to read posts full of feelings and all that mushy stuff! Oh and how could I forget my first series of posts on Yosuga no Sora which is full of NFSW sexual scenes between Haru and every other girl in that damn series oh his sister for those OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING aka “twincest for great justice.”

1) Being an aniblogger/anime watcher, what in your life has changed, something that might have not been there if you didn’t pick up this hobby?

If I didn’t pick up this hobby, I wouldn’t have a shelf dedicated to anime or a place that showcases my One Piece figures. That area might be filled with other sports memorabilia. I already consider myself a bit more a sports guy than an anime guy, so somewhere that 94 days of anime I’ve accumulated would be divided between games, sports and regular television. With aniblogging, I assess an anime more than I would have I think. “Good” or “Bad” has been replaced with opinions that are a bit detailed in understanding why I didn’t like that anime or why that last episode blew monkey balls. It’s also changed how I look at reviews of anything. These days, numbers and stars and grades are absolutely meaningless to me; the text is the one and really only important part of a review. Opinions and emotion(s) can be explained in text far better than it can in a set amount of stars.

Little tangent there… next question!

2) How were you in your highschool days? What’s the difference in your personality now?

My freshman year was a wash; half in one school, half in another at a different state. As I’m sure many kids that went through something like that, it’s tough to adjust, but then you just do and move on. Since high school heading into my current job, I’ve loosened up more and am willing to be silly. I’ve become less nervous and am more comfortable in my own skin than I probably was in high school. For example, I would’ve guarded my anime habit back then versus today. As I age on, I find myself doing so many things that I used to joke on my dad for doing; each time it happens I say, “well, I am my father’s son.” Be careful about making fun of your parent’s habits because you’re bound to repeat them eventually.

3) The worst anime(s) ever.

I’m going only by what I’ve seen to completion since it’s unfair to list something here I haven’t seen or seen partially. My answer will be R-15. Of the 300+ anime I’ve seen to completion, R-15 fits the bill most appropriately. K-On! is not my cup of tea (it makes me hate tea), but I get what audience that’s for and it accomplishes what it does. I’d go on much longer, but it would be sensationalist for me to incite rage.

R-15 is a premise that sounds intriguing but with very disappointing execution it fails to entertain both comedically and ecchi-ly. I wish I hadn’t finished it. We all know why I finished it, but damn that show sucked.

4) A series that you thought would be shit but was brilliant.

Tiger & Bunny. I did not have a favorable opinion of the first episode and the yaoi fangirlism surrounding the show made it less favorable as the show continued to air, but somewhere along the way, I revisited it and found the cast to be pretty good. Kotetsu should be recognized as one of the great male anime characters of anime’s 21st century and I completely misjudged how engaging his character could be.

5) Your hardest aniblogging assignment till now? (Change of questions for commentors: Your hardest anime watch ever?)*

Sakamichi no Apollon. Odd to have that be my answer since I blogged the very “deep” and confusing Mawaru Penguindrum. It’s the hardest I’ve done, but not hard perse. Changing the style from old Metanorn habits helped make the overall blogging process easier, but it was still the toughest to formulate concrete opinions on.


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11 Responses to “Fosh and Jrow’s Answers to Aniblogger Interrogation Tagging”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Oh ho! So we have two fish in the barrel to shoot this time. Interrogation, huh. LOL. Jrow, unless there is a gun to your head, you’re not obligated to finish that confession. Unless Batman suddenly pops up and forces it out of you.

    Interesting choices of supernatural shows, Fosh. You might be shocked to know this but I rarely, very seldom watch True Blood. I just can’t develop the need to keep watching one episode after the other. When I’m not watching anime, I’d go for shows like Law and Order: SVU, NCIS, stuff on Tru TV and such. I’ve recently picked up Suits. Imagine if we had cut throat lawyers like that in anime. That would be a lot of fun.

    Waking up early for school does suck but the feeling disappears as you go through the day. You had to wake up at six every morning, Fosh? Heh, I’d say you had it easy. There was a time at one of my previous schools were I would wake up at five and get everything done to be ready at the bus stop for six because first class started at seven and the trip from the bus stop to the school took some time.

    Blood-C was bittersweet and I’m being forgiving because of the gleefully gory ending (Human blender for the win!!) but Sacred Seven and Shining Hearts desperately needed some serious work done.

    One of the shows that seemed completely stupid but was great was Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. Even Kore wa Zombie went through that exact same road. It was the first anime I actually accepted a guy crossdressing without cringing.

    I’ve said it once and I don’t mind saying it again. The hardest to watch for me was No. 6. I’ve run through the entire series but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah the crime shows or dramas never really do anything for me because I usually miss like a few episodes and I feel like I am soooo behind! Then again I barely watched the latest season of True Blood and managed to get a little lost xD

      Oooooh man I had a skype call were we most of us named a few tv series that could turn into an anime! I mean they did it with Supernatrual the animation, but I only survived like five or six episodes before I dropped it. I would love something like a Heros anime, but if you really think about it that is basically Railgun-ish with lots of random adults/teen with super powers >.>

      Yeah school started at 7am so I was up at 5am or 5:30am, but once you get into a routine it doesn’t get as bad? I guess it depends on the person honestly I know people that can wake up at 4am and have no issues with sleep! THEY ARE CRAZY! Yet I can stay up on a weekend till 8am lmao…

      BloodC final episode? HELL YES! THAT WAS THE BEST! I just hated how Saya was happy in every episode for the first 15 minutes and then last 15 minutes is Saya killing the “monster of the week” for 6-8 episodes or so, but I can’t wait for the movie for BAMF Saya? HELL YA!

      Ahhh YESSSSS! I loved Haiyore! Nyaruko-San and Kore wa zombie, but they are really not for everyone because 9 times out of 10 the jokes and comedy are hit or miss…I feel that way with Binbogami ga! The jokes fall flat I just want more parody related jokes and slapstick humor.

      When I hear No. 6 all I can think of is orange juice hurricane if you know what I mean ;D

  2. Overcooled says:

    Learning more about my fellow teammates is always good :3 Especially your high school years. Fosh as the one who always talks out in class that everyone likes is a perfect fit, while Jrow seems to have underwent some interesting transitions. So this is how you guys have become what you are today…*nods sagely as if she understand everything*

    Jrow, I’m really surprised you didn’t pick Penguindrum as your hardest assignment! It looked so intimidating! But after I read your explanation, I see why you picked Sakamichi no Apollon. For me, Mine Fujiko or Arakawa Under the BridgexBridge was the hardest to blog. The former because I just didn’t know what to say some weeks and the latter because I found comedy IMPOSSIBLE to blog about.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wuhahahahahah yeah I was the talkative person! Middle school was kind of the same, but it was a habit I had break after 9th/10th grade! Still good times ;D

      Yeah comedy is tough to blog if you are not a fan of that genere and i still had lots of tough times on certain episodes of Nichijou, Working!!, Daily lives of High school boys aka Nichibros, Haiyore Nyaruko-san and Yuru Yuri s2, but somehow they always give me something to work with…

      Yeah if I tried to blog Penguindrum or Apollon I would have turned it int a parody every week…wait…that sounds like a lot of fun xD

    • Jrow says:

      Penguindrum had an element of fun for me in that it was something so outside of my ecchi normality. Plus the imagery and the symbolism was really something to marvel at. Now I just gotta wait on this PenguinBear project to happen then I’ll be back to talking about more Ikuhara zany stuffs! 🙂

      Had I continued blogging Mine Fujiko past my first impressions, I feel I might’ve been in the same boat as you were. For a good bit of time it was kind of just a fun watch and that whole Owl thing very early on was just plain confusing.

      • Overcooled says:

        I can’t wait for PenguinBear! I’ll look forward to more of your posts when it happens. It really must be a nice change from your usual METAFAP contributions, heh.

        That’s exactly why I had trouble blogging it. The episode were either just fun with little substance or just dense and confusing in a messy way. I can’t blog about something that doesn’t make sense to me. =_=

  3. Kyokai says:

    Props to you guys for answering. I had fun reading your answers, especially the high school part. Usually, we end up getting old as different persons than what we were in high school I can assume for at least 95% of the population. xD

    Also, Jrow, are you watching Space Bros? If not, I suggest you do because its awesome and Mutta is great as Kotetsu.

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