Yuru Yuri – 05

If you die in that game you transform into Akarin forever…

Wooooo! It is time for another awesome episode review for Yuru Yuri which means epic picture spam and tons of fun, but with this being episode five it means were close to the halfway point of the season which is kind of sad…anyway I hope you enjoy this week of hilarious fun and who knows maybe this time we will focus on the main cast instead of the student council club members? We can certainly hope so I suppose.

Kyoko really loves fan service

Kyoko-“Go away summer…wait…I should just walk around in my bikini…”


Yui-“How the hell did you get into my house again?”           Kyoko-“Dude, I totally have teleportation powers.”

This yuri filled episode picks right up with the always fun and popular Kyoko who is currently suffering from the extreme heat of summer! When she attempts to use her air conditioner she realizes her remote has no batteries and thus begins a long and hard quest to buy new ones, but on the way to the convenience store she decides to stop by and cool off at Yui’s house and grab some food because walking to the store proves difficult for her. But hey that is some ultimate friendship right there between Kyoko and Yui. Her quest for batteries doesn’t really end there because she pays a visit to Chinatasu’s house and then Akarin’s to torment the poor girl thanks to a loud Cicada that decided to invade her room. I swear that poor girl has the worst luck of any anime character. Finally after pestering all of her friends, tasty food and their precious cold air Kyoko eventually buys some batteries. However, after returning home it turns out she bought the wrong size and gives up on her epic quest! Well congratulations Kyoko you have been defeated by the karma monster; maybe you should have been nicer to Akarin?!

Akarin and the magical train-chan

Unfortunately Train-chan can not return that love.

When you typically think of summer what does it make you think of? Beaches, BBQ parties, ice cold tea and fun at the pool right? Then again your idea of summer might be different than my own. Either way we think of fun things to do right? For Akarin she was going to the pool with her friends, but through some magical chain of events she missed the train. That sucks for her! Thankfully she manages to keep her spirits high even though most of us would be depressed or angry about missing the train with our friends. I think Akarin is something special in terms of not letting things get to her too much or do you think she is used to being let down? Now I don’t have as much bad luck as her, but I can relate to her easy going attitude because it takes a lot to make me get angry and sad! I suppose if I let every little thing bother me I wouldn’t be as random or crazy? It definitely is better to smile about life rather than being depressed about things like Akarin.

Sakurako the troll

Kaede-“I will share my boobs with you…”          Sakurako-“Pretty sure I’d get arrested for that…”

Sakurako-“Muhahahah go fourth my bird army!”              Akarin-“NOOOOOOOOO!! SAVE ME!!!”

As much as I wanted to avoid the student council girls they do appear in the episode, but we only deal with Sakurako, Himawari and her adorable little sister Kaede who is so freaking cute. So why is Sakurako hanging around their house? Honestly do we really need to ask at this point? They are always together! Anyway they go shopping and they spot Akarin in the park. This instantly triggers the troll side of Sakurako who ends up messing with her by sticking animal crackers in Akarin’s hair! Naturally the birds treat her as a snack and chase her all around the park. Alright I admit that was pretty hilarious to watch, but seriously DAMN Akarin you really need to find some new friends or maybe she should just move to another country?

 Extra powerful yuri

A wild Kyoko in her natural habitat surrounded by cold air and mountains of food to eat.

Chinatsu-“Why are we friends again?”               Kyoko-“You can’t deny your love for me my darling!”

Akarin-“Dude…bro…I am so freaking wasted right now…”

loli-commander-Kaede commands you! DRINK YOUR DAMN MILK!

End thoughts

This was such a great episode for me and it really felt short because we only followed three different stories. At least this week featured a story with one of my favorite characters Kyoko! With a character like her it really doesn’t matter what she is doing I always love watching her do something crazy along the way. I did enjoy that short moment when Kyoko decided to visit Yui while ehs was sick just to check up on her and yes I know she had other motives such as food on her mind; however it really shows how close those two girls are! Then again maybe Kyoko was lonely and wanted to hang out with Yui…

Akarin! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Did anyone else point and scream at the video when the train appeared behind her? Ahahahaha I know I was like NOOOOOO! TURN AROUND! AHHHH!! Sadly she missed that second train which caused me to laugh afterwards, but I didn’t mind watching Akarin by herself. That said I don’t think she could keep the series going if it was just her alone always and of course we had Sakurako at the end of this episode caught messing around with Akarin while she slept? Still, I found it quite hilarious watching her run around while those birds chased her down.


Chinatsu-“How did you talk me into this again?”          Kyoko-“I promised shower pictures of Yui.”        Yui-“….”

Cosplay and convention fun with Yuru Yuri!?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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9 Responses to “Yuru Yuri – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    Akarin is Suffering! But, at least she suffers with dignity. Well, as much dignity as one can muster when one become an impromptu, reluctant bird feeder. Part of me felt awful for her unfortunate escapades. A small part of me. The rest was ROFLOL.

    There is something about Kyoko. No one can deny her energy, except Yui. They both remind me of a cranked up Ritsu and Mio. Only with more violence. But we all know that is just one of the many forms that yuri takes, right?

    Like you Fosh, I wanted them to feature the student council less this series, but I have to admit, they are far more endearing and funny this time around. As of this show, I’ve become a Sakurako fan. She’s far and away the most devious of the entire cast, and is a bit of the potential evil side that Kyoko could be, if Kyoko could stay more focused. But hey, Kyoko will always be a Tomato. And we cannot forget that.

    Akarin moving to another country? It won’t work. Akarin is suffering.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed! Akarin is suffering to the max, but like you said she maintains her upbeat attitude and for that she wins in my eyes…yeah when those birds attacked her I just couldn’t stop laughing xD

      Yeah there is something truly special about Kyoko! I just love how much energy that girl shows us every week and YES those two really feel a lot like Mio and Ritsu as far as their unique “relationship” goes and yes that is just one form of yuri hahaha

      Oh I am with you there on team Sakurako after the last three episodes or so I have been drawn to her personality even though she does act like a Kyoko clone for the most part, but damn she has a prankster side to her that made me laugh so freaking much.

      Yeah Akarin can’t escape her fate…

  2. Highway says:

    I’m the other way. The more I see of Sakurako, the less I like her. To me she seems to be slipping into that ‘quirky character that gets too much screen time’ problem.

    I’m starting to think that the writers have just plain run out of ideas for the main cast to do together. They can’t seem to actually have them all be on the screen for more than 5 minutes. And that’s too bad. I hope it gets back more to that, even to 6 characters (adding Ayase and Chitose). I’ve been overfed on Himawari and Sakurako for a few too many episodes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I think they are gearing up towards the spin off series for Sakurako and her sisters called Oomuroke! Which I plan on taking a peek at later <3

      Similar things have happened with season two of Ika Musume and the 2nd half of Nichijou where the writing staff has basically run out of fun ideas or plots to keep things going, but thanfully Yuru Yuri has a lot of side interesting characters to play around with.

      Honestly they could spin off a series with the student council or Akarin, science teacher and Sakurako's sisters There are lots of possible ideas! Yeah I agree Himawari and Sakurako are fun characters, but they had to much screen time.

  3. Hawthorne says:

    Poor Akarin, so much suffering it was hard to watch. I’m also guilty of furiously pointing at the screen when that train appeared, followed by a big facepalm when she missed it. Akarin just can’t catch a break! I can just imagine someone at the station watching her for five minutes talking to herself and thinking she’s crazy though haha.

    I’m glad Kaede got to come back this week, so adorable.

    • Foshizzel says:

      ahahahah yeah I was like NO! TURN AROUND! AHHHHH! So yeaaahh poor Akarin she has unlimited bad luck it seems T___T

      Oh yeah Kaede was great with Sakurako <3

  4. Moni Chan says:

    I wouldn’t mind transforming into Akarin forever

    *thinks about it*

    Nope nevermind, forever is a long time

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