Rinne no Lagrange – 19


So after that ever-dramatic Yurikano arc, what lies in store for Madoka? …Nothing much apparently. A lot was solved this episode without the use of giant robots. I can’t say it was without violence though because Madoka is just awesome that way.
Last week ended on a strange cliffhanger with Madoka cracking her knuckles! I assume she is going to kick Dizelmine and Vilajulio around for a bit? Just kidding I don’t think she is the type of person to do such a thing so what about you Kara are you ready for something exciting to happen this time? I really hope they skip the drama for a while and bring on some comedy.

Tough love from Madoka-chan!

Madoka-“Who else wants some!?”        Dilzemine-“I never asked for this…”       Vilajulio-“BRB puking.”

Vilajulio-“Sup bro you wanna go fishing or something?”             Dizlemine-“Sure…I heard aliens love to go fishing.”

Fosh // Beware of angry Madoka because she is the type of person who loves to punch first and ask questions later as she demonstrated on the space kings who apparently fail at their jobs according to Madoka. Oh and she also lets them in on something else. They did not just hurt Yurikano, but they also managed to really hurt Muginami and Lan as well…damn…those two have some serious things to work out later with those two girls. After that strange beating from our main character, Dilzemine and Vilajulio manage to get away for a chance to chat about their past together and then they decide to go for a cease fire between their planets, but I wonder are they truly done with the past? I mean it appears as if they are because of Madoka’s speech or her maybe it was her secret weapon? I mean her yuri friendship power is quite strong and who can stop the awesome power of FRIEEENDDSSSHIPPPP? So in the end Madoka successfully stopped an intergalactic war from breaking out which is good right? I think she deserves an epic high five or a giant cookie.

Kara // Your harem isn’t getting along? FORCE THEM INTO YURI SITUATIONS TO RESOLVE YOUR DIFFERENCES. Two kings who have enough firepower to announce war on your planet aren’t listening to you? PUNCH THEM IN THE GUT SO THEY DO LISTEN. Ahaha you have to love Madoka’s way of forcing her way through things and MAKING them work out. Her sadness from the beginning of the season is completely gone now with Lan and Muginami back and Madoka is back in full force. … Or I guess she’s been back for a while, but it’s still nice to see. There was an interesting conversation about love this episode, which felt really out of place since I’ve always pegged this as a yuri show. …Does this mean that there’s hope for an actual non-yuri coupling? Madoka certainly doesn’t show any signs of it.

Peaceful times in Kamogawa?

Vilajulio-“So what should we do next?”                     Dizlemine-“I need to work on my tan.”

Beware of those classy camera angles in Rinne no Lagrange

Fosh // So the space kings had their special moment together what about Muginani, Lan and Madoka what is going to happen to them now? Well for starters it gives Lan and Muginami the chance to live out normal lives on earth. Madoka has an interesting scene with the other girls this week when she makes a strange vow to never pilot her Vox machine ever again, but I really have to question that statement because how long does she think that plan of hers will last? I suppose in her mind she can just assume nothing bad will happen for a while since she is Madoka and everything seems to work out for her anyway. So what do you think so far? Did she jump the gun with that vow of hers? Honestly I think she will end up eating her words later on because hey we still have like a handful of episodes remaining and anything is possible at this point in the series.

Kara //So back to punching people, …I’m half surprised that it actually worked (and at the same time, it’s Madoka. I’m not surprised at all). So the issues between Dizelmine and Villa are solved by actually talking (who’d have thought that would actually work?). Though by everyone’s shock at them walking into the meeting together, you’d have thought that they had walked in holding hands or something. Cough, anyways, now that the whole issue is solved between Dizelmine and Villaguillio, what happens next? Madoka and company made a vow never to fight with the Vox again, but seeing how there’s still quite a few episodes left for Lagrange, I can’t see them keeping that promise. I’m sure for drama’s sake that it will be near Madoka’s graduation, so the whole ‘graduating from the Jersey Club’ thing will be in every sense. The question now is under what circumstances are they going to break their promise? …Though with Asteria’s newest reveal, I guess it has something to do with that.

Asteria has a few hidden secrets

Don’t you just love a good space BBQ before entering battle? Mmmmm tastes great!

One day when you grow up Asteria you can buy one for yourself.

I know that feel Asteria.jpeg

Fosh // Near the end of the episode we join the crack team of scientists as they decipher something extra related to the whole vox legend, but really though what else can they discover on that legend? I think just about everyone knows the full story by now? Then again I guess not because the team of scientists discovered something extrA. Apparently there might have been a fourth vox machine tied into the legend? I mean who could possibly know about that? Well you could just turn to *cough* Asteria *cough* who was having a small panic attack in the lab. After that scene we discover why she was freaking out in the first place because of an event that took place two hundred years ago when the earth was almost destroyed by the Queen Maycun which makes it Asteria! If you remember in the first half of Rinne no Lagrange we found out that she had a mark on her body just like Lan, Madoka and Muginami…so does that mean Asteria is like immortal or something like that? I guess we could spin the whole reincarnation idea again? I mean Yurikano and Madoka have a similar thing between them.

Kara // I wasn’t entirely wrong! So Madoka may not fit into my reincarnation theory, but Asteria does! ….Maybe. I could be wrong again. In any case, her reservations about letting Madoka pilot the Vox last season makes way more sense now if Asteria almost destroyed the Earth once a couple thousand years ago. I’m sure there were various circumstances around it, but Asteria looked pretty freaked out when it was revealed, so I’m sure it was some kind of horrible experience. …I want to know what happened! Also, from the way she made it sound, it only took herself and the Vox, so Madoka’s release of power a couple episodes ago makes more sense as well. If the Vox really represent the state of the three girls, then that’s probably going to be the one factor making Asteria’s Vox experience different from Madoka’s, Lan’s and Muginami’s. Largrange has constantly proven that the power of friendship (and yuri) solves everything, so why would it stop at the end of the series? …Though this is just me making predictions as to how the series will end. Lagrange could take a completely different route and surprise us. It’s certainly done that before.

Extra Lagrange fun

Array-“I am missing Smile Precure for this news crap? WTF!”            Izo-“….”            Kirius-“….”

Lan-“Don’t worry brother we can talk through space facebook.”           Dizlemine-“Uh…sure…or space Skype.”

Muginami-“You promised we would go shopping for bras!”                Vilajulio-“EHHHHHHHHHHH!?”

Lan-“What is love?!”              Muginami-“Baby don’t hurt me!”             Madoka-“No more…”

DAYUM! That was super intense stuff this week! Just kidding I think I feel asleep somewhere in the middle because this was more of a chat filled episode, but hey! At least Madoka, Lan and Muginami can have normal high school lives for a while and what about that vow she made? I really doubt the three of them can avoid fighting with their Vox mechs forever! We still have more episodes to explore and that tiny reveal near the end about Asteria’s past life as Queen Maycun? I mean they gave us that bit of information which leaves me to bet that Madoka, Lan and Muginami will end up right back in their machines to FIGHT once more. So Moid is back to be his creepy self once again, but why the hell is he hanging around again? GO AWAY SCARY GUY WHO NEVER OPENS HIS EYES! Seriously, I think he is sticking around because he got bored with Dilzemine not turning evil… Anyway, great episode even though it was kind of boring for me.



 Next week! Festival time for the Jersey club!


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11 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 19”

  1. Highway says:

    I thought this was a great episode, and didn’t think the talking got too excessive. The biggest problem I see is their vow to never use the Voxes for fighting ever again. You *know* the show is going to come up with something that puts that vow at risk. And given how much the Vox, especially Midori, are inside the girls’ heads, what will it mean if Madoka is conflicted about what she is supposed to do? Could that kind of conflict trigger a Rinne episode? It would certainly seem like it. She can’t just blow off a vow like that, she doesn’t work that way. But she also can’t stand by and let something bad happen because she pledged herself to inaction. I expect to see some great “Third Way” deduction coming up.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right! I can bet money that Madoka and crew will be right back to piloting their machines because near the end of the episode they glyph things were glowing…so that means something dangerous is headed to earth or maybe something bad is about to happen on earth? Yeah I fully expect Madoka to be like “Whoops I spoke to soon guys!”

  2. kou says:

    How old is that loli chairman. She must be a legal loli by now.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I enjoyed this. You know you’re really astray if you’re a king and you get punched and lectured by an everyday girl. I guess Madoka has no respect for authority as long as she’s pounding morals into someone’s head.

    I seriously can’t see Madoka, Lan and Muginami keeping the vow on their Vox machines. It’s just a matter of time before they have to use them as weapons again. I mean, they weren’t even supposed to used since the end of last season. The story is far from over and looks like it’s taken a darker turn. Just what is Asteria? She admits to being responsible for the first tragedy 20,000 years ago but she was an adult and here now, she’s a loli. I can’t peg her as a human if she has such a life span.

    • Highway says:

      BB, don’t you know that people get shorter as they get older? 😉

      I think that there will be a situation where the obvious answer is to use the Voxes as force, but I’m also thinking that Madoka will figure out a way to avoid it.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hahaha!! True but I don’t remember people gaining youth as they get older. It’s contradictive.

        If there’s anyone who can get around a supposed vow because of duress in this anime, it’s Madoka. All it takes is a little persuasion. Besides, she refuses to take “no” for an answer.

        • HannoX says:

          One of the legends concerning Merlin the Magician is that he lived his life backwards. That is, he was born old and grew younger as time went on.

          That isn’t part of the main legends about him, but still, it’s a precedence of sorts for Asteria growing younger as time goes on. With that in mind, can you imagine what a wrinkled hag she must have been 20,000 years ago?

          I think it’s more likely Asteria is a reincarnation of who she was 20,000 years earlier.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Asteria is cute.jpeg

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah great episode! I loved how Madoka was like SCREW THE RULES I HAVE MOE POWERRRR! That part made me laugh, but yeah she always has that nasty habit of acting first and thinking later.

      Yeah those three will be back to piloting their machines in a few episodes thanks to Asteria’s reveal at the end as for what she is I have no idea I assume at this point she is an alien or the reincarnation of that Queen? I mean she wears yellow so I figured she had to be something special!

      Yeah she is possibly immortal because they revealed a tiny bit about her in episode 12! She has a special mark like the other girls…so I bet she was a pilot at one point.

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