Rinne no Lagrange – 18

Madoka-“OOOOOoooh!! What does this big red button do?”

Well, it’s been a while, but Rinne no Lagrange is back!! …Or at least, I’m back for  Rinne no Lagrange. It didn’t really go anywhere. So apparently I missed some female bonding and Dizelmine plotting last episode? Well at least I didn’t miss the body swapping one.
Welcome back to Metanorn home for your epic space adventures with Madoka, Lan and Muginami! So how will the body swapping of Yurikano and Madoka play out in this episode? I hope we get some decent mech on mech action and of course something to do with the overall story of Rinne no Lagrange? In other news I have to give a huge welcome back to Kara who got her internet back so expect a fun tag team from us on this episode.

Koroko connect in SPACEEEEE!

Madoka-“Whoa Yurikano you dress just like me!?”            Yurikano-“DUDE WHY ARE YOU STEALING MY CLOTHES?!”


Madoka-“STOP TOUCHING MY ASS!”                      Yurikano-“Butt it is so…soft…”

Fosh // Last week we left off with Madoka participating in some alien body swap experiment, which was proven to be a huge success. However, it also appears to have screwed all of Dizelmine’s plans for his conquest of space for now. So how did the body swap fail? First off Yurikano got stuck in Madoka’s body and she was unable to pilot Midori because it did not recognize her as the original Madoka. Damn I guess those scientists didn’t account for that part did they? Also since Madoka was inside Yurikano’s body she had her own set of trouble trying to pilot her machine without that unique alien tattoo on her body. So yeah though those two girls had lots of problems adjusting to their new bodies, but they still managed to keep it hilarious thanks to the different interactions between the space-bishies?! Oh and I died laughing when Yurikano revealed that hilarious story how she hugged Izo while she was naked and of course Vilajuilo’s reaction was priceless! I have to say that was easily the best part of the entire episode for me and we got so see her blushing face once again. While all of that was going on Madoka had her own set of fun when she decided to use an over the top Ojou-sama laugh so she could try and trick those guards to let her go? Sadly it was massive failure of an attempt, but it still made me say wow nice…try…Madoka.

Kara // Body swapping time! Hell if I could explain how or why they swapped (…or what Dizelmine was even trying to accomplish by setting up the whole thing), but this episode was amusing to say the least. It was definitely frustrating seeing nobody listen to either Yurikano or Madoka when they tried to tell everybody that they switched bodies, but thank god Yurikano had the brains to say something to make everyone believe her. The reactions were comedic to say the least. Now if only Madoka could have slapped some sense into the guards and maybe the whole space pod thing could have been avoided (she seemed to have no problem slapping Yurikano last episode). Yurikano this episode though was all kinds of badass. I’m going to miss her.

Clash of the mighty mechs in SPACE!

Array-“Alright I got this! Stand back guys!”              Izo-“Sure bro…”                Kirius-“Be my guest…”

Dizlemine-“Uh there is a door you know.”                          Madoka-“OH YEAH!!!!”

Fosh // My wish was granted this week with some much needed mecha action between the space-bishes, Vilajuilo, Madoka, Lan and Madoka. Honestly I think the space-bishes had lots of fun with their own mecha on mecha fighting scenes because damn they were fantastic to watch, but we might as well throw Madoka err I mean Yurikano into the mix because she was kicking some serious ass and she successfully dodged all of the enemy laser spam LIKE A BOSS! Speaking of giant robots for a moment I really enjoyed how Madoka, Lan and Muginami’s Vox machines came to life and magically saved each of them from danger. I swear for a moment there I thought was watching a random episode of Eureka Seven! Because the Nirvosh did that a few times for Eureka and Renton, but there was a great and hilarious moment in the episode when Madoka was all like “Good bye everyone.” and then BOOM Midori zoomed across the screen and moments later Madoka was back in action ready to join her friends until her machine decided to transform into the Koolaid man which sent her machine bursting through the wall of Dizelmine’s space ship! The only thing that was missing was random “OH YEAH!” Quote from Midori as it smashed through the wall.

Kara // Well, it’s looking quite a bit like the Vox ARE sentient or something since I can’t see any other reason why they would be able to just start up themselves and help the girls when they were in trouble. Though with Madoka’s dramatic exit, I’m sure that Lan or Muginami would have gotten her if Midori didn’t (as long as they weren’t held up by the people they were fighting). I still have no idea how Yurikano could have had anything to do with Rin-ne since it seems like this episode was the first time she had ever seen Midori, but I guess she did since that was her whole connection with Madoka. …I’m sure that if I read that prequel manga, I could probably fill in some of those lapses of understanding I have. …I should probably get on that.

Romantic stuff in SPACEEEEE!

Madoka-“Suddenly I don’t want to live in space anymore…”


Yurikano-“Hahahah You are now married.”            Dizlemine-“Damn it!”           Vilajuilo-“WHAAAAT!?”

Fosh // Near the end of the episode things started to get crazy with Madoka chilling with Yurikano’s body when out of the blue she somehow discovered a huge secret between Yurkiano and Dizelmine! So what was that huge secret anyway and how does it affect the future of the intergalactic war? There is a simple answer to that question and it comes down to LOVEEEEEE! I mean we have seen this theme thrown in our faces like recently with Aquarion EVOL (no spoilers you have to see for yourself!) and a few parts of Eureka Seven, but hey that list goes on and on! While we are on the topic of love for a moment I think Dizelmine and Yurikano where pretty much forced to get engaged as a way to bring their planets together? Sadly we all know how that turned out for those two characters. Shortly afterwards Dizelmine has a short heart to heart talk with “Yurikano” but he thought it was Madoka instead…so what happened next? Apparently she had a few regrets/thoughts to share about him and then she suddenly turned into this strange red glowing dust which caused me to think WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON NOW? And was Yurikano a ghost all along and were those feelings of love/regret keeping her alive up to this point? I really feel bad for Vilajuilo and Dizlemine because they had losing her not once but twice? That feels bad man…feels real bad! I would like to think after all these recent events with her it could finally spell an end for any war breaking out between their planets, but we shall see how long that will last because anything is possible at this point in the story.

Kara // …Again, I have no idea why Yurikano suddenly faded away, but I assume it’s because her memories weren’t supposed to be there since she played the martyr. As for her whole death, I understood it as she sacrificed herself (…somehow) involving the Rin-ne (minus the Vox…somehow) in order to save the planets (… somehow), only it didn’t really work for some reason. Yep, there are a lot of holes in my understanding but I guess the important thing is that she was involved with the Rin-ne and disappeared because of it. …Yeah. At least they made Yurikano and Dizelmine’s feelings for each other clear enough (plus Yurikano has some hidden tsundere levels there). I thought that was a nice add in, though poor Izo. We never did get to see his reaction to the conversation. …If if we did, it’s completely slipped my mind now.

Extra fun in space!!!

Guard one-“What do I do now!?”                  Guard two-“Quickly! Find some cake and tea STAT!”

Madoka-“Now who has the bigger boobs?” WUHAHAHAHAHA!”

I ask myself that question everyday girls! WHERE IS THE FANSERVICE?!

Madoka-“Awwwww I wanted to keep that older body.”            Lan-“Agreed…”              Muginami-“Hooray!”

End thoughts

So still lots of fun this episode! …Though I’m not quite sure what it accomplished. Will Dizelmine and Villaguillio finally stop fighting? Yurikano’s first sacrifice didn’t really do much at all, so I’m rather doubtful that her second disappearance would do much either. I won’t say that the possibility of them getting along is 0 though since Yurikano didn’t really tell them the circumstances or reasons behind her death (plus they seem to want to keep this between themselves, but the people around them keep forcing themselves in. …Or at least that’s what the woman around Villaguillio seems to be doing). Maybe they’ll get along now and the main problem will shift back to the Vox potentially destroying the universe. That always seemed like the bigger of the two problems to me.

Now that was a great episode of Rinne no Lagrange and to the people not watching this fantasic series I will simply say WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING?! Then again I suppose going into this series most of them probably had it pegged as simply another yuri romance show and they are right to a certain point, but whatever they are really missing out on some amazing fun. So back to the episode I was happy they did not draw out the whole body swapping thing for two or three more episodes, but they did a great job keeping it short and simple and I did laugh when Yurikano was fighting and when she told all of those embarrassing stories about Izo? That was so amazing and of course I can’t forget Madoka because she had some fun with her new body. The action levels were decent for the short mech battle scene and THE MUSIC! I can’t wait for the second OST to come out! Overall I have to say it was a really great episode complete with a touching moment as Yurikano turned into dust SHE WILL BE MISSED!


Great picture of Muginami and Lan this week!

Fireworks and other stuff next time?


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8 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 18”

  1. Highway says:

    And once again, the power of liking everyone triumphs!

    The main thing that stood out to me this episode: Holy crap, Ovid pilots suck! Why bother sending a gazillion guys out there to get mown down by the three brothers and Yurikano without getting even a scratch? Hell, Madoka can beat those guys, and she can’t pilot Midori out of a paper bag. Thankfully, Midori’s awesome on her own.

    And I think Dizelmine was somewhat redeemed in this episode. I still don’t think there’s a ‘bad guy’ in the series, just a bad situation that they need to fix (which is a plot setup I do like). Now we can spend the rest of the time figuring out how we keep the planets from crashing into each other!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hell ya! FRIENDSHIP <3

      Ahahahahahah yeah those Ovid pilots are HOORRRIBLE at their jobs! Seriously they only had one job and yeah Madoka can probably fly circles around those lame troops xD

      Right! I can agree with that it seems like Dizlemine did in fact get redeemed this time, but who knows how long he will stay "peaceful" then again like you said is there really a bad guy in this series? I don't think so! I fully expect to see some comedy and more yuri stuffs.

      A new enemy could spice things up forcing everyone to team up and save Earth? Either way I can't wait to see what goes down next time!

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Dear lord, those Le Garite Ovid pilots suck at combat!! If they can’t defend a single ship, how could they possibly protect their own home planet if an invasion comes? Even Yurikano who’s grown rusty in her skills crushed them with ease and that’s just insult to injury.

    I was surprised. Muginami can kick ass outside of her Vox. Impressive. But I’m also curious. Everyone busted into the ship with their machines while there were remnants of that red parasite. Why hasn’t anyone reported extensive damage and how is still operational because of the damage?

    Like Highway pointed out, I no longer see Dizelmine as a bad guy or anyone for that matter. To me, it’s a scenario where there are a bunch of groups with a goal and the others just happen to intervene.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Dear lord, those Le Garite Ovid pilots suck at combat!! Ahahahah yes! Well they were distracted by Madoka/Yurikano’s moe super powers causing them to enter hngggggg followed by them getting owned in the process <3

      Muginami is awesome! She can kick your ass in and out of a mecha...yeah I wonder about that surely it can not be good for the ship or the crew! I guess that fact will keep Dizelmine on earth for a few days while they repair his ship?

      Yeah I can't see Dizelmine wanting war after loosing Yurikano AGAIN and I don't really see him sticking on earth for to much longer, but we could get a new enemy soon! I would love to see everyone get together and fight again.

  3. skylion says:

    I have to join both Highway and BB, being Ovid Pilot is Suffering.

    On a different note; I know that this is pretty much Madoka’s world, the rest of us just oggle the yuri, but this episode struck my in particular. In addition to the Hito Random, it seems that our heroine is swimming in the mentality of a small, very sheltered child. Sometimes her antics are amusing, but wow, she really hit the curve this time around.

    • Foshizzel says:

      YES! I am part of that camp as well…ovid pilots are you even trying?! Seriously!

      I just saw episode 19 and laughed! There are lots of things about loveeee thrown at us which kind of bored me…I like Madoka and all but it was putting me to sleep >.<

  4. D-LaN says:

    The screencaps XDDD *PFFFTT*

    One reason I love to visit Metanorn even though I am not up to date w/h the animes….

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