Rinne no Lagrange – 17

Rinne no Lagrange teaches me so much about space travel oh and many other interesting things…

Welcome back readers, are you ready for some Rinne no Lagrange chats here on Metanorn? So last week the episode was filled with lots of new developments for the story and it produced even more questions about Yurikano’s sudden appearance. Thankfully, they did reveal that she was not some random clone. But I was left asking what happened to her in the past and why is she still alive and what made her start living with Lan’s brother? Hopefully we discover those answers this week.

Madoka has a party with cool aliens

Madoka and Muginami looking really great this week!

Dizelmine-“I wore those dresses when I was growing up.”      Lan-“Wow…bro…”        Madoka-“What is WRONG with that?”

When we last left Madoka and Muginami they were trying to act as Lan’s new friends just to gain special access to Dizelmine’s ship and of course leave it to creepy ass Moid to figure things out. That was still hilarious to think those two actually thought they could fool the aliens? GOOD JOB girls, you are amazing but leave the sneaking to the pros. This week Dizelmine was totally acting like the “nice guy”; he even invited the girls to a special dinner party that he set up complete with some fancy new outfits for the girls to wear. I have to say damn! Madoka, Lan and Muginami looked really great with those new dresses! I know we saw Madoka wearing a dress in season one. So how do you trick the enemy into showing you their secrets? That question is easily solved if you are Madoka, you just have to simply pretend to get lost and BOOM! You are pretty much good to go. I did scream at my screen like “DON’T YOU DARE DO IT MADOKA!” Because obviously everyone knows she is walking right into a damn trap.

Yurikano’s ultimate sacrifice 

Dizelmine-“Can you help me with a experiment?”         Madoka-“I always wanted you to ask me.”


Yurikano-“PREPARE TO DIE CAT LOVER!!”                   Madoka-“I MADE YOU A KNUCKLE SANDWICH! EAT IT!”

After gaining access to Yurikano’s hi-tech bedroom, which showed off some intense security; I mean seriously who needs a door that thick and loud? I guess she is still technically a princess so I can see why they have such high levels of security. There was one thing I noticed about Madoka lately it seems like she very easy to trick! Because she agreed to participate in some random experiment just to “help” Yurikano regain her memories, but we all know Madoka is the type of person who generally enjoys helping people especially her close friends. Sadly she never really takes the time to stop and think about the danger she puts herself in, like this week for example. She instantly agreed to help them out, but of course she had no idea that Moid and Dizelmine had something dark planned because she placed her trust in them, so in the end I can forgive her being so trustworthy. I was happy that they finally revealed why Yurikano decided to sacrifice herself and I think most of us already figured that she was only trying to save her friends just like Madoka and I found it funny how awfully similar those two are, but I always thought of Madoka as the reincarnation of Yurikano after seeing her in season one.

Muginami and Lan’s distraction plan

Lan’s special announcement killed all the men on the ship.

Muginami-“Leave them to me, Lan! I will eat their brains.”                Lan-“Uh…sure that sounds like a great plan.”

While Madoka donates her mind to science, Lan and Muginami have their own set of special plans to rescue her. Was anyone else shocked like me when Lan suddenly shifted her personality? I was seriously caught off guard and I thought this was some side effect from those mind melting experiments, but everything started to point to Lan’s fake speech that trolled the audience and the crew which basically allowed Muginami to escape and save princess Madoka from danger! Everything seems to work out if you are friends with a crazy girl like her; however Muginami arrived way too late because her friend is suffering from a mild case of random body swapping disease caused by the plots of crazy summer anime.

Alien technology is messed up 

Moid-“Does she know this is for Sword Art Online space edition?”          Dizelmine-“I want to troll Madoka.”

Dizelmine-“Do you like my epic troll face, Moid?”               Moid-“Uh…yes…absolutely terrifying sir.”

So what was the point in having Madoka wired up to that strange chair anyway? I know Dizelmine told her it will help Yurikano recover some memories locked inside Madoka’s mind, but they left out some valuable information! That special chair allows you to swap minds and bodies with someone else if you can successfully “overpower” them in the dream world or you can simply call it Rinne no Connect? I know body swapping has become a hot topic lately. Also what is causing the three vox machines to start up and move on their own? I suppose they sense their masters are in danger and they are reacting to those feelings? I know Eureka Seven played around with that idea of a self-aware technology near the end of the first season, but this recent development with the body swapping has given Yurikano access to Madoka’s mind, body and a very powerful Vox machine, but can she even use that hidden power inside her new body? I remember when Captain Ginyu took over Goku’s body in DBZ he became super weak because he didn’t have the time to master Goku’s powers. So I wonder will Yurikano have similar issues adjusting to a new body and what about Madoka? Did the transfer send her mind into Yurikano’s body? Either way we are going to have some odd mental fun next week.

Extra space yuri

Dizelmine-“What are these breasts you speak of? I don’t get it.”             Muginami-“Uh do you want to touch mine?”

Madoka-“It isn’t easy being me I swear.”                   Lan-“Yeah…you sure have it rough.” 

Space Steve-“They said it would be hilarious I swear!”         Space Bob-“I FREAKING HATE YOU SPACE STEVE!!”

What a fantastic episode of Lagrange this week! I mean damn we got some great backstory with Yurikano’s past and why she thought sacrificing herself would save the universe? I think it just shows how much she loved Dizelmine and Vilajulio, but maybe she was leaning more towards Dizelmine at the time then again she did say “brother” and started to cry? What else happened this week? Oh right the whole body swapping thing with Madoka and Yurikano thanks to that fancy scientific chair and we got to see all those evil expressions from Dizelmine? I almost forgot how chilling those faces were! So is that the final flag going off confirming him as the main bad guy?! I know we had a short scene with Vilajulio looking at his mech plotting something. Part of me says obviously he is going to try and save his sister next week and the three space bishies will assist in that? Hopefully all of that happens soon. Overall things are getting amazing for Rinne no Lagrange so I will catch you all next week!


Lan-“Fanservice am I doing it right, Madoka?”              Madoka-“HELL YA!!”

Yurikano took over Madoka body? How will the girls solve that problem!? 


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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26 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 17”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Madoka and Muginami sure have no respect for Lan’s privacy. Ransacking a friend’s room to find secrets should be considered a new low.

    I’m starting to see Dizelmine more and more as a bad guy. It’s practically written on his forehead. I really didn’t buy that “nice guy” act and the distrust proved well placed. Madoka’s recklessness in searching for Yurikano just made things easier for him. Dizelmine wanting to use Yurikano’s power to destroy De Metrio definitely means he’s the antagonist.

    Yurikano sacrificing herself to protect people because she’s afraid of her own power is one hell of a fail safe. The high levels of security probably means even though she has amnesia, they still see her as a serious threat or she’s too valuable of a trump card to leave to chance or both. Especially now that Dizelmine knows Villaguilio wants her back.

    So that’s why Muginami stopped Lan from leaving her room. I was shocked at the sudden personality shift for a while but it made sense afterwards. While Lan provided the distraction for Muginami by making a royal announcement of gratitude, it was dragged out and over the top that I tried to skip some of it. Maybe the yuri kiss a while back has made them that much closer.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahahah yeah poor Lan she was so damn embarrassed! Poor girl, but I suppose Madoka and Muginami where bored out of their minds? Then again it still does not give them the right to read a diary lol!

      If this episode doesn’t tell you that Dizelmine is “evil” then you are either smoking something or you are living under a rock! I mean he gave us like what not one but two evil grins this week?! DAMN BRO! SO EVIL! True Madoka sort of asked for it didn’t she and she does trust people way to easy…

      Right that high security door is probably there to keep the rest of the ship safe just in case Yurikano flips out and oh yes Dizelmine definitely has something extra special planed for Yuriko, but now she successfully took over Madoka’s body so there is that xD

      Ohhhh those sneaky girls always plotting something funny! I was a bit shocked, but then I realized Lan was giving thanks to some odd things? I really want to rip the audio file when Lan said “tweet…tweet…tweet” for my Twitter sound effects! Hahaha

      Yuri kissing solves everything right?

      • BlackBriar says:

        The most interesting part was Madoka meeting Yurikano. The revelation that Yurikano’s mind was trapped beyond the Rinne and she masked her own death was good and it served as a nice deception but it makes one wonder what part Madoka plays and why was she able to see her last season. It’s gotta be more than just being a pilot for Vox Aura.

        The best part were both girls ready for a fist fight. Each of them are too proud to back down. If simple words fail, what better way to get your point across by giving a falcon punch? I know Madoka is athletic were swimming and other sports are concerned but I never pegged her as a fighter, unless it’s piloting the Vox.

        Dizelmine doesn’t seem to care about his ship’s current condition. He’s too focused on the body swap. Maybe he thinks he can use the girls to undo the damage.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah you are probably correct and I wonder if Yuriko knew about Madoka in the future? LOLOL JK that might be a bit crazy…if she could predict the future like that xDD

          Hell ya! Those two girls were beating the crud out of each other and it made me laugh and of course punching people is the true way to get your feelings to them <3

          Dizelmine was like pssh who cares if the ship blows up! Because Yurikano now has access to Madoka's body and her vox not to mention Dizelmine's evil expressions...so perfect <3

  2. HannoX says:

    Muginami, it’s impolite to the viewers to raise your arms in the bath! Next time leave them down!

    Pretty good episode this time. We got some backstory on Yurikano, it ends with Madoka in peril, the Vox have unexpectedly started up and Dizelmine seems more like the main bad guy. Although that could change, anyone wanting to destroy a planet with billions of inhabitants, even to save his own planet, is pretty damn ruthless. How about using all those ships to evacuate them instead? And if you have the technology to destroy a planet it seems like you should have it to adjust its course, hopefully enough to minimize the effects of the two planets passing each other.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I deleted the copy comment <3

      Muginami loves to trick us don't you know? =3

      Yeah not so bad this week and agreed we got some much needed backstory on Yurikano at last and damn Madoka got her body taken over thanks to that alien chair, but one thing is certain Dizelmine is up to no good and he probably had plans all along for Madoka.

      • HannoX says:

        Thanks for deleting the copy comment. When the first didn’t seem to post, I wrote the copy. Guess I should have waited a little longer to see if it posted.

  3. VucubCaquix says:

    Ahhh why did I check out these pictures ahhh I’m two weeks behind!

    (that knuckle sandwich looks delicious! I’d eat Madoka’s knuckle sandwich anytime!)

  4. Highway says:

    Madoka is a very earnest and trusting person, that’s for sure. Of course, that’s a lot of what makes her awesome. She truly wants to help everyone get along, be happy, and have a nice life. Being generally cynical people, we see that as silly, childish, or naive, but it is really a special quality in itself. And yes, she’s fictional, but in her show she’s had quite a lot of effect on other people: really everyone in the show.

    I’m actually less sure about the ‘evil’ of Dizelmine now than I was last week. He’s definitely not a great guy, but he’s also not in a position that most of us can relate to: he *is* the king of the Polyhedron, and he takes that seriously, and they are facing, perhaps, an existential threat. So he is trying to save millions of people. I may not agree with his calculus, but I don’t think he’s motivated from evil.

    The show has been so consistent about not giving us bad things happening that I can’t see this as turning out badly either. Unless they’re planning on pulling the biggest twist a show ever did in tone, Madoka will be saved. But we’ll have to see how they pull it off.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed I really enjoy that aspect of Madoka’s character it makes her a lot of fun to watch because she is always doing something funny, but it does get her into some trouble here and there.

      Oh yes I agree with you Highway! Her fun loving personality has effected a lot of people especially with Lan and Madoka who latched onto her <3

      Yeah I suppose you can take Dizelmine's facial reaction as something else, but I took it as something like


      Then again who knows maybe he was just caught up in the moment? I still have to wonder how Yurikano comes into play! I assume since she took over Madoka's body = access to the Vox = chance to blow up earth and everything else?

      Madoka will be saved by the power of friendship or a giant yuri kiss? If Madoka is in Yurikano's body I bet she has to kiss herself hahahaha I will freaking die if that happens xD

  5. Highway says:

    Fosh, can you save my comment please? The spam filter hates me 🙁

    • BlackBriar says:

      I don’t why but it looks like the spam monster has it out for you. Why does it hate you so much?

      • Highway says:

        I don’t really know. I can’t figure out any pattern, although it might happen more when I type a long comment than a short comment. It happens at multiple locations (home and work), multiple browsers (Chrome and Firefox), and seems completely random.

        Maybe I’ll try not holding on a page as long, typing comments in something else, and then pasting them in. Might have a difference.

        • Highway says:

          And right before that comment went through, one for the KokoCo post got nabbed. The page does get refreshed, and I get a comment number, it’s just not approved.

        • Highway says:

          Yeah, that didn’t seem to help either. Hopefully I don’t bug folks too much with the comments about saving my comments. 🙂

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah I have no idea how the system works D:

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sure! Let me grab my fishing gear to find your stuffs <3

      *someone else got you Highway! So I can't take the credit this time haha*

  6. D-LaN says:


    *back to study*

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