Rinne no Lagrange – 16

Is your body lady for this new episode of Rinne no Lagrange!?

Welcome back readers are you ready for more epic encounters with Madoka, Lan and Muginami this week? I know I sure am lady! So the previous episode gave us a strange cliffhanger with the reveal of Yurikano. So who is she really? Is she a clone or possibly the real deal that just so happens to be suffering from extreme memory loss? I really hope we find out the truth this week, but what do you think so far Kara?
Lagrange was one of the anime I looked forward to every week back in winter, but is it’s return ever something. I look froward to each episode even more now since they amped up the storyline. I’m sure my huge theory behind the ‘rinne’ was probably proven wrong with the revelations this episode, but I still want to see where this thing ends. …Other than it’s obviously going to end in yuri.

Aliens dudes and peaceful chats?

Dizelmine-“I swear if you call me bro one more time…”            Vilajulio-“Sorry bro I wasn’t listening…”

Asteria-“Whoa! Are they going to kiss and stuff?”              Tadokoro-“Uhhh…”               Moid-“Yes! Err..”

Fosh // So the theme of this episode follows both Vilajulio and Dizelmine for the most part because they are meeting on earth to discuss a possible peace treaty, but Asteria plays a trick on them and they end up trapped in an elevator together. Damn what a sneaky little girl…well she is the “leader” technically so I expected something like this from her. As the guys are trapped, they start to talk about the past which reveals they attended the same school and I bet Vilajulio was the student that never did his homework and always borrowed Dizelmine’s notes. I WANT A SPIN OFF SERIES NOW! Anyway do you buy into the whole thing of Le Garite wanting to use the Vox machines for the good of the universe or is that a straight up lie? Honestly at this point I can’t peg any side as the true villain right now; however, I feel there is something about Moid or some reason he has BAD GUY written all over him! So what do you think? Who do you side with in this argument? Le Garite or De Metiro and why of course there is that third faction that has yet to make a move.

Kara // What do you do when two kings of different planets are trying the destroy one another in war? Well according to Asteria, you lock them in an elevator and assume they won’t kill each other. A bold move by our favourite perverted loli, but it seemed to have worked out in the end and we saw an interesting side to Dizelmine there. With Lagrange making him out to be THE bad guy of the series, it’s nice to know that he was actually friends with Villa at one point or another. Maybe they could have even made up if Yurikano hadn’t interfered (it was totally Moid’s fault that she did too). I was a bit surprised at how hostile Villa was though towards Yurikano. Your little sister (who you thought was dead) is miraculously alive and you yell at her? Villaguillio seemed just a liiiiiittle bit too angry there. I wonder if there’s some reason behind that.

Yuri yuri or Yurikano?

Vilajulio-“Hooray! You are back my cute little sister!”

Vilajulio-“Eh?! WHAAAATT!?”                           Yurikio-“I don’t wanna hug you!”

Tough break there Vilajulio maybe you will win next time?

Fosh // While the space bros deal with their own business, Yurikano makes an impromptu visit to earth and by visit I mean crash her mecha on the beach…yeah…she is NOT the pilot she once was! I found it funny that Madoka was critical of her piloting skills, but hey she does admit she isn’t any better. After crashing on the beach Izo, Array and Kirius spot her and freak out because they assumed she was dead! I know one of those three had deep feelings for her in the past right? So after that mess was cleared up the local authorities escort Yurikano back to the base and Vilajulio pays her a visit and unfortunately for him she has no memory of her brother. After that scene I started to feel so bad for him! I mean can you just imagine having a missing sibling return to your life only to have them forget all about you? Sadly there really isn’t much he can do at this point for her and thankfully they did reveal that she was the real thing and not some clone. One thing is for certain though she is suffering from something mental because Vilajulio pointed out she is acting like a child and calling herself Yuri Yuri? Then again maybe after that short meeting something might trigger in her mind about her long lost brother? We can only hope something like that happens soon.

Kara // I wasn’t expecting them to go into just who Yurikano was so soon, but I appreciate the fact that they’re explaining it right away. Am I wrong about that other girl being Madoka’s past self? Since Dizelmine called Yuri his trump card, that could mean that she can also pilot a Vox ( …Or maybe he’s using her against Villaguillio since she seemed incapable of piloting a regular robot). If that’s true then maybe the girl who appeared with Madoka is not her past self and instead, Madoka shares some kind of weird psychic connection with Yuri. …I think that’s the more likely route at the moment. Though if that’s true, I really wonder what the rinne in the title refers to. That’s not really a normal term people throw around. As for Yuri herself, it’s a good thing someone (I think it was fragb85) informed me last episode in the comments about the prequel manga revolving around the bishie trio and Yuri. Their reactions this episode (or at least Izo’s) make so much more sense now.

Adventure time with Madoka, Lan and Muginami

Muginami-“I have the perfect idea!”            Lan-“Does it involve yuri again?”             Madoka-“LET’S DO THIS!”

Madoka-“YO YO YO! I LOVE JAPAN YO!”             Muginami-“Hey yall! Don’t mind little old me.”

Fosh // So what do the girls think of Yurikano suddenly appearing? They are kind of like us right now! They assume something sneaky is going on with her arrival. I know Muginami especially has issues with her popping up, but thankfully she knows she isn’t Vilajulio’s biological sister because I can just picture a different outcome if she went full on yandere mode against the real sister. Lan on the other hand feels bad for Muginami and Madoka just wants to confront the girl to ask questions. However, Yurikano doesn’t know who Madoka is…I mean what did she really expect? Even her real brother had issues getting her to remember him. So what do these girls end up doing now? Easy answer right there, you just throw on some weak ass disguise and act like another person! I seriously could not stop laughing when Madoka and Muginami popped up with those new hairstyles and outfits…wow…those girls are brilliant aren’t they?

Kara // So there wasn’t much on Mado-chan this episode (or Lan or Muginami for that matter), but she does seem to be somewhere in the centre of the conflict. …Somehow. Or at least Villaguillio and Dizelmine have deemed her important. That being said, Madoka totally did that excited tourist girl act a bit TOO well.  I’m interested to see how she acts around Dizelmine (because you KNOW they’re going to meet). She was rather hostile to Villa until this season, so I wonder if she’ll be the same with Dizelmine. Though Lan seems to get along better with her older brother (appearance-wise anyways) as opposed to Mugi being strangled in front of Madoka when Villaguillio and her first met.

Extra Lagrange

Yurikano-“OOOOOOOH! I LOVEEEEE THE BEACH!”        Array-“Uhh…”      Izo-“HOLY CRAP!”

Something for the girls or guys to download later.

Dizelmine-“We don’t eat the plastic remember?”             Yurikano-“But it looks so good I MUST eat it!”

Well you have to get rid of the giant net first bro! 

End thoughts

Fosh // What an amazing episode of Rinne no Lagrange this week! I mean damn they really are building up towards something amazing right now, but of course they are because this is the final half of the series even though thinking about that makes me sad I still enjoy watching this series every week. So what about are you? Are you excited for this series like me? I certainly hope so! Those facts asides there were lots of new developments for the plot this week especially with the ending with Vilajulio staring at his mecha with an evil looking expression. I wonder if that is a new machine or his older model from season one? Not to mention the preview! Madoka and Yurikano slapping each other…what is going on there? I HAVE TO KNOW! Also fufufu expect some bath shots next time! Oh yeah we got a new ending this week…it…sure was something…different? Yurikano staring at us forever!

Kara // So another episode of season 2, another episode of drama. While some of the older characters are being thrown into the background (Izo and group seems like they barely even tried to go after Yuri), the newer characters are taking the spotlight. There’s been a rather large reveal pretty much every episode so far, so I wonder if Lagrange can keep this up. I hope they do, since this season is already definitely worth watching. Imagine if they can keep this up. So I’m super curious about Yuri and Madoka (and how the two are connected), so next episode looks like it will be a good one. …I hope they use the new ED that they used this episode as well. Rapping Madoka is cute, but this new one reminds me of season one’s OP and ED more.


Enjoy this artwork shot of the week!

Madoka, Lan and Muginami enjoy some bath time together in spaaceeeeee! 


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11 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 16”

  1. Highway says:

    I think that Yurikano is not ‘former life Madoka’, but is “former Aura Pilot”, but that doesn’t make too much sense either if Aura was buried for thousands of years. Honestly, there are a lot of things that don’t make sense in the backstory here.

    But that doesn’t stop the enjoyment of the show at all. The storytelling method is so much fun, and so low pressure. The characters are so enjoyable. Even the ‘bad guys’ are guys that are good enough. So far, the only real ‘bad guy’ is Dizelmine, and while he’s a bit vindictive and single-minded, he doesn’t seem to be out and out evil. For endings, this one was third best for me, after Lan’s then Madoka’s (Muginami’s was pretty weak). Maybe with repetition it would seem better, but on first listen it was a bit dull.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I think you are onto something there Highway, but I always see Madoka and Yuriko the same…I guess the first half because I blame Vilajulio’s comment how she looks just like her.

      Ahahah yeah they don’t really explain where her machine went, but what if she never needed one she just had the power? xD

      Indeed! The story for Rinne is very enjoyable at this point and yeah even the “bad guys” are really fun to watch. Oh for sure! I think if anyone is evil it would easily be Dizelmine right now and he has Yurikano by his side? I am sure Vilajulio is quite pissed at that fact.

      Next week! fanservice and slapping xD

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Okay, serious plot twist. Yurikano’s appearance raises a lot of questions. If Yurikano is alive and well, never died and is not a clone, what’s the explanation behind Madoka seeing her in a vision and again during the experiment? I’m focusing more on the experiment. While that red version of Yurikano was chewing Madoka out, the real one was with Dizelmine.

    Asteria is manipulating. People should learn not to take her words at face value by now. She’s always scheming something underhanded.

    Honestly, to me, the odds of a treaty ever happening were slim to none. Especially with both kings having issues with each other. Dizelmine and Villaguilio are so different with nothing in common that it’s hard to believe they were ever friends. After hearing their past in the elevator, it sounds more like Dizelmine sees him as a nuissance and was just forced to put up with him. Considering the arguement? I’m not siding with any of them. Both of them are not being honest. It’s obvious they’re holding something back, something crucial.

    Dizelmine really set Villaguilio off. That’s one hell of a trump card. Your enemy’s younger sister that you “saved”. By the way, Madoka and Muginami’s disguises were pathetically weak. It’s not enough to change clothes, hairstyles and wear glasses. You’ve got to a least wear a wig and change up your personality a bit. If Moid easily saw through them (anybody would), then it’s a safe bet Dizelmine knows.

    • Highway says:

      I don’t know if I’m yet convinced that the red mist person is Yurikano, but I could definitely be wrong. She just didn’t look the same. I think what Madoka saw the first time was Yurikano’s spirit on the beach, but I am wondering if the red mist was more just Aura.

      I really think being King has gone to Dizelmine’s head, much more so than Villagiulio’s. Everyone in the show is scheming something, except maybe Lan, with different degrees of success (we can plainly see through Madoka’s schemes, but she wins just by sheer force of personality and will). But unless this show really takes a turn it’s been unwilling to do so far, I really think things will end up working out for everyone, because that’s how it’s been so far.

    • Foshizzel says:

      DAT PLOT YO!

      Yeah the sudden re-appearance of Yurikano is like huh?! WHAT THE HELL!? How did she survive and why is she acting like a child? You might be onto something right there! I could see that being a valid explanation to having her “soul” ripped in two…Gundam AGE 42 had something similar to this, well sort of hahahaha

      Asteria is <3! I love how sneaky she can be and lately it means she can act that way all the time!

      Ohhhh defiantly we can tell that Dizelmine and Vilajulio don't really like each others company at all and I agree there is something they are not saying that is a key memory from their past together.

      Yeah you know Dizelmine had special plans for Yurikano and damn i feel terrible for Vilajulio right now T____T poor dude.

  3. †Croos† says:

    If you guys want to know about Yurikano(Yuriyuri) check this out.

  4. Liza says:

    I think there are “two” Yurikanos. One is the one that’s alive and running around being a little kid while the other was the one in that other world and appeared in Aura. When the tragedy thing happened, somehow Yurikano’s “soul” was somehow split in two and her body went one way while her other self went to the other world. I really don’t know if that makes any sense, but that’s my take on a possible explanation.

    • Highway says:

      I think this is down the right track. The Yurikano that Dizelmine has may be her actual body, but the person inside there is not the same. I hope we find out what connection she has to Vox Aura soon.

    • Foshizzel says:

      TWO Yurikano’s!? Aweeessomeeee I want three personally >.>

      I think you and Highway are on the same path about there being two Yurikano’s one with the mind of a child and the other that lives in Madoka’s Vox? Yeah that could work xD

  5. skylion says:

    Astaria is Boss! ‘Nuff said….

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