Meta Mash – 33

Latest updates from Fairy Tail, Kuroko no Basuke and One Piece.


Fairy Tail – 145 

Lucy has the easy assignments! Wait you mean she is a sacrifice? That sucks…

So not even a minute into Fairy Tail and the most useless characters to ever have screen time in the anime make an appearance. Wonderful. Though the fact that they were there didn’t reflect on the story for the rest of the episode, thankfully (and Natsu refused to wear the outfit as well, which is a huge bonus). …They were actually kind of useful too with helping Natsu break out of jail. So I understand the general plot of the arc and what Real Nightmare does, but they still haven’t really explained why they need a celestial mage yet. Is it just because Will Neville was one? Well, whatever. I look forward to seeing what kind of reasoning they give behind Mich-er, I mean, Imitatia’s (ahaha, what clever naming, Fairy Tail) betrayal (since she said that it was all for Lucy’s sake). Seeing the circumstances behind the real Michelle should be interesting too. …Unless her backstory is really just that there was an accident and she fell into a coma.


Kuroko no Basuke – 21 

Required fan service shot for the girls~

I like training arcs, I really do. They’re always so uplifting, and it makes me feel like I should go and work out. Intense techno music was pumping for nearly the entire episode, and it did wonders for getting me into the mood. Seirin wasn’t messing around this week. I’m really excited to see how much they grow, and for the inevitable reunion of Kagami and Kuroko. They’re not going to be passing to each other until they’re absolutely sure they’ve improved enough to be a worthy comrade. However long that takes, I will wait. The harsh training camp really was quite harsh…I’ve had to go to summer basketball camps, and they aren’t exaggerating when they say you can’t move by the time it’s over. Ahhh, such good memories of aching muscles and insane coaches…Anyways, the bottom line is that I like seeing them work hard to earn their results instead of suddenly just getting better in the middle of a game (which has been the case so far with Kagami’s jumps). I could have done without the cooking lessons sections, since a girl who can’t cook isn’t really all that special or exciting though. I was pretty impressed that Kagami could cook though! I try my best not to go too deep into fangirl mode but allow me to say this: Kagami is smoking hot. He can cook AND he has a great body! Ahhh, thank you very much for the delicious fanservice, Kuroko no Basuke. I’ll lick my plate clean and gladly take seconds~


One Piece – 561

Nami-“Soooo what do we do next?”           Brook-“I guess we could cut him up for food!”

We’ve seen the Strawhats show off plenty, now it’s time to show off against some enemies that at least are designed differently. They’re goonies and they couldn’t even dream of defeating one of the Strawhats, so it’s up to OP’s comedic talents to keep things enjoyable which this episode did well. Of the jokes, no doubt whatsoever that “A headbutt to the foot” is the winner; how and where in the episode/chapter that played out was pretty funny.

As we move at the manga’s exact pace, we’ll always have at least a little something happening with Noah’s downfall. The -hoshi brothers caught on to something I mentioned a couple eps ago and after Decken tryed to lift a huge ass axe, he finally loses conciousness in a pretty funny way as opposed to the overdramatics of a trident stab. What this means aside from Noah now falling toward the island is that we won’t have many boring shots of Shirahoshi swimming away.



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6 Responses to “Meta Mash – 33”

  1. Namika says:

    First of all, I have to say : KAGAMI IS SO FREAKING HOT~!!! I just cannot believe the hotness and at the same time cuteness of that character. The fact that he’s afraid of dogs makes it even cuter 😀
    Though I’m reeeeeealy tired of stalking the websites for the 22nd episode, can’t wait to see more of their training and battling Midorima <3

    • Overcooled says:

      I had a hard time remembering anything else that happened in this episode other than Kagami being sexy. He was just that distracting. The mix of good looks and adorable character traits is just too much…!!

      I love Midorima and Takao too (well…I love all the characters) so I’m more than happy to see more training sessions with Shutoku involved. Come to think of it, Kuroko no Basuke has REALLY likeable characters. I don’t dislike anyone at all!

      • Namika says:

        yeah,not even Aomine! yea, he is an *sshole but still, his attitude is forgiveable.
        Though especially I like Kise and Midorima (after Kagami :3). Midorima, being a tsundere but still being so likeable. Oh and Ono Daisuke~ <3 <3 Heaveeeeennnn~

  2. Zaphan says:

    Seriously Fairy Tail is one of the few anime where almost every chick in it has awesome tits. The only ones in it who don’t have awesome tits are the loli’s and old lady’s(so far) in it.

  3. Moni Chan says:

    OHHHHHHH KAGAMI damn towel is in the way

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