Meta Mash – 30

Latest updates from Fairy Tail, Kuroko no Basuke and One Piece.


Fairy Tail – 144 


I may have been unsure about the quality of this arc before, but now that we’re near (what I assume is) the climax, they’re going all out and I’m loving every minute of it. Sure, they’ve made things extremely complex with the dream manipulation, Celestial Mages, Neville, the church and a thousand other things, but it’s been fun watching it all come together in the end. I’m a bit worried now about continuity mistakes in the future since they’ve given Oracion a pretty big role in this filler arc. If Mashima has any future plans for them in the manga, the anime might have a hard time making connections after all of this (…or maybe they could just pretend that this arc never happened). For the time being though, this arc is pretty good.

They made it increasingly more obvious that Michelle was a villain, but …wow. She really was a villain. I don’t even know where that came from. It felt so thrown in there. I am intrigued about the fact that Celestial Mages seem to be important this arc though. In the manga at the moment, they’re pretty important and even though the ones here seem to be a special kind related to Neville, I wonder if that will play out any when they reach the tournament arc.


Kuroko no Basuke – 20 

Basketball-“Why do you always abuse me?! I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL!”

Aaaaand the drama is resolved. I wasn’t so crazy about this episode, mostly because the reason for the strain in their friendship seemed trivial. I don’t like when people make a big deal out of little things, and then let it get to them to the point where it messes with their head. The entire episode was spent basically saying “wow, look how much they’re fighting!” to the audience, while Hyuga and Teppei slowly provoked Kuroko (and Kagami a bit) until they were forced to make up. The first half ended up being a bit boring because of all the hinting they did to try and get Kuroko to talk to Kagami. Thinking back, it makes sense when you realize it matches his personality. Kuroko is the type to rely on others, even for solving his problems. He was unable to come to a proper decision without his teammates telling him exactly what to do. Meanwhile, Kagami found a solution on his own. However, being the self-absorbed type, he didn’t tell anyone he was actually working on his teamwork as well. Their coping styles match their personalities, although I have to admit it was frustrating to see Kagami hog the ball again. I thought he reverted back to his selfish ways! It freaked me out! He was just being selfish in a different way – seeing how far he could get by himself while paying close attention to how he’d actually collaborate with his team in a real game. Would it have killed him to tell people those were his intentions? Anyways, seeing the two of them acting weird was a bit grating. Thank goodness they solidified their friendship!


One Piece – 560

Ika musume’s grandpa is a crazy ass drunk samurai

I gotta give it up again to an overall fine production and a fun episode of One Piece. It helps that an officer, Hyouzou, started poppin’ pills and finally decided to get off his ass, cause the other Strawhats were getting bored there for a moment after their earlier fun. And now with some of the crew back in fighting style along with Luffy vs. Hody, we’re getting a sliver of all the parts of the battle to keep us entertained for 17 minutes.

You can tell the animators at Toei really missed not being able to draw Nami for a brief moment. They even added in some choice angles when she got blown away and under-boobage. And speaking of Nami, next week should be a fun one for One Piece fans. We have the Episode of Nami TV special which should be a great blast from the past to go along with 561.



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11 Responses to “Meta Mash – 30”

  1. Zaphan says:

    I stalled on Fairy Tail ages ago back when they escaped that alternate reality. I don’t know much of what its doing now but i must say that those are some AWESOME TITS!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah yeah the current arc seems to be focused on Lucy’s backstory with her father, but most of us are looking forward to the current manga arc <3

      • Zaphan says:

        Back story with her father? What kind of back story could that guy have? He’s a rich old man who lost all of his wealth and (at least i heard but im not sure)died. Trying to get any deeper than that just seems like the author just wanted to make a few more chapters to extend the manga’s running time even more so.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Her father was into some secret society like stuff with these new villains running around! Yeah he died, but he left something important for Lucy to discover on her own and thankfully she has plenty of help from her guild <3

          True this arc might be 100% pointless for the overall story and yeah you could say it was an excuse to give Lucy's character a bit more progression than the others, but I still enjoy the manga and the anime! So I don't really care if they have 500+ episodes or 700chapters I will still enjoy it.

  2. tatsuya says:

    One Piece = epic battle ever !!
    Fairy Tail = epic tit ever !!
    Tatsuya = don’t jugde me ~~

    • Foshizzel says:

      One Piece: is getting there you just have to wait for the next arc because it is freaking great!

      Fairy Tail: LOLOLOLOL all da plot yo!

  3. D-LaN says:

    Lol I saw future uses of dat FT pictures on other blogs…

    Can I??

  4. Namika says:

    Kuroko no Basket is such a treat! At first I was freaking out about Kuroko and Kagami getting all depressed and quiet but thank god that Kagami didn’t turn into a fiend like Daiki *O*

    • Overcooled says:

      Kagami would never go that far, although I was a bit worried he had entered another selfish stage :B Luckily, their friendship is much stronger than that. I love these two so much~

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