Meta Mash – 27

While gg takes forever to sub Joshiraku, we have updates for Fairy Tail, Kuroko no Basuke and One Piece.


Fairy Tail – 143

I mean for a side character she is kind of cute right?

Oh damn things are starting to pick up for Fairy Tail this week because we have more fighting going on and lots of strange developments for certain characters. So, who is up first? Ah yes Mest err I mean Doranbolt (I hate his new name!) and his fancy teleportation powers to assist Lahar from the magic council until they bump into Katja who got a tiny reveal last week. Apparently she had some seal on her body because Racer from new Oracion Seise decided to pay them a visit. I really enjoyed that short fight with Doranbolt and Racer showcasing a fight of speed versus teleportation! Sadly I think speed wins in that fight for now because Katja lost her magic, but ah well she was really cute even though she looked a lot like Wendy. Speaking of Wendy for a moment I thought it was hilarious how she used her healing magic against that wind dude and healed his mind somehow? Then again we won’t know until next week if her magic helped him! Other than that this episode is preparing us for some crazy fighting in the future; however there was interesting thing revealed when Gildarts and his partner found a girl named Michelle Lobster who was barely moving. So wait a second what does this mean for the other Michelle hanging around with Natsu, Elfman and Lucy? Just who the hell is she and is she an evil character or is she a helpful one? I still think it is Lucy’s mother because this overall arc is related to “time” but I have no idea why or how she managed to travel from the past… Hopefully, they don’t keep us guessing forever! Also Kara will take over next week so thank you for hanging in there with me.


Kuroko no Basuke – 19

Or maybe like one hundred hamburgers?

Seirin didn’t just lose to Aomine’s team – but they blew their chance of winning Inter-High. It’s not surprising that the ace basically swept through the tournament, leaving no one else standing. This string of losses was needed. Seirin has been winning since episode 1, and it wouldn’t be realistic to have them win every single match. Yes, I am speaking of realism in a show where you can pass a ball so hard it actually hisses with heat and smoke when it’s caught. Anyways, Seirin losing and then actually reflecting on that loss is what’s important. If they just bounced back up immediately after without trying to become better, then we’d have a problem. I’m very glad this episode was focused on Seirin’s slump and the strain on their relationships. After all, a team that starts strong and never grows is no fun. It’s much better to watch Seirin grow up and become a force worth reckoning with. I imagine that this will be the time for Kuroko and Kagami to really get stronger. Once they make up, I’m expecting these two to undergo a ton of growth and training along with the rest of the time. Like a broken bone, their partnership can only get stronger once mended.

Teppei is an interesting addition to the roster, although it’s rather convenient that a stranger might be the one to mend everyone’s confidence. I would prefer for Kagami and Kuroko to talk things out themselves without someone else stepping in. Bringing in a new ace is great (and a centre too! That oughta help their paltry defense) but if he’s just going to be a magical fix-all for their depressed states then that’s a bit much. Oh, don’t get me wrong though. I like Teppei! It adds more to the team. I just want the drama with Kuroko and Kagami to be solved naturally. I really can’t stand seeing them ignore each other, if truth be told. P..please let the distancing be over soon!!!


One Piece – 559

Quick Jrow we must travel to the mermaid world those poor girls need our hugs!
Gotta give props to Toei for some fine animation this episode. With the battle shifting to the water and Luffy very limited in what he can do, the show did a really good job with the chase scene between Hody & Fukaboshi; from opening title to the old To Be Continued sign, very fluid stuff. Oh, and they also got the -boshi brothers off the bench to do something. The two younger bros definitely take much more after their father while Fukaboshi takes a bit from both his parents.

As for content, we had our fun a few weeks ago but right now, we’re in the thick of this arc as Noah is being a game-changer. Shirahoshi’s thought of flying away to keep Noah from falling does have that one benefit of delaying things, but that makes the Strawhat’s attempts to stop Hody or Vander Decken all the tougher with both water and distance coming into play. And now as Hody attacked Decken at the end, him being unconscious will cause Noah to no longer be in his control and fall towards the island. How do 9 pirates stop a massive falling ship?

Luffy commented on Hody’s abilities in the sea being comparable to Zoro in the water. Hody is a bit of a pushover against the Strawhats, even with the ‘roids and water on his side, so I think had that underwater battle continued on back in the 530’s, Zoro could’ve gotten some air and kicked Hody’s ass back then.



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6 Responses to “Meta Mash – 27”

  1. JPNIgor says:

    Kuroko no Basuke – Lol XD I laughed when you told about reality in an anime where players have a full court reach to make points. There is no way it can ever feel real to me.

    Teppei is really a weirdo. I’m hoping that he, at least, can make lots of points, but until now I only saw him missing… I’m a little afraid of this guy…

    • Overcooled says:

      I always have to make a disclaimer of sorts when I complain about realism in a show that isn’t…realistic lol.

      Teppei is supposed to be the quirky one, but most of the things he does are things I do all the time so I don’t find him that weird at all! Kuroko is more weird if anything. Still, I like him. As the ace he must be super good so I might join you in being a bit intimidated by him.

  2. tatsuya says:

    Fairy Tail – u think that cute ..well why don’t u watch Levy McGarden for me she was the cutest one ~~

    One Piece – now this is the hottest one ..shirahoshi ..crybaby …i wonder what cup size she have (_ _) don’t jugde me cause i ask for the cup size

    • Jrow says:

      Well, let’s do some math here. I’m using Robin as a base for comparison.

      Shirahoshi is 55’9″ tall (17m). Robin is 6’2″ (188 cm), which is somewhere over 9 times taller. Now I don’t think it’s simple as just multiplying Robin’s bust (99) by 9, but I think all of the Strawhats could find some sitting spot amongst just the breast region.

      They’re enormous, and it’d be hilarious if Oda ever did share her 3 sizes.

    • D-LaN says:

      How TH you measure a giant cup size???
      But tht gotta be the largest cup size EVAH

  3. tatsuya says:

    try using the biggest rice bowl evar ~~

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