Meta Mash – 24

Another quick Mash and this time with comedy, action and fun.


Joshiraku – 04

I wonder what she thinks about other animals like Polar bears?!
Without a doubt this week’s episode of Joshiraku was the most hilarious yet. Episode four had a very Nichijou-esque style of humor, more-so than the last few weeks, with a very random but humorous way of developing the comedic segments. I never seemed to stop laughing during the first segment, with the classic “glasses girl” role getting kicked out the window in favor of a more … violent portrayal. I’ve always felt using violence as a way of extracting laughter can be cheap, but there are times when a show can do it right by backing it up with even more hilarious dialogue. The scene was an amazing start to the episode, which was good because the second segment fell flat, for me at least. There were a lot of puns that took me some time to think over, something native speakers I’m sure would understand much faster. The cosplay cameos at the end were a nice touch though!

The third and final segment was definitely the highlight of the episode however. At first it seemed as though the segment would play out to be another slow, funny scene, but as it went on it became more and more hilarious. I can’t quite describe it, and I’m sure everyone will have their own take on the humor since everyone has their own taste, but for me it was the culmination of everything I had hoped Joshiraku would be, a great comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m not used to writing about purely comedic shows (unless you consider Symphogear a comedy), so apologies if these posts aren’t coming off all that critical! Anyway, until next time!~


Fairy Tail – 142

Don’t you just want to punch this dragon thing in the face!?
What is up fellow Fairy Tail fans! Damn this series has flown by hasn’t it? If you are following it currently then I owe you a *Epic high five* so what is going on with this episode? Last time Cana formed these really strange pairings with the guild members of Fairy Tail, but so far it appears like these new teams are pretty much full of serious failure. I like Cana and all because she can be quite hilarious at times when she is drunk; however, every team she formed with her cards appears to have issues. I mean we have Natsu, Elfman and Lucy as one team and next up then all the cats are together? How can that be good for any of them? Also Ezra, Evergreen and Alzack together looks like a comedic team. My favorite teams are Wendy, Bickslow, Grey, Freed, Juvia and finally Gajeel, but even those teams have their fair share of issues.

The worst part of the episode was that damn overpowered lizard thing aka Gatman Kubrick! What the hell is he and why is he so damn powerful? He uses something called Rapture magic which basically ignites the magic inside your body causing you to explode like a bomb! First off I have to ask who can actually beat Gatman Kubrick? I suppose like Natsu will summon up his raw power and kick that minecraft-lizard-dragon in the face YES! KICK HIS ASS! Anyway I still think Michelle is not Lucy’s cousin but it might be her mother from the past who was sent to warn Lucy about something important. Oh right I am curious to learn what Gilldarts discovered with that wood make chick! Who are those strange nuns made of wood? I can’t wait to see what mystery they throw at us next because this current filler arc is so damn entertaining! I NEED MORE!


Kuroko no Basuke – 18

Raise your hand if you just gave your monitor a high five.
The inevitable happened. We all knew there was only so much Seirin could do against the ace of the Generation of Miracles. Seirin was obliterated in their first loss of the entire show. I suspected that this was coming, because it would have felt cheap if they won. Afterall, if they could best the ace, why would I worry about them facing the other members we haven’t seen yet? No, it’s not sensible to beat the final boss and then kick around some mini-bosses. It’s better this way. It was also a wise move to just cut off the game at a certain point and just say “uh, yeah, we lost.” A lot of the animations in the final part of the match looked recycled though, so it was a very anti-climactic way to end the episode. Not cool at all given all the fire burning in everyone’s eyes right up until the last second of the match. Hopefully next week Seirin will be a bit down, and start working harder than ever to improve. Seirin will have to step it up and become stronger if they ever want to beat Aomine and let him see the challenging side of basketball again. Aomine is just too damn good. This match was exciting to watch because of the unpredictability of Aomine’s movements. Every time he had the ball, my jaw would drop at the crazy stunts he would pull. No normal player would ever attempt something like this in a game, but he’s so good at it that these “fancy tricks” are just his normal playing style. He never missed a single shot, even though they were all vastly different and incredibly hard to make. As a fan of ridiculous, over-the-top shows…Kuroko no Basuke always manages to hit the spot.


One Piece – 558


Robin you are so smart, but damn scary…

Noah goes as Shirahoshi goes, in a literal sense I should add. Noah is a huge ass ship, and a moment early on when Luffy was looking at it, damn it if it didn’t look exactly like some Dragonball Z moment where Goku looked up and went, “oh shit.” And yes Robin, the water would turn blood red if you all were crushed under it, you sexy lady with a dark sense of humor. I love that quality about her though.

Aside from people staring at the gigante ship which was a huge chunk of the episode, Luffy showed off Observation & Armement Haki powers. There’s not much really cool you could do to animate Observation unless you were to go slow-mo with the water bullets, but Armement did look good for the most part showing Luffy turn body parts to iron for an attack. It’s a bit lazy how the skill just disappears, though.



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11 Responses to “Meta Mash – 24”

  1. skylion says:

    Joshiraku: Being Marii is suffering. Sweet sweet suffering.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Kuroku – this game was starting to drag for me well before the end of this episode. I guess it was the most important game evah, so it made sense to spend three episodes on it, but seeing them lose for three episodes in a row was sapping my interest. Hopefully they will come up with a plan to up their game, and that will reinvigorate the show.

    The last thing I want to see is something like Area no Kishi pulled, where, after their loss, they did beach episodes. I want to see them learn from their mistake, not blow it off.

  3. AceRailgun says:

    This episode of Kuroko no Basuke was pretty crazy. I wasn’t expecting a win but at the same time I wasn’t expecting them to just end the game with recycled scenes in a sort of flash sequence.

    I am curious to see where it goes from here now though. Training probably.

  4. lvlln says:

    I don’t think any show has been consistently funny every week like Joshiraku. The slapstick is done very well, and the bits of action it’s had have been animated obnoxiously well.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Agreed! It’s shaping up to be one of my personal favorites of the year. I used to hate slapstick, but recently it’s growing on me.

  5. tatsuya says:

    i liked cana for her body ~~~she ‘s sexy and she know it~~~
    and yes ..that island w~~i wish they can put general aokiji and akainu fight ( i really want to see them fighting ) i know this will be epic !!!

    wait when robin fall into the lake more sexyness ~~

  6. †Croos† says:

    I lol-ed at the Fuji TV and the vomit gag very much.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Ah so that’s what that was. See, that’s one of those scenes I wouldn’t understand at first glance. Thanks for posting the explanation!

  7. Kencana says:

    Nico Robin = dark humor. Even they have meme with Robin.

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