Meta Mash – 21

Another quick Mash and this time with action and bonding with friendship.


Accel World – 16

Teach me, Ginpachi sensei!
Last episode was saved by the AshBro dude (don’t you just love his Japanese Engrish?!) and this one by Sky Raker, the enlightened one. She literally teaches Haru how to get over his emo self and concentrate on his ability of flying. The series has setup itself perfectly for the play of “imagination card” via incarnation system, so I wasn’t very surprised with the events. Haru sure used the dilated time to his good use and in about a week or so, broke the game code in his own way. Of course, he’s the hero so leveling up is not new but Sky Raker’s history with Kuroyukihime piqued my interest. I hope we can see them come together again because they seem to have really bonded over something so obsessive as flying to Raker, causing her to match her avatar to her real life self. She seemed well brought up already as a teacher but she is cuter (maybe more than Kuroyukihime?!) in real, along with her prosthetic legs. Rather than pity, I admire how much she had worked for her ambition of flying and now big enough to give her most important item to Haru so that he could power up against Seiji. I can only hope he beats the crap out of the bully and gets his wings back because he ought to and there has to be justice!


Fairy Tail – 141

Ezra-“Alright! Who is ready for the swimsuit calendar?”                Lucy-“OH HELL YES!”
This episode of Fairy Tail felt like the writers sat down and said “We need to drag this arc out as long as possible. Let’s have FT find more vague hints, and have the bad guys do generic evil things because revealing the plot would mean we would actually have to move the arc along.” …Yes, they said all of that word for word. So other than the reveal of a… green… dinosaur… thing named Kubrick  (Hold on a moment, that name sounds awfully familiar. Let’s hope this thing isn’t secretly from The Shining…) and vague hints about some Will Neville guy, next to nothing was accomplished this episode. I do like the unusual teams this time around though… Minus the usual Lucy and Natsu team. I get that they have great character chemistry and all, but am I the only one who wants to see Natsu tag team with someone else? Plus I don’t think I’ve ever really seen Lucy and Ezra team up with just the two of them (or if they did, I didn’t deem it significant and forgot about it). In any case, there should be some interesting battles coming up~.


Kuroko no Basuke – 17

Are you ready for a three way match?
AAAAOOOMMIINNEEEE!!!! That’s right, there is no other appropriate way for me to begin talking about this episode without screaming his names to the heavens above. Well, typing in caps to the heavens above. Each MiraGen member we come across is just more beastly than the last. Aomine is the scoring ace of the team, and his aggressive playing style makes him seem even more of a threat than Midorima and Kise. While those two had incredible talent, they didn’t possess the same sort of brutal attitude as Aomine. Watching him drive to the basket is like watching an enraged bull charge at a matador. It’s all bloodlust and adrenaline, and absolutely no one can stop him. He’s so strong, I’d actually be a little upset if Seirin were to beat them. They can afford one loss at this point, after all.

I mostly want Seirin to lose because it’s boring if they win all the time, and I don’t want Aomine to learn his lesson yet. If he wins, he’ll go back to being bitter about having no worthy opponents to face, and that will ultimately be a loss for him. As much as I think Aomine is a jerk and would hate to have a practice-skipper on my team, I get where he’s coming from. Not so much in basketball, but in karate. It’s boring if you have a weak opponent. Once you get better than everyone, you don’t feel anything pushing you to improve. Why improve when it just makes things so much more excruciatingly easy for you? Even now, Aomine is only putting forth a little bit of effort and he’s dominating Seirin. Still, he seems very excited that he gets to let loose a bit more of his power than he usually does. That’s a good sign in terms of getting his heart back into the game. Even at half-power or so, his moves are pretty sick. Those street ball moves were insane!! Mannn!!! That beautiful out-of-bounds shot he pulled off was also beautiful. Three other people had to have been open since they were all on Aomine, but he still decided to take the shot himself. It’s hard to call him arrogant when his skills match his trash-talking. His confidence is only in proportion to his skill…and his skills are crazy! And now to end this post in the only way possible: AAOOOOMMMINNNNEEEE!!!!


One Piece – 555-557

How much stronger have the Strawhats gotten in 3D2Y? This much.

These past 3 episodes of One Piece have been something I’ve been waiting for since I’d read these chapters in the manga and also since the early 500’s when the anime added those extra episodes to show what the Strawhats were up to. Sanji’s Skywalk ala CP9 is easily the coolest of all the new abilities not named Haki, but Franky’s new vehicles and mecha were show-stealing with Franky’s personality shining through. And hey, Franky Mecha makes it 3 swordsmen for the Strawhats. Commander Chopper filled with tears of joy was just too cute as it was funny watching Luffy run alongside in awe. Not impressed with the mecha was Robin, which btw… I think Franky wants her to squeeze his nuts again. Must’ve felt real good… Franky is a M.

As seen above with Chopper, learning to use his different Points without being so reliant/reluctant on the Rumble Ball will make him a more viable fighter for future battles. With all that behind him, hopefully Chopper gets some more interesting opponents and battles going forward in the series, cause the idea of switching Points to fit a fighting style could make for some more interesting Chopper fights.



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14 Responses to “Meta Mash – 21”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World – 16: Nothing like brutal Spartan-style training to get you motivated. Good thing Haru is a fast learner. Sky Laker makes for a harsh instructor and the sacrifice for her ideals are to be admired. I see now why Ash Roller is so straight laced in front of her. I hope we get an origin episode to show how she and Kuroyukihime met. That would explain a lot and also, excluding the hair color, they could pass for twins.

    I hope Haru gets in gear soon to kick Nomi’s ass. I don’t care if he beats him until he cries. I wouldn’t care in the least because the kid has absolutely no redeeming qualities for sinking to such low tactics.

    By the way, Kyo, you made a mistake. Her name is “Sky Laker”. You accidently put an “R” in place of the “L”.

    • Highway says:

      Where’s that “Not sure if kidding…” meme pic? I think it’s a lot more likely to translate スカイ・ レイカ as “Sky Raker”. There’s not really either an english ‘l’ or ‘r’ sound, instead they’re tongue taps (alveolar taps), almost more of a light ‘d’. Also, “Moonraker”. 🙂

      This episode was a lot better, and the promise of it made me go back and watch the last 10 minutes of episode 15 (when I’d bailed on it early on – I hate Noumi so much I don’t want to watch him). Haru was much more acceptable trying to figure things out, going back to his strengths: intelligence, reasoning, and speed. And the prospect of a reunion scene with KYH sounds great.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I guess there’s a difference because of the studio that’s in charge of the subs. I download anime episodes from and the subtitles are done by Hadena Subs for Accel world. Their version has her presented as “Sky Laker” and that’s why I got confused when I saw “Sky Raker” instead.

        This episode was definitely a lot better compared to last week. Last week was pulling emotional strings and was hard to watch seeing how cruel and underhanded Nomi was. Since he got where he is through cheating, that kid needs an old fashion, working class ass kicking. Haru’s more acceptable working hard than just breaking down and whining.

        • Tofu says:

          I can definitely say that it’s supposed to be Sky Raker because there’s actually a meaning behind the name which is apparently a big spoiler (props to Seraf over at Sekijitsu)

  2. JPNIgor says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m not a fan of animes at all. Man, I don’t watch Fairy Tail nor One Piece!!! ¬¬

    Well, about Accel World, it was a shock to me to see Sky Raker without her legs, and even worse, that she don’t have legs on the real world, too. But man, the abilities that Haru developed with this special training are awesome. Watching the episode was nice because each day on the anime, I was cheering for him more and more. Now the only thing left is to kick that Nomi guy.

    Kuroko no Basuke, sometimes I wonder why am I still watching this anime. Really, I don’t know why. The games are so predictable. It’s obvious that on the past games they were going to win. It’s obvious too that they will lose this game, since even losing, they still have chances to qualify. And it’s obvious that the final match will be Aomine team vs. Kuroko team, where obviously, Kuroko team will win. ¬¬ Still, watching. And Aomine is awesome. Watch him playing on the anime looks awesome. It’s a shame that he is such an ******* just because he never loses ¬¬ I’m sorry god of basketball.

    • Tofu says:

      I think in terms of Kuroko no Basuke, what you’re experiencing is something nearly everyone knows already BECAUSE it’s a typical shounen sport anime. I’d say sit back, relax and just enjoy the fireworks instead of worrying about anything else ;D

      PS: AOMINE IS FRICKEN AWESOME!!!!! (For you OC, for you ^^)

      • Overcooled says:

        Even though in my heart I know Seirin will win almost every match (except probably this one. It seems like they’re set to lose to Aomine and face him as the final boss later on) the matches themselves are exciting. Tofu’s right in that shounen sports shows involve a ton of winning for the main team – otherwise the show wouldn’t be very exciting if they drop out of tournaments all the time. So yes, it’s predictable in that sense. The actual match is wild though. I have no idea what kind of tricks each player will pull next, and the tide of the game changing all the time is very exciting.

        P.S. YEAAHHH AOOMMINNNEEEE!!! *high five*

        • JPNIgor says:

          It’s because I like to not be able to predict an anime, this is because I don’t watch sports anime too often. I just tried this one out because of Kuroko. But really, the games looks awesome. It’s just that I never really watched an sports anime before (except some random episodes of Prince Of Tennis), so I can’t accept some high school boys playing better than professional players. But well, it’s the Generation of Miracles, why not?

          I will try to be a little less serious when watching it. I will just watch the fireworks.

  3. Kencana says:

    Kuroko no Basket: Following out of character bias. This story is cliche and I don’t really interested at sport.

    • Overcooled says:

      Kuroko has a lot of things for people to latch onto – the awesome characters being one of them. It is a pretty typical shounen show though. Do you just not like sports anime in general, or basketball in particular?

  4. Mitsuki says:

    guuuuuuuuys, did you actually finish akb0048? I gave up waiting for your blog entry on it Q___Q’

  5. TheVoid says:

    I love Aomine.

    As for One Piece, I’m kinda happy they are taking their time to show off all their new abilities with. But I do kinda wish they would be a bit quicker about it.

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