Yuru Yuri – 04

Mecha yuri? Not sure if want…

Time for some Yuru Yuri! Sorry for the late review, but this week has been soooooo freaking slow for me! Also news of certain anime series not updating for the next three weeks *cough* Eureka Seven Ao *cough* I think Yuru Yuri is going to be fine for updates? Anyway time to jump into this random episode review.

Ayano battles an evil head cold

Kyoko-“That sneeze is so damn moe!”                        Ayano-“Uh thank you? I think…”

Our main characters take a short break this week because the first half follows the loveable yet crazy student council members, before that fun adventure we follow Ayano as she deals with a head cold/runny nose. Random fun fact about myself I can sneeze at least seven to eight times in real life! Yeah those damn allergies they always get the best of me. Back to Ayano for a moment her friends offer several tissues to comfort her even her arch nemesis Toshinou Kyoko helps her out! Just kidding everyone knows that those two are made for each other; sadly that relationship is more one sided because Ayano is afraid to say anything to Kyoko. What else can her friends offer to relieve her allergies? How about a gasmask? Wow these girls are so damn brilliant; why didn’t I think of that? Would you wear a gasmask to protect yourself from catching a cold? I have no idea if that even works. I imagine you would get a massive headache.

 Sakurako the lazy maid

Sakurako-“Look I am cleaning the table! I just want to use my cheek…”

Sakurako is a true bro till the end.

You can’t mention the student council in this anime series without talking about Sakurako. Last week we had to deal with her drama, but this week she is back to her usual off the wall hyperactive self. Besides being hyper she is forced to help clean the student council room. However, she finds a box of old costumes and plays the role of a very lazy maid. I seriously think the other members of the council should vote to kick her out.  SHE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING! I mean I find her extremely cute at times, but she really just eats sweets and pretty much lives to cling to her adorable yuri buddy Himawari every day. That said I really can’t hate on her too much because she is one of my favorite secondary characters next to Ayano this week. I was pleased she got some screen time.

Everyday moe-science with Nana

Nana-“I just blew my mind with my awesome science powers.”

This week the student council spent some time with Nana Nishigaki or as they call her in Yuru Yuri simply as the “science teacher”. I think she is the only teacher in this series; I mean do we ever seriously see the other teachers? I bet all of them decided to take an extended vacation forever? So what kind of science is this mysterious teacher into? Truthfully she loves to blow things up! She sounds like a true winner already in my books, but she is always seen with the short and quiet Rise Matsumoto. This week Nana helps out with the student council with some problems by fixing their broken alarm clock! She basically transforms the clock it into a random helicopter and then a very annoying robot dog that barks all the time! Thankfully she did not blow anyone up this week for now. Nana’s inventions backfires all the time, but she joins my growing list of favorite science themed characters. I can relate to someone like Nana because she has a creative side like me; however, having a creative mind can also be terrible! My brain always comes up with something random which causes my mind to bounce around in my sleep.

The gang is back!

Kyoko-“SHOW YOUR TRUE POWERS NOW, Akarin!”              Akarin-“Prepare yourself, Kyoko!”

Akarin-“Hahahah sucker! I CONTROL THE WEATHER!”                    Kyoko-“Well played, red haired one.”      

Finally some extra fun with AKAARIN!! How could I forget her? Especially with that mecha version of her at the start! Ahahahhah that was freaking awesome to watch…so what is she up to this week? Besides getting ignored and left out of the fun she managed to avoid getting soaked at the end of the episode while the girls shared some umbrellas. Kyoko ran around giving out tissues and trading some Rum Raisin ice cream for extra special pudding. Yui, sadly did not do a whole lot this week. Chinatsu on the other hand praised the rain gods because it gave her a chance walk with Yui and of course cling to her. I think this week focused more on the student council girls and pushing Nana and Rise into the mixture. Hopefully next week we return to THE MAIN CAST! Don’t get me wrong, I love this new season I just feel they haven’t done much with Akarin, Yui, Chinatsu and Kyoko or have they been fair so far and I am just crazy?! Let me know.

Extra yuri fun

Ayano-“BOW BEFORE ME MORTALS!!”                  Kyoko-“You are so cute when angry.”

This message brought to you by the history channel…

Chinatasu-“Yui-Senpai! I LOVE YOU!”                       Yui-“Can’t…breath…yuri…too…powerful…”


Horror in my Yuru Yuri! What do you think this is Another!?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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4 Responses to “Yuru Yuri – 04”

  1. tatsuya says:

    well that make’s sense ~~

  2. Highway says:

    Yeah, so far this season seems to be too many setups with just a couple of characters, and usually just side characters from the Student Council. I also don’t know if I really like the way they’ve developed Sakurako this season. Last season she was always competing with Himawari over who was going to be the next VP (presumably after Ayano becomes President). After what’s gone on this year, there’s no way Sakurako would get picked for VP over Himawari. I think it’s just a little bit of a loss of characterization.

    But yeah, let’s get back to some of the main club!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah they should just give the student council their own spin off series at this point it feels that they are getting more screen time versus season one? Ahahah Sakurako would make a very interesting student president <3

      I KNOOWWWWW RIGHT? Damn...

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