Rinne no Lagrange – 15

Congratulations Madoka you can have a cookie~

Damn straight we’re on to the review! Lagrange season 2 has had an awesome first couple of episodes and is still pushing forward in the same style. This episode really impressed me with the equal balance between slice of life, comedy and serious parts, so let’s get into it!
Madoka and friends are back for more mecha fun and possible yuri? I am still laughing at that strange kiss she shared with Lan from last week! Are you enjoying this second half as much as me and Kara? Damn I always look forward to seeing this series…anyway it is time for the review right Kara?!

Beach excitement and haunted houses?

Madoka-“Who wants some watermellon!?”                  Lan-“I want some of your melons, Madoka…err…yes please!”

Fosh // The start of this episode follows Madoka participating in some strange race to catch flags on the beach while Izo, Kirius and Array set up a haunted house. Yeah I honestly have no idea why they decided to go with that setup, but apparently there is news of Muginami and Lan’s brothers arriving on earth in a few days to have some “talks” about a possible peace treaty? You could say the whole town is basically preparing to hold a massive cultural festival to welcome the aliens to their town. I did laugh watching the space bishies in their special outfits like Array’s ghost and Izo’s wolf, but Kirus’s was the best with his the vampire on the beach. Good job! So yeah all this character interaction was fantastic for me.

Kara // Having the mass alien meeting at a small Japanese island that no one had even heard of until the anime started seems… odd. Sure, it’s because the Vox and everyone else is located there, but when you think important meetings, you don’t really think of Kamogawa. Ah, well. I guess they’re still trying to push the whole tourism thing for there. In any case, Rinne really knows how to add in comedy where there normally wouldn’t be any. Asteria is definitely my favourite perverted loli of all time now. …Though I don’t think Madoka has to worry about motherhood so much. She has the whole yuri harem going on. Babies don’t work that way (unless you’re in some of those extremely out there yaoi, but let’s not get into that). Lan’s face when Madoka admitted to kissing her though. AHAHAHAHA.

Scientific fun with Asteria

Madoka-“We should sell suggestive picture online!”            Muginami-“Oh my…”            Lan-“Good times…good times.”

Madoka-“SEX?! WHY ARE YOU ASKING THAT!?”          Asteria-“Muhahahahaha I love being the boss.”

Todokoro-“I can teach Madoka all kinds of things!”                       Everyone-“…………..”

Muginami-“You mean we’re doing it wrong!?”            Asteria-“Well yeah…don’t you read H manga in space?”

Fosh // After the others have their fun in the sun Asteria calls everyone back to base and she prepares to continue with the Vox Particle Control Experiment, which was done on Lan in the first episode. So why does she want to start that again? In her eyes she wants to show the world that the Vox machines can do more than just fight and blow things up. Naturally Madoka is on board for this experiment; however she really has no idea how powerful her Vox is if pushed in the wrong direction. Sadly Asteria left out some valuable information from the past I mean should Asteria warm Madoka about the destruction of planet Militia Zodia? Or is she better off not knowing that? Then again this is anime and we all know from experience the more you warn a main character to not do something they always go ahead and do it regardless of the warnings.

So yeah back to the science talk for a moment the Vox Particle Control Experiment basically dives deep into your subconscious to unlock your mysterious power, which seems to be triggered by stressful events. So how does that work on our main character that is rarely seen suffering from stress? The simple answer to that question is you have to give them something to stress over and who better to do that than little old Asteria who busts out with a full explanation about lots of perverted stuff like having sex. Yep that poor girl! I think her brain exploded after hearing everything related to that sex, but hey it was freaking hilarious because we got to see all those epic face reactions.

Kara // YES. Finally some stuff on Madoka’s past life… Kind of. She appears to have made some sort of huge sacrifice regarding the Vox and destroying some planet. I don’t think she would be a villain since she’s closely related to Madoka/ her soul/ whatever (what a twist if she was though), but I think the whole negative emotions regarding Madoka this episode might have had a huge effect on that scenario. The first time Rin-ne happened, Madoka’s strong feelings were about her friends. We know that friendship is a HUGE theme for Lagrange, so I assume that Madoka’s concern for her friends could be considered to be on more positive then her getting angry and embarrassed by herself. The second time was out of concern for Youko. …This one’s a little iffy since Madoka could have been facing a lot of negative emotions then, but she was still fighting to protect there (plus her friends were with her). It seems like every time the green flowers bloom, she seems to have Lan and Mugi there, and she’s concerned about the wellbeing of others. As for this time, sure she was participating in the experiment to help others, but I do believe that she was probably more concerned with herself when stressed (plus Lan and Mugi weren’t there with her). I think that’s where the difference lies. Long story short? Sex will be the destruction of the world. Madoka needs to stay yuri in order to keep it all in tact.

Dark Madoka versus light Madoka

Dark Madoka-“I WILL KILL YOU!!”                  Light Madoka-“Wait! Can we just kiss and make up?”

Madoka-“Uh my bad! I swear I didn’t do it on purpose…anyone got some super glue I can use?”

Fosh // During this experiment Madoka’s stress levels hit an all-time high which causes her vox machine to freak out and start to form this really evil looking red cloud which Muginami and Lan describe as blood? Yeah their description sounds quite nasty. After that event she has to fight off some dark vision of herself, but we know her better as Yurikano De Metrio Lu or just “Madoka from the past”. Thankfully she manages to fight off the darkness and regain control over her mecha. Sadly the damage was done from the failed experiment because the whole world saw a glimpse of how powerful those Vox mecha can be and the same goes for Dizelmine Fin E Ld Si who saw that power for himself. Oh and a quick note to add why is Yurikano still alive and why is she with Lan’s brother and not Vilajulio? Is she a clone or the real deal? I noticed her voice was different from the flashback leaving me to ask is she a new character? Either way that was an interesting reveal! I can only bet that Dizelmine has plans to use this “Yurikano” to pilot one of the Vox machines if he can get his hands on one and turn it into a weapon.

Kara // But wait! Yukiano (who I thought was dead) looks suspiciously like Madoka’s past life. Now, the least season was a while ago for me, but I could have sworn that the whole Vox destroying the world story was a couple of thousand years old. Unless there’s some crazy immortality stuff going on, I don’t think they could be the same person. Maybe she’s distantly related to Madoka’s past self? Cloning? I don’t know. It was implied this episode that Madoka’s past self died in whatever sacrifice she made, but it was never made 100% clear. …Plus Yukiano was Villaguillio’s sister. I forget. Did we ever learn how or why she died? When Lagrange supplies answers, they always seem to bring up even more questions.

Extra fun with Madoka and friends

Madoka-“Wait I can’t possibly eat that!”              Izo-“Stand back I GOT THIS!”            Array-“YAY!!!”

Kirius-“Damn it! WHY IS EARTH SO FREAKING HOT!?”                 Madoka-“Well it is summer time…”

This is a requirement in the anime blogger rule book! 


Dizelmine-“We forgot to give you a brain didn’t we?”           Yukiano-“I LIKE SPACEEEEEEEEEEE!”

End thoughts

Fosh // Damn there is some deep stuff going on in this week and by deep I am referring to Madoka’s cosplay as some high tech bunny girl from the future which means I am required to take several screenshots of her from every angle of course. Oh and this episode just proves how perverted Asteria can be, but I have no issues with that because Hisako Kanemoto is doing a fantastic job with that character! What else happened? Oh right we are preparing for war breaking out on earth between De Metiro and La Garite. So what is the deal with the Polyhedron faction taking sides with Vilajuilo? What are they going to gain by joining him? Can only assume he has plans to use the power of the Vox machines for good; however we really don’t have a true villain quite yet even though I personally have Dizelmine marked as evil. We still have Moid hanging around for all we know he could still the mastermind behind everything so far so what did you think of this episode was it awesome or are you ready for the intergalactic war to start?

Kara // So while Lagrange seems intent on treading down the serious business path, they do still add in the lighter slice of life parts. It’s a good mix. They haven’t given up on comedy either. Overall, it’s been extremely entertaining. Sure, we’ve learned nothing about the planet wars, who Madoka’s past self or Yukiano really are or what the Vox are in the first place, but they do seem to be exploring the Rin-ne flowers more now. On another note, sure Lam’s brother seems to be THE antagonist of the story, but Moid, who was the most suspicious of them all last season, seems to have completely fallen to the background in season 2. Maybe they’ll use him to make Dizelmine look like less of a villain later on in the series? In any case, I’m expecting something to go wrong in the next couple of episodes and the war to break out. Anime likes going into absolute worst case scenarios.


Vilajuilo-“Sup bro, how you doing?!”                 Dizelmine-“Quiet! I am learning about bromance from this earthling.”

 Can Madoka get the brothers to talk or are we doomed for war!?


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11 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 15”

  1. Magus_Killer says:

    Can we add that fabulous shot of Madoka’s Mecha Bunny posterior to the 2012/2013 Ecchi Calendar? KINGDOM! UNIVERSE! XD

    Mecha Bunny Madoka: “MARU-PYON!~”

    *ehem*serious mode on*ehem

    I think Dizelmine used some sort of techno-sorcery to revive and brainwash Yurikano, and will use her as a bargaining chip against Villaguilio in later episodes. Or she’s gonna be Madoka’s final opponent in a Vox-vs.-Vox fight to the death.

    • Highway says:

      I don’t quite get this Yurikano stuff. I assumed she was Vox Aura’s pilot from Earth prior to the legend *mumble*-thousand years ago. And if the new airhead version doesn’t have the Memoria, how is there any chance to pilot Aura?

      I think it’s more of a thing to use against Villagiulio, given that she’s his younger sister. But I also hope that given the way this show has been, that will end up not being a fight involving permanent injury or death, but ending up in friendship.

      Hell, I think we’re all still right from last week: If Madoka could get Dizelmine and Villagiulio to kiss, they’d get over this ‘war’ stuff.

    • Foshizzel says:

      HELL YES! I will have to add her to the collection <3

      Yeah I agree about this Yuriko, but if she did blow up the planet is she still alive? I have a feeling this one is probably a fake...she is acting wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to strange and off the wall for my tastes, but yeah I can see Madoka fighting her at the end.

    • fragb85 says:

      There is a prequel manga for Lagrange that star the bishie trio along with Yurikano and a girl named Sanu. They basically attended the same class in De Metrio academy and Yurikano was their instructor. Yurikano is pretty much an alien Madoka, hyperactive, athletic and a little airheaded. Its not surprising that comparisons with Madoka are made.

      Also, Izo was in love with Yurikano, so I can’t help but wonder what kind of reaction he will have when he sees this “Yurikano”.

      • Karakuri says:

        Oho, that’s pretty interesting (and also explains some of his interactions with Madoka last season). Thanks for sharing that~.

  2. Highway says:

    RnL just continually hits a perfect spot of friendship, amusement, surprise, action, drama, and love. It’s just fun to watch, and I hope it continues the trend of previewing things that are absolutely disastrous and then having things turn out ok in the show. I really like that the series hasn’t ever been a downer (well, except when Lan left Madoka in Ep 12 *waaaaaaaaah*).

    I hope they will tell us, or figure out why, the Rinne blooming was different. Is it because of the different emotion (embarrassment vs love)? And so far, we’ve seen really not much effect from the blooms: has anything happened besides a big pretty flower and Ovids growing weird crystals?

    Anyway, more please! The show is still fun, and great at not being super-serious, because Madoka won’t let it be.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! It has become so fun lately with lots of friendship and random hints of yuri! Yeah thankfully it hasn’t been B’AWWWW WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME WAAAAAHHH! For the entire second half.

      Yeah I assume they are going to say the Rinne bloom based off different emotions during that time ie anger, love and possibly friendship? I bet money the power of Lan, Muginami and Madoka together can save planets or even fix planets that are dying? Take Vilagilo’s home planet! The girls could fix that easily if they have such power together.

      Madoka makes this series MARU!

  3. BlackBriar says:

    A huge plot development. At least there is more insight on the Vox prophecy. I’ve been wanting to know what happens after Madoka had vision of being on that eerie beach with Yurikano. Those blood red flowers are definitely an omen and whatever that red mass in the sky was, Kirius knows something since he called it “Militia Zodia”. Dark Madoka was very much like Tasogare’s Shadow Yuuko. In my opinion, she has the same malice and hate in her.

    LOL. Asteria is a demon loli. Her tactics to jump start Madoka (she could pass for a hot cyber bunny) were her lowest deeds yet. The best part was when she got Madoka to say “Lan and Muginami are the only ones I’ve ever even kissed”. Another yuri flag has been raised!! How perverted is her mind anyway?

    Lagrange hits the perfect balance of Slice of Life and action. I love it when Madoka is clueless over situations surrounding her like luring people away from the haunted house and questioning why. By the way, Kirius has the best costume hands down. Array is second place but I can’t help seeing him in a maid outfit even though he’s dressed like a ghost.

    • Highway says:

      Asteria also knows about Militia Zodia (well she is thousands of years old). I do wonder about the message tho: Thinking about sex creates the world-destroying Rinne? Or is it that Madoka has to get past the idea that it’s shameful? Up to this point, Madoka has been about the most ‘sexless’ person possible, to the point where you get the impression that she’s hardly ever thought about it (although that was quite the blush when she kissed Lan…). But even that was just to stop the argument.

      Or, and this just occured to me, is Aura jealous? It wouldn’t seem so, given that the Dark Spirit or whatever was asking Madoka why she would open the Rinne (indicating that it’s Madoka’s doing, not Aura’s), but it’s a hypothesis.

      • Karakuri says:

        ….Whoa, maybe Aura is jealous. …That might explain why they’ve never gone into what the Vox are and just keep labelling them as weapons. They have kind of hinted that the robots are sentient.

  4. skylion says:

    Wow. A loli that can throw down! I think she’s really jealous, or she’s known this sort of thing about Madoka from the beginning. Astaria made the first move, grabbing dem melons upon being introduced to our MC, and then following up later on with some butt grabbin’.

    But it leads us to the place we are already familiar with; Midori and Madoka are fulled by yuri.

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