Phi Brain S2 – 13

It’s apple time, bitches.

I feel like the love of Phi Brain is gradually spreading! …kind of like rats! Or the plague! :3 The fandom is really tiny, so each new addition is noticed almost immediately. I’ve gotten Krizzlybear (blogger of Baka Laureate) to watch it and he seems to be able to stomach it at the very least. I even managed to get one of my real life friends to watch it, because he’s a real life puzzle-lover. What I’m saying is…it’s up to YOU to corrupt your friends and teach them about the majestic nature of puzzles!



Huh, that was quick. Jikukawa’s stint as a villain was over as soon as it started. Seeing him under the malicious control of the ring was interesting because of his acute lack of evil characteristics. Even when completely consumed, he didn’t seem that different from his regular self. It was that uncanny feeling of seeing him ever so slightly off that made it more eerie. Once he started getting desperate and his expression twisted ever so slightly to hint at the intent to destroy Kaito, I started to get creeped out. The range in reactions to being controlled by the power of Orpheus really does vary from person to person. Jikukawa’s desperation to win was something he always felt naturally, and the Orpheus bracelet just took that and intensified it.

The fight against Kaito wasn’t just great because we finally got a glimpse at some of the more selfish thoughts coursing through Jikukawa’s mind, but because the puzzle was surprisingly intense. I really appreciate the effort put into making these puzzles tailored to each character. A puzzle you need solving and giving skills for was perfect. I stand by my statement that versus puzzle are almost ALWAYS better because the involvement needed from both characters is higher. The bomb thing I could have done without though. That was just kind of dumb. Nonoha and Ana sat in a classroom finishing up work instead of screaming “THERE’S A BOMB!!” at Chieno. People generally won’t ask if their secret crush was involved in a special experiment with mind-controlling bracelets when a BOMB is brought up in a conversation. They wouldn’t exactly be giving anything away. :/ Did anyone care about the elections either? I really didn’t give a toss.

Two seasons in and we still are learning more about these darned Orpheus thinga-ma-bobbers! Much like the episode where Freecell explains his past, my reaction went from “Wow!! I don’t believe it!” to “Wait, that’s dumb.” Phi Brain somehow tricks me into thinking ludicrous concepts like bracelets feeling jealous are totally legit. Every single time! At least for every dumb moment (HURR HURR IT’S HIS INITIALS!!! It’s not like that was the first thing everyone thought when they saw S.J. at alllll <_< ) there is usually a brilliant twist to even it own. The ending of S1 threw so many crazy curveballs at us, I can barely even imagine what these replica rings will be capable of by the end. My bet is that they’re transformers and will suddenly morph into tiny, tiny robot rubix cubes with lasers.

Overall, an exciting puzzle with some lulzy drama…but it’s allll gooood.


Applebottom-kun Loses It

I really feel for Jikukawa. He’d be better off if he could let off of steam and speak his mind – it does him no good to keep all of his troubles to himself. It’s going to be hard investigating The Order without any help too. Even after being completely controlled by a bracelet and going psycho for a moment, he refuses to admit the truth…except in a text. =_= However, we (the viewers) do get to see a bit of what goes on inside his head. We see how desperate he is to obtain the Phi Brain mode and how forcefully he pushes his body to the limit so that he can beat Kaito. He’s sweating and about to pass out for the entire match, but he keeps going further. That’s not just for the experiment. Part of him wants to actually win against Kaito and prove his worth. In the end, a fake with a fake bracelet can never the original. I think Jikukawa realizes that he shouldn’t be selfish at the end, and purposely holds back from trying to prolong the match with a comeback move. Of course, he realizes this by stepping on apple juice, which is…..kind of pathetic. Do apples really mean that much to you?


One Ring to Rule Them All

What have we learned this week, folks? The replica rings somehow have sentient features and are actively seeking out Kaito (and probably other Phi Brain children as well). If they manage to slap a replica on Kaito or one of his other buddies who are well-endowed in the IQ department, then there is the potential that these replicas will become as good as the real thing. While Phi Brain makes it sound REALLY FREAKING COOL, I’m not sure that a piece of jewellery having a mind of its own is something I’d be so quick to just blindly accept. Even in the realm of Phi Brain logic. If anyone has a different, more sensible interpretation of Jikukawa’s text…please tell me.

I know the Order wants to distribute armlets to everyone, but they haven’t specifically been trying to get Kaito to wear one. “Lose this puzzle and we’re putting an armlet on you!” would have been a suitable threat. I know they wouldn’t just force him down and slide it on him with brute strength, because that would just be silly when puzzles exist. The Order appears to be targeting Kaito for a different reason than Jikukawa stated. Perhaps someone higher up like Whist or the secret leader of the Order knows about the special effects of managing to get a Phi Brain kid to wear one. It’s not like these armlets are just scuttling around and pouncing on Kaito when they see him.

So far these things have only been worn by those who aren’t Phi Brain children; people like Airi, Chieno and Jikukawa. They’re just as fake as these replicas. I wonder if they’ll manage to get someone more..formidable…to wear one soon.

Apple-picking: Show ▼

Preview: A number of heart-stopping new teasers appear in the preview, leading me to believe that episode 14 will be the BEST ONE YET. First of all, that annoying guy who replaced Rook for a while in S1 is back and it looks like Rook, the Orpheus Order AND Kaito’s group don’t like him very much. From what I can tell, it’s Orpheus Order vs Evil Kinevil and Kaito vs ???. Can you guys tell? Ah well, I don’t care about the details because this means MORE ROOK!!! Our S2 villain Freecell also gets some lovely screentime in the process of an emotional breakdown. There’s nothing I love more than watch the villains in Phi Brain teeter on the edge of insanity and soul-crushing depression. Forget the new season of shows, IT’S ALL ABOUT PHI BRAIN!

*strategically avoids calling him by name because I completely forgot it*


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16 Responses to “Phi Brain S2 – 13”

  1. Jenanime4eva says:

    So instead of being saved by THE POWER OF LURVE, we could say that Jikugawa was saved by THE POWER OF APPLE JUICE? 😉

    I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode. Rook and Freecell will be fighting over Kaito because apparently everyone is gay for Kaito :P.

    You can totally imagine Rook saying to Freecell: “B*tch, back off, Kaito’s mine” XD.

    • Overcooled says:

      Pretty much! Jikukawa cares more about apples than his friends. Kaito didn’t break through to him, but stepping on his apple juice triggered a huge reaction <_< Next week's episode looks like a true winner. ROOK IS BACK! FREECELL IS BACK! EVERYONE IS IN THIS EPISODE!

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hard to believe it took apple juice to snap him out of his trance instead of a real person. Completely freaky.

        Since Rook and Freecell are going to be in the same place, that means Pinochle and the other Orpheus Order members will be there along Kaito and his gang, mainly focusing on Cubic. So, show of hands, who will be the best Kaito stalker of all time?

        • Rolca says:

          Suspension of disbelief is Phi Brain’s speciality.

          Wait Rook and Freecell are going to be in the same place? There was too much going on in the preview, I thought Freecell was doing nothing else than drink alcohol and cry in his room since ep 9.

          • Overcooled says:

            Normal for Phi Brain, crazy for…everone else.

            I was under the impression that Freecell was too distressed to leave the house, so the Order was fighting Herbert without him. We’ll still see him in the same episode as Rook, but I don’t think he’s fit to talk to anyone for a while.

            Anyways, deciding who is the best stalker is still a very valid question! I wonder if non-ring Rook will be just as obsessive or if he’s calmed down some about Kaito…I’ll wait until then to judge the number 1 creep XD

            • Rolca says:

              IIRC the point of Rook’s journey to discover the non-Kaito-related world. He took his sweet time so S2 Rook should be far less obsessive than ringless S1 Rook.

              This makes me wonder about how would Cubic fare if he had a ring… Mustn’t underestimate the underdog.

    • Rolca says:

      Is the white-haired yandere glorious showdown finally upon us? 😀

  2. Rolca says:

    Omg the semifinals were close. I voted for Metanorn of course! Psgel already won once anyway. But at this point, all blogs are awesome in their own way. Phi Brain totally wasn’t my first voting criterion all the way nope.

    It’s late right now but I’m going to rewatch and comment again tomorrow. I’m not sure about Jikukawa’s message, but I did get an idea: what would it do if they gave the vegetable-solver a replica ring? Gin is still a hanging plot thread after all!

    Jikukawa was scary ;_; he was on the edge between controlling and being controlled a good part of the episode but then he went into puzzle space and said the juice was tasteless. He usually loves it so much, I was sad despite finding some parts hilarious. When he made a puddle and the juice kept flowing with the puzzles space background with the view from the bottom I couldn’t restrain myself anymore XD This man wasn’t saved by the power of friendship. He was saved by the power of ~*~APPLE JUICE~*~

    Cubic trusted Jikukawa the entire time (and was mostly right, I personally wouldn’t have bet on that >.> ). Having Gammon bow down was totally worth it. Though even if Jikukawa was in complete control, he wouldn’t have outright told it, if only for the resident Orpheus Order presence.

    Chieno would totally have kept working if there was a bomb. She’s that dedicated. Too bad we didn’t get to see a single other student getting evacuated, it feels like the Chieno subplot of the episode was just there for being there. Not showing Nonoha and Ana at all may have been better. The focus on Chieno this season gives us an etablished new prez for Jikukawa’s surprise leave but… we don’t really care. I hardly see her being useful in the grand sheme of things.

    Herbert Müller! Next episode feels like everyone ever and their mother is coming back for one big deadly puzzle fest. Interestingly, the new Orpheus Order twins are voiced by the Bakuman lead duo’s seiyuus… Not that I expect them to stick around. Why did we get another famous seiyuu for that new Okudera guy again? Phi Brain is crazy with the seiyuus!

    • Overcooled says:

      Ahh, thank you, Rolca! The more people vote for Meta, the more I feel responsible for being the best writer I can. >w< psgels was a mighty fine opponent, I'm amazed we managed to scrape by. You mean if they gave Jin a replica? I forgot about him... Hmm, I dunno. It might make him come out of his near-comatose state, actually. That is, unless it breaks as soon as he puts it on because he feels like he's lost already :/ Jikukawa was awesome with the ring. The apple juice scene was pretty ridiculous. I was in a livewatch for this episode and during that scene everyone lost it XD Goddammit Chieno, treasure your own life more!! All this hinting at Chieno trying to be a good replacement for Jikukawa, but I bet it goes nowhere. She's president now but...I don't see her being useful either. She's one of those side characters that will forever be a side character. Yes, that's the one! Phi Brain really is bringing back every single character of minor or major importance from S1. I love it! It's just for the fanservice, but I like it. With everyone coming back, we've got more famous seiyuu than any one fangirl should be able to handle.

      • Rolca says:

        Despite rooting for you guys, I didn’t think you would actually make it! The poll results seems suspicious though… Anyway Metanorn (and probably a good part of the aniblogging sphere) worked on improving because of the tourney. That’s something I’m really appreciative of. This may be a circle-jerking contest, but if it does improve the overall quality and allows people to discover new blogs I find it to be a pretty good idea. I don’t read other reviews much (I admit it now I’m mostly into anime blogs for Phi Brain) but one thing I like is how you guys broke the criticised resume-the-episode-and-give-your-opinion format lately. Your weekly posts in particular are probably among the longest and most in-depth ones out there, and the Phi Brain posts have a different feel because of how small the fandom is and how tl;dr we are in the comments section lol. OC, you have a special place in my heart =w= (and I guess you own my soul too oops)

        I’m going to flip a table if the Jin subplot doesn’t go anywhere. Everyone forgot about him, it would be a nice plot twist to reintegrate him in the story like that.

        The realisation about Chieno and psgels’s negative reviews make me feel we wasted a good quarter of the second season… Damn I’m too easily influenced, let me go back to loving (or ignoring if necessary) every aspect of Phi Brain from the bottom of my heart!

        I still don’t get why and how they have all the famous seiyuus. It’s like a BL game adaptation without the BL game part game adaptation part.

        • Overcooled says:

          I was under the impression everyone looked down on us before the tourney but I guess that’s not entirely true! Not that we’re not getting a lot of critique. Expect a new layout eventually…one that’s less blinding lol. (I wish I could see the results in real time too.)

          Kyokai encouraged us to buck off the summary trend since they were a pain to write and I doubt anyone read them anyways. I know I didn’t when reading other people’s posts. It’s a better format because I can write a lot more about the episode and try to expand on characters and ideas without feeling restricted. I like it a lot more. I end up writing the most for Phi Brain each week because of how much I love it. The comments are another great highlight because the fandom is small so people discuss. It’s not just me replying to everyone – you guys interact and that’s wonderful! T-Thank you for the compliment Rolca!!! I’m so flattered that you like my writing! You’re going to make my dere side come out at this rate D:

          Well, since every character is coming back, he should return…eventually. Just not now :/

          Season 2 is at the same level of enjoyment as the first part of S1, in my opinion. I see people saying they dislike S2 a lot more, but it’s pretty standard Phi Brain stuff to me. :B

          I don’t know how they got those seiyuu, but I’m not gonna complain <3

          • Rolca says:

            I don’t know much about that, but I did read you guys were rather popular at the beginning of the tourney. I myself only care about the recent posts/comments and barely glance at the rest of the layout hahaha. I would have liked the new layout to allow more replies and have a wider comment section, but it’s not worth implementing since we are the only ones who do big comments on a regular basis. Furthermore, Phi Brain will end soon… damn I got myself sad with this thought. Objectively speaking, a S3 would be a bad idea but I want Phi Brain to continue forever ;__;

            Do I get my soul back if I kindly ask your dere side? I do read summaries! If it’s an anime I appreciate I’m not bothered by that. By design, they also reflect how the blogger perceived the episode anyway.

            Somehow this place is the only public one where I see somewhat long dicussion. There is even more of it than on forums! I have seen some on tumblr, but it’s usually short-lived and punctual. Though I reply to you a lot more than to the others…

            Now is not the time for Jin, we’ve got enough people in one episode already. But since Herbert came back, then he surely will have his time.

            I myself compare the first halves of the two seasons a lot. I guess it’s because they have the second part of S1 in mind: since quality went up on the second half, seeing it go back down must accentuate the dissatisfaction. The only complaints of mine I remember right now are the sliding arc being too confusing/dramatic and Ana’s episode being more boring. Despite some disappointments, there wasn’t a single episode I didn’t enjoy watching (Although with how much I love Phi Brain, I’m obviously biased). I also remember thinking of the next episode more than the one that just aired… Another possible reason why fans dislike S2 is that Rook was a fan’s favorite, but was absent during the entire cour.

  3. Yuushin says:

    I love how Jikugawa’s character was handled this episode. Now he’s one of my favorites xD I didn’t really pay much attention to him much before this episode….:3

    I find it hard to believe that man-made piece of jewelry can have emotions too….I think maybe just there wasn’t better way to translate it, so it turned out the way it did? xD I don’t know! Sun has fried my brain, I just wish this entrance exam for college I’m taking will end sooner T___T (two more days! just two more days…)

    *ahem* Sorry about that -____- So, I think maybe we can interpret it as, these fake armlets are programmed so that there is possibility of turning into the real thing if they are used by Phi Brain child, and that’s why Jikugawa is suspecting that they might be after Kaito behind all their random experiments, so he tells him to be extra careful… It is possible that our Orpheus squad (freecell and co.) are actually having replicas too….I doubt it personally, but it can happen >,>
    We are halfway through the series, and from now on it seem’s like we’re gonna get some answers…:)

    Especially since next episode our villains are back along with big part of cast from last season! This thing is about to get serious xD

    Preview: Aaaaah Kamui Gakupo- i mean, Herbert Muller xD, is back to get his revenge on Kaito. And it looks like Rook and Bishop are gonna become regulars for the rest of the season YAY!! xDD
    I kind of missed Herbert’s hysteric rage fit’s when plan doesn’t go his way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pull’s another kidnaping like with Nonoha, or puts our heroes into some real life or death situations barely related to puzzles xD

    • Overcooled says:

      We needed to see that other side to him so he would become less flat. He’s much more interesting now!

      Ehh, I dunno. Maybe Jikukawa was exaggerating about them “searching” for Kaito. Like you said, the main message is that if Kaito gets a ring slapped on him then it might turn into a real one (or something close to a real one). There was just some unfortunate metaphors about the rings wanting to whole again…lol. Good luck with your entrance exams! I hope you get into the one you really want.

      I think the Order might have fake ones. It’s really sketchy that they all found real ones. Or maybe they all have fake ones except Freecell…

      Oh man, I hope Rook and Bishop become regulars. The cast is already pretty big, but they can fit them in somehow…I won’t mind if Herbert disappears after this episode. His throwing chairs at things was fun, but I’d rather they give all his screentime to Rook XD

  4. BlackBriar says:

    You’re helping the plague spread!! You’re responsible for this disease!! You’re increasing the Phi Brain cult, OC!! And you’re using us to instill the way and corruption of puzzles onto others!! LOL. You are doing such a good job.

    Jigukawa’s performance was great going down his path to corruption. And going into his mind was insightful seeing that he was harboring selfish thoughts and jealousy toward Phi Brain children. It’s always the quiet and seemingly harmless ones that turn out to be the most surprising and potentially destructive. No way to read them to tell their true motives or resolves until it’s too late (*cough* Seishin Muroi *cough*). Keeping everything bottled up is like waiting for a bomb (yes, pun intended because of the episode) to go off.

    I’m glad Kaito and Gammon knew better about Jikukawa’s condition because of what the Orpheus Rings can do while Cubic was being optimistic. No matter how much regard you have for someone, at the end of the day, they’re human just like you and everyone else and so they will be just as susceptible. Cubic should have known the truth. Sure, it would hurt at first but it would have prepared him to face other things.

    Nonoha and Ana were wasting their time trying to convince Chieno. “There’s a bomb in the school that could go off”. Short, sweet and to the point to get your point across and everyone would be out in no time. Better that way than getting blown to bits.

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, you’re IN the cult so you’re just as bad. XD Give me a little more time and the entire aniblogosphere will be in my grasp!

      The quiet ones keep all their feelings suppressed, which results in a torrent of emotions as soon as the dam is broken. Not knowing what to expect makes it more shocking too. When you know someone who is always angry or always bitter, then you aren’t surprised to see them act that way. Doing a 180 has a strong effect if you really know the person.

      Cubic was being naive. He IS younger than everyone there, let’s not forget. Kids deny things they don’t like or accept…even genius kids! I think Kaito is the only one who really noticed that Jikukawa was consumed though…I’m surprised Ana couldn’t tell.

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