Meta Mash – 19

Enjoy some new hits for Meta Mash with talks on Science, Mechs, Poetry and Bishies.


Moyashimon Returns – 03

And by science I mean bow chicka wow wow…Good luck Sawaki!!
Well hello there Moyashimon fans out there! I will be covering this series for our amazing Meta Mash and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts. However I will say this I am not an expert on the “science” part of the series, but I will do my best to tackle it depending on the episode. So what happened? From my point of view it seems that we are dealing with some character developments between Sawaki (he can see microbes and talk to them), Oikawa and of course Kei (the maid looking character). To avoid spoilers I won’t mention much about that character if you haven’t seen season one. Oh and Haruka is having thoughts about her future! DUN DUN DUUUNNN does she have plans to get married? Just kidding! She loves science way too much to give it up, but she did have that strange scene with Kaoru…what was that about? I guess we will find out soon!

And now it’s time for the science part! *puts on some glasses and a lab coat* So, what are they making this week? They are making rice malt miso in the Fermenting cellar because you need dark places for the microbes to grow or as they say brew. After the malt it is combined with steamed rice and the right amount of soybeans which determines how “sweet” the malt becomes and they are going for a sweet, mild miso malt this with equal amounts of soybeans and rice malt. All of this stuff basically becomes beer in the end, but I don’t really drink so this part of the episode was like oh cool…anyway…yeah I hope the science breakdown works for you. The fermented stuff sounds really cool, but from the characters reactions from season one; it smells really terrible in real life.


Uta Koi – 04 

Hottest fanservice of the season? I think so.
This was an interesting fourth outing for Uta Koi. Instead of focusing on a romantic relationship between two individual, it traverses to the platonic realms of friendship. This weeks episode narrowed in on a poor noble named Yasuhide and our favorite playboy from the late Heien era, Narihira. Now for all you yaoi fangirls (and fanboys), there was nothing of that sort in this episode. Not even a shred of fan service was eked out in the twenty some odd minutes. Instead we are entreated to an exploration of the philosophy of poetry and what the art means to an individual.For most of the series we’ve only seen poetry used in the context of love. Verses crafted feelings of loss, joy, passion and longing. But poetry isn’t just written about the games the heart plays. Crafting stanzas is also a way for a person to actualize the soul. Every writer imprints their personality as well as they’re feeling into both content and form. Yasuhide is the type to use wordplay to show off his intelligence and wit. Narihira uses evocative imagery to display his zeal (for women).Both disagree at first that there is a better way to compose wakas (the form of poetry found in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu) . But after spend a night neath the moon with the Emperors new bride, they’re true ideals come to bear. Poetry is what gives them freedom from the world around them. For Yasuhide, it lets him escape the lowly class he was born into. For Narihira, it allows his to defy norms set by set by society.

I praise Uta Koi for it’s philosophical ambition in this episode. There’s no more need to fear that series will pidgeon hole itself with the same love story over and over again. It shows that the content can have some versatility and that the it can tell a story outside of it’s range of comfort. It wasn’t the best episode (honors go to the third outing) but it was enjoyable nonetheless.


Gundam Age – 41

That chair looks really freaking comfortable yo!
Woooooooooooooo! Gundam AGE is back on Metanorn for all of our dedicated Gundam fans out here. So what has happened since we last posted a review? Kio was rescued by his father and I think a few months have passed since then and Kio also got a brand new Gundam AGE-FX. In the meantime the Vegan’s have taken over a giant moon base and are currently fighting off the Earth Federation as they fight to invade Earth! Oh and Zeheart is in command of that operation, but he decides to leave the base and fight Kio; however Fram Nara sees a vision of his death and decides to tag along. I thought she was going to kill Zeheart long ago for revenge, but it appears she has changed her views on him and now she is fighting with him! I did like her pink Fawn Farisasuit and it reminded me of a caster type of machine complete with a staff looking weapon.Who else showed up to fight the vegans? None other than Asem himself, but he arrived later on in the episode and tried his best to convince Zeheart to stop fighting! Because Lord Ezelcant is feeding his people lies about everything! Nice try dude but Zeheart is a born fighter and really is in no mood to talk things over. Speaking of talking things over Kio has similar issues when he tried to win Fram over, but he is also pulling a Kira yamato in terms of how he fights! You know what I am talking about right? He basically zips around disabling their weapons without blowing them up…yeah…I saw that coming from a mile away! DAMN IT KIO! Hey at least we have Grandpa Flint around to hate the enemy right? Ah well I know the overall message of Gundam AGE is peace and living in harmony in the end.


Hakuouki Reimeiroku – 03

“A female character appears! There goes the yaoi tag for this anime”

Gah, this episode reeks of politics. Though I don’t mind, really. The politic dominating this episode pushes Ryunosuke from a main character into an observer, and I’m SO GLAD it’s that way now. Since Ryunosuke is merely observing in this episode, he’s somehow less annoying than usual. Still remarkably rude, but that’s excused for this episode since he kindly protects the geisha girl… Who has red eyes. One thing I learned from the originalHakuouki is that if there’s a female, it’s most likely that she’s involved with the whole Oni/Rasetsu sheeyat somehow. Is the geisha girl involved with the demon project? We’ll see. I also want to see how she takes Ryunosuke since it seems that she’ll be his love interest and all that.

Right, politics. What Hijikata/Kondou/Sannan did to tone down Serizawa’s action is pretty smart [by making the Rule of Conducts to bind Serizawa]. Unfortunately, Serizawa won’t back down easily since it seems he has some plans up in his sleeve (I hope that’s how it’s said. Someone fi x me, please). The problem right now is Okita though, since he’s in his puberty and samurais in their puberties don’t usually think properly. Like Okita. He’s blinded because of his jealousy of the whole Hijikata x Kondou business, and that makes him vulnerable (not in a physical way). Okita’s short temper will definitely lead him to make some rash choices, and he can be used as Serizawa because of that. Seriously, Okita, pull your bull together before you suspect Hajime as spy. How ironic it will be if Hajime ends up to be the one who helps Okita through his puberty.



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7 Responses to “Meta Mash – 19”

  1. D-LaN says:

    Making microbes looks romantic lk fireflies. Only in the Microbiology the anime.

  2. Overcooled says:

    Can you just put together all the scenes with Okita into one video so I can hear Morikubo Showtaro talk in one long, looping track? Please? I’d watch Hakuouki then.

  3. tatsuya says:

    yeah …!!!GUNDAM AGE -FX !!!AWESOME ~~~~ gotta have it

  4. Bob from Accounting says:

    The latest episode of Uta Koi definitely made a nice change from stupid people being bad at romance (at its worst in the cringe-worthy third episode). Much more refreshing and satisfying to watch.

  5. TheVoid says:

    My problem with Gundam AGE is that peace and understanding the way Kio goes about it is so unrealistic. It would be better to decimate the enemies military and then force the Vegan back into the Federation. But the Federation is such a corrupt government that things will probably remain as bad.

    Flit seems to be going off the deep end since no one seems to understand him in the show itself. To him anyone can’t possibly be human if they side with the Vegan. Even if the Federation screwed them over to the point that they become fed up with it.

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