Meta Mash – 18

Meta Mash is back with some old favourites and new additions. Let’s get rolling~


Sket Dance – 67

So this week’s Sket Dance involved Tsubaki designing a t-shirt and Bossun going to an otaku meeting. … I think the first story was a bit of an awkward transition from manga to anime since the jokes are fine when you’re occupied reading, but they lack a bit visually during the anime. There was just nothing that made me laugh in the animation (plus there was noticeable QUALITY). On the plus side though, the emotion for that part of the episode was really well done by Shimono and Yoshino. The comedic lines were spot on. As for the second half, it felt either rushed or really slow. I’m sure a lot of the humour was lost in translation. Overall, for a comedy based episode, it wasn’t very funny. Actually, the last episode wasn’t all that humorous either. It seems like after the big dramatic school trip arc, Sket seems to be lacking something. …Though to be fair, Sket Dance episodes have always been a hit or a miss regardless of what the storyline is doing.  I’m caught between wanting them to continue on with the storyline and wanting them to stick to the formula they’ve been doing this entire time.  I can’t even remember which arc is after all of these self contained comedy stories. Hopefully whatever Sket is lacking picks up though.


Accel World – 15

Ginga suck! Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty~
So, progress wise, we are onto the second cour of this series, armed with new OP/ED and additional supporting characters. Chiyu is a Burst Linker too and another ‘unique’ one at that. She turns out to be a Healer (every guild needs one and don’t even get me started on Sword Art Online), an insists on reviving their friendship, which they lost while growing up. Kuroyukihime’s on a school trip and an ugly bully finds the exact time to raise his head in creating all kinds of problems.

The newbie in Kendo club aka Noumi Seiji targets the main Burst Linkers in school. I’m not sure he’s aware of Black Lotus or not (he should be with his hide-name hack), but he has gall enough to target the only flying duel avatar aka Haru. Chiyu gets embroiled in his business when she tries to defend him. End Result? An emo Haru. I know, NO ONE wanted this turn of events but seriously, this guy just needs to be kicked around like a ball to stop being emo and DO SOMETHING rather than alienating his own friends and being a complete loser (oh man, Guilty Crown nightmares coming through with all those boyish tears and whining… Ugh!). Anyways, what made it all worth it though is ASH-BRO, who is such a total BRO! Bonus points to whoever recognized the crazy voice work by Suzumura Kenichi with Japanese-Engrish combination. I remember him being over the top from Haru’s first fight but not so CRAZY and whatever hate I was feeling for Accel World (and why I had to marathon it in the first place), dissipated with AshBro Roller doing his thang~ Now, really looking forward to some intellectual advice from Icarus-sensei and resolution to the goddamn bully.


Fairy Tail – 140

On second thought do we really want to know?
So where my enthusiasm for Sket is lacking, Fairy Tail has made up for it since the storyline has gotten it’s act together once again. I’m a bit wary since it seems like they’ve brought back every single Fairy Tail antagonist ever just because they could (and none of them seem to have aged minus that guy who uses wind), but it does seem like the worst case scenario, which is usually when things get really good battle-wise. Angel’s new power looks like it will be fun to watch anyways. …Though there’s something wrong with the whole book thing. I don’t mean wrong as in a plot twist coming up, but whoever wrote this script didn’t think this through. The fact that all of them knew that the book ended with the keys being gathered and the world ending, but ABSOLUTELY NOBODY could figure out that it meant gathering the clock was a bad idea aside, if they didn’t want the pieces gathered, why bother hinting at the locations in the book at all? Lucy and every body else only picked up the clues because of the book. If the book was trying to warn against gathering them (which is implied by that creepy… girl… thing popping up in Lucy’s head), then why hint at where they are? Obviously they needed it all there for storyline purposes, but if you think about it, it’s pretty counter productive. …It’s not a major plot hole and they could probably easily fill it with lose reasoning, but it was bugging me all episode.


Kuroko no Basuke – 16

Or is he thinking about playing some Sword Art Online? Wait Nooooooooooooooooooo!
By now, Midorima is old news and Aomine is the new hot shit. I really like his character, even though I remember resenting all the players like him who skipped practice because they thought they were too good already. However, our ball-hog badboy only makes an entrance in the final few minutes of the episodes, much like how he only decides to rear his head halfway through the basketball game. There was never a doubt that he’d arrive eventually, but the sudden way he just waltzed in and languidly greeted everyone like he just got up from a nap was unexpected. It was a casual entrance, which made it perfect. Sometimes you need a subtle moment in between the pink-haired data queens researching people like a grad school thesis and laserbeam passes across the court.

ANYWAYS, this episode isn’t actually about Aomine, despite how much I’ve talked about him already. It’s about his teammates! We get to see his teammates in action, and compare their individual play style to Seirin’s teamwork. I think we all can guess that the lesson at the end of the day will be that “there is no i in team.” Basketball is a team sport, so this isn’t any sort of outlandish philosophy to follow for the game. You can’t away on pure strength alone forever. But for now, that pure strength is doing a damn good job of shutting down Seirin. Not only are the players really talented, but they have Momoi on their side. I actually really like that past MiraGen members are narrators for the game and explain intricate details about the players. It gives us inside info and changes up the perspective by switching from on the court to how the spectators see it. Momoi is kind of…boring now that I see her ability. Basically she is Inui from Prince of Tennis, except she just gives the data to her players. She may be able to process all that data, but it’s a big stretch to say that every player on the team memorizes all the stats she gives them and acts accordingly. There’s just too much tot think about during such a lightning-fast sport. If Momoi were playing herself, this might make more sense. (Feel free to yell at me for nitpicking about the believability of Momoi’s ability when Kuroko uses voodoo gypsy magic to win).

You would think having Nakai Kazuya voicing someone (ANYONE) in a show would be enough to carry the episode, but this week was a bit boring. Momoi went into detail about every player’s abilities – mostly things we already know. The new facts could have been explained a lot more quickly too. The match was mostly spent explaining Momoi’s kind of dumb skill and Seirin’s abilities, which ate up all the cool moments where they actually play an interesting match. The magic just wasn’t there. I will give them credit for making me forget about Kuroko in the first few minutes and shocking me when he suddenly appeared for a screen. It’s amazing that he has such a low presence that even the viewers lose track of him. With Aomine ready to roll for next week’s episode, I doubt I’ll forget about Kurokocchi since we’re probably getting an intense showdown. YAROU ZE~ ;D<


Koi Choco – Episode 03

Yaoi Stick, full power!
My only question after watching episode three: What kind of screwed up school do these kids attend!? Teachers decided on by the students, intense meaningful elections, a “Food Research Club” that eats snacks all day … every school should be like this!

Elections are in full swing now, and as I mentioned before, they’re taken much more seriously by the students than any school I’ve ever attended. It’s a good direction for this show however because it counterbalances the silliness and exaggerated personalities of the characters, much like the ongoing mystery from week one. With that said, an unbalance of those two sides might be the downfall of KoiChoco, especially if the show ever gets too focused on the seriousness of the election and forgets that the divide between the comedy/drama is what makes each week so fun to watch. I still feel as though the side characters are the highlight of the show so far, they’re far more interesting then generic male-lead and boring-tsundere. Yume, for example, consistently makes me laugh.

“Yaku” the former president is definitely hiding his true motives for helping the Research Club, those closed eyes and cordial grin are always an easy giveaway. I’m attempting to piece together his reason, but there isn’t much to go by. The event from the beginning of episode one is related without a doubt. Another curious character this week was the alcoholic sensei, who is connected to both sides of the election as the half-sister of Satsuki and … eh, “guardian” of Ooshima? The hug at the end came out of nowhere. Michiru might be getting an episode focus next week, so I look forward to it! Until next time~



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6 Responses to “Meta Mash – 18”

  1. Highway says:

    I’m really trying to figure out where this undercurrent of intrigue and drama is going in KoiChoco. A large school that has “Finance”, “Public Safety”, and “General Services” Commissions. That there’s some scandal that’s not only bringing down the current student council president, but worth murdering a girl for. And while all that goes on, the MC, who’s got no less than 5 girls after him, is getting Marshmallow Hell hugs from their teacher / advisor after having what looked like a rather platonic dinner with her (although he lied about where he was to Chisato). Oh, and she’s the older (half?) sister of one of the harem girls!

    Is this going to turn into one of those shows that you need a chart to figure out?

    Anyway, next week is Michiru! Finally she’ll do more than say “normal” and hide behind stuff! I hope!

    • Hawthorne says:

      There was just something about the way she said goodbye and the way he very childishly and innocently rested his head in her embrace that felt very … motherly? Perhaps she’s taken care of him and filled that “motherly” role in the past? A teacher and student can’t be eating together for no reason after all. XD

      Woo~ Michiru, I can’t wait! <3

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, that’s kind of what I initially thought, although I felt it was still not as ‘innocent’ as that. And I didn’t think the setup was weird at all until the ‘mom’ references came up, and I’m thinking “Mom? Wait a minute, I thought that was their teacher…” I actually paused and went to go look up characters, and went back to Hazuki and Satsuki’s scene on the tower to make sure it was the same person (hair and eye color).

  2. D-LaN says:

    Lucy….. I sure hope you are not into stuff lk tht….(Though tht would be fun)

    General consensus 4 AW: RAAAAAAAGEE lol. While SAO is: RUUUUUUUSHH double the lol.
    Tht said, AR doesn’t seem so bad eh?? And he got a beautiful master….. (WUT)
    Not tht I seen tht ep……But if Haru gonna emo why can’t he be a cool emo lk Kirito??? Instead we got another SHOE. (I know the situation and his charac BUT STILL)

    • BlackBriar says:

      I understand the rage. A main character like Haru whining after a little setback especially after all he’s overcome until now. You can’t help but want to slap him at the back of the head. Damn you, Gibbs from NCIS for instilling the urge to slap people at the back of the head!!

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: The emotion shot up right at the beginning of the episode. The new OP isn’t bad but it needs time to grow on me. Nomi is the kind of despicable villain we haven’t seen in a while. There are no redeeming qualities about him at all. I really didn’t like it when he called Chiyu his pet. His avatar, Dusk Taker steals abilities from other Burst Linkers like he did to Haru. That raises the question as to does he have anything that belongs to him originally instead of ripping other people off. He’ll get his turn later on and hopefully, it will be a thousand times worse.

    Haru went back to moping and whining but thank goodness it didn’t last as long as before, especially with Ash Roller giving him an intense pep talk. “Suck it! Giga suck it! No, terra suck it, dumbass!” Never has an old fodder villain talking down on the MC felt so fitting and well deserved. He’s a real bro. I don’t why but he feels like a character Jun Fukuyama would play. The best part was him going Ghost Rider as he was wall riding to meet up with his guardian Sky Laker.

    Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate: Whoa, there are intense political ideas going on just for a student election!! It makes me want to quote: “People should be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people”. Now we should beware of school candidates. If my school was ever like this, I’d never want to graduate.

    This episode showed once again that Michiru is the cutest of the bunch. And just what is the relationship between Yuuki and his teacher?! I’m really curious…

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