Meta Mash – 16

Enjoy a fresh Meta Mash with the last pan and moe girls of Kiseki but not before voting for Metanorn on Semi-finals, which has broken all previous records of 1000+ total votes!


Shirokuma Cafe – 13

Panda loves Tanabata! FREE WISHES YO!
Wah, I absolutely adore the tanabata holiday and the story of Orihime and Hikoboshi~ It’s one of my many goals in life to celebrate the holiday at a festival in Japan. Anyway, this episode just overflowed with so much cuteness that my eyes started to water. Everyone’s wishes for the tanabata celebration at the cafe (and the musical montage that accompanied them as our main characters thought of them) were adorable and occasionally pun-ny when concerning some of the animal characters, like Sloth wishing to win a marathon.

However, the main cute spotlight shined brightly on Handa, who’s developed a major crush for Sasako!This officially marks the Sasako-Handa ship setting out to sea! Handa was acting the cutest I have ever seen him; coming into the cafe so ‘casually’, taking longing peeks at Sasako, and desperately trying to stop Panda from revealing this new-found crush to her. I was glad at the end that Handa found that assertiveness Full-Time Panda and Panda mentioned, possibly getting him just a tad bit closer to Sasako.

Also, random thought I’ve been thinking for a while about: does Panda carrying panda items and liking anything panda-like make him quite…narcissistic? I mean, you don’t see Polar Bear or Penguin have or carry around items of their own species. It truly does fit Panda’s self-centered character, though this episode actually showed him thinking of someone else with the tanabata wish for Handa’s wish to come true. After putting him through a lot of trouble, Panda finally did something for him. Panda’s wish really hit me in the fangirl feels; it was small, and maybe considered insignificant, but to me, wishing for someone’s wish to come true is definitely meaningful and so pure and sweet. I love those simple gestures, and that ending, accompanied by the other events, has made episode 13 my absolute favorite episode of Shirokuma Cafe.~


Sket Dance – 64

 Sadly we can only dream of epic crossovers like this!
I was expecting less comedy this episode, but I wasn’t expecting them to go full out. Sket actually got creative with the camera angles and effects here, which is saying a lot since the last time they did this involved having sun beams on every single frame of animation. The touch with having Himeko and Bossun appear spiritually or whatever during the serious talk about the Saaya-Bossun-Himeko triangle was great since it made the scene more serious. I guess Saaya is an important-ish character since she’s the one who gets Bossun and Himeko to become more aware of one another (…not that anything has developed regarding that in the manga as far as I know), but I just can’t help but still see her as a side character. The second part of the episode was the highlight though. I wasn’t expecting them to animate the RPG side story, but they did well in keeping the humour from manga to anime (…though it’s not exactly hard). I’m just impressed they managed to fit that whole chapter into a couple of minutes. If I remember correctly, the stuff covered this episode was the most awkward Sket has gotten thus far, so if you’re worried about this suddenly becoming a love comedy triangle, don’t be. This is still the same Sket Dance you’ve been watching this entire time.


Natsuiro Kiseki – 12 [END]

Sadly we only had one swimsuit scene for this endless summer episode!
The end has arrived! What will we do without these four girls to brighten our nights? I guess we will have to look ahead to other shows in the summer, but I will miss the random wishes and of course the fun adventures with Yuka who won the best character for me personally. Now to talk about the episode because I could talk about this series for hours…so what is going on this week for these girls? We have officially entered the “endless summer” which is a lot like endless eight, but not as drawn out because after all this is the final episode of the series.

While this was a repeat the same events type of episode you would instantly think something like oh man they are going to copy paste everything over and over again, but they only did that a few times because we saw everyone go to the beach, ride bikes and generally try new things; however at the start they did continue to go to the audition before Yuka got bored and wanted to move onto something new. So if you could repeat any day over and over again what would you go with? I would imagine something like a vacation or field trip from your past? I think I would go with that! In the end the girls have no choice but to have the wishing rock to take away the miracles in order for Saki to move and I really think the girls had enough fun together with the endless summer wish.

Overall this series easily falls into the cute girls doing cute things category with every other moe series, but I was drawn in by the wishing rock at the start which made almost every episode a mini mystery in terms of what wish will it grant this week!? I HAVE TO KNOW! I would say if you loved this you might enjoy Smile precure because the first few episodes mirror the events in this series with the wishes going all crazy. So which wish did you enjoy? I loved the cloning one and the time travel one with little Saki beating the crap out of the older Saki! SO GOOD! Also invisible Saki was a fun episode.


Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan – 12 [END]

 Enjoy your final taste of bread this season!

Shining Hearts goes out with a bang!~ Rick beats the villain, saves the girl, and everyone lives happily ever after … except for me, because the ending was bad on so many levels. I don’t know if I should be impressed with myself for lasting this long or saddened by the fact that I’ve wasted so much time on this show. There’s no denying it’s relaxing to watch, but truthfully I would never recommend this anime for its lack of entertainment value (apart from the laughs you might have from its occasional absurdities) and terrible pacing. I’d go as far to say this a very superficial show, it’s beautiful to look at, has a great seiyuu cast, and a captivating RPG-like soundtrack, but when it comes down to it the story was weak and took eight episodes to even get on its feet. When it finally did, we were fed some exposition that felt ridiculous (even for a fantasy setting) and the most important plot points (and I’m calling Kaguya a plot point for this reason) were not developed in the slightest! Finale? I have more questions now then I’ve ever had and very few were answered. My recommendation: learn Japanese and buy the game. (Y)


Accel World – Episode 12

IMG Spiderman put on some pounds or he borrowed one of Tony Stark’s  Ironman suits?
Things just got real man. But I’m glad we didn’t have too many losses rather than some good conclusion of the fight. Seeing people ‘die’ and out of the game is never a good experience but you should get yourself ready for it because in Sword Art Online, getting killed in-game pretty much translates to the real world as well. Previous episode, I was really worried about Taku and shared my concerned with commentors but this turned out to be a true shounen show with no harm to the main characters. Though, Niko had to deal with ‘taking responsibility’ for her friend in saying her final goodbyes in-game. We also came to know how much time these kids spends playing Brain Burst. Is it even healthy?! I guess, let’s not go into that discussion at all.

This was a good follow up to the previous episode with half action and half dorama. I really wanted to kick Niko’s butt for being a total tsun to Haru but oh well, it was all for a reason. The Yellow King’s survival means that we will be seeing him again (good thing, because Akira Ishida voiced villains are usually interesting). Overall, the action was good again. I definitely hated the inner-monologue of Haru of not being sure of himself but you can say, he’s showing progress than regression. He has a long way to go but at least he’s trying hard enough. The FALCON KICK was hilarious but I have no love lost for the kid who wanted to be stronger for Niko. The dere moments of Niko later were cute and you could really see her warming up to Haru. He didn’t have to shed sloppy tear in response though. Next episode, let’s see how Chiyu gets initiated into the Accel World.



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20 Responses to “Meta Mash – 16”

  1. Tofu says:

    I was a bit worried that the Yellow King would die off but I’m glad in a way that he escaped. Akira Ishida is a new name I’ve never crossed by but I admire how well he gives the clown a befitting personality ;D

    Niko was so adorable in this episode~! Really loved how she developed and that tragic past… T_T I want to give her a hug >///<

    The topic about staying connected through VR was cute too since we can all kinda relate it to our aniblogsphere community ^^ A lovely community where individuals gather and interact. It's totally not unhealthy at all!! ^^

    PS: I don't watch any of the others D:

    • D-LaN says:

      He voiced Kaworu and Akise. Thet r quite famous. *ahem*gay bishie dying*ahem*

    • Foshizzel says:

      You should try Natsuiro Kiseki Tofu! You might like it! four cute girls trying to become idols with plenty of d’awwww moments! YESSSSSS

  2. Highway says:

    I thought it was a good ending to Natsuiro Kiseki. We’re getting lots of “look to the future” / “Life Goes On” endings from this spring season, and so far all of them have been done appropriately, in my opinion. It was good that they had their fun, and I thought the show handled the concept of repeating the same day in a good way. They broke from the treadmill early, and did stuff that they didn’t get to do that summer. And isn’t that what every kid wishes for? “I wish I’d had the chance to do…” And then realized that life should go on (it just occurred to me the parallels between this and Burst Linkers spending so much time accelerated, while eschewing the ‘real’ world). Overall a far better repeated day execution than most.

    I don’t know if I could come up with a favorite wish. I liked that the mechanism for wishing was so variable: random thoughts granted (flying), desperate pleas (invisible Saki), even ones that ended up feeling bad (Yuka realizing Takashi won’t like her). And that they don’t have to be trying, just near the rocks (even ones they didn’t know where related rocks).

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep that was a great ending to Natsuiro Kiseki! I wish they played around with the endless summer theme for two episodes, but oh well that is how things go right and yes! We all have had something in our own lives that we wish it would never end! Ie summer camp and stuff like that.

      Ahahah the wishes were the best in this series and I always laughed how there were “cousins of rocks out there” that made me freaking laugh so much….

      I will miss the fun characters of Natsuiro Kiseki <3 <3

  3. Moni Chan says:

    bread the animation ends. every time I watched an episode I smell bread baking. even as I typing this I smell bread being baked.

    Panda kun and Tanabata. Bamboo seems to look tasty now cuz of this show. I can’t look at bamboo the same way again

  4. John Sato says:

    Good to hear that Sket Dance isn’t breaking its style. I mean, I liked the last couple episodes, but man were they awkward. I was afraid it was trying to compete with Kokoro Connect for gender swapping.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yep, they break out of the comedy once in a while, but it’s only like the Sket’s past arcs and such, it doesn’t last long and normally just brings something small and new to the gags. Like Tsubaki and Bossun’s newfound brotherly relationship.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I should watch it again! I used to watch it week by week…maybe ill add Sket Dance and Hunter x Hunter to my personal watch list! Because I usually watch all my anime with my brother but he got bored of those two shows.

  5. skylion says:

    Natsuiro: What will we do to brighten the nights? Well, that little tornado called Yuru Yuri seems to fit the bill. Can you imagine that cast with a wishing rock? Oh, the horror. As it stands Natsurio was one of my favorites of the spring, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the same.
    Things I would hate to see continue. Animation derp. Oh, the derp! Status Quo. Theirs lives have changed, and they said goodbye to Saki and to the wishing rock. What if they did find the time to be together? The end seems to suggest they could have a bright future as idols. Now, all we have to do is get them into space and have a fight with AKB0048

    Oh, and endless day sounds like a nightmare to me….

    Accel World: Now with 50% less character fail. OK 25%, but that’s my final offer. At this point I only watch the show for Riko: The Maddest Loli on the Planet!

    • Highway says:

      As Ayano might say “Toshinou Kyouko should never have access to a wishing rock!” Poor Chinatsu-chan and Chizuru if that happened.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yuru Yuri soon! Yep very soon and ahahah yes! If those girls had a wishing rock you can expect lots of crazy things to happen to them every week…damn Kyouko with the power to use wishes? AMAZING!

      • skylion says:

        The dangerous think would be what those girls would agree on….remember, that is a wishing rock requisite.

        • Highway says:

          I dunno, there were definitely some wishes that were not all 4 of them. Rin and Yuka sure didn’t agree to get stuck together after they did it to Saki and Natsumi! I even wonder how many of them wished for Saki to be invisible, or if that was a solo wish.

  6. anime says:

    Tanabata anime est celui que j’aime le plus! Un bon mélange de comédie et d’idées.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: We’re now officially half through the series and it’s becoming increasingly good each episode. Chrome Disaster’s was too quick in my opinion but it became easy to see why now that the remnants have now attached itself to Haruyuki. More power to you, Kyo for using the Spider-Man metaphor because it looks like soon Haru is going to get the alien symbiote treatment.

    Niko has somehow become a permanent member in Haruyuki’s household (Which tends to happen a lot in shows like this). Her background story has been such a tragedy; she’s lost so many important people in her life (her parents and now Cherry Rook is moving away) that it’s only natural for her to be with Haruyuki if he makes her happy.

    Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan – 12 [END]: Shining Hearts had a surprisingly subtle ending for being such a trainwreck of a series. But I wish the action scenes at the start were dragged out. That felt so anti-climactic. I share your amazement, Hawthorne, that we lasted this long watching it.

    There are character I’ll surely miss, with Rick and the girls front and center. I liked Queen’s character design and armor a lot. It’s a shame she wasn’t as active in the story as the rest because surely she could’ve been very useful. Same sentiments to Dylan for being a badass though having small screen time. And last but not least my favorite Xiao-Mei, the carefree cat girl thief and antique collector.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Congratulations Hawthorne on completing BREAD THE ANIMATION you deserve a gold medal xD

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