Kokoro Connect 02 – 03

Better put ’em away boys; Yui’s ready to karate chop some very sensitive parts.~

Posting this a day before the new episode! Is this what you call a YOLO moment? Anyway, while I didn’t enjoy the first episode very much, I’ve taken more of liking to Kokoro Connect after these past two episodes. I’m still anxiously waiting for some drama though! I need something to freak out over, you know?

Body swapping: The fun pro

Experiencing how to live as the opposite sex – Let’s start with the fun stuff, no? While the body swapping may have been unsettling at first for the group, they’ve quickly adapted to the random switching by establishing basic guidelines. Personally I was glad they actually covered some of the realistic problems that come with body swapping, such as going to the restroom in the opposite sex’s body, instead of just completely ignoring it. Anyway, establishing guidelines still doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to avoid certain situations or stop from doing random shenanigans in another body, which has created some unexpected, and completely intentional, fun for us viewers. The boys brought on most of the fun, especially after my favorite scene where they got to tape their favorite ladies make love confessions while being in their bodies. Best body swapping scene though was when Taichi (in Yui’s body) kicked Yui (in his body) in…well, the crouch, then ended up getting switched back in the middle of the pain. It was pretty hilarious, but honestly, I would’ve been pretty pissed having to experience that…~

Body swapping: the serious and potentially dangerous cons

Unintentionally prying into each other’s private lives – Kokoro Connect so far has made body swapping seem a little fun, but of course, the fun can’t continue for long. With the body swapping becoming more frequent and random, the more the group is starting to see into each others’ private lives and unintentionally trigger some personal issues. Most notable and in-depth was Yui’s androphobia issue, which was discovered after Aoki began to ask her harmless questions. She ended up revealing not only her fears, but her personal story about how she was almost raped in middle school. Iori’s family situation was also brought to light, though it was only a bit part (that may stem to be something bigger later on). I can sense obvious drama coming from the members suddenly stepping into someone’s life, possibly resulting in the group pulling apart at some point or making one member going completely out of line. Just who will it be, when it will happen, and what will trigger the potential chaos among the group? There have been some hints through out these past two episodes, but of course we won’t know till more episodes progress.~

Heartseed: the lazy observer having fun – The obvious big reveal in episode two was finding out the culprit behind the body swapping, Heartseed. Apparently he’s a vine speaking through Mr. Goto’s body, who is the supposed observer of the group and the one causing the body swapping. His motives are as mysterious as the rest of his weak answers to some of our biggest questions. His eerie arrival has me asking MORE questions like how in the world is a plant doing this? And what does does he mean by “that is not the task you have been assigned”? He said that he would stop the swapping once he found it fun, but is there something else he wants them to do? Also, I wonder what the significance of the heartseed vine is. I looked up the plant and found out that it does have seeds with a heart-shaped imprint on them, but is that really it…?~


Taichi, “the selfless freak” – Our “selfless freak” Taichi (which has quite the negative connotation the way Inaba says it for some reason) definitely seems like the problem solver of the group, doing whatever he can to help everyone else. He’s also naïve, making him the typical kind protagonist that will probably be everyone’s savior in the end. So far there doesn’t seem like there’s a dark side/personal secret he has, but it has been only three episodes (and I will be ready for it when it does happen). Anyway, these past two episodes Taichi has essentially showed the actual good that comes out of the body swapping and accidentally revealing personal issues. After learning about Yui’s androphobia, he was able to have her discuss it, then reassure her that she can protect herself using a pretty painful move on forceful guys. In Yui’s instance, the body swapping actually helped her personally, along with Taichi’s selflessness.

Inaba, the protective leader? – Inaba is our strong, leader character, protecting not only her girls, but the boys as well. As president of the club, she’s also become the leader pushing guidelines concerning the body swapping and generally trying to make sure the whole situation (and the members) stay under control. It seems though that Inaba is most protective of Iori, as seen through her odd behavior in the beginning of episode three. I was confused at first why she was pressing Taichi so much about him possibly crushing on Iori until she began to speak more about Iori. She’s been the only one to notice Iori hurting underneath her cheerful expressions, so she’s looking for someone to unconditionally support her; Taichi obviously being the right pick. However I think there’s another reason why Inaba is so protective of her, especially during this phenomenon they’re currently experiencing.

Iori, the “weakest link” – Despite her upbeat appearance most of the time, Iori is starting look like the weakest link, as Inaba said. It seems she’s weak mentally as a possible side effect from her parent’s divorce and her mother not being there all the time for her; plus whatever new situation is occurring with her mother from that scene of the two in the cafe. She’s enduring it, and the current body swapping problem, but judging from Inaba’s words, she might break at any time. I think that’s what Inaba is the most afraid of: someone losing it in someone else’s body. Iori may be the prime candidate, but hey, we never know. It could very well be anyone in the group; it’s now just a matter of waiting.

Overall Thoughts

These past two episodes were definitely a lot more entertaining and intriguing than the first, which I suspected. As I said in the opening, I’m itching for some drama to blab about and I hope it starts soon! The characters themselves seem to be hinting at such possible drama in little tid bits of dialogue. I feel though that Iori’s question to Taichi while in Aoki’s body at the train station was a big foreshadow into what will happen in the series, but that may just be me. I expected there to be a budding romance between Taichi and Iori since the first episode, so the crush news didn’t surprise me. Also, I was kind of happy they kept Fujishima. I loved her in the first episode and I’m actually awaiting some more yuri antics from her, heh. All in all, not a bad two episodes, but personally I’ve only been mildly satisfied even with the big reveal in episode 2. However, with this sudden incident with Inaba, I’m feeling a little excited for the next episode.~


Just what caused Inaba to collapse, and what’s with this teary aftermath? Also, it looks like Iori will tell more about herself, possibly giving us a better look into her emotional state. Until next, well, day then~!!


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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19 Responses to “Kokoro Connect 02 – 03”

  1. Tofu says:

    As much as I didn’t expect the dramatic twist from episode 1 to episodes 2 and especially 3, I’m completely loving it. I’m glad it’s not just a comedy and that they’re really going all the way with what this body swapping incident can do or achieve (whether it’d be a bad or good outcome).

    Even so, how funny was the stripping scene!? Oh gosh… the imagination of seeing my own body being humiliated by another is scary… 😛

    Each of our characters are unique to each other sharing really only one thing in common: they attend the same club. It’s interesting seeing such characters mingle and understand each other and the secrets, trauma’s or obstacles that each of them are facing in order for them to help each other out like Yui’s androphobia in episode 3.

    This really is the surprise of the season ;D

    • Hoshi says:

      Yeah, after the first episode I was afraid this would be just a typical slice of life comedy with the body swapping twist thrown in for fun, but they’re actually going for something deeper and I like that. I’m actually waiting for something bad to come out just to see how the characters react and what they’ll do.

      Ah I forgot about that! I would be completely mortified! >< I think what Kokoro Connect is trying to show us is that everyone has their personal issues, traumas, etc. and keep them hidden from their friends, family (especially in high school). They don't communicate these problems, so they don't get help or find solace. But for these characters, they're almost being forced to reveal their personal issues because of this supernatural event happening to them. So far, it's actually helped and the group is not only solving their problems, but developing a stronger friendship with each other. I may be jumping ahead, but so far I think that's what the show is trying to tell us.

      • Tofu says:

        I think you’re right on the dot Hoshi and I totally agree with you ^^ I’d love to see more of this bonding between characters through tackling such personal issues <3 I love these kinds of stories so much~

  2. JPNIgor says:

    I was expecting so much of Kokoro Connect… I’m just so glad that it is at least as good as I expected.

    Ah, I don’t know why but I loved the ending *-* I makes me feel anxious to watch the next episode.

    Well, Kokoro Connect is very bizarre XD With this thing of Heartseed… And Iori talking that way in the body of Aoki was almost scary o.o’

    In episode 3, I just thought that the thing of Aoki shaking next to other boys in Yui’s body was a little confusing, since androphobia is a psychological issue, it should go with Yui in the body swapping.

    Ah, and I want to see romance between Taichi and Iori XD It is almost obvious when you watch the ending.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Same here! I think it’s the face that they put the preview right before the ending and the music just perfectly fits xD

      It was definitely a bit frightening, especially when Heartseed came out. It seemed like all fun and games until he and Iori’s strange speech came out…

      You can tell even in the opening a bit that something romantic will happen with those two. I don’t mind it, but secretly I like Aoki and Yui more together~.

      • JPNIgor says:

        Yeah, it must be it *-*

        Well, if I look it through their point of view, it is definitely frightening, but since I’m just watching, it is just bizarre. There are lots of things that I’m still curious about Heartseed, and one of them is if Heartseed is the Heartseed plant or another kind of Heartseed. Another thing is, how comes Goto don’t remember being in the body of a plant? Because he should have remembered if the way Heartseed enters in Goto’s body is the same way that happens the body swapping thing.

        I like more Iori and Taichi together. I think that what Inaba said makes sense, they complete each other and I think it is beautiful when it happens. But I don’t mind Aoki and Yui together. But I think that both, Yui and Inaba have a stronger feeling about Taichi than Iori? XD Or is it my imagination?

        • Hoshi says:

          ~I think they mean Heartseed as in a plant because Inaba said something about a vine, which it is. I was wondering the same thing about Goto. I’m curious how switching into a plant works…

          I could kind of see that too xD I actually thought at the beginning of episode 3 that Inaba was mad at Taichi for liking Iori, but after re-watching it I realized she meant it differently. And Yui does seem like she’s taking more of liking to Taichi since he helped her with her androphobia problem.

          • JPNIgor says:

            Well, then I guess I can say that Kokoro Connect is a disguised harem XD But still, it is very different of other harems.

            Well, watching the episode 4 would make the discussion more complete, but I don’t want to give spoilers. I can tell that episode 4 was nice.

      • JPNIgor says:

        GOD the next episode was released already *W* I can’t wait to watch.

  3. Highway says:

    Yeah, the issue of Yui’s body reacting to the presence of males even when another personality is in it is interesting for contemplating just how deep the personality switches go, as well as how deep issues like androphobia go. I don’t recall if we’ve seen her have conscious issues with males when she’s in another body.

    The show is really delivering on something different, and using the body swapping as a vehicle for telling other stories and personal development. I’m getting better at hearing the effort the voice actors are putting in to speaking like the other characters. I’m definitely looking forward to the show, and more of Iori. She’s really been kind of missing for episodes 2 and 3. There have been some wham! moments (Inaba describing her as the most likely to crack, the issue with her mom), but overall she really hasn’t had a personal presence.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I’m really curious as well about how deep the body swapping goes, especially after Iori’s question to Taichi in episode 2. Personally it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the whole phenomenon. And I was wondering too about how Yui didn’t seem any different when she was in a male’s body…

      I said this two comments up, but I think the whole point of the show is to reveal that every person has personal issues, traumas, etc. and a lot don’t communicate those problems with others (especially with teenagers, I believe). For these characters, they’re being forced to reveal such problems because of the body swapping, which invades the personal block they set in front of their friends. Because of this, they can actually get help, as seen with Yui, instead of just quietly suffering alone.

      Iori is definitely one to look out for, and I hope that her absence means that we’ll get to see more of her soon.

  4. Bob from Accounting says:

    Getting kicked in the balls – the greatest agony it is possible to suffer. This message was brought to you by an all-male writing team.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I can’t even imagine…

      • Bob from Accounting says:

        You probably can. Just imagine something mildly painful. That’s all it really is. The pain of being kicked in the balls is somewhat of a myth that men have built over the years to try and win sympathy… *is silenced before I can give anything else away*

  5. Allergic2Cats says:

    Just picked up the first 3 episodes,

    I is not disappoint! I love the interactions here and there.

    Maybe I should consider picking up the LN later too…

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Glad you like it! I’m not disappointed either.
      Ah, if you do, tell me how it is! I’m getting curious about the light novel as well.

      • Allergic2Cats says:

        Of course.
        I’ll probably wait and see if there’s any sign of the first arc finishing before reading so I’ll give you a heads up in your future episode posts /wink

  6. Highway says:

    I think people are tending to make too big a deal out of the questions Iori asked from a philosophical standpoint. The reason that it seems like such a deep thing is that generally we can’t separate the physical body from the spiritual self.

    In general, however, people are willing to identify an individual in front of them as whoever that person claims to be. From a convenience standpoint, we identify a self by the body it’s in, because really how often are we wrong about that? It only becomes worth noting when that body claims to be multiple selves, whether concurrently or exclusively. And when we run into that, it’s rare that it’s a credible claim.

    In this case, the people involved *know* it’s a credible claim. Therefore, they’re willing to reevaluate who they believe a self is in front of them and not necessarily tie it to the body. And if this was a frequent occurrence, I’m sure that most people would easily adapt. We would likely come up with ‘authentication’ procedures (like Inaba used in the first episode, but definitely more sophisticated) to prevent frauds. But it’s really not too much different from life online.

    And maybe that’s something Iori was trying to get at. Or maybe not. And if not, then I’ll say it. 🙂

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Ahh, I understand. Thanks so much for saying this.
      I would have never thought of something like this, hahaha.

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