Tasogare Otome X Amnesia – 09

Black Rock… Gold… Yuuko… Saw… yeah. 

AHAHAHA. You thought it wasn’t possible. You thought wrong. I AM ACTUALLY ON TIME WITH TASOGARE. …This is probably going to look ridiculous on Metanorn’s home page (having episodes 8 and 9 practically right beside each other), but I just can’t bring myself to care.

Karma is a bitch

Yuuko was rather strange this episode as she was being particularly needy. She even experiences ‘negative’ emotions like jealousy. The most surprising though is the fact that she’s suddenly embarrassed at the fact that Niiya saw her naked. It’s only the 578407th time he’s seen her like that this series. Of course something is awry when Yuuko is suddenly embarrassed. I’m rather glad that Niiya picked up on that and went straight to Yuuko instead of running off to some other harem member and confiding in them and causing a great misunderstanding when Yuuko accidentally stumbles upon them. Good (non rage inducing) choices, SILVER LINK.

So Yuuko doesn’t remember absolutely everything, but mostly the non-occult stuff. …Interesting. I guess she’s still rejecting her past. Though overall, I’d say that this is the most human that she’s ever seemed. Normally she has that mysterious air about her, but here, while she seemed selfish and childish, but Yuuko was pretty straightforward. All of her actions had really easy to read reasons behind them. With Kirie, she was jealous that Niiya wasn’t paying attention to her. During the test, it was the same thing.  Hell, everything that happened with Yuuko this episode, she just wanted attention from Niiya. Also, this is the first time that we’ve ever seen Yuuko showing interest in leaving the school. Forgive the pun, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Yuuko that transparent (not to mention attention grabbing) before. It’s something that didn’t even seem possible last episode.

On that note, this is also the most human Shadow Yuuko has ever been. Before, she was just a shadowy mass with sharp teeth, but now she’s just a slightly different coloured Yuuko. She’s no longer a great unknown evil spirit meant to be feared, but instead she’s the enigmatic source to their answers. She’s still considered evil and now Yuuko is in danger because of her (Hahaha. A ghost is in danger. That’s almost as ridiculous as that “Teiichi, my heart is racing so fast!” line from last episode.), but giving her a human looking form makes her waaay more approachable. She even held an conversation with Niiya. Now, is it because Yuuko took off some of her burden that Shadow Yuuko looks more human? That’s my question. …Along with what the hell made her so twisted? Though that question looks like it will be answered next episode. I’m not sure if my other one will ever be answered. I also wonder that if Yuuko lost her memories again, would Niiya be able to taken them back again? I mean, last time she lost them willingly. Does that change anything?

Selfcest: It CAN actually happen! 

If this is his reaction to Yuuko stalking him, imagine if he found out about Kirie.

End Thoughts:

Aaaaand this is where it derails from the manga. This was all new to me. That being said though, I rather enjoyed everything they put in there since it was integrated into the story pretty well. They made a big point about Yuuko not having ‘ugly’ emotions before, yet you knew something was off because she had them here. SILVER LINK did well at pulling from stuff they had already mentioned and integrating it into this new episode. Nothing felt out of place. Not even Black Rock Yuuko (no really, why did they even have that in there?). In fact, based on content alone, I think I like this episode better than some of the ones that have been following the manga script. Where C3 might have derailed after the first arc, SILVER LINK is doing a great job at progressing a storyline. …I’m so proud of them.  (ಥ‿ಥ)

The creepy effects they did with Shadow Yuuko were excellent this episode. It went really well with the mood and I’m glad they abused the chance t use them. In particular, that one scene with the camera going back and forth with S. Yuuko coming closer every time was super effective. The darkness closing around characters at times they feel trapped was pretty effective too (but at the same time, it’s a cheap and easy way to save on the animation budget and you can really tell). This is also the most deep filled episode I’ve seen in a while. …Seriously, it’s like they replaced the character’s eyes with raisins. Overall, it was hit or miss with me for visuals. I do like their random music inserts though. The OST is going to be great.

How many times are they going to act like it’s the most unexpected plot twist ever that Yuuko has forgotten about something? Seriously, it shouldn’t be such a big deal anymore. She forgets things. This show is called Tasogare Otome X Amnesia. I didn’t expect them to put so much emphasis on the amnesia part. So while I don’t fully understand Shadow Yuuko’s sudden obsession with taking Yuuko’s memories (is she afraid that she’ll disappear if Yuuko remembers everything? Is she trying to punish Yuuko for forcing her memories on her in the first place?), I’m certain that there will probably be some big scene where Niiya hugs S. Yuuko and goes “I accept you, bro.” and then everything will be alright again. I am looking forward to seeing the next few episodes play out though. Getting answers will be satisfying. I’m also looking forward to see if they try to solve the problem of the fact that Niiya is alive and Yuuko… isn’t. Will Niiya die too? Though to be honest, from how they’ve made Yuuko (I still can’t help but laugh at that heartbeat comment), I don’t think they’re that far apart in the first place. …Plus Niiya doesn’t really care.

Preview: Looks like we finally get answers to wtf happened to Yuuko.

…Yep. Totally plot relevant. (Unless Yuuko was killed by an eggplant.)


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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13 Responses to “Tasogare Otome X Amnesia – 09”

  1. Hawthorne says:

    Your posts for this show always catch my attention Kara!~ Something about all the creepy, dark screen shots. (lol BRS. xD) I really want to start this, but I’m watching so much as it is … ah, what doooo.

    I’ll marathon it once it’s over, but I’ll continue to follow your posts anyway. ´∀`

    • BlackBriar says:

      I strongly recommend that you do marathon it, Hawthorne. This is a series not to pass up. It’s gotten pretty good and dark around episode 6. Shadow Yuuko is as scary as hell.

    • Karakuri says:

      D’aww! thanks Hawt!! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

      Marathoning it would probably be interesting. Though each episode is fairly self contained, so it’s bearable to watch once a week. …Just don’t take the first episode as a basis for the rest of the series. Anyways, it’s been a great series so far! I hope you enjoy if/when you get around to it.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    That was quick. Today I downloaded and watched this very episode. “AHAHAHA. You thought it wasn’t possible. You thought wrong. I AM ACTUALLY ON TIME WITH TASOGARE. …This is probably going to look ridiculous on Metanorn’s home page”. I think you’re the first blogger to pull off something like this. People sure are going to wonder when they see the list of posts. “Black Rock… Gold… Yuuko… Saw… yeah”. That BRS reference was so obvious, only someone who doesn’t watch anime wouldn’t have caught that. Black Rock Yuuko!

    This is getting better and creepier with every episode. The effects give it that authentic horror feeling. Keep it up!! Kirie was at S. Yuuko’s mercy. I wonder what would have happened if Momoe hadn’t come along. Her ditziness always saves someone or ruins the mood. I thought Yuuko regaining her memories of Teiichi would return her to normal but instead, it made a lot more unstable. She’s become emotional which seems like a double-edged for Teiichi’s case but she’s still adorable as ever. The part where she was drying off after falling in the pool was worthy of a laugh because she doesn’t usually get embarrased when Teiichi sees her naked. In fact, she’d make attempts to show herself to him. What a nudist.

    The second half was the best. I found it really nice to see Teiichi return to Yuuko when she was feeling so lost. It shows he really cares for her. Apparently Shadow Yuuko can reveal Yuuko’s past on contact which is most likely why she was trying to force herself into Yuuko. But by groping her bust? That’s a provocative way to invade someone’s body. I got pissed seeing it end in a cliffhanger. Just when it was getting good.

    Now that Teiichi is stuck in Yuuko’s memories in her body, I assume the next episode, we get the flashback we’ve been begging to see. My assumptions are that she was offered as a sacrifice on the shrine grounds while the school was in construction and why she can’t escape the school area as a ghost. Maybe against a possible curse. It makes sense since we’ve seen in episode 6 how superstitious and irrational these people can be.

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m surprised at how fast I got this up too. I think I’m more proactive when I have more to do… I feel like procrastinating less. Anyways, obvious BRS reference is obvious. Seriously, the flame was blue and it was in the left eye. What else am I supposed to think? Did SILVER LINK not have enough fun with their Persona-esque dialogue? How many shows will they rip off until they’re satisfied? xD Who wants to bet money on something Higurashi-ish happening next episode?

      That it is, and I am 200% okay with this. I’d still say that blonde Yuuko’s episode took the award for creepiest yet, but this episode is a close runner up. Momoe is such an atmosphere breaker, but I sudden to think what would happen if she didn’t. Kirie would have been screwed several times over. Anyways, there’s just something about Momoe’s positiveness that’s like a poison to S. Yuuko. Like she’s allergic to sunshine and puppies or something.

      I think I liked the second part best because of the effects they did with S. Yuuko. …Oh, good point there. My mind went immediately to fan service. I guess it’s less creepy going for the heart than having S. Yuuko stick her hand in Yuuko’s head or something.

      Yeah, I think the same thing. There’s definitely something involving human sacrifices in there, so I hope they give us grade A++++ sadism on Yuuko’s death. It just wouldn’t be satisfying otherwise considering S. Yuuko.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I don’t know whether or not this relevant but I think Shadow Yuuko was stalking Kirie because she was trying to possesse her. This theory was brought by the fact she was on Kirie’s trail before turning to the original Yuuko. Maybe she saw something similar in her personality and she violently pulled Kirie away while talking to Teiichi in the last episode.

        Teiichi said he’d uncover the truth but he might be biting off more than he chew. Yuuko is trapped for a reason and it’s probably an ugly one. Whatever memories were thrown away, I’m sure some of them concerns a grudge, mostly a grudge on the manner of her death. Kirie said the ghost story surrounding Yuuko talks about a girl filled with anger and grief because of her unjustified death and so she became a ghost that wanders the school. And those that die with strong attachments to the world become ghosts because of the hate and suffering they experienced. I’m betting it’s on a sacrifice against a curse or a plague on the shrine grounds and she was an unwilling offering. There’s also the cursed stone that probably plays a part in it since there are so many names written on it. So many possibilities.

        In order not to remember those memories, she pushed them away, creating Shadow Yuuko in the process and S. Yuuko wants to bond with her again because she can’t take the excess of negative emotions being dumped on her and needs someone to help relieve it.

        • Karakuri says:

          Highway’s theory below seems to make the most sense, but I guess this one does too. Personally, I didn’t think to much about this subject and figured that since S. Yuuko is a malevolent being, she would just do malevolent things for no reason. Maybe to prove her existence; I don’t know.

          Yep, I can almost guarantee there being some sort of grade behind this whole thing if S. Yuuko is any indication. Yeah, I think that’s the most likely story too, but even that seems a bit… light for something like Shadow Yuuko to exist. I think Yuuko’s name might have been on the stone either because:

          – The killers wanted to cover up their tracks
          – Yuuko went missing mysteriously, so in order to stop a possible panic, authorities just said she died in a plague and left it at that.

          That’s all just my own speculation though.

      • Highway says:

        Thinking about this, I wonder if S. Yuuko is kind of in the same constraints as Yuuko, in that she is only substantiated if people are aware of her, and in the right frame of mind to see her. To me, that would make more sense as to why Kirie has been ‘haunted’ by S. Yuuko far more than Teiichi or Momoe, since Kirie has been the one with thoughts of jealousy, unhappiness, even anger. Momoe’s appearances when S. Yuuko is about to overwhelm Kirie are just as you say – an atmosphere breaker that helps drag Kirie back.

        And now, with Yuuko feeling more of those feelings, not just immediately shunting them away, that’s why S. Yuuko is appearing in front of her, and to Teiichi.

        • Karakuri says:

          O.O That is an excellent explanation. I just figured that it was because Kirie was related to Yuuko, but I like your theory better. Yeah, Yuuko has really only ever seen S. Yuuko when she’s not happy and whatnot. The same goes for Niiya since he never saw S. Yuuko unless he was upset or something.

  3. Highway says:

    I was going to give the characters a pass on being surprised at the ‘OMG, Amnesia!’ but you’re right, it’s pretty silly to keep being surprised when the whole point of them getting together was because she forgot a bunch of stuff.

    I was thinking that Shadow Yuuko’s motivations were basically revenge on Forgetful Yuuko. “You dumped all this crap on me, all the pain, hate, jealousy, and now I’m going to revisit it on you.” I also loved the visuals that you mentioned, especially the back and forth sweeps as she moved closer.

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m sure it’s surprising for them, but as a viewer? They’ve done this at least 3 times already. No points for creativity there.

      Ahhh right. I keep thinking that S. Yuuko wanted to take more away, but she was probably forcing stuff on Yuuko. Either way, Yuuko doesn’t want it. I miss some of the more out there stuff they did in earlier episodes, but this episode was subtle and creepy. …Or at least I felt the creepiness of S. Yuuko slowly coming closer. It had the same effects with slow moving things in horror movies by building tension.

      • BlackBriar says:

        The series certainly has gone into creepy, near horror mode halfway through. It’s interesting to see how quickly Yuuko mood swings now that she has more of her emotions back. And the mood swings may be what is making S. Yuuko appear so much that she wants to take her over. Mood swings could lead to more pain, jealousy and such because there’s no control over it which makes a trigger and so Yuuko will continue sever them off.

        Tasogare is seriously one of the best anime this season on my list. It doesn’t matter if it has flaws. Yuuko’s personality always compensates for it. And I don’t care if she’s selfish/spiteful…she’s still great and I love her. I’m glad SILVER LINK is producing this though I’m not sure what direction the other studios would have gone.

        • Karakuri says:

          Ehh, they have a few steps to go before I’d even start to consider this horror.

          But yeah, I really like SILVER LINK’s direction with this. Sure the first episode was terrible, but they’re definitely redeemed themselves and more. If this series was an experiment for them, I’d say it was a success.

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