Story of Trespassers

Complete our Group Five Story. One day…

In a dark alleyway there was a body moving on its own accord, drawing agonizing gashes across its own flesh with its fingernails. The human seemed helpless, possessed by an unknown force; unseen by the naked eye and unheard by the normal ear.

As if in wait, the shadows surrounding the body elongated in the cold alleyway almost beckoning to the figure approaching the mouth of narrow space. Quick footsteps brought an assured figure just a few inches from the convulsing body.

Blood was everywhere.

The shadow-engulfed body started thrashing as if taken over by an angry spirit dying to devour its prey.

Unafraid, the figure moved towards the frenzied phenomenon for a closer inspection. The only thing discernible about the figure was its reddish-yellow eyes that seemed to pierce through everything.

“Who are you?!”a clear voice inquired.

An inhuman shriek bellowed across the alleyway.

The questioning figure remained rooted to the same spot.

“Your death,” the answer was almost unintelligible as if coming from a broken record played on a very old gramophone. Like a cheap B-movie, this triggered a background music that almost seemed foreboding.

“You wish.” The response was more matter-of-fact that prideful.

A mixture of sound made up of the low growl of dogs and metallic scraping created a cacophony not meant to be within the range of human hearing. It was as if listening to it for long-term might render any ear useless.

A dreadful laugh accentuated the growing sound. “I am not powerful, but I have been given temporary powers by the Holy ▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅▂▂▃▃▄▄”

The noise was getting louder by the minute and the shadows behind the figure seemed to dance in glee, turning every involuntary thrash to a blood-curdling scream.

“What did you say?!”

“▂▂ly A-Cup has empowered me to send you to the battle ground. ▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅!”


Before the figure could utter another word, a dark portal opened on the ground, readily sucking the figure in. It was as if a mini-blackhole had opened the gates to hell and no force could stop the descent.

Nothing but silence followed after the disappearance. No scream, no thrashing or even movement was noted after that anomaly. It was as if nothing had happened at all. The unearthly chill in the air had been replaced with the warm, polluted breeze of the city. Even the bubble of silence seemed to have burst, and the echoes of cars rolling by and people laughing on the streets resumed. The world kept going without an inkling of what just happened.

“Where am I?!”

“OH FUUUUU**, another one!”

“Do I know you?!”



“Are you telling me, you are not some knife wielding assassin?!”

“Uh… That’s confidential!”

“Wait a minute. Did you just jump through some portal to here?”

“Not specifically jumped but thrown by some crazed person…”

“Oh FUUUUU**!”

“Not trying to be rude or anything but is this some cosplay convention? Do I have to wear a costume too?!”


“Are you Kyokai?”

“How did you know?!”

“We’ve talked before, if you remember.”

“I remember faces and even voice… You are definitely not someone I have heard or met before…”

“I’m sure, I don’t look like a moe dragon in real life but things happened…”

“I was on a trip to Europe! What is this, I don’t even…!!!”

“Ah yeah…. this is Avvesione and I’m not sure how I became a moe-knight…”

“What the hell guys?! Did we just get rule 63’d….?!”

A giant realization hit the four figures, who had already started sweating in the humid dark forest they had landed in.

:// Click for image Show ▼

Is this our punishment of participating in this Holy-Grailish Tourney? What did we do wrong in getting rule 63’d?! Help us out on the Group Five Polls of Aniblog Tourney, will you?! If you just went WTH did I just read; the above picture helps even when it’s gender-swapped (check those colours!). We recently did MetaVerse podcastwith them so we are buddies enough to go on an adventure together.

So, on a creative note, I didn’t get the art drawn by Fosh, type this in an hour and got it proofread by Overcooled for nothing! This is your creativity exercise in ‘continuing this story’ (forget about grammar or even English barriers; just go with the flow). The only thing you have to do is comment with the continuation of whatever you see fit as our ‘adventures’ in a line or more (there’s no maximum limit) to participate in this collaboration. Some of the Metanorn writers will add in few flags or legends, while the story progresses to give it a push whenever needed but almost every plot pointer is there for you to manipulate. So, go crazy and let’s get this thing rolling~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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23 Responses to “Story of Trespassers”

  1. kluxorious says:

    you easily get my vote. You and Baka-Raptor

  2. Gecko says:

    A large figure approached the group, swaggering through the trees. “Welcome to the blogger war,” he said, his loud voice rumbling through the forest. The four figures in cosplay looked up at him, realizing that he was at least three times as tall as any of them. “Here, you must fight each other for title of best blog.”
    “What does that mean???” the figure in gray finally piped up. She was trembling, even with a sword and shield.
    “Fight! The last one alive continues to the next round!” the large figure said, disappearing with a poof of pink smoke. The five people left in the forest looked at each other, worried.
    “How do we fight?” the orange one asked, but a punch landed on her cheek from the green dragon before she could really finish her question.
    “Well, let’s get started, then,” the green dragon laughed, turning to face the others. The orange figure lay on the ground, a bruise forming. “It seems to me that only one of us gets out alive.”

    There’s my addition! Hopefully it does(n’t) screw up things for other people.

  3. D-LaN says:


  4. Rakkyo says:

    I’ll just continue Gecko’s story since I can’t think if anything original. XD

    As Baka-Raptor the green dragon shows off her superiority to the other competitors, @fkeroge suddenly stood up.
    Baka-Raptor staggered and turned around. She saw @fkeroge holding a piece of wood in her hands and a smug smile on her face. She felt fresh, warm blood trickle down her face.
    “YOU! How dare you!”
    Baka-Raptor then charged at @fkeroge and the two was locked in a deadly battle.
    Meanwhile, Avvesione watches the scene play out from a distance dazedly.
    “What is going on here? What is happening?”
    She knows she should run away. She knows she should stop watching.
    But her body won’t obey.
    She felt an enormous killing intent.
    It didn’t come from the battle she is watching.
    Her stiff body suddenly convulses and her teeth chatters.
    Her mind told her to run away, but her instincts told her she will die the moment she moves.
    She heard a voice behind her.
    “You should have seen this coming.”
    Avvesione felt something brush against her right shoulder. Something felt wrong.
    She summoned all her strength and look at her shoulder.
    There’s nothing there.
    A stump was left where her whole arm should have been.
    She looked down. There was a familiar object on the ground. She knows what it is but her brain refuses to acknowledge it.
    She screamed.

    • Rakkyo says:

      Right. Now that I see it I can’t think of anything fitting to continue this anymore. It may be kinda hard to continue from here so anyone can just ignore mine if you want to.

      I wrote this as an experiment to see if I can replicate a certain author’s writing style but I don’t think it’s as strong as “that guy”‘s work.

      • Overcooled says:

        No way! Any story where people lose limbs is awesome! Your contribution was excellent. Every story needs some gore and drama. Besides, it’s more fun to give the next writer a bit of a challenge.

        Out of curiosity, whose style were you trying to emulate?

        • Kyokai says:

          Lol, I liked Rakkyo’s version myself (horror/supernatural’s my favourite genre for a reason) but then we would be accused of killing bloggers along with giving them epileptic seizures. xD Rakkyo was going for Nasu’s style. :3

  5. Rakkyo says:

    Dammit I accidentally pressed submit and it’s under moderation now XD

    I guess I’ll continue it as a reply after someone saves it from the spam bot lol

    • Kyokai says:

      Comment saved~ Also, continuing the story is the purpose after all. ;3

  6. Kyokai says:

    ~ Continuing from Rakkyo’s ~

    “Alright, hold up!” The familiar large figure froze the progress of bloodbath. “This is PG story, guys. You can’t kill each other…. YET.”

    Like a rewound option, Avv’s cut arm was back on her body, but the killing intent she felt didn’t go away. She could clearly see a knife glint and a pair of blue eyes still hovering above her.

    The large figure disappeared and the green dragon pounced in the nick of time. “No time to dillydally. Let’s go find that stupid portal again.”

    “This place is giving me the heebeejeebees!” The orange moe-dragon piped in a small voice.

  7. anaaga says:

    Fanfiction is not gay porn.

    Can’t contribute

    • Kyokai says:

      You know what? There’s a possibly of Yuri that you are missing out on.

      • anaaga says:

        STORY IS GETTING SERIOUS. Now it’s impossible for me to butt in

      • BlackBriar says:

        What?! There’s a possibility of Yuri in this?! (Trying to cage yuri beast with effort but failing in the process) Count me in!!! I’m totally there!!

  8. Valence says:

    woots am I an orange moe-dragon

    tempted to add on haha

    You get my vote.

  9. Overcooled says:

    I’m so disappointed that Avv’s arm got reattached. I was looking forward to writing an entire paragraph about writhing in pain and trying to seal the wound. ANYWAYS, THAT SORT OF WRITING IS BEST SAVED FOR SOMETHING ELSE o u o

    -Continuing from Kyokai’s story snippet-

    Everyone took a moment to regain their breath and straighten out their thoughts. Baka-Raptor had the truth of it – they might be able to avoid fighting if they simply found the portal again. It was a slim chance, but it was a better option than beating each other to death. They were all terrified, despite the almost comically-cruel transformation into the opposite gender that they all faced. Likewise, the costumes didn’t help matters.

    “Which way should we go?” Kyokai asked suddenly, breaking the silence with her authoritative voice. Everyone turned to her with unsure looks in their eyes. Avv still stared at her regrown arm numbly.The phantom pain still sent a warm pulse up to her shoulder every now and then.

    “Well…” the moe knight started cautiously, adjusting her helm, “Maybe we should look for some sort of clue, right?”

    “Yeah, let’s just see what kind of footsteps the portal left behind. Brilliant.” Baka-raptor snaps back, still on edge from the adrenaline of the mini scuffle. Despite her words, she agrees with the group. It’s not long before they all just nod and decide to look for even the smallest sign that a portal might be around here somewhere…or else, someone’s going to lose more than an arm.

  10. BlackBriar says:

    What a gruesome and sadistic story. You’ve outdone yourself, Kyokai. Hahaha, you definitely have my vote.

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  13. Baka-Raptor says:

    Baka-Raptor let out a deep sigh and composed herself for a rare moment.

    “Perhaps…” she suggested, “…we should work together? It might even be…fun?”

    “Hah! Collaboration is so cliché!” scoffed Valence.

    “I agree, collaboration is boring, bwaaaaaka~” added Kyokai.

    Avvesione’s lips curled as she struggled to stifle her laughter.

    Baka-Raptor was infuriated.

    “FINE! This is where we part ways! I won’t hesistate to strike you down should we ever cross paths again!” roared Baka-Raptor as she disappeared into the darkness.

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