Meta Mash – 14

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Accel World – Episode 11

Three-way fun~
I got my action episode! And whoa it sure had its moments. The first thing that really got me is Ishida Akira voicing the Yellow King. Well, seeing the awesome VA line up for Kings, I think Yusa Kouji should be next in line for an opposing King after we heard Sakurai Takahiro as Blue King. The mind games and even strategies were pretty well-thought out with bating of Niko by Yellow King in corrupting her friend. Also, technicalities of neutral field along with save point screams matrix again but I guess, I’ve beaten this reference too much already. I would rather skip the rules but at least they had some point rather than weird gibberish.

Coming to the meat of the episode, action was good. Not best but different mechas beating the crap out of each other is always good in my books. Also, the giant fortress back in action even when most of it was broken apart by crazy hoodlums was good to see. The power is strong in this loli and she fought bravely. Same can be said about Haru who stuck to his guns, while Kuroyukihime orz’d on the ground. Seriously woman, some past trauma just knocks you out even when you weren’t emotionally invested in it? And I have to accept you as a level 9? This was unexpected but at least ‘death by embrace’ made me LUL and her power up in the end was much welcome. Now, let’s see how much havoc Chrome Disaster wreaks in the next episode!Ja ne~


Fairy Tail – 136

Best idea for a summer time wedding? Hell yes!
WHY. WHY DID YOU DO THIS, FAIRY TAIL. The library was cool, but there are an infinite number of things I would have preferred to see rather than the jiggle butt people again. At least it was mostly Erza schooling them while wearing an idiotic costume rather then her joining in with them. Now if only I could permanently erase the last bit of the episode from my memories (minus Erza kicking their collective oversized asses near the end. That was probably the most satisfying part of the episode). The clock piece was extremely easy to find too. I would have much preferred there being a puzzle to this or something as opposed to …well, what happened. It wasn’t too bad considering the last episode with these guys in it, but I still think that any episode with them in it is a low point in Fairy Tail.

As for the other side of the episode, at least Natsu’s battle wasn’t completely stupid. Dan’s interactions with Lucy were hilarious once again. …I think she probably could have skipped the whole bikini thing and had the exact same results, but I guess if you’re doing fan service, you go all out. That clock piece was also extremely easy to find as well, but I wasn’t expecting them to be so big. …I guess it makes sense with the size of the clock hand that Lucy was carrying around, but still. So now that that’s over, it looks like Gajeel and Elfman’s team finally get to do something next episode.


Kuroko no Basuke – 12

 Coming to a summer theater near you: Basketball Friends!
 Kuroko is benched for most of this episode, since his passing ability has been sealed by Takao. Take away passing, and Kuroko really can’t do much. So today’s episode is more like Kagami no Basuke, because the redhead pretty much dominates all the screentime. He singlehandedly takes it upon himself to shut down Midorima. It’s pretty amazing how little by little through sheer effort he finds a way to compete with Midorima’s flawless full-court shooting. There’s not much planning, just a lot of hustling and working hard. It’s not flashy, but it certainly makes things exciting to see Kagami get so fired up! So what if his special power is something as plain as jumping as high as a black man when he’s Japanese (I found that comparison in the anime to be hilarious) but his crazy enthusiasm is unmatched. It’s a bit infectious too, as I get excited just watching this show. I came for the bromance and I’m staying for the sports action, it seems.

While Kagami’s tactics to overcome Midorima were great, they’re not without consequence. Kagami has shifted his mindset to that of a selfish, ball-hog who doesn’t trust his own teammates. Oddly enough, it was born out of a rather noble desire to become strong enough to support himself without Kuroko there. He got a bit afraid about relying too much on Kuroko, because he acknowledges just how pivotal Kuroko is to Seirin’s success. However, he takes things too far and starts becoming obsessed with doing everything on his own. As much as Kagami and Kuroko are the stars of the team, it’s no good to have them hog the spotlight because a strong team isn’t composed of just 2 good players in real life. It was refreshing to see Kuroko get mad and lecture Kagami about being a douche. Nothing like some personal drama mixed in with the actual tension of the game to make the match even more interesting! Now that everything is set straight, you can bet Seirin will make an awesome comeback. Kuroko hardly did anything this week, but everything he did was pretty damn badass. His promise to take his passing skills to a whole different level is promising us some amazing doubleplays between Kuroko and Kagami next week. This match really is the best one yet!


Hiiro no Kakera – 13

“Is your lover angry? Hug him! Is he turning into a demon? Hug him! Hugs will always save the day!”
Surprise, surprise! Hiiro no Kakera is split into two seasons! I guess DEEN is going all Hakuouki on this show too? Not that I mind much. I hope this one season break can fix it into something decent to watch. Speaking about something decent to watch, last episode of this season was actually decent. Now it’s official that Onikirimaru resides inside Takuma’s body, seeing how he transformed into Onikirimaru right after the seal was broken. And conveniently, Tamaki’s power as Tamayori Hime awakened. I don’t mind that either, since she’s finally useful. Not trying to be mean about Tamaki since she was kind of forced to do this Tamayori shit, but seeing her useless all this time has been frustrating too. It was interesting seeing everybody’s memories/visions when the sword released the black aura all over the place. Are those visions their pasts? They’re pretty interesting to watch, but I’m more interested at Yuichi’s, Ohmi’s, and Mitsuba’s visions. Those hands trying to grasp Mitsuba’s hands must have meant something. Oh, and there’s the annoying Baba… Seriously, she’s so damn annoying. She’s like the Old Man or Wise Sage every game has who always gives hints to the player or give some annoying quests. I seriously hope she dies. Except Baba, I enjoyed pretty much most of the things in this episode. Especially those Takuma x Tamaki moments SQUEEE. Using the power of love to save the day was very cheesy, but WHO CARES? This is an otome game after all.

Like I said before, the second season will air after summer. I really hope that there will be some improvements in this series because Hiiro no Kakera is a horrible anime. Now I get pacing slow is pretty much a trend these days, but this one is just beyond slow to the point where it’s pissing me off. The fact that the characters were extremely annoying in ¾ of the series didn’t help much either. Everybody’s just so mentally unstable and too emotional even though they’re young adults already. They were acting like teenagers in their puberties. SO FRUSTRATING. What’s even worse, the guys aren’t even strong. Every single fight, they’ll always be defeated. This is a good start for character development, but Every. Single. Fight. These morons better do some heavy training by next season. If they suddenly power up out of nowhere, I will be a mad bitch. Oh, and DEEN, PLEASE, work on the animation. Just because a character isn’t talking, that doesn’t mean that he should be animated badly. Have a better scene transition, and stop showing every guardian’s face. I don’t give a fuck if it’s important or not. Just. Don’t. It’s a waste of time. And annoying. Also, Ryou fucking where? Yeah, Hiiro no Kakera sucks.



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12 Responses to “Meta Mash – 14”

  1. Kitty says:

    OC I’m with you! I wanted the bromance but the action shots are just too awesome! I didn’t think an anime about basketball would be exciting but its interesting to see how certain abilities are created and amplified. I think the episode a few weeks ago where the seniors, specifically Hyuga, dominated a storm against Seho was fantastic.

    I predicted Kagami’s mindset the minute it manifested but what impressed me was that Kuroko actually hit him! Point one from TeamUke. Was no impressed with Kagami hitting him back thou….

    I’m still torn on the outcome of this match. I want Seirin to win but at the same time I don’t. I think it will be to earlier a victory for them. I would like to see them fail and hone their skills as a team by incorporating Kagami and Kuroko into the fantastic abilities of the senpais. Just saying….

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s amazing how often I will watch a show for one reason and then grow to like it for another (eg. Phi Brain). All of the teams Seirin have gone up against have been really interesting to watch. They’re never running out of cool ideas for special powers or ways to have epic comebacks. It’s not just Kuroko and Kagami doing everything too…I really appreciated them showing the seniors strutting their stuff in the Seiho match too. Hyuga is pretty damn cool for a side character!

      I was surprised he hit him too! Not so surprised Kagami hit him back lol what a jerk. HE EVEN LEFT A BRUISE AND KNOCKED HIM OVER. Kuroko’s punch probably didn’t even hurt. Probably just felt like a fly buzzing against his cheek :/

      I honestly wouldn’t mind if they lost either. It would be a good way to teach them victory isn’t everything, but at the same time I want them to advance. Losing is just so depressing…

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: Accel World outdid itself with this episode. I enjoyed it so much that it felt like the episode ended too soon. It seems most of the characters, including the Yellow King and Black Lotus are top class sadists. I mean, she slowly took her time severing the Red King’s head and looked like she enjoyed the moment. Moreover that she likes slicing and stabbing. Yikes!!

    I’m glad she quickly got over her guilt and didn’t dwell on it long. That would have ruined a good thing.

    Black Lotus and Yellow Radio’s fight reminded me of a DBZ bout. They moved at a blinding speed and weren’t at full power yet.

    I didn’t expect Yellow Radio to be killed so soon, especially having such a small amount of screen time. Talk about back stabbing. Did no one notice a big hulky metal beast approching? Come on, he’s ugly and sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • Kyokai says:

      It was a really good episode indeed and action always helps!

      I enjoyed the Yellow King and I’m kinda sad to see him go too. The arrival of Mr. Berserker should have been noticed for sure, but I guess it was all because of Kuroyukihime playing dead and everyone all flustered. ><

  3. Highway says:

    Accel World was good this week, but not a lot of analysis. Just a lot of fighting to sit back and watch. Haru still noobs it up, but given the recent revelations about how much time the Kings, and most of the players, actually, really spend there, that is a lot more understandable. It’s getting a little wearing, tho, that he needs everything explained. It’s almost to the point that they need to add a character named Rainbow Exposition or something to explain the game world to him.

    I was wondering about ‘deaths’, tho. That’s gotta be the death for the current fight, no? They can’t kill off Taku / Cyan Pile at this stage of the show. I guess it is ‘death’ for a Level 9 to lose to another Level 9 (as they mentioned a while back that a Level 9 losing to a Level 9 trying to get to 10 loses all their points and gets uninstalled), but maybe having Chrome Disaster show up and backstab him is a way to keep Yellow Radio in the game / show.

    • Kyokai says:

      I guess, the staff is still heavily leaning on explanation because there are too many rules and audience needs to know. Poor Haru is being used as a soundboard for all.

      About the deaths, I hope Chrome Disaster’s appearance has some positive points in the end because I don’t want to see see Taku out of the game just yet. He’s been playing a really good mentor and Haru has not matured enough to go all solo hero yet. Let’s see how things play out and if the loli could get her friend back.

  4. skylion says:

    Accel World: Wow. They went whole hog for this show. It looks like they ejected a few of the derp moments the characters had going in, but keep adding derp moments in the exposition (Oh, btw, you can’t leave the arena….we should have mentioned that last episode…but we had to squeeze in more loli moments…..wait, how it that a loss?).

    I think how I enjoyed best how the intercession of Silver Nemesis was both a forgone ending and a surprise at he same time. We all knew the beast was inevitable, but just not at that time.

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol! I guess, we have to get used to the derp moments because the staff usually stresses on ‘explanation’ of everything.

      Damn, I need to see the latest episode to see what the hell happened after Chrome disaster landed so stealthily. >>

  5. Moni Chan says:

    i need to catch up on these anime’s except kuroko kun. One of the only anime’s im up to date with

  6. Jrow says:

    I started downloading Fairy Tail but then stopped. I want to though, cause damn that series is so servicey.

    • Kitty says:

      I’ll watch Fairy Tail for you and you watch One Piece for me XDDD

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