Meta Mash – 12

Last Meta mix of the week with boobs, bromance and mecha fun~


One Piece – 552

Not sure if sexy woman or half shark lady.
Damn, these recent episodes have been so boring that I just flip thru every 10 seconds to see if anybody will do anything interesting. And on top of boring content, the fansubs have been less than enjoyable to watch. Sorry to those who work hard on doing speedsubs of the series, but I’d rather watch the 360p version on Funi’s site. Madame came back looking like every other One Piece super-skinny babe, though being voiced by Paku Romi makes it a bit more enjoyable. If you look at Jinbei who’s a pretty big dude, you realize that he is just a little short to being as big as one of Shirahoshi’s boobs. But FINALLY! Next week, Luffy and everybody else will be back.


Aquarion EVOL – 25

Mykage-“Sup dog I heard you like combining robots so I combined your robot with another robot.”
Well, sadly Aquarion fans out there, we are close to the end of this addictive series! I know it really bums me out to hear that, but at least we had a fun ride with it, right? Anyway onto the actual episode this week, which featured something strange…I know strange and Aquarion EVOL go hand and hand don’t they? This time Kagura and Amata end up fighting each other using only the torso sections of the two Aquarion machines! Yes, that was kind of hilarious because I seriously could not stop laughing. So yeah those two have some parental issues to work out together.

Other than those two fighting we had some more scenes between Andy and Mix with a lot of uh boys love themes? For those watching you know Mix was a girl obviously, but hey Andy and Mix will always be one of my favorite couples in EVOL. So yeah Andy did say he would love Mix even if she were a guy…ahahah oh you two!There was certainly a lot of feels in this episode and Mykage finally revealed to Mikono that Zessica is basically no more, but I guess it helps when Zessica’s hair changed color? I do love that white hair color on her and then Mykage forced Kagura and Mikono to combine with him to form an evil Aquarion. Damn I really loved the new design and color scheme for that evil machine. So what can expect to find in the final episode? I hope they solve the problem with Mix, Zessica, Mikono, Kagura and Amata. Well I hope they fix all of those issues in the final…I am somewhat prepared to see the final and then I’ll rewatch the full series again.


Saki: Achiga-hen -Episode of Side-A – 10

Those are some huge majong pieces! 
The first match-up of the semi-finals plays on and like last week Teru continues to dominate. At this point I don’t think there’s any hope for the other teams to make a comeback. Teru has boosted Shiraitodai’s score way above the other schools and her opponents aren’t putting up much of a fight. Toki has tried to interrupt Teru’s streak with her future sight ability, but because she can’t communicate with the other girls her plans fail to work. Kuro-chan is … Kuro-chan. ;_; She took another big hit this week playing into one of Teru’s hands, and still has yet to make any moves. Kirame (marvelous~) also hasn’t done much to try and stop Teru, and unless she has some hidden power I don’t expect her position to change.

I’m surprised how many episodes this match is taking (the good kind of surprise ;D) because up until now I’ve been used to rather short highlights of each match. If they didn’t spend so much time building up the team and training in the beginning then the matches could have been longer, but on the bright side 3 more episodes were announced! … how will that even be enough to cover 4 more matches in the semi-finals and then the actual finals though? On another note, I attempted to play Riichi Mahjong a couple days ago and I was a total fail, if only I had some kind of super power like the Saki girls!


Zetman – 12

Hello readers! Foshizzel here filling in for Anaaga this week, but forgive me if I forget to mention anything from the last episode because technically I haven’t watched this series since episode five. I only take screen shots for a few of these special Meta Mash posts. That said I have been following along for a few of the later episodes and have seen some interesting stuff developing around our two main dudes. Like Kouga using his super cool Ironman like suit? Yeah this episode showed him without any power restraints, which turned him into a craaaazy dude, causing him to shoot his own mother and father? DUDE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I guess all that power went straight to his head? But feel free to catch me up on why Kouga has “daddy issues” if you want.

Besides that dude running around, we had some great developments with Jin who finally transformed into his complete form. ABOUT DAMN TIME! Seriously, but with any great Shounen series your main characters have to almost “die” and suddenly get “reborn” to gain their true power *Cough* Ichigo, Luffy, Ayumu, *cough* and on and on forever. However, in Jin’s case it screws everything up by unlocking the players’ true forms even his girlfriend Hanako suffers because of this. I admit that was pretty sad and Konoha lost her father and possibly her mother?! NOOO Kana Hanazawa why you gotta cry? It makes me sad! Anyway I really like the monster form for Seiji because it looks really amazing and who knows maybe this episode will keep me tuning in for more Zetman next week now that Jin has his full transformation.


Gundam Age – 36

Incoming! More Gundam AGE! This week we continue with Kio fighting against that really fat vegan mecha with that tail. So, what the hell were the designers going for with that suit? I guess it does match the pilot because he already looks strange with his helmet, eye-patch and mask combination? Anyway he finally managed to grab ahold of the AGE and run off with it, but that whole scene between the two machines seriously looked like some hardcore mecha on mecha action that Rika from Haganai would only dream about. Now what will happen to Kio now that he is being held captive by the Vegans? The only thing I can honestly see right now with Kio is that maybe his view on the Vegans will change? I bet he will notice they really are not that “evil” after all and probably defends them later on? Or maybe nothing like that will happen.

Other than the disappearance of Kio, we had some dramatic moments in the episode especially with grandpa Flint going all angry mode on everyone. Then again I don’t really blame him too much because he just saw his grandson get kidnapped by the enemy, while he was completely unable to save him from danger. Not to mention he exploded on Asem after he said he would save his son. OOOOH SURE, NOW YOU CARE? I think he just doesn’t want the Vegans to unlock the secrets inside the Gundam, but he is Kio’s dad after all so I expected him to jump in to save is son. Overall, great episode of Gundam AGE this week; however, I think things are headed into story mode with Kio learning more about the Vegans and their culture.



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13 Responses to “Meta Mash – 12”

  1. Karakuri says:

    Fosh, (and anaaga too) I commend you on watching Zetman. It’s… painful to watch now (I marathoned. The first episodes were okay, but then it kind of… derailed). There’s just waaay too much missing from the story. Kouga shooting has father confused the crap out of me as well, but I wasn’t surprised at the girl being the sand-whatever. Now if only Hanazawa’s character would become useful.

    • Foshizzel says:

      hahahah thank you! I was like DAMN This episode! Finally Jin has his full power, but awwww man his GF is a giant brain bug?! DUNNN DUNNN DUNNNNNN! Yeah Kouga shot his dad? WTF DUDE! And agreed I want Hanazawa’s character to DO SOMETHING.

  2. Rakkyo says:

    Evil Zessica with purplish-white hair and eyes.

    Oooh yeahhh…

    • Foshizzel says:

      HELL YA! I loveeeee her new look, but I think Mykage enjoys being a girl a bit too much…

  3. Neena says:

    I miss the gifs in your posts…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I need to get back to making gifs! One day…

      • Neena says:

        what programs are you using to make them,btw

        • Foshizzel says:

          I use Camtasia but it isn’t the best! I need to learn photoshop one of these days…

          • Neena says:

            I find Photoshop quite hard to use for gifs.Camtasia doesn’t sound so bad right now.
            Aslo, while looking for an alternative, I stumbled upon VirtualDub which does pretty much half of the job. Check it out if you want.

  4. Gecko says:

    Sign me up for that party.
    Although we might need soy milk and fake eggs if the Vegans are coming.

  5. xochandaox says:

    Jrow I know what you mean ;_; last ep I watched it was like they were just kind of wasting time with scenery and all that.I’ll just be glad once the others show up and the battle starts!!

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