Meta Mash – 11

Are you missing the naked guns? Worry not, there’s still excitement left with these four titles.


Accel World – Episode 10

Haru is living the ultimate gamers life! Complete with two girls at his house…

I don’t know why every series is taking a week holiday at different times. Is it some holiday or something? I specifically checked and there’s nothing in June… Anyways, back on track with the story, I hope the creators stop making the audience realize it’s a harem anime; though, I can’t help but smile seeing the stupid grin on Haruyuki’s face realizing his awesome luck. I’m glad this is not IS level because I just can’t take a lead who’s oblivious to all the affection thrown at him. Besides him being all starry eyed, I like the megane-Taku who helped in strategizing and giving good advice. Of course, he’s still pretty M but adorably so and not over the top.

I would have liked more action as last episode but I guess we had this so-called trap from a caption coming because how can you keep making waves and claim land (even virtual ones) without pissing some people off? Not to mention Kuroyukihime is the biggest traitor in Accel World and her reveal was not unnoticed. I’m surprised it was not the Blue King who made the first move because he lost a loyal subject due to her interference. Yellow bunch seems interesting and if they have a powerful item even at a virus level; they can turn out to be formidable enemies. So, here’s to some cool face-off next time. Ja ne~


Fairy Tail – 135

Happy loves his brand new Lucy action figure.
Looool. I have absolutely no idea what is going on in Fairy Tail anymore, but I can’t deny that this episode was hilarious. The comedy level of Natsu’s team’s battle was on par with the battle last episode’s bishie sparkles. … But yeah. It’s like every single character’s IQ has dropped drastically this arc. How the crap did NO ONE notice that the book was upside down on the sign (better yet, how did they get to the library in the first place if they didn’t notice the sign was wrong)? Also, who hangs a sign at the tip of the arrow like that? Why did Natsu’s group and the other people randomly just stop fighting for no reason whatsoever? …It also looks like those butt club… brothers… group… (whatever) people are back. Joy. Despite all of that though, my enthusiasm for Fairy Tail is back though. Gajeel seemed ready to punch through a mountain this episode and Natsu did get a lot of screen time. Lucy may have just left an unconscious girl in a tomb of dead people as well, but the better points of her character shined through this episode. …I just hope next episode isn’t TOO stupid. I see Erza in one of those stupid bodysuits in the preview. OTL


Kuroko no Basuke – 11

Time for some Bas-CAKE-Ball~

 Midorima and Takao are beasts. The other members of the team hardly even matter in comparison. Usually Seirin turns the tables rather quickly, but it really feels like they have no chance right now. This is a sign that the matches are going to get harder and harder as they face more seasoned opponents. Takao is the perfect counter for Kuroko since he has a similar ability. If Kuroko had a better “hawk eye” I don’t see why he couldn’t steal Takao’s trick and start guessing where he would pass as well. I’ll be curious to see how he counters Takao’s blocks and steals when he can read every move so perfectly. Seeing Kuroko shut down for the first time was a bit of a shock, especially after how incredible he was last week with that laser beam pass.

Kagami is in a real bind too. How do you stop a monster who can shoot across the ENTIRE COURT? My eyes bulged out of my skull when he casually landed a shot from all the way across the gym. His “power” is the most impressive one we’ve seen yet. Better than Kise’s copycat ability, Kuroko’s passing and Kagami’s…uh…guts.  This is my favourite match yet – all because of Midorima’s insane shooting skills. I think there was a little more movement than usual too, in terms of animation. Midorima can’t just shoot, but he’s quick as a fox and twice as sly. Watching him fake out Kagami made me go “OOOHHHHHHH!!!” as if I were watching a real basketball game. I think I get why my mom yells at the TV when watching the NBA play-offs now…


Hiiro no Kakera – 12

Damn it’s like someone stole his cake to play basketball or something…
First Takuma tells Tamaki that she can’t share that she’s the Tamayorihime with just anyone and now he says that it’s not that big of a secret. AHAHAHAHA continuity.  But yeah, stuff is actually happening now. The guardians all had their asses handed to them (as per usual), but now the story *should* be moving faster now. …Should being tentative since there’s another 12+ episodes to this and I have no idea how they’re going to go about doing this. At least Aria’s group seems to be more productive this episode since they took not one, but (gasp!) two seals this episode. Talk about record breaking progress. Sarcasm aside, there does seem to be a lot of progress with Takuma and Tamaki overall. I’d be okay if they made this canon. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a harem anime and the protagonist actually ended up with one of the members. I’m still waiting in anticipation for the rest of the member’s turns to grow closer with Tamaki though since they’ve gotten little to no screen time. …Or maybe it’s dread for the inevitable bitchfest Shinji’s part is going to be. So yep, next episode looks somewhat interesting (though you know it’s not going to last since there’s an entire half a season left). As a parting gift, I give you surprisingly bishie Drei. I don’t understand life anymore.



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5 Responses to “Meta Mash – 11”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: I hate it when they make a series skip a weekly episode. I’m moderately liking this show but if it was something extremely good, I’d have thrown a fit (like with the three week break Shiki had). 100 points to Haru for realizing and enjoying his harem situation. With the exception of Kore wa’s Ayumu, we always get leads oblivious to their good fortune that send viewers straight into jealousy.

    If I were in this show, I’d want to stay in Accel World. I’d do it in a heartbeat. A lot of fun and excitement to keep me occupied. For some reason the Yellow King reminds me of that evil clown bad guy from the first season of Digimon. A little action would have been welcomed but I think it’s a good idea to take it slow because it looks like the city in Accel World is hiding more secrets than it is leading us to believe. However, from the preview, a brutal fight is on the way. The good guys are always being ganged up on by a huge number of enemies.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, thankfully Haru’s not oblivious to the girls liking him, but he’s got the other problem of no self-confidence / oblivious to his own good qualities. I don’t think we’re seeing that licked yet (and hopefully we see it eventually).

      I personally thought the Yellow King looked like a Witch from Madoka Magica. But then I don’t have much anime knowledge to draw references from.

      We’ll see how this fight goes. Two level 9’s and two level 4’s (they didn’t mention Taku leveling up from 4 yet, did they?) against a… lot of people. Hopefully Haru stops being a dope about fights. He’s good at thinking about stuff, but he’s terrible about telegraphing. It seems weird that Kuroyukihime recruited him because he was so quick/fast, but that doesn’t really seem to show up in his fighting style.

  2. skylion says:

    Accel World: Why is it the every show gets better with the addition of a super-powered loli? And honestly, it’s about the best character they have. Out of all of them I trust her to act in character, as the rest seem to think they are obliged to be in the next Guilty Crown.

    The Yellow King. I wonder if he’s any relation to the King in Yellow

  3. John Sato says:

    Foshiizzel, you’ve out done yourself this time. Couldn’t stop laughing.

    Oh, geez. That’s right, Fairy Tail is a thing that exists. I’m like a full season behind. Should probably catch up on that.

  4. Moni Chan says:

    let these 4 anime’s never end.

    that red velvet cake got me hungry or was that Kuroko that got me hungry.

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