Meta Mash – 10

We are back with another fresh Meta Mash. Note, Natsuiro Kiseki is on a break this week.


Medaka Box – 11

So that’s the end of that arc. Again, what action that was there was solid, but there was much less of it here than in the last 2 episodes. But I guess you can expect that from the author of Katanagatari. Also, the philosophical conflict between Medaka and Myouri reminded me a lot of the Nisemonogatari finale. A shame that conversation about that dominated the episode. I do like exploring Medaka as a concept, the unique position she’s in due to her immense talents, but the writing is just too hammy and blunt to add much to the show.

But this was still much better than any of the first half episodes. Even the budget looked to be increased, as action scenes actually… moved. With just one episode remaining, I can’t help but wonder how Medaka Box would’ve been if it had paced itself to get to this part in the first few episodes instead of floundering around with poorly animated mediocre comedy.


Shirokuma Cafe – 11

Panda and Grizzly are trying to blend in with the popular characters.
It was another Mr. Penguin Despair Hour this episode as Penguin caught Miss Penko supposedly dating Mr. Tortoise. My first reaction when first seeing that it was Mr. Tortoise was straight up laughter. I mean, MISS PENKO…WITH A TORTOISE…LIKE…It’s just too wacky for this show. So where the wackiness was lost when discovering that Miss Penko wasn’t in fact dating him was made up with Penguin coming in with a turtle shell on his back. Usually Polar Bear and Panda bring in a lot of the comedy, but Penguin has become quite the comedic bird in these past few episodes.

In other Shirokuma Cafe shenanigans, MY MAN GRIZZLY IS BACK YO! This time he brought the Bear crew over for some late-night fun at the batting cages and public bath house. Who said a show about zoo animals can’t have their own bath episode? Anyway, obviously Panda was the most adorably amusing thing at the batting cages and bath house with his failure to hit a ball and messing up the water temperature for Grizzly. I have to say, with the three bears together, Grizzly seems like the short-tempered ‘Papa’ bear, while Polar Bear is the ‘Mama’ bear that plays along with Panda, the ‘baby’ bear. They always manage to become one adorable family at the end of an episode, including this one~.


Sket Dance – 62

 Hime-“DEEEERRRPPPP Can you guess who I am?”
Yay! It’s the school trip!!! Though this episode was more about preparations, so it was less exciting and awkward. I’m finally used to Hanazawa as Saaya, but good god that girl from her class is a bitch. So you don’t want her to do the easy job, but you bitch when she can’t jump rope? …I don’t remember why, but I used to have to do this with my class for PE. It’s pretty difficult (poor Saaya). The actual jump rope scene was laugh worthy though (…for all of the wrong DERP reasons). That scene at the end was great closure on that whole issue though. I’d say this was the more boring half of the episode, but that being said, it was still pretty entertaining.

As for the pre trip bus ride, damn Tsubaki’s pink shirt was fabulous. This episode was fun to watch as well for my inner fangirl. As much as I’m on the Bossun and Himeko ship, Saaya makes a wonderful tsundere (actually, the manga makes me ship her with Tsubaki, but we’ll get there eventually). More on that later, but for this episode I was wondering how they were going to do the whole body swapping thing. Or to be more precise, I was wondering if the seiyuu would try to imitate each other’s voices. …It would be slightly less confusing (or at least less confusing to the people who don’t pick up on the characters’ different forms of speech) and it would undoubtably be entertaining, but I guess it’s hard to do with seiyuu the opposite gender. Anyways, this episode was great and expect lots of fun next week!


Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan – 09

 HNNNNGGG Jailed cat girls are so damn cute!
Surprise, lizard people! (I bet you didn’t see that one coming, I know I didn’t.) The grandness of Shining Heart’s story was finally realized this week with the introduction of alternate dimensions and other worlds. I’m a bit skeptical about where the story might be heading now, with only two episodes to go and SH’s notoriously slow pacing they’ll have to squeeze in as much as they can to further develop the importance of Kaguya and her necklace, resolve the pirate conflict, and mend Rick’s increasingly troubled relationship with … bread. If this isn’t done then I’m worried we’ll get an unfulfilling and unfinished conclusion to an otherwise underwhelming series. With so many outstanding anime airing this season, it’s no wonder Shining Hearts has fallen into the background.

As for episode 10, it was one of the more entertaining of the show so far. The doll that was locked away in the blacksmith stood out the most this week. I know Shining Hearts is a fantasy series, but up until now the “fantasy” aspect has been pretty toned down. That’s why I was surprised at the turn of events brought on by Kaguya’s servant-doll. I’m not complaining though, next week looks like it’ll be action packed and not boring at all. (Which in Shining Hearts terminology means it’ll probably be the exact opposite.)



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8 Responses to “Meta Mash – 10”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan: I just love Xiao-Mei so much. Easily one of my favorites. She’s a thief but she actually believes she is the one being wronged by being locked up, having her stolen goods taken and she has no qualms about stealing again. The best thing about her is her carefree attitude.

    Wow, so many big things happened this week. The doll turns out to be Kaguya’s servant, Queen, who attacked the castle with her power, Kaguya is apparently from another world, Dylan is back after been attacked by the monster ship and the ship is on its way to the island. Unlike most of the previous ones, this episode was eventful. Maybe now the remaining two will finally do the series some justice.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Xiao-Mei<3 It's the personality traits you described that make me love her as well! (She deserves her own show. ><) Rick could have went on a stroll though the elf forest for 23 minutes and it'd probably have been more eventful then last week. XD I have lots of hope for the last couple episodes, it better not disappoint us!~

  2. Moni Chan says:

    Panda kun so cute for words

  3. Samantha Zan says:

    SKET Dance: The first half of the episode was kind of lack luster, though it was nice to see Saaya make her best efforts in jump rope x3. Now with the best part of the episode, THE BODY SWITCH!!! OMFG that was so funny XD. Especially with Himeko and Bossun, gosh you gotta love that DERPY face Bossun makes lol! But I’m really excited for next episode, I can already tell more hilarious things will ensue 😀

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha YES! Next episode is going to be hilarious! …Especially because Switch has to deal with Bossun and Himeko as well xD Chuu-sensei should really be fired or… something. The guy is a dangerous genius.

  4. Highway says:

    Medaka Box: I don’t know if it’s just cause I’m watching it on CrunchyRoll and full-screening it (although the other shows I watch this way don’t seem to feel the same – Upotte!, MGX, Dusk Maiden, Sakamichi no Apollon, etc) but it seems to be pretty low-res animation. Very little contrast, very soft drawings, almost a limited color palette. I found this really reduced the show’s impact over the last few episodes, because you have Medaka’s exciting transformation, and her hair gets wild and changes color… to something that blends in with the background more often.

    As for the story, I actually preferred the earlier episodes with the redemption / conversion / co-opting of all the ‘villains’. This left me feeling like they just let Unzen off the hook and he’s still an amoral, asocial brat.

  5. Kyokai says:

    Dude, I want another episode with a high Penguin. There’s something too funny about Kamiyaan voicing a cuckoo character like him. xD

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