Meta Mash – 08

So, what if Accel World didn’t air this week? We got four more series to keep you tuned in~


Fairy Tail – 134

Watch out for bishe Elvis he loves dudes!
I’m getting anxious for the plot to move on towards the wizard tournament or whatever the manga arc is called at this point, so I’m finding it a huge chore hard to concentrate on the plot at hand. …Now I know how everyone else feels in those other shounen anime that had to resort to filler arcs when the manga was off in better and more canon places. Anyways, despite my growing impatience, I did enjoy watching Fairy Tail figure out the clue to the ruins. It seems that the keys are indeed clock parts (which is probably a good thing since a clock with 6 hands would look ridiculous), which again makes me wonder what it does. Since it’s a clock, it probably has to do with time travel/time magic and previously in the arc, there have been several mentions of something being out of place anachronically. The dots are all there, they just need to connect them somehow.

So during my lack of interest in what’s going on, I’ve found myself turning to shipping the characters (maybe that’s why FT adds in shippable scenes to filler. It’s to keep the fans distracted from the fact that they’ve moved away from the manga). I know that Gray and Juvia are pretty much a thing, but I can’t help but ship Lyon and Juvia. …I guess I just like her ‘tsundere’ (lol not really) mode better then her normal stalker one. Aside from that, Sugar Boy’s delusions of Gray were… actually hilarious. This episode did good with humour. I’ve been complaining a lot about the episode, but really, this IS great filler and important things ARE actually happening. Also, this episode had some pretty good action. I just don’t know what my problem is since it’s not bad at all.


Upotte!! – 10 [END]

FNC sure is hot. No, seriously, she’s hot!

So Upotte!! ends with definitely the most action-filled episode of the series, cute guns shooting at walls and cover. The more they explain about the difference between humans and guns, the more I just go, “wha?” The teacher can’t die because he was shot by a gun-person’s bullets and wounds just easily heal, blood just quickly returns to the body? While I can’t make anything out of why that masked girl wanted Funco to be so angry, the bigger thing I took from her argument was that it seems like not all guns are happy in the way they are treated by humans, kind of like slavery. It’s weird because, since their bullets can only temporarily wound humans, how much leverage would they have if they declared war? If they blow up buses, does the bus magically repair itself? Makes no sense to me.

When Funco was up on top of the glass roof looking down at her enemies, I was thinking about Splinter Cell’s “Mark & Execute” command. She should’ve planned a retreat; you are on glass, little lady! I had actually thought about why Galil was sticking around after her and Sako fought. It’s nice to see Sako return in a partnership situation, though very little happened with her and Ichiroku. I wanted them to take down shotgun-chan, so that part was disappointing in how boring it was. Eru and Sig got to have all the cool parts, and I’m glad that Eru was able to be productive even in spite of her gun breaking yet again.Upotte!! was a surprisingly enjoyable anime. A very fun time and I’m hoping for another round of episodes and admittedly looking forward to the last Blu-ray with episode 9!


Kuroko no Basuke – 10

Toaru no epic win brosukeball coming in 2013
Two matches in one episode! I’m not sure what the pacing is like in the manga, but the anime is going at breakneck speeds. Or rather, each match is immediately followed by another. I know the whole point was that it was crunch time and they’d have to do a double-header, but there was still only a miniscule pause from match to match. Some anime like giving you highs and lows to contrast events and make some stand out…NOPE, NOT KUROKONOB. EVERYTHING IS INTENSE ALL THE TIIIMMEEE!!! I would love some development outside of matches to make this more than just a typical shounen jump series about basketball, but I guess that can wait. I shouldn’t ask for something else when I perfectly content to watch fast-paced basketball matches. Just…sometime in the future I’d like a little cooldown between games to let the characters do other things. Whenever you’re ready, Homo Hoops.

The tail end of the Seiho match was really damn good. The senpais really pulled their weight to beat them, so the input from Kuroko was equal to their work. He didn’t steal their glory at all. I knew they had to win the match, but the last minute was still a nail-biter. Seiho made a sudden comeback and things looked grim, especially when the full-court defense came into play. I’ve been in that position many times and there’s nothing more crushing than seeing a strong defensive team peessure you EVEN HARDER when you really need some points. Yes, I am reminiscing on my basketball career like an old war veteran, shut up. ANYWAYS, the Seiho match was great. Watching Kagami watch Kuroko (2nd degree stalking) made me smile. He was incredibly impressed by Kuroko, who he took for granted all this time because he never saw how good his partner was. Kuroko was pretty badass the entire episode too. His laserbeam court-long pass was insane. He whipped up a bloody hurricane just to pass the thing. YAY ANIME PHYSICS!!! Can’t wait to see more of Kuroko’s impossible passes. We’ve only just seem a glimpse at Kuroko’s true power, so it seems…


Hiiro no Kakera – 11

he ship has been sailed!
It seems that things are speeding up a bit now since more about the Tamayori Hime legend is revealed. Man, I just love how Takuma went all “I GOT MONSTERZ IN ME WAAHH” without giving some kind of explanation. It’s as if the anime staffs expect the audience to know about the Oni residing inside Takuma already. But yeah, more progress, which is good. Based on this episode’s title and the info given, I can only conclude that the Oni has this habit of residing inside one of the Onizaki household. I can’t help but thinking that this has something to do with Tamaki’s mother’s disappearance. Maybe this tradition is the reason why the past Tamayori Hime wrote the same entry in the book? Now that there are more mystery and less whining characters,Hiiro no Kakera is not as dull as it was before. I’m starting to enjoy it now, not to mention the whole Takuma x Tamaki thing WHOOOO. I was all fangirling when Takuma hugged Tamaki because I ship both of them so hard, and Takuma is a bishie with Sugitan’s voice *drool* Too bad they’re interrupted by Mahiro… Who was, apparently, sleeping… Or is he? Something tells me that he heard the conversation between Takuma and Tamaki. Well, as long as he doesn’t get in the way of my shipping, I’m cool with that. Moar drama. Oh, and speaking about drama, Takuma’s hand was animatedstrangely, especially when he formed a fist. His hand looked hella scary. Also, what’s up with his eye when he facepalmed his face? Tsk, DEEN. A fangirl is not amused here.

Aria hasn’t been attacking, and it’s because of the internal strife among her and her minions. Man, this has been going on since forever, and Aria isn’t doing anything about it. This is pretty stupid. I mean, seriously? There’s someone suspicious in yoh group. Detain him or something!  Lock him up in a room while you wait for the info from the main branch! How about talking with the other minions to make sure that they’re faithful to you? God, Aria, do something! Shit, she’s such a lame boss. I would’ve quitted if I were her minion. This unwise action of hers will bring her trouble. Bleh.



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4 Responses to “Meta Mash – 08”

  1. skylion says:

    Yeah, very ticked of with the exposition in Upotte. What looked like something that was dramatic and tense, got pantsed by the weird genre mash. Should we have seen this coming? Well, the girls were moe and the jokes were good, so all is not lost.

  2. Highway says:

    In Upotte I think we needed to figure that there’s something the human teacher can do to avoid dying to gunshot wounds. I mean, how many times did FNC put him in the hospital, but not kill him?

    I actually thought the episode was good, and the closing arc was pretty good as well, although it was still a little bit too up in the air. Yeah, you can’t just say what the big disagreement is? Where those other guns from another school or something? Or just a roving pack of AK’s that wanted to get into the show’s school? I was thinking that the point was to get FNC to realize she’s not just a happy gun/girl, and that there’s a purpose to her existence that can sometimes be ugly, like a training exercise, but that was tossed immediately afterwards.

    I was glad to see that most of the girls were played somewhat against type for the finale. Eru sucking it up and working through being broken, Sig getting snookered, Sako and Ichiroku being pinned down for the whole thing and ultimately not helpful.

  3. The_Magus_Killer says:

    What I will miss about Upotte!

    1. FNC/Funco-chan
    2. The Battle Rifle Onee-samas (FN Fal, G3, and M-14)
    3. Eru-chan
    4. The German FG42 Teacher
    5. The opening song “I.N.G.”

  4. Moni Chan says:

    im really surprised no one in Upotte didn’t get shot in the face

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