Meta Mash – 07

Another fresh Meta Mash for you!


Medaka Box – 10

Medaka is on a roll this week~
Well, that was particularly crazy. Looks like Medaka can get upset after all, and she can transform when that happens. How exciting! Too bad this didn’t happen about 4 episodes earlier. Sure, the production quality wasn’t any better, and neither was the direction for the most part, but the action was exciting by being pleasantly over the top. The moment of explosion, when Myouri didn’t give Medaka time to finish her request, was excellent, timed and directed much better than such intense moments usually are in anime. Also, Romi Paku’s villainous performance as Myouri was incredible.

The philosophical discussion between Myouri and Medaka definitely screamed Nisio, but what I found most notable was Myouri’s super ball skills which were lifted directly from Maniwa Penguin of Katanagatari. Like Katanagatari, this show seems to spend more time talking around the action than having it, but with the action really shining when it appears (expect to see this from Kizumonogatari as well). Say what you will about Nisio’s rather unpolished writing, but he has some neat ideas that translate very well into anime. A shame that there was so much crap to get through to reach it, and Gainax’s poor visuals don’t do I justice.


Shirokuma Cafe – 10

Can you stand up to Panda’s cute level? I DON’T THINK SO!
And the quest to make Handa-san more popular continues! Poor Handa can’t catch a break when Panda is around him. Id probably act the same way Handa did in the group blind date. A group blind date sounds so…nerve-wrecking. There’s so much potential for awkwardness it seems terrifying…

Anyway, I had a feeling the girls would totally fall for Panda and Polar Bear! However they screamed way too many “KAWAIIIIIIS!” for me to handle and I swear my ears were close to bleeding. I found it really funny though when they pretty much ignored the real man instead. I was cracking up the most because of Handa’s lack of a filter when talking about pandas and when around the girls in general. I couldn’t help but feel some second-hand embarrassment for the guy (who was totally oblivious to it). All in all it wasn’t…that great of an episode. I actually quickly forgot about it when sitting down to write about it the next day. Shirokuma’s lackluster episodes still always manage to entertain me somehow, so I’m moderately satisfied for this week.~


Sket Dance – 61

 Magical hair service shot.
So this week, we missed out on a PERFECT excuse to get Tsubaki in glasses (at least Himeko wore some, but it’s just not the same). Also, it was Roman’s time to shine again. I freaking love the Sket’s tsukkomi to the weirdass comics she comes up with, and wish that that segment had gone on longer instead of that half of the episode focusing on Roman’s newfound personality swapping. I got that joke after the 2nd time they made it. The manga part of the section should have been extended or something. Anyways, back to the other half of the episode, that was another case of the anie reusing the same joke, but in this case, it was actually funny. Plus it was the Student Council (even if Switch played a more minor role). So this episode was better in terms of comedy (there’s nothing quite like watching the Sket run


Natsuiro Kiseki – 10

Saki-“OH DAMN! I was such a badass ninja chick!”
Hohohoh this week on Natsuiro Kiseki the girls finished their awesome vacation from Saki’s new island home and you know what that means right? Hanging out together looking at the crazy vacation photos from the trip, but of course with any fun vacation you always want to somewhere else. I have been on a few vacations before and I always felt the sad when it was finally time to go back home, but for the most part everyone gets a bit home sick after the third or fourth day away from home. While looking through the old pictures the girls start to think about things they did in the past like visiting a haunted house to hunt for evil ghosts? Yep! The four girls apparently were ghost hunters back in the day…sadly the girls forgot why they wanted to hunt those ghosts in the first place which triggers the mighty wishing rock to grant a very strange wish creating loli copies of each girl.In the end the older versions ends up saving their younger selves from the dangerous typhoon, but I have to say the loli copies were so violent especially loli Saki with her deadly Nunchucks! She really smacked her older self quite hard and then you have loli Yuka and her awesome bottle rocket weapons. Overall the wish this week cracked me up and I had no idea the rock was going to make copies of the girls and finally we are back to idol mode thanks to Yuka. Hooray! I think we only have two more episodes to go.


Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan – 08

Are you prepared for  a grand adventure? I know I sure am.
I’ve noticed an annoying trend Shining Hearts can’t seem to break, every episode seems to be three quarters fluff and one quarter of actual entertaining content. What’s worse is that the fluff in most cases involves Airy, Neris, and Amil in some way or another, the three supposed the main heroines that are about as fun to watch as a brick. So much potential is wasted on absolutely boring outings that don’t develop the characters in any way, shape, or form. Seriously, perfect opportunity to develop Kaguya’s character wasted on unimportant chatter about bread. Shining Hearts has gotten me so mad, because it has everything it needs to be an awesome show, but uses none of it to its advantage. Like I mentioned before, each week the show ends with some surprising, intense cliff-hanger and doesn’t even follow up on it the next week. I completely expect that to happen again with the girl locked up in the blacksmith’s workshop, but we shall see … Maybe this was never meant to be adapted from a game to an anime because one huge aspect is being lost in the transition: the enjoyment!

On the positive side, Xiao-Mei and Lorna were back again, much to my delight. I’m really not surprised that the only two characters with animal ears somehow manage to be the most entertaining of the whole cast. >< Now, if only Melty could have joined them too.



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17 Responses to “Meta Mash – 07”

  1. D-LaN says:

    Two series charac is hitting on themselves lol.

  2. Ying says:

    Medaka Box – What the hell?! O_O
    When Medaka went all God mode towards the end I was taken by complete surprise. On the one hand I thought it was awesome (and hey it showed a different side to her) on the other it annoyed me some. Part of the reason I liked Miyouri as a villain was because he could go head to head with Medaka, but now it seems like he is screwed 1 episode after his introduction.

    Shining Hearts – Can someone explain to me why Hank and Xiao-mei aren’t the main characters? Xiao-mei is much more interesting then any of the other girls combined, and Hank actually acts and cares about the plot more then Rick does -_-.

    I pretty much agree with you Hawthorn. I got so pissed when they switched from the interesting stuff to the fluff. God I thought Kaguya was going to ask Rick about Hank’s place then wander over there with him where plot-related things would happen! Instead we get an unnecessary bathing suit scene, and Amil worrying again. It was practically the same dialogue as before and Rick lying to her. She annoys me and I’m going to start naming her the Anti-Plot if she mentions not wanting Rick to regain his memories again >.<

    • Foshizzel says:

      Seriously Metanorn needs an award for hanging in there while reviewing terrible anime or a end year worst of the worst award show…yes…maybe in podcast form!? We can totally do that xD

      Medaka was cool I liked her god mode! It reminded me about Nono from Gunbuster2, but yeah lvlln told me it was more like a super sayjin off DBZ! Yeah that works too with the change in hair color.

  3. Bob from Accounting says:

    I think that arc is pretty much the peak of Medaka Box. After that, the repetition set in so badly I was even more bored than in the slice-of-life stuff.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! Up to this point I have laughed with some of the jokes and all the crazy events leading here! God mode Medaka was awesome <3 and yeah the slice-o-life stuff gets kinda old after what eight episodes? Then again this series is ending soon with 12~

  4. skylion says:

    I am still impressed with the character narrative each and every week for Natsuiro Kiseki; the only show I watch in this week’s Meta-Mash. It never gets stale and the antics are much fun to watch.
    Seeing as how “fighty” their loli versions are, I’m reminded of a line from Ano Hana. When the gang found some of their old papers about building fireworks: “Kids are scary”. Thanks, Fosh.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! I freaking love the crazy fun of Natsuiro every week because you never know what that wishing rock will produce for the “wishes” This week was hilarious!

      LOOLOL Yeaaahhh damn you little kids! I died laughing with loli-saki smacking the older one oh and the fireworks for weapons? Super pro.

      • skylion says:

        That’s what I was thinking, kids just don’t know the limits of reality. Reminds me of the time when we had steel trash-cans. Me and my buddies would arm ourselves with rocks and trash can lids. Hilarity ensued.
        And every July 4th I still put on a production to launch bottle rockets from my mouth.

  5. Jrow says:

    Also, Romi Paku’s villainous performance as Myouri was incredible.

    This sentence has me sold. Going to Crunchyroll after I submit this comment to watch this episode.

    I did think that fight was kinda cool in the manga.

    My 666th comment.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan – 09: There is a mistake with the episode number.

    On the one hand, I don’t have a single clue as to where this story is going but it’s gotten interesting now since that girl hanging in Hank’s shop finally has a part to play. On the other hand, we get more Xiao-Mei being a thief again. That’s the part I find really sexy about her. Hmmm… Catwoman!! LOL. The surprise is that Hank is with her. I guess you shouldn’t judge someone before getting to know them.

    Hot girls in swimsuits on a picnic. I’ll forgive the lack of plot this time around. Each girl brings something different to the table and makes it difficult to decide who Rick should be shipped with.

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