Meta Mash – 05

Too much information to compute, It’s the embarrassing moments week for the five recently airing anime quick hits.


Accel World – Episode 09

Haru, “This is not your typical loli…”      Niko, “Right said, Onii-chan~”
This is getting better with every episode! I dunno about you, but I am definitely enjoying Accel World and even if I dissed the loli last week, she provided quite a lot of entertainment this episode with full declaration of fighto on~ Finally the comic moments are coming through and I thoroughly enjoyed the faceoff between Hime and Niko. Who would think that girls would be fighting over Haru but seems like he has become important enough for that to happen. Though, they are not fighting for his looks but his duel brawn and wings. Yes, his wings. It’s amusing but that is the truth. But you have to give Hime a benefit of doubt as her feelings towards Haru are still looking pretty genuine (DAT jealousy and staying overnight just because of Ms. Pushy Loli).

Rather than the tactical part of this episode, I liked the lighter moments more. Taku’s megane moment, DAT brohug and bitch punch; this episode had it all. Though, coming to serious things, the berserk item definitely seems like a pain for all the players (even when I wasn’t right about its theory). If it was destroyed by the Green King and Hime, what is it doing back in the game is a big question that we’ll find out in next episode. From what we have learned till now; not all cards are on table and there’s a sense of uncertainty even special powers like Aqua’s memory manipulation, Niko’s Immovable Fortress and Haru’s wings. Like Haru realized, they will end up fighting almost all the existing kings to reach level 10 so their current bondings (Hime’s with Niko in specific), seems such a waste. For an end note, check out the translation of first chapter of Accel World by Nabe’s Iso (from Chinese to English), which I helped edit. It’s the first draft but we’ll be working on further edits and better releases of next chapters. Ja ne~


Fairy Tail – 133

 The time when a bunch of oyajis get their moe-fill… such lolicons.
More filler. If the OP is any indication, this will be a loooong arc as well since it didn’t show any of the wizard tournament characters (plus that arc is still ongoing from the manga) and nothing seems to be resolved yet. …Then again, the OP switch seems to be about every 12 or so episodes and it’s already been close to that amount. Oh well. As for the episode itself, there was a lot of speculation over something terrible happening, but still no hints at what that terrible thing is. Seriously, if Makalov is going to tell Lucy to give up, he should at least tell her why. On a different note, I thought that the keys in the storybook were referring to Lucy’s zodiac ones at first, but I don’t think so anymore. With that though, what kind of clock needs 6 hands? Or are the keys various clock parts?

So what was the point of Natsu turning small again? The solution was so simple too (moe old men solve everything apparently). So really, why put it in there in the first place? We could have learned the antagonist’s (I’m not going to bother learning their names unless they become more important) powers without all of that extra stuff. Also, why is Erza suddenly so caught up on having a picnic? The animation was less then impressive this week, so I had less patience with the random happenings then usual. On the plus side though, Juvia and Gray (plus Lyon)? Levy and Gajeel? …This filler looks like it’s just full of shipping material. I am perfectly okay with that.


Upotte!! – 09

Please enjoy your stay at the hotsprings and guns hotel…
By day, Upotte!! is the kind of anime that I and others expect it to be. Cute guns doing cute things, the girls continue to ride the gun analogies for wearing thongs. It’s a shame that FAL, M14 and G3A3 were not there looking hot in bikinis, but at least we got a junior version of G3A3 with HK33E “Chuusuri” who’s a little easy to rile up. I had long been expecting the type of censorship we saw in episode 9, but figured episode 3 was the show’s most gratuitous display. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the Blu-ray’s as I am other series, especially when you consider that these aren’t high schoolers as in 95% of anime, but middle schoolers. They’re cute and they’re anime, and I do still find Galil to be as adorable as ever with milk mustache. :3

By night, a group that we only know as “The East” has declared war on our four main heroines. It has that Milky Holmes feel where at the drop of a hat, the plot can thicken suddenly and surprisingly. It’s crazy enough that they took out Ichihachi and her team, but to blow up a bus and buildings? This is terrorism and the battle’s scale increased much more significantly than I thought the show ever could. Cute guns will not be doing cute things next week, but rather entrenched in the thick of battle. Can we agree that how the angle of the bullet was heading towards Teacher that a limp shouldn’t be the damage taken? I also want to note FG42 in street clothes sans-eyepatch looking, imo, less attractive than in uniform. While I knew it was her, I still found it funny when Teacher had to ask.


Kuroko no Basuke – 09

You should see the epic brofist…
The Seiho vs Seirin match continues! Seiho seems like a fairly normal team (compared to guys with green hair who make 100% of their shots…), but I still like them. Their defense feels genuinely oppressive, and almost all of the members have their own personality. I’m definitely going to read the manga after watching this series so that I can indulge in some gorgeous art, because the cheap animation really shows. I think I’d find more motion in a manga than in this show, aiyaaa. Well, I’m not gonna shy away just because it looks derp every now and then. I mean, this is coming from the one who blogs PHI BRAIN. I’ve built up a tolerance now. Kuroko no Basuke keeps me interested with intense matches and cool characters. I have to admit that the hyper BGM is pretty invigorating as well.

This match is taking a bit longer than the other matches, which I don’t mind at all. I love watching Kuroko and Kagami do their thing, but part of me always feels bad for the other team members. They really don’t get to do much in the presence of those two all-stars, and it makes it seem like everyone else doesn’t matter at all. Who cares about the rest of the team when only two players are doing anything, right? This week, the side characters finally got a chance to shine. Being a benchwarmer is NOT fun, so I’m glad they finally gave some other people time to play. We got to see everyone’s special talent as well, which was pretty neat. They’re all kind of simple powers (OH HEY I CAN REBOUNNNDDD) but at least they’ve got…something. If they can win this match without Kagami, it will be a very impressive statement. Sure, Kuroko subbed in at the end of the episode, but he’ll just pass like a demon to the other players and let them hog the glory. The sempais are gonna win it by themselves, and that’s very exciting! Kuroko looks serious too, so I can’t wait to see how this match finishes.


Hiiro no Kakera – 10

Bishoujo: “So many bishies, so little time. Gotta win ’em all~”
DEEN’s QUALITY animation (give or take the special effects in the battle scenes) still makes me want to cry every single week, but I am super impressed at how they’ve managed to cut down SO MUCH of the game. Compared to that, this anime is progressing at light speed and that’s saying something. …Seriously, I invested 4 hours into that game in Takuma’s route and I was only around episode 3 thanks to all of the extra text you have to read. If you do that math, that’s about an hour of game time per episode and there are 24 of them. Even if you take into account that the anime will be covering different routes at once, that’s still a hell of a lot of time. …Long rant short, THE GAME IS NEEDLESSLY LONG. Anyways, more of nothing going on, but at least there were slight romantic developments. …Or at least we got to know more about Mahiro and had that scene with Takuma.

So as far relationship development goes, it looks like they’re focusing on Takuma and Mahiro at the moment and saving the rest for later. Shinji I can see the reasoning for putting off since a lot of his important stuff happens later, but the same goes for Takuma. Are they trying to make him the OTP or what? Not that I’m complaining, but I fail to see how their system for character development works since it’s been extremely unbalanced thus far. I like their integration of Ryou’s route though since I was wondering how they were going to shove him in there with everything else going on. …LOL but that ending scene. Why, DEEN? I don’t even know how I’m supposed to react to those. All they do is make me laugh. …Plot development? Ahahaha what plot development? I read somewhere that Otomate (the company that made the game this anime is based on) has a bad habit of creating hit and run fights in their games for no reason whatsoever other than to make them longer. Seriously, why didn’t Drei’s team just go and take all 4 objects at once? These people don’t strategize very well.



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6 Responses to “Meta Mash – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    Accel World Ah, dat brohug. There really was nothing more to do for poor Haru at that point; it was a hug that said, “I’m sorry this is happening to you, and it isn’t your fault. Take pictures. Take lots of picture. Take an evil boatload of pictures.” ::megane glint::

    The coolest thing I took away from the show was Niko’s VR avatar. She is the cannon-goddess of the Burst Link world; yet here, she just has a simple rapier; along with the most adorable costume ever.

    Upotte! I have been anticipating a ramp up in serious narrative for quiet some time, as I felt the training competition of the last couple of episodes was a bit anti-climactic. So serious guns doing serious things is great by me. But dat censorship. Middle school oppai I can handle (get your mind out of that gutter!). What I hate is the gratuitous use of steam clouds and the like. This just seems like an ad for the later optical media; a sales gimmick. I’ve often thought about the nature of laws, regulations, and restrictions when it comes to pornography, and nudity, especially here in the States, at local levels. It isn’t, we the people, that drive these codes. Why would it be? The people like nudity and sex. But I think it’s cash hungry producers of nudity and porn that keep these codes going. Cause, porn has to be “dirty” to get you off, so to speak. It has to be smut, so you think you’re getting away with something forbidden. This creates a different level of demand. After all, they are selling you the most nature thing ever. Wonder if the same level of thought is happening in Japan.

    Sorry for the potential tl;dr.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: I have to agree with Kyokai that this series has sudden become a lot of fun to watch. It has a nice concept and good animation. But everytime I watch this, I end up being jealous of the sweet tech they have. Damn it!! If only we were in their generation!!

    These legion masters aren’t playing around. One look at each other and it’s already become a cat fight. Since when has Haru’s home become a meeting place and boarding house? A harem is developing. He’s got two cute girls, a yandere, and now a tsundere. Urayamashi!!! I can’t help but think of Freddy Krueger whenever Niko wears that striped sweater. She’s got to be desperate if she’s willing to tell her plan to her apparent enemy. That scene where both girls were sleeping together was adorable. I doubt they’ll remain enemies (Rivals for Haru, maybe).

    The story has taken a darker turn. The Armor of catastrophe sounds like parasite jumping from host to host possessing anybody close whenever the previous one dies, like a virus. I wonder if that side-effect was intended by rightful first user or was it a mutation that happened after he died.

    If the players spend a lot more time in Accel World than in the real world, how old would they be in Accel years? I wouldn’t mind losing myself in a place like that. It would be like the .hack// animes. Level 9s like Hime and Niko must have been Brain Bursters for years. There’s no real telling how many points they could have accumulated in that length of time (though Hime gave up most of them on Physical Full Burst to save Haruyuki from the car).

    • Highway says:

      Was it that Hime lost 99% of her points, or just 90%? I can’t recall. Either way, though, it’s hard to tell how many she has. She did say that she’s been on the run, and not really in the game since she decapitated the Red King. Presumably she’s just been losing points since then, not fighting.

      I thought it was kind of weird that Haru thought Niko was spending too much with 200 points just to find out who Silver Crow / Hime were, even though leveling up from 1 to 2 took 300 points. I would imagine that higher levels require more points, and plus you need enough of a buffer to be able to stand a loss, so you’d think that even Haru wouldn’t balk too much at 200 for something that important.

  3. Highway says:

    Accel World: I definitely like the story and character development episodes better than the fighting episodes. I actually thought this one had a good balance achieved by mixing the two: show the story development through historical fight scene.

    I also really like how Hime seems to be sticking in love with Haru. She doesn’t press the issue, but she’s not going away, either. I’m just hoping that eventually he’ll get it through his skull that it’s not just liking him for his ability in game.

    • BlackBriar says:

      The protagonist in a shounen is always thick headed and oblivious to the obvious things around him until someone just goes in front of him and says it.

  4. Moni Chan says:

    Kuroko and Kagami will make the perfect yaoi.

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