Meta Mash – 04

We are back with this week’s first five quick hits!


Medaka Box – 09

And it was glorious!
Whoa, Medaka Box actually is getting better by the episode. Not that I’d say it’s gotten good per se; the animation quality is still much lower than it needs to be, and that stood out especially in this action-heavy episode. But that action was fun! I was imagining how cool Medaka’s just-in-time saves must’ve been in the manga, while being disappointed in the anime for not actually animating the scenes properly. Her stairway climb past the army of enforcers to reach Zenkichi was alright, but with proper animation, it could’ve been great. But I don’t have any complaints about how the episode finished just before the credits rolled. Also, Myouri isn’t the most original or most interesting of villains, but at least he’s voiced by Romi Paku, whose voice is always a delight to hear.


Shirokuma Cafe – 09

Panda babies have had their taste of human flesh!…better lock your doors.
I’m so happy I finally get to talk about Rin Rin since I missed out on that episode. Anyway, I have to admit he’s one creepy but cute fanboy! Yet I can’t talk as we both seem to have the same fangirl/fanboy characteristics, which has lead me to develop a soft spot for the guy. As a fellow dedicated fangirl (for something else entirely), I salute Rin rin in his endless pursuit of Panda’s affections and being able to handle Panda’s family. He really is the ultimate fanboy who got to achieve his ultimate fanboy dream this episode: going inside Panda’s house! His reactions to all the pandas in the house were PRICELESS. Glitter and sparkles everywhere! Personally I lost it when Mei mei and the baby pandas came out; I literally let out a squeal. HOW COULD YOU NOT RESIST SUCH ADORABLE CREATURES? THEY WERE EPITOMES OF CUTENESS, even if they were fictional! (ノ◕ヮ◕・゚✧

A-Anyway, I keep getting trolled in this show. I should know better not to believe everything in this show, but seeing Penguin so ecstatic after coming back from the bakery, I couldn’t help but start celebrating. OF COURSE THOUGH, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Oh well, at least Penguin is happy with a simple gesture of acknowledgment from Miss Penko! It’s always cute to see Penguin so flustered and nervous whenever he talks about Miss Penko. I love seeing that side of him, especially in this episode where he was so awkward! Also, love the fact that the bouquet was made out of FISH. I will forever wonder what’s Miss Penko’s reaction would’ve been…~


Sket Dance – 60

Hime-“What movie trailer is this? GOOD LORD!”
So while the commercial itself was hilarious this week, the stuff before that… wasn’t… really. At least the second half of the episode was more entertaining. Watching the group study isn’t the most exciting thing ever, but Himeko’s mother MADE the second half of the episode. It’s no wonder that Himeko turned out the way she did. …I can totally relate to Bossun’s problems with math though. You can’t just memorize stuff for those tests OTL (thank god I don’t have to deal with those anymore)… Anyways, this was just your regular comedy episode of the Sket doing Sket things, that weren’t really that plot related. …Nor did they really have any character development other then briefly introducing Himeko’s parents. …I don’t even think there were any requests involved. Maybe that’s why this episode was more on the dull side. Oh well, the OP hints at the school trip coming up. That will be fun in an extremely awkward way.


Natsurio Kiseki – 09

Ohana will guest star every week to clean the baths.
This week on Natsuiro, we join the girls on another crazy mixed up adventure! And by adventure I mean another wish gone bad, but before we get to that part of this episode let me talk about the newest “set” of characters aka the cutest twins ever. First we have the very cute Chiharu voiced by Ai Kayano, whom you can recognize right off the bat as Inori from Guilty Crown or Mikono from Aquarion EVOL so who is her twin? I guess we all got confused by the “brother” Koharu, who turns out to be Chiharu’s “sister” but damn that girl had the biggest freaking attitude towards Saki’s dad because he’s replacing their local doctor? Well I expected some drama to happen and I suppose this episode is a message about to change or learning to accept new things?

The wish this week was quite the surprise for me because it really came out of nowhere! I mean the girls were taking a random afternoon bath and they accidently used a nearby rock to trigger a wish? I really don’t know how they managed to do that but it had some hilarious results like turning Saki invisible, I think when the other girls were trying to hide her from the neighbors that counted as the wish? Anyway that meant she was sort of forced to roll with it, but eventually it wore off leaving her naked afterwards…Thankfully Koharu was a girl or he would have gotten his ass kicked by the other girls, so I assume Saki is going to go along with the move because the locals left quite the impression on her about needing a new doctor.


Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan – 08

Pro tip: do not feed stray cat girls because they are special…
TIME FOR BATTLESHIPS!! … oh no, wait sorry, apparently it’s of the utmost importance that we first be introduced to a bartender named Flora and a pirate name Dyran. Rather then pleasing our burning curiosity following last week’s dramatic boat-of-death twist, Shining Hearts puts its attention on the ever-so-mysterious and stoic Rick. Don’t be fooled, we still learn nothing about his past, or any of the four (now five I suppose) washed-ashore characters for that matter, but instead get a slightly more involved look at his intentions of staying with the bakery. Disappointing, slightly, but with Kaguya now awake and talking as well as the impending disaster (I’m hoping) the war ship will cause, we can only go up hill from her right? Right …

For only a twelve-episode series, Shining Hearts sure is taking its sweet time advancing the story. With only a quarter of the anime remaining, Kaguya has only JUST woken up, and assuming the central plot will involve her in some way or another, there’s not all that much time left for developing her character, let alone the rest of the cast who are still rather flat. (Remember those elves? Yeah, I don’t either.) Don’t get me wrong, I’m rather enjoying the slow pacing, world building, and SoL elements, but … I’m failing to see much beyond that keeping my interested, save a few intriguing yet short-lived plot surprises and even shorter-lived action sequences. If it weren’t for the fact that I love the visuals/music and the characters are continuously charming despite their blandness, I probably would have dropped this a while ago, but I’m holding on to see if Shining Hearts can break through its mediocre guise.



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22 Responses to “Meta Mash – 04”

  1. Kyokai says:

    OMG, Nichibears this week. Panda-san gets cuter by episode. ><

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan – 08: Are all the island inhabitants people who have washed up ashore? Flora makes another addition to what looks to be an apparent trend. And none of them have any memory of their past.

    The plot sure is taking time to go along but the setting and likeable characters keep things interesting especially those like Xiao-Mei. I’m really fond of her character even though it turns out she’s a thief.

    I don’t know how to explain it but Dylan had a lot of influence in this episode and I hope he shows up a lot more. Kaguya walking around and the mystery surrounding that floating fortress should mean a lot more development is coming.

    • Hawthorne says:

      That’s what it seems like so far! xD I guess nobody has ever heard of boats …

      Xiao-Mei is so nyan~ I wonder if the show would be more interesting with her as the main character, probably. >< Dylan was a great character for helping Rick come to a decision on what he wants to do, it's too bad he left already though. Maybe he'll come back again before the show ends?

  3. skylion says:

    I was quite shocked and please to see Natsuiro this week. Shocked that they would go as far as they did with the nudity, and pleased to see that they handled it with care. One heck of a wish, Fosh. Could you do that?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes I always look forward to that gem of an anime such a fun ride so far oh and the drama is quite addictive…could I last being invisible? LOLOLOL Ohhhh I think any guy out there would abuse that power even for just one day >.>

      Just take a look at Sora no Otoshimono! The main guy turns invisible I think in one or two random episodes? Yeah…

  4. Jrow says:

    What’s going on in that Natsuiro pic? Is the blonde girl some ghost or something? XD

    • lvlln says:

      The wish gone awry in this episode is that Saki becomes invisible and inaudible. Though she communicates by writing things and can still touch & be touched. It’s weird.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh that was Saki! Her friends were trying to hide her from a few neighbors and somehow they triggered a rock in the hotspring to grant a wish turning her invisible! Yeah that series is very interesting and dramatastic!

      I swear Natsumi reminds me of a younger Nami! All she needs is a arm tattoo <3

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Medaka box— WHOAAAA Things got awesome so fast, but I was disappointing that Medaka stopped those “assassins” from fighting the others! AAAAHHH then again Medaka has a huge heart for protecting her club members so I figured she would save them.

    I hope we get to see some fighting but I think this is just comedy right? I heard people saying we might not see a genre shift at all with this series? or will they manage to give us a few action themed episodes?

    Bread the animation: I want to watch for the hnngg catgirl, but I don’t think that is enough motivation to start that epic adventure…maybe…

    • Hawthorne says:

      Epic adventure? More like epic-ly boring. >< There are some great episodes in the mix, but you'll have to get through the first few weeks of zzzzz~ If you can, then some actually entertaining moments await, like the Melty episode and the castle guard episode.

      • Foshizzel says:


        Seriously though I give you mad props for sticking with it Hawte! More power to you

    • Moni Chan says:

      trolololol @

      Bread the animation

  6. skylion says:

    I have to admit: I cried some manly tears when Yuka encouraged Saki to give a practice introduction. She comes off as such a flighty little girl; but she has it where it counts.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Awww yes! That was a great moment with Yuka and Saki seems to be just fine about the big move so good for her <3

  7. Ying says:

    Wow I was surprised with this weeks episode of Medaka Box. I hadn’t thought it would be so actiony.
    Although I wish we could have seen the others fight at least a little it was funny that none of them noticed the menacing shadows behind them, or Medaka coming in to rescue them.

    “Whoa what was that? It’s not humanly possible and so abnormal :O”
    “Oh it was the student council president :)”
    “Oh then it’s perfectly normal :D”
    Seriously? I laughed at these every time just because everybody always shrugged it off.

    With Shining Hearts I think they could have done without some of their earlier episodes. I mean I love Sherbet and the witch (whose name I don’t remember)but they weren’t necessary. The “big storm” thing wasn’t either. Maybe there is going to be a second season which is why they are taking their time with this one?

    Am I the only one thinks that Kaguya has been able to get up this whole time, but just stayed in bed for some reason (trolling?). I wonder if they are going to touch on how Rick knew her from his past. Probably not.

    Well the next episode seems interesting and action-y…so it will probably be lots of talking and a 2-5 min fight scene. *sigh* I only watch this show because I like the characters

    • Hawthorne says:

      The Melty episode was definitely not necessary for the story, but Sherbet was just too adorable to pass up! xD I agree about the first few episodes though, they could have easily been merged together into 1 or 2.

      I have no news regarding a second season, so unless I missed it or they’re holding out on us, this might be all we get!

      Kaguya being a troll? lol maybe! Or maybe she was using it as an excuse to get more of Rick’s delicious bread fufufu

  8. Samantha Zan says:

    Himeko’s mother OMG XD, scaring thr children into studying, that totally made me lol XD.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha I personally loved her nickname: the demon wife (or whatever). I mean, even Himeko is scared of her. That means something xD.

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