Mata Mash – 15

Last Meta mix of the week with two series ends of Aquarion EVOL and Zetman.


One Piece – 553

Luffy-“Looks like were going to have sea food for dinner.”
When parents tell their children to never get angry, they basically tell them to not grow a spine. Though Shirahoshi had no strength then or as a child to do anything, it makes me think of what could’ve happened if she intended to carry on Otohime’s passion for uniting the Fishman and Humans together. She certainly would be less of a Weakyhoshi then she is. Anyways, frick yeah for Luffy kicking the fish feces out of Hody and the Strawhats coming back. Great second half of the ep. and now it’s time for some fighting!Onto some OP news, recently announced was a 2-hour Nami special that’ll air on August 25th. We’ve seen a couple re-animated shots of Nami’s past in the current arc, so it looks like they’ve done enough to make a full TV special out of it, which seems similar to Movie 9’s Episode of Chopper. It also doesn’t say anything about the anime being pre-empted (airs on the night before the usual Sunday morning airing), but it doesn’t matter to me if it does or not. Arlong Park is an arc that can be pointed to as the first great arc of One Piece. You had the East Blue 5 together for their first arc, a formidable enemy in Arlong, and plenty of implications to the series moving forward. Seeing this with updated animation will be a treat and the many memorable moments AP that still stay in my mind 500+ episodes later.


Aquarion EVOL – 26 [END]

Ahh Zessica and Kagura the best angry pairing of all time! Gotta love it.
Well Mecha fans out there we have finally reached the end of Aquarion EVOL! And damn the thought of saying that makes me feel quite sad, but as they say all great things must come to an end! So what in the world is going on with EVOL so far? Mykage is still in full control over Zessica and he also has a dark Aquarion unit that owns everyone because holy crap that thing is super overpowered! The best scene of the episode goes to Zessica and Kagura for their unique choice of words when teaming up which I can sum up in one word HILARIOUS! So did anyone else think of Zessica and Kagura as a possible EVOL couple like me? I saw remember seeing how different they were and thought to myself whoa these two would go well together and thankfully they did work as a team, but we never really see them get close at all.

What else can I talk about? Oh right Andy and Mix got back together which made me happy and also the obvious pairing of Mikono and Amata, but I noticed there was quite the buzz around those two ending up together. I noticed on tumblr and other places most fans were happy for them, but a few of them were so annoyed by that fact, but honestly who else would Amata end up with anyway? He suffers from being the main male character! Therefore he will end up with the main female lead, but hey anything is possible in the EVOL universe right? Well almost anything…Also there were some fans out there enjoying the ending and of course there were plenty of anti-EVOL-fans that hated how things ended. So which are you? Did you did you love this crazy mecha series or are you on team anti-EVOL?

Overall Aquarion EVOL is not to be taken serious because I will be honest and say the story is completely random during a few episodes, but you should give this series a shot! You don’t really have to watch season one because in EVOL near the end they give you plenty of backstory. That said I suppose if you want the “full Aquarion experience” you can make your way through the first series; however you might find yourself bored quickly. So could be possible for this off the wall series? I can only see them making a recap movie with new fight scenes added in like the TTGL movies or they can give us another beach episode in the form of an OVA? Well Remember LOVE is back! Thanks to Zen Fudou!


Saki: Achiga-hen -Episode of Side-A – 11

Free Your Mind!
Another painful week of Saki as Teru continues to dominate. Besides the usual, fourth wheel Kirame and her school, Shindouji, were further developed this week. Kirame’s “power” seems to be a passive type that allows her to never go under 0 points against any opponent no matter how strong. Shindouji’s tactic of putting her first on the lineup might actually pay off because Kuro and Kaname are slowly getting to that point now that Teru has hit dealer’s bonus on the last hand. Kuro’s chance of not destroying her team’s score is in the hands of Toki, who has broken the limits of her one turn future sight to see two and even three hands in advance. The effects on her body however are obvious, and if Toki can’t break Teru’s streak soon there’s no guarantee she’ll even be healthy enough to continue.

This entire match has been one of the most exciting and stressful games of any tournament show I’ve ever seen. Sure, without the powers it probably wouldn’t be even half as thrilling to watch, but that supernatural element is one of the strongest the show has at its disposal. With it, mahjong is no longer just a game of trumping your opponents hands, but utilizing abilities and counteracting your opponents abilities as well. It adds and entirely new layer of strategy, and if it wasn’t obvious by the deathly face of Toki, the worthlessness Kuro feels, or the dominating glare of Teru mahjong is SRS BSNS. If Kuro, Kirame, and Toki can manage to survive this streak with even the slightest amount of points there still comes the issue of recovering. Shindouji seems to be covered by their weak-to-strong lineup and Shiraitodai is just an unbeatable powerhouse. Achiga’s future is looking somewhat grim, but I have hope that Yuu will be able to turn the game around again.


Zetman – 13 [END]

“Hi thar Batman- I mean, Zetman”
Fuck this show. God, I hate it so bad now. The past eleven episodes have been painful, but then they decided to pull this crappy ending by turning Hanako into a goddamn Player and Kouga shooting his own father and mother. Really? What was up with Jin’s wings and tail too? It appeared in less than one minute- heck, not even thirty seconds! What was the point of showing his wings and tail if didn’t even use them? To scare Kouga? Why? What’s even worse, Kouga turned mild again after the batshit stunt he pulled three years before. I DON’T GET IT. And Jin? The anime crew decided to pull the Batman shit on him. Everybody said that the ending gave Dark Knight vibe, and they’re right. It feels like a rip-off of it.

Overall, Zetman has been horrible. If Hiiro no Kakera’s pace is unbearably slow, then Zetman’s is unbearably quick. The thirteen episodes limit is to blame because if Zetman is for twenty-six episodes, it would’ve had a better pace. With the short limit and the bad pacing, the audience wasn’t able to warm up with the characters, thus making lots of its audience not feeling sympathetic with the deaths in Zetman, especially Hanako’s. The ending makes the whole anime feels pointless, starting from pointless red necklace to the useless Konoha. Kouga’s character has it the worst though, since the slow development he had was completely ruined when they decided to pull the Mad Guy personality on him just to end things quickly. Zetman anime is really bad, and I’m glad it’s over. Now I want to erase it completely from my mind.


Gundam Age – 37

Desk-kun is very sad right now! WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN!!
Ohhhh boy more Gundam AGE, but honestly I wasn’t looking forward this episode because it looked kind of boring especially with Kio learning more about the Vegans! I can already predict the next few episodes. Throughout most series of anime with any war theme you have two opposing factions fighting each other right? What else can you possibly add to that mixture? Simple answer you have someone from the “enemy” side get captured just so they can see how the other side operates like in Broken Blade or yes even Gundam SEED and DESTINY, but usually this turn of events can alter the main characters view on the other team! Which can them say things like “Why are we fighting these nice people? They are just like us!” Those themes are fun and all; however they are so damn predictable it gets old, but hey it works right?

As for the episode yes Kio gains a firsthand look at how the people of Vegan live, but he sees another side to them after spending the afternoon with some kids his own age. This is where Kio discovers the Vegan people are literary dying of a virus! Even the leader is suffering from it as well. Now that Kio knows about the vegans dying what will do now? I can only bet he will return to the DIVA and he will probably try his best to convince everyone to stop fighting them and learn to live in peace together, but who knows right! For some reason I just can’t picture Kio saying “Screw those vegan bastards! Let’s finish them off!” honestly he was raised better than that or maybe Grandpa Flint taught him to hate the Vegans? Other than that bit of story development with Kio the Vegans are trying to build their own Gundam, but who will pilot this new machine? I bet Zehart-O will end up piloting it or maybe he will steal it…ohhhh yes do it Zeheart!



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30 Responses to “Mata Mash – 15”

  1. Jrow says:

    Echoing Fosh’s sentiments on Evol. Great ending, and go watch Evol now even if you haven’t seen Sousei no.

    I love that they showed Andy & Mix together and that she got her big bangs back. No idea how that could’ve happened, but who cares, love is now allowed!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hell yea! Everyone should watch EVOL! You just have to make your way through the painful first few episodes because Amata spends 90% complaining over everything about Mikono…

      Andy and Mix! I love them so much, but yeah people are asking the same question Jrow! How did Mix change back into a girl so fast? I blame the earth air? YES WHO CARES LOVE IS ALLOWED! Woooooooooooooooo! Hoooooooooooo!

    • Karakuri says:

      So wait, which one came first? If I wanted to start from the very beginning, what do I watch?

      • Foshizzel says:

        Technically Sousei no Aquarion came first, but Aquarion EVOL throws in enough info from season one near the end for a short “recap” of events, but personally I don’t think you will miss a lot if you jumped right into EVOL instead. Then again I suppose if you want the full Aquarion experience you can make your way through season one.

        After all Sousei no Aquarion is only 13 episodes so it wont take you to long to get through it ;D

        • Karakuri says:

          Thanks, Fosh! Will do. …Eventually.

        • Jrow says:

          Actually, Sousei is 26 episodes + 2 OVAs.

          And as for watching the original, you can go either way. If you’re willing to build commitment to a 52-episode show, then go ahead and check out Sousei. I want to comment on comparisons, but I’d rather just let people make up their own minds. I know I do that anyways regardless of what’s recommended to me (guy who watched Haruhi in chronological ep order).

          • Foshizzel says:

            Oooh right! Forgot about that…MAL HAS FAILED ME YET AGAIN! NOooooooooooo!!

            Yeah I say whatever you are willing to do! Sousei is dated in animation so there is that, but if you can look past that you are in for some fun.

  2. Karakuri says:

    I didn’t believe OC when she told me that Zetman was bad, but DEAR LORD Zetman was bad.

    I didn’t care about Hanako in the first place because they just expected the viewer to like her because Jin did. Where were her good traits? Even Konoha seemed like the better choice for a love interest since she at least had a bit of history behind her character as opposed to Hanako, who just showed up at Jin’s house one day. Speaking of, why didn’t Hanazawa’s character ever do anything? I might not have liked Hanako, but I didn’t like Konoha much either. Hell, none of the characters appealed to me. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS THING?! щ(゜ロ゜щ)

    • anaaga says:

      What was the point of Konoha?
      What was the point of the red necklace?
      What was the point of Jin’s bat appearance?
      What was the point of Kouga shooting his own mom?
      What was the point of transformed-forever theory is Haitani was shown ALIVE AND HUMAN at the end?
      Ok, seriously, what was the point of Konoha?

    • BlackBriar says:

      I thought Overcooled’s warning about Zetman was good enough but reading your regret and disgust with it, I’m now twice as glad I didn’t watch any of it. Countless minutes of my life has been saved because of your sacrifice of watching it, Kara. LOL. And to be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the trailer at the beginning of the season.

  3. TheVoid says:

    Zeheart mentioned in Gen. 2 that X-Rounders are a devolution of humans. So I think that explains why this plan doesn’t make complete sense.

    I’ve been waiting for Luffy to jump and kick Hordy’s ass and it finally happened! Use all the steroids he wants he’ll find out he’s not in Luffy’s league.

    As for Evol. I am middle ground. I hated the main couple(MikonoxAmata) and that angered me. But I was mostly happy with it. Even Mykage got his happy ending.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahh yeah good call on Zeheart.

      YESSSS LUFFY! Finally kicking ass again, but he does have one more crazy fish guy to deal with to wrap up this arc.

      Hmmm yeah I have seen a few people that hate Mikono x Amata as a couple, but I don’t know who else they could pair her up with maybe Kagura? But he was technically a “bad guy” at the time…

      • TheVoid says:

        Pair her up with no one. Happy endings all around! Show ▼

        She couldn’t even connect Touma’s pure love half with the hate vomit half(Mykage) like she said she would at the end.

    • Jrow says:

      One Piece: That was such a great scene and very awesome animation since it had been a while since OP got to show off an awesome scene like that.
      Also, the shot of Nami’s midsection as her and Sanji were walking :3

  4. Hawthorne says:

    So glad I stopped watching Zetman after the first episode. The manga is actually readable, but after the terrible adaptation I’m assuming you no longer have interest in anything Zetman related. XD

    Is EVOL supposed to be LOVE backwards … or is it coincidence? I’ve always wondered that. >< Hrm, I want to watch it but I had the same question as Kara. Guess I'll start with the original! (... as soon as I finish MSG, too many shows I'm watching ergh.)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeaaaaahh avoid Zetman! I rather watch uhh queens blade >.>

      Yep! You are correct Hawthorne! Thanks to Kagura, but yesssss EVOL is a lot of fun! Highly recommend everyone watch it <3

    • Karakuri says:

      One day, if I’m reaaaaaallly bored and have absolutely nothing better to do, maybe I’ll pick up the Zetman manga. Does it end the same way?

      • anaaga says:

        Zetman manga is still ongoing. I guess that’s why they pulled that lame ending for the anime. But of course, that shitty ending makes the whole thing POINTLESS

        Fuck Zetman. Why am I always stuck with shitty anime like that. God I’m so mad right now, and the last time I was this mad is when I saw space lily

      • Hawthorne says:

        I’m not really caught up on the recent chapters, but I doubt it would end like that.

  5. Ghost says:

    So this is called mata mash now huh? Just kidding 😛

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