Finally, a yuri show on METANORN!… So who wants to hear a lesbian Makise Kurisu?

Hey there~ I’ve been spending my days studying, studying and studying some more since I’ve been taking gazillion college entrance exams. Why do entrance exams exist anyway? Well, I have another one next month, but since it’s next month, I will spend the thirty days of studying by researching anime. Pretty educational too, right?

Girl Friend to Girlfriend

That’s hot

The biggest aspect in Kuttsukiboshi would be the, of course, shift from friends to lovers. This is nothing new in yuri, even so in real life, so why make this a big deal? See, the shifting of positions is something common that also happens in real life, and us audience are the only judges who can decide whether anime depicted the shift in a realistic way or not. For me, Kuttsukiboshi is the first; it did a splendid job at showing the attraction between the two female characters. Some might ask me “how?” since their romantic attraction is nothing deep or meaningful. Throughout the whole two episodes, all this show shows (see what I did there) was their attraction to each other physically. But that’s what makes it so relatable! First, consider the fact that they’re just teenagers. Isn’t it common for teenagers to develop romantic attractions when they like the physical build of their partner? This is what happens between the two female protagonists in Kuttsukiboshi.

Why do their saliva look like sperm?

However, I was thoroughly disappointed with the romantic development between the two. Their attraction to each other has its rough moment, but it all ends well. It’s good then, right? No, it’s not. Although I do like happy endings, I don’t like the development between the two. Was there even any development? No, there was not. The high school romance turned into something more serious than that. Rape and momentary force were involved. I won’t mind all of that if the time to develop the relationship was there. But there wasn’t. The shift from an innocent high school love into extreme affection was too sudden. The relationship wasn’t even more than two weeks. What have they been doing during their free time? SEX! And sex! And sex! Nothing but sex! And it’s not even the kind of sex that would make a person feel emotional and mushy inside. How can I believe that such development will happen if they have been showing nothing to prove that their feelings to each other were real? All of their sex look meaningless. There was not even one serious talk about the future whatsoever. Even if there was one, it led into some random bench oral sex. WHUUTTT. The sexes are too much it overshadowed the “serious” moments in this anime. Was there any serious moments at all? Nope. Just sex.

Telekinesis Power

Kiko (Kicchan) is not amused

I mentioned some telekinesis power for a couple of times, and it’s not without purpose. Kicchan did have a telekinesis power. In fact, that’s how Aya and Kicchan became friends. The telekinesis power is both a good and bad thing. It’s bad because somehow the telekinesis power feels unnecessary at times. It’s good because when things go wrong, it’s very convenient to use. I see the telekinesis power more than that though. I see it as something that started the spark between Aya and Kicchan. Its existence is something I’m thankful for because without it, Aya and Kicchan won’t find a proper common ground. Heck, they won’t even talk to each other without it. This is a prove that a relationship can start with anything, even if abnormal supernatural power is involved.

Sibling Love

Damn it, why can’t Kouta be my brother?

Believe it or not, the conflict of this show was the fact that Aya cheated with her brother. Pretty dramatic right there, but it’s not without reason of course. The brother is having a severe tumor, and the possibility of a successful operation is slim. Realizing that he might be a dead meat anytime of the day, Aya’s brother asked her to sleep with him. Apparently, the brother is deeply in love with the sister. Such a sudden development makes me want to slap my screen because it feels forced, but oh well. Out of family attachment, the sister let’s the brother do her. Yeah…


Aya’s female lover, Kicchan, believes that the brother manipulated Aya. A number of audience think like that too. But is it really manipulation? Yes, asking Aya to sleep with him during such critical time is pretty cheap, but he’s dying. Isn’t it pretty common for a dying person to want to spend his last days with the one he loves? Not only that, Aya’s brother was unable to have any romantic relationship with Aya or any other girls, he was barely home because of his work. He wasn’t even able to spend his days as a brother. So yeah, even though the brother was being a “manipulative” bastard, please cut him some slack. He was dying. He didn’t have any parents to give him love or to guide him as a proper sibling for Aya. And he’s dead anyway. Also, if this is manipulation, Aya had her chance to refuse her brother. He did back off, but Aya approached him, allowing him to have sex with her. Of course, Aya did that because of her sibling love for her brother. As the only family member she had, Aya’s brother was everything to her (until Kicchan came into the picture). So… Let’s think about the taboo intercourse Aya and her brother did… It was mutual since none of them forced each other. Although what Aya and her brother is considered as taboo in the society, that was the time where both of them loved each other to the fullest; Aya as a sister who wanted to make her brother happy, Aya’s brother as a dying man who wanted to love Aya as a lover. So really… Didn’t it work out for the best?

Force = Love. Not.

Brother is dead, girlfriend is mad. The only way for Aya to get sex is RAEP

This, man, this. I am sick of this trope. Every yaoi with RAEP gets a straight <5 from me. Man, if it weren’t for Kuttsukiboshi’s awesome ending, it would’ve gotten a 4 from me. But that’s another matter. So, Kicchan caught Aya grinding her hot brother, and they didn’t talk because of that. Ok, fine, luring Kicchan into the storage room is a good idea to explain everything to Kicchan. But, rape, Aya? Really? REALLY? Tie Kicchan and finger her forcefully for days (although in the latter days Kicchan developed Stockholm Syndrome) instead of talking to Kicchan properly? This is where I officially throw my laptop on the ground. Seeing these characters misunderstanding each other when they could have make up with proper conversation is SO FRUSTRATING. I’m not even going to defend this. I totally loathe this scene. Sure, sure, Aya might be an awkward person even though she’s well-known, and Kicchan is her first real friend (lover). But raping Kicchan? Fuck that. This so-called form of “love” is just the “easy” way out to make the other party to listen/notice the rapist. Not even going to delve further into this topic. I disapprove of this scene.

A Whole New World

Definitely the best scene of this show

Literally. Kuttsukiboshi takes a whole new level of “happily ever after” by transporting the couple into a faraway planet with Kicchan’s telekinesis power. This is awesome in so many levels. Let’s start with the animation of the teleportation. Fabulous. The scene where both of them are trying to reach each other is cheesy, but I salute them for being able to do that in the sky. No words can describe the beauty of that scene. Wind, gravity, sky, physics, basically, the world tried to separate them as they fall, but the couple overcome the trial given by Gaia and reached each other’s hands. It might not be animated sharply, considering the budget of this show, but the setting of the scene and the gestures the couple did were enough to show the unlimited amount of love Aya and Kicchan has to each other. It was just… Beautiful.

Naked and stranded in an unknown planet.That’s life right there

Why are they transported to another world then? Well, earth sucks for them. Aya lost the only family member she had, and her relationship with Kicchan was not so good at that time. Kicchan and her parents didn’t get along well because Kicchan had been “missing” for days (Aya kidnapped her). Rumors about Kicchan and Aya had been flying around. Yeah, life wasn’t so good for both of them. These things might look so petty and simple, but let’s not forget that they were just high schoolers (or middle schoolers?). It’s a fact that lots of teenagers are emotionally unstable. So what’s the solution? Transport them to another world! Where it’s just “the two of” them! This ending was pretty silly, but I adore it. I see the New World as a symbol of a new chance/new beginning. Fate is cruel, but it’s also kind enough to give Aya and Kicchan another chance to fix their relationship and their lives.

Kuttsukiboshi is both a hit and a miss. In some ways, it’s enjoyable, but the pace is just so slow to the point where it bored me to death most of the time. Especially episode one. Oh,boy, episode one. Watching it was suffering. Half-no, three fourth of it was full of sex sex and sex. Unbearable. Not that I hate lesbian sex, but I wanted to see more than physical relation between the two of them. Yes, sex is another way to express love, but really, who wouldn’t get bored of it when the same exact scene is being shown for more than three times nonstop? The so-so animation didn’t help me feel any better either. Yeah, the animation is not great, but it’s not without reason. For a one man show, the animation is pretty great. I salute you Naoya Ishikawa for handling everything in this show from directing the show, writing the script, and composing the song lyrics. This man deserves applause for being able to handle everything by himself. And for those who get bored of episode one, don’t worry, the pace is better in episode two. Also, that ending NGGGGHHH. Did I also mention the fabulous ending songs? They’re so catchy and memorable, not to mention the sweet lyrics. The BGMs are pretty enjoyable too. At least Naoya Ishikawa knows some sense and not use the same BGM over and over again, unlike some yaoi anime… *coughcoughTheTyrantFallsInlovecoughcough*

For those who have some time to spare, do check out Kuttsukiboshi. It’s not the best yuri anime out there, but it’s also not bad. Cheesy and dramatic is the negative way of seeing it. Sweet and touching is the positive way. It just depends on how the audience see it.

Watch this anime and they’ll have sex under the tree


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16 Responses to “Kuttsukiboshi”

  1. Myssa Rei says:

    I admit the only thing that was preventing me from enjoying this short series was how obviously low-budget it was, at least compared to more contemporary productions. I know, I know, it’s a comiket release, so I shouldn’t complain, but it really throws me out of immersion, ESPECIALLY during the more sensual scenes.

    Otherwise, I won’t say it was a waste of my time. Oh yes…

    • anaaga says:

      It’s fine if the animation bugs you. It did bug me and many other people, but since this is a one man’s work, I can’t complain.
      I still can’t get over the saliva’s color. It looks like sperm. SPERM

  2. Kyokai says:

    This would make Glo happy. xD

  3. Bob from Accounting says:

    What the…?

  4. Gecko says:

    I tried this, but I got halfway through episode 2 and gave up. Honestly, those two just couldn’t talk to each other, and the special powers bringing them together was really weak. Aya should have had some too, to make it more equal, and then their powers could have teleported them off together, instead of Kicchan doing it all.
    The animation wasn’t really making me happy, either, and they skipped out on a lot. It’s good for a one-man show, but not something I liked that much.
    I also think that the brother was pretty boring. The entire cheating deal wasn’t needed to get stress between Aya and Kicchan- they should have faced his death and then gotten some kind of emotional connection together.
    Nice job on this post- I think how you handled the different elements of this show was well done here. 🙂

    • anaaga says:

      Thanks Gecko! ‘///’

      I feel you about their lack of communication. I find it pretty dumb of Aya’s for trying to leave without fixing anything. It’s obviously going to haunt her life forever. Alas, this is yuri, and this kind of thing is common in yaoi/yuri. I’m immune to it now.
      The scenario you suggested about Aya’s brother should be animated. Aya’s reaction to her brother’s death was pretty cold for a sibling. They should’ve delved on that more instead of the dorama.

  5. Jrow says:

    ooo, this was a great read anaaga! I’d been waiting so long for episode 2. Whatever new planet they are on… I want to go to there.

    Completely agree with you about the lack of development and how their relationship shifts so suddenly. While it also doesn’t help that there was such a long gap between episodes that have pretty much zero visual astonishment, the show felt maybe it could use only the sex as an adequate way of advancing the plot and their relationship. Nuh-uh.

    The telekinesis thing was pretty interesting and Kuttsu did as much as they could in two episodes with it. Had it been a longer show, they might’ve tried to make more people with powers and then it becomes Index-y and messed up. I quite liked its inclusion in Kuttsu.

    100% agreed on the “Force = Love. Not.” point. Well stated.

    • anaaga says:

      Thanks Jrow! I could teleport you there with my telekinesis power. But I won’t since you’re my secret lover.

      Oh my, I can’t imagine a yuri Index show. Though I haven’t watched Index, but yeah… Not a good idea. Not to mention some kind of love triangle will happen if there’s another telekinesis user. They did a good job with Kicchan’s telekinesis power. It’s enough

  6. BlackBriar says:

    This was a great show. A few rough edges but still good overall. I give it a 4 out of 5. A telekinetic yuri girl and her recently orphaned lover transported to an unknown world all to themselves. Nicely done.

    I feel the relationship could’ve been absolutely perfect if the girls weren’t so forceful all the time. They do make a good pair. It was astonishing how many times they can have sex in a two episode time frame. It should’ve been used as fact to show the relationship was blossoming. Instead, it just felt empty, meaningless and immoral. Even hentai style yuri did better. Good thing it came out alright in the end. It was really romantic. They win the best kiss award.

    The incest part was a real shock. I was so focused on the two girls that I didn’t expect it. At least it didn’t happen willingly because she wasn’t into her brother. Some of the incest shows I’ve seen was actually out of love and affection on both sides, not a one-sided attraction and a dying request.

    • Bob from Accounting says:

      Yes, because sexual relationships due to mutual love and desire from both parties are the worst, amirite?

      • anaaga says:

        I think what Briar was talking about the overused of sex scenes here. It did not balance out with the development of their relationship. Having sex scenes are fine, but repetitive sex scenes three times in a row is pretty dull and boring.

        @BlackBriar: best kiss? But they were exchanging sperm! D:

    • anaaga says:

      Aya wasn’t forced by hr brother though. She offered herself. Even though it’s out of guilt, she could’ve said “no.” I can’t say that she was forced either

  7. Highway says:

    Thanks for the writeup. I overall enjoyed the show, and wouldn’t have heard about it at all without this post.

    Some of the things I wondered were how Aya found out about Kiiko’s power, and why Kiiko seemed to think that Aya was likely to use the knowledge of it to extort (something) from her. There was almost the feeling of Stockholm Syndrome from the very beginning on Kiiko’s part: She was scared about Aya knowing about her, but really attracted to her. That whole vibe was just kinda odd.

    But overall an enjoyable 45 minutes.

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  9. akagami says:

    Thanks for the interesting read! I’m not a big fan of yuri/yaoi, but it was interesting nonetheless. I’m surprised this isn’t hentai though, from the amount of sex you alluded to. Though I’m impressed that one person handled the show, that must have been one heck of an undertaking.

    I have to say, Aya reminds me a little of Sora from Yosuga no Sora.

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