Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 10 [END]

BEST GROUP IN ANIME HISTORY! Also Ayumu why are you naked again?

…I still can’t believe this is at it’s end already. Why is this anime so short? It feels like absolutely nothing has been solved. Well, it’s been fun while it lasted. I guess I’ll have to wait for Lagrange pt.2 until I can tag with Fosh again.
So what do you think the final episode of Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD will be like? Will it be full of amazing stuff or more massive levels of failure? Personally I have really enjoyed the comedic adventures of Ayumu and his crazy team of supernatural friends, but in terms of story development I will admit that this season has been lacking any real progression. Anyway it is time to get started with the final review of Kore wa zombie. Plot this week follows Ayumu goes through an identity crisis for the final episode.

Ayumu-“PHHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”            Dai-Sensei-“Fufufu for SCIENCE of course.”

Magical girl teachers and random slime time

Orito, you have the best expressions.

Sorry, Haruna, but I heard adding a pinch of brotherhood adds extra fire to any meal.

Orito and Ayumu for best comedic duo of all time!

Things this week start off with Dai-Sensei acting as a substitute teacher for good old Chris-chan who is enjoying the good life of drinking and chilling with Nene. I think there are plenty of guys out there who would gladly trade places with Chris-chan right now. Honestly I think Dai-Sensei secretly wants to keep a close eye on Ayumu because she wants him to test his magical girl skills and push him to his maximum “cute” level to defeat Chris-chan one day. Of course he has to get close to Chris-chan to tickle her. Also Ayumu has to impress Dai-Sensei with his magical girl powers or she will erase his memories, but the following day Haruna also becomes a teacher and creates a giant slime that eats your clothes… Of course it eats clothes as we always need ecchi slime moments, right? Sadly, Ayumu has a hard time with the slime and it forces Dai-Sensei to erases his memories.

Mind trip adventure in Ayumu’s brain!

Dark Ayumu-“Sorry ladies, but this bed isn’t big enough for a four way…”        Haruna-“Ehhhhhhh…”

Dai-Sensei-“If you weren’t so sexy I would erase you with magic…”              Dark Ayumu-“Right back at you.”

Dark Ayumu-“Well, hello there class…and yes my abs are made of diamonds.”

Orito-“NOOOOO! WHY ARE YOU SO BADASS?”             Dark Ayumu-“These pants make me extra badass, bro.”

After Dai-Sensei erases Ayumu’s memories, Haruna breaks down crying about him and Dai-Sensei suddenly has a change of heart and gives Haruna, Yuu and Seraphim one last chance to recover the lost memories inside Ayumu; however, things prove rather tough as the girls eventually face off against Ayumu’s personalities aka his seven deadly sins! Yes the creators of this episode went all Full Metal Alchemist on our asses this week, but thanks to Haruna she quickly transforms and defeats six of the deadly sins. The last sin left was Belphegor or as we know him Sloth who manages to escape the memory world and this “Another” Ayumu is super lazy and extremely rude to everyone even Dai-Sensei. How could anyone be mean to her of all people? I guess if you had crazy wind powers like this other Ayumu and you used them to see her panties she would try to kill you too! Poor super powerful magical girl…

The ultimate love attack of Yuu and Haruna!

Haruna-“YUU! IT’S TIME TO COMBINE WITH AYUMU!”          Yuu-“….”        Dark Ayumu-“YES PLEASE.”

Haruna-“Dude, I meant with the chainsaw duh!”       Dark Ayumu-“OH…DAMN…YOU…TROLLED…ME…”

Ayumu-“I think you combined a little too hard, Haruna…”       Seraphim-“Can we sell his ass to Sarasvati now?” 

After this new Ayumu leaves the house, he returns to school to show off or act like a giant troll with the normal students, but Haruna bursts through the door and kicks him out of a window! DAMN THAT GIRL IS REALLY ANGRY; however she has some good intentions because the new Ayumu is pretty much a huge jerk to everyone and he scares Yuki too. I was surprised to see Yuu tap into Haruna’s magic and transform into the amazing magical necromancer girl, but she couldn’t really respond to his comment about loving her. Damn you fake Ayumu… Thankfully she uses the magical chainsaw with some help from Haruna to return him to the original Ayumu after they successfully cut his body in half. Anyone notice Saraswati had no problems with his other self? I guess it proves she doesn’t mind guys like that or maybe she is attracted to those types of guys? Either way I wonder if the fake Ayumu revealed his true feelings for Yuu or was that just a way for him to throw her off during their short fight… And what about Haruna’s feelings in all of this? Does she love him or is it more of a friendship still?

Happy endings for Ayumu and his special friends?

Ladies and gentlemen! Please prepare all of your hnngggssss now!

With Ayumu’s mind and body returned to “normal” it seems things are looking up for our undead friend, but there were a few shots of a brand new character holding a talking stuffed lion, which leaves me with lots of questions! Like who in the world is this mysterious little girl? Another magical girl or something we have not seen in the Kore wa zombie universe? All I know is she is voiced by Rie Kugimiya and she might have a thing for Ayumu. So what do you think about that ending? Does it leave you wanting more or does it make you face-palm from the poor ending. However, this might not be the final episode because who knows maybe we might get an eleventh episode at us.

Extra zombie love

Yuu-“Onii-chan, I will miss you so much! Don’t you ever forget me.”

Beware of the wild Haruna-chan, they will bite you.

Dai-Sensei is becoming the new moe Iron-Man. You better watch out evil villains!

I wish you years of good luck in the future, Orito! Keep being amazing!

End thoughts

….Wtf was that? This episode could have been anywhere in the series, it felt so half assed. …I mean, sure it was entertaining (…though less funny then previous episodes), but they didn’t even attempt to resolve anything. They’re waiting for the movie or whatever the hell they’re making and expecting us to spend more money on their crap just so we can find out wtf happens with the rest of the plot line. …Not that the majority of us actually spend money to watch this, but it’s the gesture that counts. DEEN had no intentions on ending this. It was just too profitable. Sigh. Also, if the next part is indeed a movie, that means that we’ll have to wait for the DVD release to actually watch it unless you feel like flying out to Japan to watch it theatres.

But that’s enough bitching from me for now about that. This entire season has been… incredibly random. An episode about a concert? Yeah, let’s throw that in there. Another Ayumu? Sure, why not.  Ayumu’s sins were all surprisingly ikemen, but I’m not surprised that his major sin was sloth. Lust wouldn’t have been that much of a shock either. I’m glad that Eu got some more screen time and a more important part of this episode, but at the same time, I wish that she had more screen time in this season overall. …I guess I’m just irked that this season of KoreZom had no real point to it. The plot was just so messy and at times, it was hard to even say if this actually had a plot or not. …Though that being said, this season was great in terms of comedy and making the harem more likeable overall. The only thing it was really missing was a Sera episode (though her dereness overall was nice). So, yeah, I guess I’ll wait until the next installment before making more judgments because this wasn’t SO bad, but DEEN has lost some of my respect once again for this ending. Let’s just hope Sankarea doesn’t take a turn for the worse (I’ve given up on Hiiro being amazing already).

So, we have reached the final episode of Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD! I know you probably have the same questions like me. Like why the hell would they end this series on tenth episode? Did they run out of money? Or did they run out of things to write about? I know there was little to no plot development besides the introduction of Chris-chan and Nene, but come on! What freaking happened to this series? I swear I feel like nothing important even happened in just ten episodes. However, I can roll along with these questions. So, what about you readers? What do you think happened to this season of Kore wa zombie? Were there to many “cooks” in the kitchen throwing ideas around that it turned into a huge mess or are you fine with how things went down in the end?

Enough of the bad stuffs, now let me share a few things I actually loved about the second series. First off the return of all my favorite characters like Haruna. After season one ended I was quite sad that I couldn’t watch Haruna do something crazy with her magical powers or whenever she would create a random invention that usually backfired on Ayumu or herself! With season two I feel the creators pushed her to the side for the most part, but hey she had plenty of hilarious moments in this season even though I placed her in the dreaded friend-zone with Ayumu, so yeah Haruna is one of my favorite characters. We also had the return of my second favorite vampire ninja Yuki, but I suppose it helps that she is voiced by Hasako Kanemoto aka Ika Musume or Yayoi from Smile Precure! The best thing about Yuki throughout this season was every epic facial expression she made whenever Ayumu was next to her I swear some of them left me laughing or grinning from how cute they were every single time.

I have lots of favorite characters, but what about you? What about your top five rankings of Kore wa zombie characters? How do they stack up and they can be either males or females. It doesn’t matter so let me know! Anyway season two probably was a giant fail-boat for most of us out there, but I have to ask what do you want to see next with this series? A Kore wa zombie movie or maybe you want to wait for a third season to appear? I have said this before over Twitter and Skype that I will easily watch any project in the Kore wa zombie universe either series or movie. I mean really what is there to hate here besides the lack of story? Honestly the characters themselves kept me coming back week after week, but I will say next time I really hope DEEN gives the fans a decent freaking plot! SERIOUSLY do not repeat yourselves with the same setup next time.

Anyway I hope you had fun reading these reviews every week with me and Kara! I always try to make things entertaining and fun for myself and the readers of course. Soon, Kara…soon…for the always fun Rinne no Lagrange part two. I hope you join me and Kara as we follow that series next season here on Metanorn.


Yuu-“Thank you for watching!”                     Fosh-“NoooooOooooo!!”

Stay tuned to Metanorn for future Kore wa zombie news


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32 Responses to “Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 10 [END]”

  1. skylion says:

    ….been a good ride, guys. Thanks for the reviews.

    So, is the slime moLnEster as shout out or a rip-off of High School DxD? Either way it did an excellent job. Who knew that a beast made of egg and philosopher’s stone was so sensitive to society standards, eh? Leaving behind the pantsu is no problem; as no one was playing any mahjohng, but the socks? I guess a beastly fetish came out….

    Alas, poor Haruna, you’ve become the deepest dearest friend that an undead pervert could ever have. I would pity you, if it didn’t come with the price of you screaming a hissy at me…

    Eh, a magical-tool loli voiced by the Grand Rie? Take my money, please. An a mighty HNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG shall be heard.

    Story? What story? By now KwZ has become synonymous with random gags and ecchi tossed into a blender and held together with Haruna’s insensate screaming and blundering.
    I would not have it any other way. For this, it works don’t fix what ain’t broken brothers and sisters.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thank you for all your amazing comments Skylion! They were always hilarious and funny to read.

      Ohhh? I only survived through five episodes of DxD! I heard it was interesting, but they had slime as well? Sounds like some important plot developments right there. Yeah the slime in Kore wa zombie was strange…I guess the creators are letting their fetish stuff appear in the anime >.>

      Haarunaaa! I will always laugh at anything she does and yeah I agree Ayumu is lucky to have her around.

      YES! Another blonde loli character for the third season and voiced by Rie oh yes I can’t wait to hear her in a few episodes.

      Season one had a main baddie for the gang to fight with the King of Night and of course the evil magical girl Kyoko, but season two only gave us Chris-chan and she escaped and ran away with the main “plot” taking it with her sadly… Season three should be action, fighting and plenty of story development with Nene and Chris-chan.

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, I thought of DxD with the slime as well, it was almost a straight copy (of course, being DxD, the slime didn’t eat the boy’s clothes).

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahahah I see! I will have to look out for that series then or DL and watch the last bit.

          • Highway says:

            If you’re looking for that specifically, it was mid-series episode 7, in the filler ecchi part. I really liked Highschool DxD, but wasn’t a huge fan of the end of the series pacing. I was hoping they’d finish the story arc with at least half of the last episode and have some lovey-dovey harem stuff at the end, but instead they ran the story right to the end, making it a little too long in the process.

            • skylion says:

              I feel the same as Highway. It was one of the shows I champed at the bit for every Thursday, just because it was good clean dirty fun.

            • Foshizzel says:

              Fufufufu then I will finish DxD soon then! Like I said I was only around episode five or so…and Jrow and several others said it was a lot of fun to watch ahaha

      • skylion says:

        I’m almost sensing a Negima spin to this; they take off to the magical/underworld for adventures. Cause none of these supernatural cats do anything big in our world. And we got like, what, one Megalo this season, and it was a joke…Oppai for Justice.

        Thanks for your compliments ,we are both gentlemen and scholars among the rabble. You hear me rabble?

        • Foshizzel says:

          I know right? What the hell! Season one had at least three or four bad ass megalo’s and lulz the oppai one made me laugh so much!

          <3 <3 <3 you rock

          • BlackBriar says:

            Season two was focused more on random stuff and character development rather than action and plot. The only plot we ever got was surrounding Chris which leaves us wanting to know more.

            • Foshizzel says:

              AMEN! I can agree 100% Character development and random comedy with some brand new character interactions like Nene and Chris-chan…ohhhh how I will miss that drunken girl lololol

  2. Highway says:

    To me, the season started off pretty good with the story about breaking Mistletainn, but for the most part it definitely feels like they spent most of the season just introducing new character after new character. There was an awful lot of setup and not a lot of doing: introduce a character, then put them on the shelf so you can introduce another new character. The only person that was actually dealt with was Kyoko.

    It didn’t even feel like the season was standing still and just providing gags and ecchi. It felt like they were trying to move it forward, with introducing all these new characters and setting up a super big bad and a world ending conflict, but then they never get to it. There is a story there, but it wasn’t even tried to bring it to any sort of conclusion. Really it felt like the second episode of a trilogy, but the kind where the writers *know* there’s going to be the third part. Yeah, there’s action, suspense, laughs, and development, and it’s fun to watch, but ultimately there’s no payoff and no resolution so you feel a bit let down. Basically, it’s the kind of thing where you need B to get from A to C, but B doesn’t stand on it’s own.

    If it’s followed up with another season, a few more shows to wrap it up, or a movie, opinions of this might change.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! The story started out funny with the whole class finding out about Ayumu’s cross-dressing secrets thanks to him breaking Mistletainn, but that plot was quickly destroyed after they introduced Chris-chan and further down the line Nene…I really enjoyed Kyoko’s return to the series because maaaan she was addictive in season one after the reveal of her being Ayumu’s originally killer/ magical girl of course.

      Of course! They wouldn’t just end it here on ten without hinting at another season especially with that short shot of that new girl aka the queen of villiers that gave Chris-Chan her unusual “curse” to turn into a old guy.

      Ahaha yeah a movie deal basically means we have to wait longer, but a third series would come a lot faster for us over here! Either way DO WANT <3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    This anime was excellent. Thanks for the reviews Kara and Fosh. I’m disappointed that it ended so soon. 10 episodes. WHY?!!! Does it leave me wanting more Kore wa Zombie? HELL YES!!! I’ll always want more!! I can practically forgive anything this season because I missed my favorite supernatural harem that has developed so much character wise. Ayumu has obviously grown up a bit but the girls have dramatically changed overtime (Yuu, Sera, Kyoko, Yuki, Saraswati, etc…) except Haruna, who I haven’t seen much change.

    What do I want to see next with this series? A third season would definitely suffice because a movie would be too short and rushed, leaving out the potentially good details. A regular season would give it enough time to spread the story out.

    After all, the way it ended screams another potential season: Chris has yet to be dealt with, there’s still that guy puking blood roaming around and there’s the last minute introduction of this new blonde haired girl who I assume is the Queen of Villiers, the one responsible for the curse that was put on Chris (The crown on her her head made me think of it). They presented her in the same way they did Chris so it’s not impossible. I think this season was an in between arc of the whole story, building up everything for the real end.

    Top five rankings of Kore wa zombie characters? Meaning the girls? Well, they would be: Yuu, Yuki, Kyoko, Sera, Saraswati. It’s kind of coincidential that three out of five turn out to be vampire ninjas, right? The guys would be: Ayumu, Orito, Anderson.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Why thank you BB! I always looked forward to your awesome comments and YES ONLY 10 episodes!? WHYYYYY!! I so freaking agree…I have no idea why they decided to do such a thing, but I assume it is to set up the third season? I WANT SOME NEWS T____T

      You are right Yuu, Sera, Kyoko, Yuki and Seraswati they did have the most progression of all the girls and Haruna was pushed into the best friend zone, but she does often get jealous over the other girls getting close to Ayumu.

      Third season: MORE ACTION! With a movie they could fill it with the magical girls vs Villiers war they mentioned in this season, but I guess next time with 13 more episodes or so they could give us more story and jokes.

      Aye Chris-chan is still active and they revealed the queen of Villiers and we also have Nene to work with eventually! I am curious to see that fight play out especially with Ayumu having to tickle her? OH MY GOD I can’t wait to see how he manages that.

      Great ranking! Mine is Haruna, Yuki, Yuu, Chris-Chan and Dai-Sensei <3 Kyoko was in my top 5 last season but you know what I probably like everyone in this show! Even Orito and Anderson-kun made me laugh along with Ayumu.

      • Highway says:

        Maybe one of the better things about this show is that there doesn’t seem to be a runaway favorite for what girl people like best. If I was ranking them, it would be Sera > Yuu > Haruna > Yuki > Sarasvati with Taeko possibly sneaking in there if she’d get any more character time. It also doesn’t seem like they have any characters that just turn people off.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Agreed! They don’t force us to like just one girl, but several girls had their time to shine so maybe season two was mostly about character developments and relationships?

          Nice ranking! Taeko would fit there even though I feel the same she got some screen time but we need more! Right there are lots of characters to enjoy in every episode.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Depending on the way it ended, there should be some news in a couple of weeks. There’s no way I can accept this series being finished with so many things left open. I would if they didn’t introduce new characters and gave insight on those who have already appeared like the guy puking blood. We’ve seen him in one episode but don’t even know his name. And Chris, we know she was cursed for trying a coup d’état but it was never explained why unlike the reason Kyoko was killing innocent people or why the King of Knight was suddenly causing everyone trouble.

        Haruna barely got anything this season. She was constantly overshadowed by the other girls. Personally, I think it’s because they have way more sexual appeal than her. Though Yuu was moe, the character designs for the others were basically telling us to chase after them and them accepting him individually in their own way probably made it easier for us to like them. Saraswati’s unexpected change was the best one.

        Another season would definitely be welcomed but I wonder if it does come, will be full of plot development whereas this season was mostly random stuff. Parts that will be remembered: Sera and Saraswati going dere dere, Kyoko’s insane facial expressions and stabbing confession, Orito’s masochist antics, Chris’s rainbow puking and that guy’s blood puking.

        Acid slime? I haven’t seen something like that since that episode in High School DxD. That would be a pervert’s personal weapon.

        Dai-sensei must be quite the patient sadist for casually telling Belphegor she’d kill him later for looking up her skirt without a tone of aggression in her voice.

        Belphegor was awesome. Who knew laziness could make someone seem so badass? Ayumu is lucky he’s a zombie because getting gored like an animal by a chainsaw can’t be pretty.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Right I am sure the producers are preparing some type of news about the next project in the Kore wa zombie universe, but yeah if they did not introduce all those new characters things would have easily been different. I am curious about Chris-chan, the queen, Nene and Mr. pukes up blood every ten minutes…seriously who was that guy!? YES WHAT HAPPENED to the king of night and Kyoko how did they meet and form their crazy team? So many unanswered questions.

          Yeah Haruna in my mind will always be just the super hyper friendly character, but yes I know she has a oddball relationship with Ayumu in terms of getting jealous when other girls get close I mean watch the episode with Kyoko’s return! Haruna flips out over a hug? Anyway yes the other girls defiantly have more to offer in terms of fan-service versus Harnuna and Yuu is the moe quiet girl you can’t help but want to protect her.

          Another season needs to cover the background story along with some fight scenes and some comedy thrown in! I swear there are a lot of shows out there that have one or two giant battles and then the following day they are at the beach or back to normal life…*cough* Guilty crown *cough* and yessss I know those things just happen in the world of anime. Agreed more Orito, blood puke dude and Chris-chan’s rainbow puke shower.

          LOL Yeah I keep hearing that slime is in DxD! One day I will watch the rest of it.

          Ahahaha Dai-Sensei is one of my other favorite girls from this series! And her line about killing Ayumu for seeing her panties made me laugh so much <3

          Belphegor or dark Ayumu was very interesting treat for fans I wonder if the girls prefer that version or the normal Ayumu? Chainsaw to death = ultimate love attack!

  4. The_Magus_Killer says:

    Sarasvati. I have no regrets. This is the only path. OSHIRI-AI! LOL.

    Sarasvati: “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I like your butt, so call me, maybe? My damn darling!” XD

  5. Dan-go says:

    NO WAI DO U END! :C where shall i get my weekly dose of chibi eu?

    • BlackBriar says:

      And where will we get more “piece of shit” insults from Sera, HHHHGGGGNNN from Yuki and butt stalking from Saraswati?

    • Foshizzel says:

      I KNOW!! WHYYYYYYYYY!! I loveeeeed all those tiny Yuu’s so freaking cute every week they added more hhhnnnggg moe-ments for me <3

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