Kimi to Boku 2 08 – 10

What? People do it in karaoke booths? I’m going to need to hear some proof…

Since everyone else seems to be experimenting with new formatting, I thought it’d try it as well (Yes, Hoshi is a follower, not a leader…yet). At first I was sort of refusing to because I honestly couldn’t see how I could do a better formatting for Kimi to Boku (being a slice-of-life show and all), but I guess I just wasn’t thinking hard enough. Not to mention I’m an overly-neat person who doesn’t like mashing too many things at once. But change is good! Now bear with me on this topic-based format…

Episode 8:

Karaoke Shenanigans

Hearing Yuki say that…doing it in a karaoke booth isn’t impossible reminds me of an article I read about a problem going around in karaoke booths in Seoul. Apparently over there they have actual BEDS in their karaoke booths, so lots of teenagers would actual go do their business there since it was cheaper than getting a hotel. It became such a problem they actually had to take them out, I believe, hahaha! ANYWAY, this whole karaoke fiasco in Kimi to Boku was probably the most hilarious event in the entire series. From the boys having absolutely having no clue about sex, to them actually trying to listen in on Fuyuki and Mamiya, to Shun’s freak-outs, to Yuki’s little comments, to all the crude humor, it was one gut-busting episode! It really was a crude humor binge with all the jokes about sex and such, but I have no problems with it as I’ve said before. How can you keep dirty jokes out of a show about all boys, especially with someone like Fuyuki around?

Speaking of Fuyuki, I don’t understand WHY IN THE WORLD you would suddenly ask to touch someones chest. You two are both in middle school and haven’t even dated for that long! Also, Mamiya, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ALLOW HIM TO? Letting him feel your breasts just for a tiny ring? Oh hell no, girl! I don’t understand young kids anymore…No wonder Shun was incredibly worried over Fuyuki. That being said though, I don’t think he’s completely a bad kid. He’s just…confused, like when Mamiya said he gets embarrassed at the wrong things. Really, both he and Mamiya are. The two seem to really like each other, and want to progress their relationship, but they went ahead a bit too much. I also have this feeling that the whole incident was on some sentimental level I haven’t experienced myself yet, which is why it still seems a little absurd to me.~

Shun Appreciation

I’ve been a continuous fan of Shun throughout the series (if that hasn’t been apparent in the dozen or so posts I’ve done for this show), so I thought it was proper to add in a Shun Appreciation section, especially after this episode. No one can deny that Shun was a pretty awesome older brother, despite being a tad bit unnecessarily worried about his younger brother. His innocence was so adorably funny; I couldn’t contain my laughter when he mistook ‘first experience’ to a first kiss. The best thing about Shun this episode though was that he actually acted different from his normal self for once! Seeing him so extremely angry turned out to be refreshing for his character; I enjoyed every second of it. Shun, to me, is the character in Kimi to Boku who has received less screen time than anyone else (in terms of episodes that focus on him only), so seeing events like this where we can see the different sides of Shun are always a delight.~


Episode 9:

Experience Points

Ah, I never realized how much Yuki and I were alike until this episode: we both want money, but don’t want to work for it. But of course, being mature means working for your money, and since it’s been a continuous struggle to get Yuki to be more mature, they make another attempt by having Yuki get a job. You can tell Yuta was happy, especially after seeing how tough his boss was; maybe someone could really encourage him to be more grown up. However, wherever these boys go trouble follows, and the mix juice fiasco turned out to be hilarious. They were working so hard to recreate some mix juice only to have the whole recovery literally blow up in their faces. Yuki’s first job ended up being a failure, but as the boys said at least he got experience points, and yay for experience points! Best part of the episode however was the little girl at the end. I literally SQUEALED when she gave him that kiss! I couldn’t believe she did that; it was the most ADORABLE THING EVER AHH~!


Episode 10:

The Chizuru/Masaki Dorama continues, then ends…? (Also, Hoshi cries buckets of tears)

So I was under the impression that everything between Chizuru and Masaki was cool after episode 7, but I guess not! I didn’t realize it had been that long since they interacted. Anyway, the awkwardness between the two in the beginning of the episode was incredibly AGONIZING. Really, the whole episode was agonizing for my poor fangirl heart. Just when it seemed everything could possibly work in Chizuru’s favor, Masaki has to reveal that she still likes Shun. Poor Chizuru is shot down again, but he still hasn’t given up hope! The fact that no matter what Masaki says, or who she likes, he will keep on loving her, is just tearing up my heart. I lost control of my tears when he said “At least for a little while her head was filled with thoughts of only me”.

Chizuru really is similar to what I call ‘the second guy’ in a Korean drama; if you’ve seen them, you know what I’m talking about. He’s the tragic character who’s the obvious right choice for the main girl as he’s always there for her when she’s at her worst or when she’s in trouble; he truly has an innocent love for the main girl. However, the main girl, Masaki in this case, doesn’t see this and still goes for the main guy. It is tragic, cursed relationship from the start, and no matter how many viewers wish for ‘the second guy’ to be with the main girl, they know it will never happen. So as much as I want these two to come together, I know it probably won’t happen in the anime’s lifespan.

As for the manga, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on as it hasn’t been translated that far and even though I actually bought the recent volume while at a bookstore on vacation, I can’t see any sign of a relationship between the two. Anime-wise, I have a feeling that this episode has laid the issue to rest once and for all, especially since the episodes are reaching their final countdown. I guess I can only keep as strong a hope that Chizuru has that the mangaka will bring these two together somehow; maybe not now, but in some distant future. However, Masaki is still young and dead-set on Shun, so it will continue to be one long, agonizing journey.~

Overall: Episodes 8 and 10 were definitely some of the best episodes this season, but episode 9 fell a little flat for me. While it did have its moments, such as the little girl kissing Yuki and the over-exaggerated excursion to replicate mix-juice, it wasn’t as entertaining as the Shun-Fuyuki karaoke fiasco or the Chizuru-Masaki romance dorama. With the season ending in two more episodes (-sniffle-) and some of the major points addressed, I have no idea what Kimi to Boku is going to pull next. I’m pretty excited about this uncertainty though, especially with Takanashi and Ryuunosuke taking up much of the next episode preview. Hopefully Kimi to Boku will bring more surprises, and keep up the comedy, in these next two episodes!~


Takanashi, Ryuunosuke, and Masaki seem to be making another appearance! Does anyone else smell a potentially romantic episode? Until next week then~!!


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10 Responses to “Kimi to Boku 2 08 – 10”

  1. JPNIgor says:

    On the 1st Season, I was rooting for Masaki x Shun and the pink-haired guy was my favorite character of the show too, but nowadays I can’t help but think that Shun is becoming annoying. PLEASE! If I had a brother like him I would hate him so much I would kill him. But surely, Fuyuki and Mamiya are too advanced for their ages. Me too, I was like WHY THE F*CK DID YOU LET HE TOUCH YOUR CHEST?!

    Well, just to say, on the 2nd Season, I prefer Chizuru. I will speak more about him later.

    About the 9th episode, Yuki was spectacular with that smile try aka evil smile XD But Yuuta is seriously destined to become a host o.O’. AND GOD I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN HE SPILT THE WHOLE MIX JUICE ON THEIR FACES that I couldn’t hep but give a hard facepalm on myself.

    About the 10th episode…

    Oh GOD, I pitied Chizuru so much i.i’ And the two together was so awkward e.e’ I couldn’t understand, couldn’t he wait for a better moment to tell he likes her? I don’t know if Kimi To Boku will have a 3rd Season but if don’t… Well, sorry Chizuru.

    And I can’t help but keep telling aloud that Masaki is extremely stupid. I see so much of me on Chizuru that I can’t help but be rooting for Chizuru x Masaki. Be by her side when she likes another guy… I know this feeling TT.TT

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I will always love Shun; I can’t help myself ;~; But yeah the whole following them around was kind of over the top…

      I think Chizuru telling her that he likes her was a spur of the moment type of thing. He didn’t think of the awkward consequences until they actually met each other at school again.

      Awwwww! ;A; I’ve never felt something similar before, so I can’t say I know how it feels…

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Episode 8 made me laugh so much! Good job older brother for helping out your younger sibling such a pro, but super protective in a cute way xD

    Chizuru x Masaki for the win! Those two characters are so cute together, but yeah he should have waited for a better chance to confess his feelings for her or was it the right time? I found Masaki to be annoying at first but she has kept me hooked ahaha

    I can easily see a third season! Something about Kimi to Boku keeps me entertained and is filled with lots of good feels <3

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Shun is a pro, adorable older brother ;~;

      I think it was a spur of the moment type of thing concerning Chizuru’s confession. In a way though, it did feel like the right time because I don’t know how he’d manage to get her alone to confess, or rather I can’t see it (lol).

      Wah, a third season would be GREAT. No announcement has been made though, so I doubt it…It’s a nice thought though ;~; And wooohooo! I’m glad to find a guy who finds this entertaining, hahaha.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Ahaha yeah it is very different from my normal type of series but yeah I find it addictive, but if Chizuru wasn’t around to add his hyper-ness I probably wouldn’t watch anymore thankfully he brings out the laughter <3

  3. Cholisose says:

    Oh, there’s still time for the Chizuru-Mary romance to blossom. I felt that ep 10 was largely about Mary recognizing the possibility of someone other than Shun playing a part in her love life, and Chizuru accepting that it may take some time for Mary to decide what she wants to do in regards to her relationship with him and Shun. Chizuru feels he’s made progress in the simple fact that Mary has at least been thinking about him. That is a first step, right? Kimi to Boku is meant to take things slow and easy, one day at a time. :>
    Fortunately Mary hasn’t immediately dismissed Chizuru as she would have back in season one, and I think her talk with him in ep 10 was important because now they’ll at least be able to converse with one another without Mary having to make a firm decision on the whole situation. I can relate to her feelings actually; I’m the sort of person who can spend ten minutes in the cereal aisle trying to make a decision. (Every dollar counts in these college years!!!)

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Ah, I see, I see! It’s a compromise of sorts between the two. I’m sure Mary will take her as she’s still young; not to mention it’s the type of decision you would want to take your time on. I just wonder, in the future, how her decision will be effected when Chizuru and Shun both come to graduate…?

  4. Moni Chan says:

    what happens in karaoke booth stays in karaoke booth. Tehehehehehe

  5. Sadaharuhi says:

    love Episode 8!! It has the most YuutaXShun moments for me XDD

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