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Well, Zabo is back in school again taking spring classes, so I’ll be on my own from now on (meaning that the posts will also be regular from now on. …Hopefully.) Anyways, since there is a TON to cover, I’ll just be saying an abridged version my thoughts on each particular episode.

Episode 5

This episode was great not only because of the introduction of Koko’s brother (the best side character to date an no one is going to tell me differently), but also because it went into Jonah’s past a bit. It was surprising how well Jormungand could pull off an entire episode set on story as opposed to nonstop action considering that it’s just been barreling through everything at breakneck speed, but it covered the story aspect rather well. If only it did that more often. They CAN actually explain things when they try. Anyways, another part I really liked about this episode was the fact that Koko and her brother weren’t at each other’s throats. I’ve seen way too many anime where siblings in the same business are trying to kill one another for various reasons, so it’s nice to see that these two kind of get along. Hell, Kaspar was the reason Jonah even joined Koko in the first place, I’d say he was helping her. Overall, it was a great episode.

Episode 6

So are all illegal business owners in anime named ‘Chang‘ or what? Odd connection with Black Lagoon aside (good thing this Chang didn’t wear sunglasses), Jormungand continued it’s routine of shooting helicopters out of the sky and establishing every single female character as being well off her rocker. This episode was more setup for episode 7 then anything, but it had some good places characterization-wise. Jonah is seeming more and more human with every episode (his saving the random child being the major one here), but he still is able to retain that same level as badassery. He’s also fitting into the team a lot more ever since Lehm yelled at him for being a self sacrificing retard a while back. He even got to join in the team’s glowing eyed ‘pre-hunt’ scene this episode. If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is.

Episode 7

The brief look into Valmet’s past was fun this episode, though that Schokolade (dear lord that name is difficult to spell) character stole the show for me since she seems to be the most normal of any of the female characters that we’ve come across thus far. I didn’t even think it was possible at this point (plus her ditzy personality was weirdly endearing). Anyways, Jonah was surprisingly useful this week with his mountain information and I don’t know if they ever mentioned this before, if we were supposed to assume this due to his backstory, or if they just threw this fact out there just because and then decided it was canon. Another thing that was a tiny bit confusing was Chang’s motives for any of this. Though at this point, I’ve gotten used to the fact that Jormungand just likes to throw things out there and run with them.

Episode 8

So if Koko’s forte isn’t running around shooting things, then it’s definitely being a manipulative strategist. This was the episode that made me realize just why Koko was so badass despite her not really doing things in battle, and it’s because she’s just so great at making things all go according to keikaku. While watching her run around and set things up was a bit tedious to watch, having it all fall together for her in the end was glorious to see. On the other hand, that other woman was a great opponent for Koko and brought out her strengths. I wish they could have explained Koko’s relationship with that FBI woman more (would Scarecrow really just let her hang out with Koko like that? I pegged him as more of an opportunistic asshat.), but I don’t think they ever will.

Episode 9

…I don’t know what was funnier. The fact that the team was casually throwing Jonah around like it was nothing or that fact that Valmet was more muscular then I thought humanly possible. Anyways, this was another great episode for characterization and for once, I actually enjoyed the beach section of an anime. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but Jormungand manages to pull off humour rather well for me. This episode being one example, but also the episode before with Jonah kicking Lutz’s ass at paintball. Anyways, the second half of the episode was rather enjoyable as well. Koko excels at making difficult situations go her way by playing the right cards, so I’d like to see how this finishes off. This episode went to both extremes of action and non-action, but it managed to balance both pretty well.

One Last Thing…

Show ▼

End Thoughts:

So as long as I don’t try to think of how realistic or unrealistic a situation is, this anime is still fabulous. For a show that doesn’t break it’s pace for anyone or anything, it’s doing a rather fantastic job of slowly characterizing each of the characters in a way that doesn’t break that pace. Sure the show relies on a LOT of character stereotypes (Lutz being the guy who doesn’t like shooting women and children, Lehm being the older/wiser mentor with great observational skills and Valmet being the revenge-bent (yuri) character), Koko always manages to remain fresh and entertaining to watch. Actually, I find all of the characters fun to watch really. Along the way, they’ve also managed to turn Jonah from an emotionally void soldier into an adorable shota character who still kicks ass. I have to admire how smoothly they managed to integrate that transition since they’ve been adding it in subtly every episode. What I want now is for Jormungand to focus on more backstories (since they did Jonah’s so brilliantly) and maybe a bit more on some of the characters they haven’t covered. All of Koko’s team are great characters, they just need more time to shine.

So as far as animation goes, I see corner’s cut every now and then, but the screenshots of action shots I take are always pretty great quality. The unique art style this uses has definitely grown on me over the past 9 episodes as well. As for the music in this, the single for the OP came out a couple weeks ago and it still hasn’t grown old with me (I’m just waiting on that ED single now). On the other hand though, the soundtrack has a few songs that I like, but the rest are pretty forgettable with me. It’s hit and miss really. As a whole? Jormungand is extremely entertaining if you can overlook the fact that they hardly ever explain anything 100% and this show likes to break a few laws of physics now and again.



University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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16 Responses to “Jormungand 05 – 09”

  1. Kyokai says:

    I’m really liking this series. I don’t care weapons are taken ‘seriously’ or not but the Koko’s crew is awesome and just knowing them more every week is fabulous.

    Not to mention seeing Jonah actually blush (that scene was so kawaiiiii~). Aside from Koko, Valmet and Lehm are really something. I can’t wait for the original soundtrack to release because the music has been glorious~

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m really enjoying this too. Hell, most of the things people are complaining about, I don’t even notice until they point it out. It’s anime, it doesn’t really matter to me how serious or realistic it is.

      JONAH IS ADORABLE. I WANT TO TAKE HIM HOME. But yeah, I really like when Jormungand goes into the team’s backstory. Mao’s bit from episode 9 was great and same with Lutz dropping that he was originally from the police or whatever. I like knowing where they came from and how they joined Koko~.

  2. Overcooled says:

    It’s amazing how Koko turns all the girls into lesbians when she’s around. I find that more amazing than her weapon-dealing skills.

    Anyways, glad to see you’re picking up Jormungand again, even if it’s solo :3 I just can’t get enough of Koko and Jonah. I could watch those two forever and not get bored.


    • Karakuri says:

      You’ll convert someday OC, the power of Koko compels you.

      Haha, yep. Jormungand is just too great to pass up. The team is just so… so… amazing. All of them. Though yeah, Koko and Jonah (…also Kaspar) are the greatest of them all.

      LOOOOL. Well I guess they’re all extremely fit, but Valmet is SCARY BUFF. I was surprised at Jonah having a 6 pack too. What the hell do they do in their spare time?

      • Bob from Accounting says:

        Um, fighting, as far as we can see. 24/7.

      • BlackBriar says:

        LOL. Koko’s power is overwhelming. How long can she resist before she submits? It’s just a matter of time.

        Valmet is brutal and insane. With that hot body, even though it’s scarily buff, I’m sold. She can be my bodyguard anytime.

  3. TheVoid says:

    All that delicious toned muscle on the guys and Valmet.

    • Kyokai says:

      Was I the only one, laughing at the almost identical nipples?!

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m still surprised that they paid that much attention to the body types of the team. But LOL I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many anime characters with six packs all gather together at once before.

  4. Bob from Accounting says:

    Excellent nonsense all around. Except episode 5. Which actually made sense. And was (not that I’m suggesting a definite link here) almost the highlight of the entire episode so far. But I don’t mind the improvised bullshit plots much when it’s being carried by such an endearing bunch. Looks like a nice motley crew will do it for me every time.

    • Karakuri says:

      The characters definitely carry the anime. Without them, this would just be a big convoluted mess that vaguely has something to do with weaponry. As for episode 5, that one’s actually my favourite so far. …Though yeah, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it focused on story more then action and the story part actually made sense. Though the highlight for me wasn’t so much the fact that it made sense, but the fact that it explained how Koko met Jonah and also a bit of why Jonah acted so distant when he first joined.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    It’s good to see a Jormungand post again. This is one of the best animes of the season. I love watching that insane female manipulating shotacon that is Koko. She clings to Jonah and the girls are putty in her hands when she gets near them. It’s safe to say she threatens their heterosexuality. LOL

    Jonah’s backstory was tragic and well done. I hope they get to Koko’s past explaining details on her and family (And the reason why they’re so deathly pale. Her brother Casper’s name suits him since he’s white as a ghost).

    I don’t care much for the plot if they continue to make it as fun as it already is. And it seems everyone has an efficient psychotic right hand woman with them. Koko, Casper, Chang. I’m envious!!!

    How can everybody including Jonah be so ripped? When do they ever get time to go to a gym? Valmet has a power body. Damn, she’s hot!!! With how she had Jonah hanging over just one of her arms in one of the episodes and how kicked R, sometimes I start to think she could be superhuman.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yep! Hopefully they come out weekly now… I can’t really see anything stopping me. This is my number one this season, hands down. Ahahaha Koko is rather charming. Though Jonah is the giant danger for me. I swear I’m not a shotacon, but he’s just so freaking adorable.

      Plus that’s not even Jonah’s full backstory. There’s still plenty more room for him to have suffered. …Which is why I like the fact that the team is acting like one giant happy family recently. Jonah is happy now. Anyways, yeah, I hope they cover Koko as well. …The paleness intrigues me now too since I just recently learned that their last name is of Middle Eastern origin. I don’t think they’re albino either since they lack the red eyes.

      Pfft, don’t forget that Orchestra guy who died. Though Scarecrow’s partner seems somewhat sane. …He’s an asshat though, so I don’t really care about him. Ahaha plot? Who need plot when you have a bunch of psychotic women around?

      ….I don’t know. Valmet was working out on the roof that one time, but she’s the only one I’ve ever seen train. AHAHAHA …she’s scarily well toned.

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