First Impression – Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Where saving the earth with this “junk” is totally possible

Bwahaha I remembering telling Kyo that I was going to do this post weeks ago, and here I am, finishing it only by now. The time in my hometown feels really slow, and it’s slowing me down too… I need to shape up!

NOTE: I haven’t watched the original series, so I will not even try to compare the two. I’m planning to watch the original though. Also, this is a post on episode 1-2 or movie 1.

Since I can’t compare the original and the remake, I can’t really say how bad/fabulous the remake is. But seriously, if the remake cannot be compared with the original, then the original must be perfection because Yamato 2199 is FABULOUS. I was partly doubtful when I saw the news of the remake because Ozuma gave me a trauma. I didn’t even try watching other Leiji Matsumoto’s works because of it. I know it’s pretty mean and stupid of me, but Ozuma was really disappointing because I expected a lot from it. So when I watched Yamato 2199¸I was in shock. It was beyond my greatest expectation. I was awed. Ok, I might be exaggerating, but that’s how awesome episode one and two are. And I know I shouldn’t be comparing it to Ozuma since it just started, but my gut feeling is telling me that Yamato 2199 will be awesome until the end. Let’s just hope that my gut feeling is right. Damn you Gibbs of NCIS for making me rely on gut feeling.

Oh yeah

Again, since I haven’t watched the original, the story is new to me. And because I know nothing of it and this is just the beginning, I can’t discuss much about the story. I did notice that this anime is full of patriotism, literally dripping of it. Even the world organization leaders were sprouting patriotic stuff. This is a big surprise for me since, so far, the anime I’ve watched are not like this [patriotism]. Well, I know some like this, but most of world organizations/countries leaders are mostly depicted as cunning bitches who care nothing except for themselves. This change is something that I am not used to, but I like it. Not to mention that the whole patriotism theme is refreshing since I’ve been watching lots of Gundam and its screwed up politics. Celestial Being my ass. Fuck Orb. Ehm, anyway… Another thing I noticed is that how big Mamoru’s existence is. Almost everybody is affected by his death, from Captain Hijikata to the random pilot Susumu kind of made enemies with. This is a minor detail, but it was a great way of portraying a person’s existence in this world. No matter what, death is a sad thing, and every single person in this world matters…. Ok, now here’s the bad thing. Mamoru is a great brother, but his shadow will always block Susumu’s road. I am pretty sure that someone will compare Susumu with Mamou at least once, directly or not. Or, Susumu is going to be down because he thinks he can’t be as great as his brother (ok, someone give me a spoiler here. Is that going to happen?). So far, Susumu is all cool and good, not bothered by the fact that he was replacing his brother’s position as a Tactician, and right now I feel so stupid by being SO BOTHERED with that fact. Either Susumu is a dunce or that he’s just supper passive. Thankfully, Yamato crew aren’t mean bitches and welcome Susumu with open arms. I hope I can see some great development among the characters. They’re kind of stuck in a spaceship for a year after all.

What the hell is ME?

All right, now is the animation discussion. Can’t discuss much about this one here because it was FAABUUULOOUUSSS. I know some extra effort was put into the animation because this is a remake after all, but holy crap it was just whoaaa. I am literally jealous of those who watched this movie in theater. This is a big deal because XEBEC did the Animation Production of this movie. I mean, Xebec! I haven’t watched much of Xebec’s works, but the ones I watched were shitty. So yeah, having a great animation coming from Xebec is a big surprise for me… Or maybe it’s because AIC was also involved? Not too happy with what they’re doing with Acchi Kocchi right now, but I have to say I was pretty impressed with Amagami SS and Hourou Musuko. Maybe Xebex and AIC should collaborate more. But enough about them. The animation is great, and so are the little details in this movie. My favorite minor detail has got to be the part where the scene shows the crew inside Yamato before it starts shooting the aliens. If they didn’t show that scene, the audience would’ve assumed that Yamato is, um, shooting the aliens by itself. Red earth is also something memorable too. It showed the effect of the numerous attacks by the aliens. Another thing I would like to mention is the BGMs/soundtracks. I don’t know if they’re using the original soundtrack (my guess is they are), but NGGGHH is gives such an old-school feeling. Me gusta.

So many screenshots but I don’t even care anymore. This series deserve it


Show ▼

Well, I feel as if I over-praised Yamato 2199 even though it just started. But what can I do? It’s that great. I really enjoyed it. The visual were such an eyegasm, and the basic plot was told smoothly. I had no trouble understanding it. Ok, it’s mostly the eyegasm. There, I admit it. I’m a sucker for spaceships and mechas. But hey, it was enjoyable. Anime is supposed to entertain me right? (not really). Anyhow, since I like it, I’ll continue reviewing this anime. All hail Yamato!

Let us celebrate Yamato 2199 by, um, drinking


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33 Responses to “First Impression – Space Battleship Yamato 2199”

  1. animekritik says:

    I’m very glad you were able to survive your Ozma trauma.

    I can tell you that this remake is very faithful to the original, so much so that if it keeps going like this, when you’re done watching it I feel as if (and some will criticize me for saying so) you won’t really need to see the original, at least not for a long while.

    I think your point about patriotism is important. There’s very little scheming and back-door dealing in Yamato. It’s all about honor and facing the enemy head first and so forth, so it’s pretty refreshing stuff these days 🙂

    • anaaga says:

      Sam sucks.

      Really? Then I don’t have to watch the original? But I still want to watch the sequels though, so I’ll still probably watch the original

      By the way, I read some of your articles. I don’t get them since I haven’t started on Leijiverse, but it’s so cool! I’m planning to start Leijiverse after I’m done with Universal Century Gundam and Galactic Heroes, but I want to watch/read them in chronological order. Could you help me in that?

  2. skylion says:

    I grew up on the “original” in the Seventies (we had avocado, burnt umber, and squash yellow on our walls, and on our clothes….the colours that is, not the food, I mean, from what plant do you get umber? Yes, that’s a trick question). By “original” I mean: The Space Ship Argo, commanded by Captain Avatar, with his second in command, Derek Wildstar. The doctor gets very cheerful after drinking spring water, and Derek remembers eating chocolate cake.

    So in watching the XEBEC run, the middle aged me and third grade me had a conversation. It went something like this.

    Middle Aged Me: Dude, you’re wearing avocado corduroys, and a yellow squash shirt with wide lapels. And your anime sucks!
    Third Grade Me: Shut up! Star Blazers is cool. I’m watching Wildstar eat chocolate cake….
    MAM: Uh, that’s sushi. He’s eating sushi, they just call it chocolate cake cause the translation is shitty. I mean bad, sorry bout that.
    TGM: It’s not shitty. It’s cool.
    MAM: Dude, go read this magazine called Starlog. It’s at the local bookstore, go bug Mom to take you, you’ll find it.

    Following the instructions from future me, my younger self found Starlog magazine. One of it’s article did a good job on explaining how bad the localization was. Oh, did it rant! Star Blazers was still cool.

    But, in the many (many many many many) years since then, I’ve never seen the true original. Until now. I’m very happy.

    And my third grade self still thinks Star Blazers is cool. But then, he wears awful clothes….

    • anaaga says:

      Oh my, I didn’t even realized it was a trick question until you mentioned it. Then I wiki’ed “umber”…

      Captain Avatar? CAPTAIN AVATAR!? Seems like the localization butchered the Asian names in it. Argo, Star Force… I don’t even- I’m glad you didn’t watch the localized version of it.

  3. HannoX says:

    I imagine ME stands for Middle East. The dude does look the part.

    I watched part of the original (as Space Battleship Yamato, not Star Blazers), but never finished it. I’ll give this new version a serious look.

    • anaaga says:

      Ah, that makes sense. I wonder about the guy next to Middle Esat. Scandinavians? Pfftt

      Why didn’t you finish it? I heard it’s good! D: Did you buy the DVD or DL-ed it?

  4. Highway says:

    Thanks for the review, which let me know about the series. It’s sooooo pretty to watch. The visuals are just stunning, and I hope that keeps up throughout.

    I also remember watching it after school some, but not really getting the story. I tried to watch the original that’s on Netflix (pretty sure it’s the Star Blazers dub) recently, but got about 2/3 through the first episode and turned it off. The actual animation seemed so bad (I think they blew up the same ship 4 times in the opening set piece battle), it got in the way of the story, which really isn’t half bad. But this version? I’ll just sit there and watch them fly those ships around and spin the guns all day long. The CG was excellent.

    • anaaga says:

      Yeesss, I made someone watched Yamato 2199!

      It kind of make sense if they recycled animation a lot in the original, since it’s old. I remember seeing the same animation after 20 some episodes in Zeta Gundam.
      And thank god you didn’t finish the Star Blazers dub. I haven’t watched the dub yet, but I don’t like how they Westernized it.

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, it’s totally what you’d expect from a animated show from the 70’s. But that just doesn’t hold up now, and then add the horrible dub on top of it, it’s just painful. Plus, when you’re not distracted by the poor animation, it’s a lot easier to follow along with the story.

        But it was pretty awesome for a kid in the 70’s. I remembered particulars of the show for years after that, even though it wasn’t available, and it was hard to find anything about a show with a ship called the Argo and a plot I had no clue about. One memory I still have that haven’t confirmed is that there’s some huge energy cannon in the bow of the Yamato, but I’m not sure about that.

        Again, thanks for getting the word out, tho. I’m eagerly awaiting the next four episodes in the next few weeks.

  5. Kyokai says:

    This review makes me want to check this out. A good option for marathon for sure.

    • anaaga says:


  6. Luis Cotovio says:

    Just another comment about the music. They are using mostly the same BGM as in the original along with some new ones. But all of it is new, in the sense that they’re newly recorded versions, with a bit of a facelift. And since the composer is Akira Miyagawa, son of the original composer, Hiroshi Miyagawa, the score couldn’t be in better hands.

    And also, and this is the last thing, i promise XD, that picture of the Yamato warping, that shows up in the episode 3 preview… compare it to same scene in the trailer for the 2nd movie (it’s right at the start). You’ll see all new layers of mecha detail. 😀

    • anaaga says:

      Ooh it makes sense why it feels so old-school-ish but modern at the same time! Thanks for the info! Sometimes hand-me-down is a good thing 😉

      It’s July already and the BD is out. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SECOND MOVIE. I literally check Nyaa every day for it

  7. Ithekro says:

    On the topic of the Star Blazers dub, the localization wasn’t really that bad. At least compared to anything else that can out for the next ten years. They didn’t break the story and the actors gave it their all. Also the character and ship renaming was done so the American children might relate to it better (because “Yamato” means nothing to a ten year old Amercan, while the legend of Jason and the Argonats might.) The naming was not entirely random as you can see some thought went into it.

    In addition the dub did correct some sound errors from the original…places were the Japanese had forgot to put in sound effects due to a lack of time.

    While is would likely be more satifying today watching the orignal Japanese version as oppose to the Star Blazers dub, that dub was done rather well for its time (1979) and didn’t ruin or alter the story in any great way like some other series would in the 1980s until recent times (minus 4Kids of course which does even worse at times).

    On the subject of Yamato 2199: You are in for a fun ride if they keep this up. The second film just came out in theaters over the weekend and the third will be out in October. The BD coming out about a month after each release.

    As for Susumu and the shadow of his brother. That depends on how they tell the story, because the story has been told several different ways when it comes to Mamoru Kodai (depending on if it takes ofter the original series, the various orignal manga, the movie version (the 1977 “Star Cruiser” or the 2010 live action Yamato), or the games). In most Susumu comes out of the shadow of his brother over the course of the voyage by becoming his own man and making his one choices, and developing his own views of the universe that are not his brother’s views. But that depends entirly on how they tell the story. In fact one change in this version is Mamoru Kodai and his reason to stay behind. His personality is different than the original. His reasons this time are much more noble, reasonable, and logical. “Defend the flagship Kirishima because the Admiral and his ship are the most important assets Earth has left to defend itself.” His reason before (1974) was that Mamoru could not bear the shame of defeat and would rather die in battle, even with Okita pleading for him to understand (suck up his pride and honor) and follow him back to Earth as ordered.
    (The Star Blazers dub is more like Yamato 2199 in that Alex Wildstar (Mamoru Kodai) decides the lives of the hundreds on the Flagship are worth more than the 20 on his own ship. He’ll make sure the Flagship gets away by drawing Gamilas fire.)

    Yamato 2199’s Susumu is different than the 1974 version.

    The 1974 version was an angry hothead that might disobey orders if he felt he was right. He blamed the Captain for his brother’s death at first and was generally quick on the revenge against the Gamilas. He changed over the course of the voyage.

    The 2199 version doesn’t seem as hotheaded, nor does he seem like the kind to disobey orders. But, we are only two episodes in…so anything can happen.

    • anaaga says:

      Sorry, I just noticed this comment >.< What you said about the dub makes sense. I guess in those days, Japanese culture wasn't as appreciated as today in America. Sometimes I forgot this anime is older than me The impression 2199 Susumu gave me was... Composed. He was acting mature until the end of episode two. I do notice though, that his design somehow contradicts his calm personality. I thought he would be more violent, but I was wrong. In the 2199 version at least. It seems that they changed lots of minor things in the 2199 for the better. Now I don't really want to watch the original

  8. Ithekro says:

    Something for you to think about from Episode 3.

    Yamato in action:

    There are also other spoiler clips of Yamato in combat under “Y2199” out there as well from the next four episodes. Not much on the personal relationship or subplots yet. Those aren’t as exciting to watch to the point you want to buy them. But they story is very good if it followed the original even half way.

    • anaaga says:

      AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH SO. GREAT. Though Yamato’s best friend has very distracting eyes.

      Sub. Where. Ugh.

  9. Unbelievable says:

    I just found Yamato 2199 and loved it. I have watched 4 episodes (so far) and its pretty faithful to the original. I grew up with Starblzers which didn’t deviate from the main storyline too much and the voice actors were pretty decent compared to Force Five (5 separate stories and chopped to 1/5th of the overall storyline or never finished) or Macross (3 separate storylines, rearranged, translated incorrectly.

    As for Y2199, I found that it did everything correct for an anime in the 2010 era. It had more women in the show, made them stronger in personality and updated the technology and made it pretty believable. The new show could stand by itself if it was a NEW animation and not a remake. Anyhow, reboots are the new reality tv. How about a reboot of the first season of Macross?

  10. Hoffstyle71 says:

    I don’t recall Yuki Mori/Nova being so Tsundere in StarBlazers/Original Yamato. I have asked this elsewhere and haven’t gotten any answers: Do you think her characterization is way different in 2199?

  11. Ithekro says:

    Yuki’s personality isn’t extremely different. She’s just more focused on her military career this time around and not a nurse that tends to need to be compassionate more often. She did display this personality early on, but usually only to Analyzer. Though Kodai and Shima did get a little of it as well until they got to I think Balan. She didn’t go immediately into romantic mode in the first season. It required a few saves by Kodai to get their, and even then…he was a little clueless.

    With five women in the cast, I think they split up not only Yuki’s duties but also some parts of her personality or other roles she would sometimes perform. In the old show she tended to be the one who would be able to talk to anyone that was having an emotional problem and center them back to normal (if the emotional problem didn’t involve her directly anyway). If someone was too angry, Yuki could fix it. I think she only failed once, and that’s when Aihara jumped ship in a spacesuit to drift back to Earth (which was probably around 70,000 light years behind them).

    One thing we never got from Yuki was her reaction to any rivals…since, well, there were no other women of note on the ship and than no women other than her on the ship.

    • hoffstyle71 says:

      Good response. I think Makoto is going to fill a lot of the original “everything is going to be ok” role Yuki played originally. Thing is, they have cut out a lot of that “sweet girl making everyone happy”. I Remember that originally she spent a lot of time trying to understand him and just not getting him.

      I love this new series, but there is a lot of Moe on the Yamato this go around. Makoto though..breakout character mark my words. Thanks for your reply.

      • Ithekro says:

        Well she certainly looks like she’s going to break out of that uniform if she breaths wrong. Might my why its not a full body suit, the standard uniform can’t take that much stress.

        More seriously, I do hope the rest of these episodes get reviews here. There are very, very few bloggers that are paying any attention to Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Probably because it isn’t on television. A few aren’t aware it is even out, or think it is only movies or some something weird rather than a proper series…just released in a new way.

        Of the female cast: Yamamoto is awesome (but then I’ve nearly always loved Rie Tanaka’s roles), Yuki is much more interesting this early on. Makoto…seems to be covering the fanservice role, as well as other important things. Niimi is alright, needs more of her. Yuria…I don’t know. Not enough of her to tell yet if I should like her or not.

        I’ll wait for the review for everyone else since there is a bit of character development and proper introductions of some personalities in the next four episodes. (along with some old fashion space battles…and the Gamilas make a very satifying “gong” when they get hit with a shock cannon).

        • Highway says:

          That *GONG*…*KABOOM* is awesome, isn’t it?

        • Still like her..let there be fanservice! Seriously though, she shined her brief moment in episode 6, and stole the show imho episode 4. I don’t know what to think of Yamamoto yet.

          I think the reason why it hasn’t caught on yet is exactly because of the release schedule. I believe a lot of people are assuming that it’s going to premier next year as the 26 episode series, and not realizing it is Theater-DVD-Broadcast. So quite a few folks are missing out. This is a shame, because this is great anime and an awesome retelling.

          • Highway says:

            I don’t know much about the characters yet, but maybe that’s cause I spend the whole time watching it going “This looks so AWESOME!!!!”

  12. Ithekro says:

    More coming around the corner:
    Chapter 3 preview is out already.

  13. Ithekro says:

    Chapter 3 is out in theaters now, BD comes out late November. Chapter 4 will be out in theaters in January with its BD out in February.

    Thinks look very interesting with lots of things being brought up and fixed from all the earlier Yamato productions, be it the TV shows or even the manga and novelizations. I hope their will be reviews by various blogs in the future, because it is not covered very widely right on in English.

  14. Ithekro says:

    Chapter 3 is out on BD and DVD

    Chapter 4’s 2 minute PV came out today:

    • anaaga says:

      Chaoter 3 is… episode 7-8? Wait, I’m confused about the chapter division thingy. I know I have episode 2-6 and is going to make a post once episode 7-8 is out

      • Ithekro says:

        I replied, though I didn’t use the reply button.

        There is a lot of stuff going on in these chapters. Stuff that was in later series but should have been going on in th first series…just no one had written about it yet. Specifically the Gamilas fighting the Comet Empire (a race that didn’t show up until series 2) and the dimensional submarine (which didn’t show up until series 3). It actually makes sense for both to be in this series since we know the Gamilas were fighting somebody on their frontier and the Cometine were the closest to that at the time, and by series 3 the tactics used by the submarines seemed well practised and they had them in numbers. Meaning they had had them around before hand. This time they have one sub, and it might be doing trial and error tactics.

  15. Ithekro says:

    Chapter 1 was episodes 1 and 2
    Chapter 2 was episodes 3-6
    Chapter 3 is episodes 7-10
    Chapter 4 will be episodes 11-14
    (Chaper 5 will be 15-18)
    (Chapter 6 will be 19-22)
    (Chapter 7 will be 23-26 to end the series)

  16. Ithekro says:

    We are off to outer space, again.

    Episode One has now aired on television officially. Episode Two will be on next sunday.

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