Acchi Kocchi 10 – 11

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YES YES YES I AM ON TIME! *tears of joy*

When I started episode ten, I was worried that I won’t be able to get that excitement because I didn’t get that feeling in episode eight and nine. They were entertaining, but they didn’t give me the usual Acchi Kocchi feeling. I was worried over nothing though, because episode ten and eleven were hilarious like crazy. And boy, how it was torturing, not trying to laugh when Mayoi bear-slammed Sakaki. The worse has got to be holding my squeal when there were Io x Tsumiki moments too. And there were lots of those moments. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

All mobile Suit pilots should have these kind of suit

It’s hard to pick one favorite scene only because, gosh, I’m loving everything in episode ten and eleven. My number one favorite scenes are involved with Tsumiki and Io because they’re cute of course. But the bear-slam was brilliant. It’s as if Sakaki is destined to be hit by everything created by Mayoi. It’s also a good scene for those who ship Mayoi with Sakaki (I’m one of those shippers!). Some of the pronunciation/Japanese letters gags were pretty confusing at first, and some won’t get it (I’ll admit, I didn’t get it at first). I like them though. Somehow it makes this show seems smarter, hehe.

Mayoi x Sakaki FTW!

Can’t beat this pairing though

If there’s one thing that I don’t like about this show is how they handle Hotch Potch. As a person who has experience with sales and cooking/baking, I find their portrayal of Hatch Potch to be unrealistic. First, the boss is too laidback. I would be pissed if my employee hires another employee randomly like that. I have to pay extra now! Second, Sakaki is the only baker in that shop. This part I’m not so sure since I haven’t worked in a bakery, but to my knowledge, there has to be at least two bakers? Poor Sakaki is baking all those stuff all alone. Their unbelievable quick sale is also ridiculous. Last time I was selling stuff, it wasn’t that quick. I know, I know, this is just an anime. But ugh.

Io’s pat as a bonus? I’m next in line

Except that, episode ten and eleven were great. It was hilarious, cute, and definitely enjoyable. All of the VA did a great job at voicing their characters this week, especially Mayoi and Io. And what’s better, story development! Io is finally feeling some love for Tsumiki! Now I can’t wait for episode twelve.


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8 Responses to “Acchi Kocchi 10 – 11”

  1. Kyokai says:

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW. Why is Io so awesome and Tsukimi so cuuuuuuuuutte?!

  2. Highway says:

    I thought that Miiko was the main person in charge of Hatch Potch, and is the main baker (Sakaki has mentioned a couple times that he can’t do as well as she can). Plus, iirc, Miiko has a standing invitation to Mayoi and Tsumiki to come work for her whenever they can. And 3) Anime economics. Mayoi and Tsumiki are working, basically, for a Christmas Cake each and the opportunity to hang out. Also, it’s not like every other anime doesn’t have a one-day part time job when convenient for the characters.

    I still love this show, it’s so lovable and cute without being elementary school level. And finally Io seems to get it with Tsumiki.

    • anaaga says:

      The Miiko part makes sense. Yeah, part-time job pops out for convenience’s sake. That doesn’t mean I like it though. I will never like that trope.

  3. Cholisose says:

    The series just seems to keep getting cuter and funnier. Definitely one of my top favorite high school comedies, and I can’t wait for the final episode.
    While there’s always scenes that have great build-up and turn out really hilarious (eg energy blast-powered bear sled), there are always lots of little things all along the way that make me laugh (and/or HNNNNNNNNNNNG). In ep 11, just Tsumiki’s brief 0_0 expression when Io touched Hime’s hand during karuta was absolutely hilarious, for example. Following this up with her immediately grabbing Io’s hand in the next round continued the joke in the way I expected, but then her random screaming after her ten-second pause was an unexpected surprise.
    The scene transitions in this series almost always get a smile from me too. I think they help a lot for maintaining the show’s lighthearted atmosphere.

    Characters immediately finding work the moment they want a part-time job (ie when the story calls for it) is just one of those tropes that turns up in all fiction, so to see it used in comedy anime isn’t much of a surprise. In Acchi Kocchi’s case, it’s nice that the characters at least have a connection through Sakaki. Most of the time, anime characters will just show up and get the job for no reason at all. =P

    • anaaga says:

      Ahaha yes that part where Tsumiki gets angry at Io was just great and unexpected. It was cute of hers though.

      Ugh, will never like that trope forever. But yeah, Sakaki was a good mediator

  4. Ying says:

    I love this show so much *_*. It can make me d’awww over the cute moments between Io and Tsumiki while at the same time make me crack up over the gags. My favorite had to be the bear prank with both Mayoi and Sakaki attacking the teacher XD.

    Actually 1) They were working for free basically. It was just a chance for them to hang out with their friends and I don’t know any boss that would pass up free work. 2) It’s actually Sakaki’s sister who is the main baker I think and Sakaki helps her out. 3) Actually it could be possible if they are in a crowded area and have been there since the morning and they don’t have as many cakes as they made it look like they did. For all we know they could have only had 30 cakes available.

    • anaaga says:

      I would’ve reacted the same if a Bear and Paper Man attack me like that. But hey, free slide!

      From experience here, but having too much workers are not that great, even if they’re free. Sometimes when a worker is not doing anything, he looks more like a nuisance. Thankfully everbody was working in this episode.
      The Sakaki part makes sense. Miiko should’ve worn a head cover or something though.

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